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hall-street. Com. Holroyd. Official assignee, Lee. Sol. J. R. Basinghall-street. Com. Evans. Official assignee, Bell. Sols. Chidley, Basinghall-street.-Petition, Dec. 2. Pet. Cr. Richard Harrison & Lewis, Old Jewry; Arnold, Gravesend.-Petition, Charles Fox, lime-merchant, Kingston.

Dec. 7. Bankrupt's own petition. HICKSON Joseph, ironmonger, South-street, Sheffield, in the county KNIGHT William, cowkeeper and dairyman, Portobello-terrace,

of York; surr. Dec. 17 and Jan. 21 at 12. Court, Sheffield. Com. Kensington, and Princes Dairy, Hereford-road, Bayswater, in the West. Official assignee, Brewin. Sol. W. H. Bailes, Sheffield.- county of Middlesex; surr. Dec. 19 at half past 11, Jan. 23 at 1. Petition, Nov. 24.

Court, Basinghall-street. Com. Goulburn. Official assignee, NicholJAY Samuel, miller, Hadleigh, in the county of Suffolk ; surr. Dec.

Sols. S. Smith & Son, Barnard's-inn, Holborn. - Petition,

Dec. 1. 21 at half-past 1, Jan. 17 at 1. Court, Basinghall-street. Com. Fonblanque. Official assignee, Stansfeld. Sol. H. Jones, Col. MOREY Charles, builder and brick-burner, Somers-road, Southsea, chester. - Petition, Nov. 29. Pet. Cr. Alfred Hayles, Englefield- in Portsea, in the county of Southampton ; snrr. Dec. 24 and road, Kingsland.

Jan. 24 at 12. Court, Basinghall-street. Com. Holroyd. Official TUCKER George, George Edwin Tucker, Charles Frederick

assignee, Edwards. Sol. R. Jones, New-inn, Strand.-Petition, Tucker, and Douglas Alfred Tucker, makers of advertising show

Dec. 7. Bankrupt's own petition. boards and advertising agents, John-street, Bedford-row, in the POWNING Tristram, grocer and tea-dealer, Truro, in the county county of Middlesex, trading under the firm of the Metropolitan of Cornwall; surr. Dec. 23 and Jan. 25 at 12. Court, Exeter. Permanent Advertising Company; surr. Dec. 16 at 12, Jan. 12 Com. Andrews. Official assignee, Hirtzel. Sols. Richardson & at 2. Court, Basinghall-street. Com. Evans. Official assignee, Sadler, Old Jewry.chambers; Head & Venn, Exeter.- Petition, Beil. Sol. Chidley, Basinghall-street.--Petition, Dec. 2. Pet. Cr. Nov. 28. William Johnson, auctioneer, Hackney-road.

THOMAS Frederick William, commission - agent and merchant, UNDERWOOD Thomas, jun., ironmonger, Cardiff, in the county of Water-lane, Great Tower-street, in the city of London, under the

Glamorgan, now a prisoner for debt in the Gaol of Cardiff; surr. firm of Smith, Thomas & Co.; surr. Dec. 16 and Jan. 18 at 2. Dec. 19 and Jan. 17 at 11. Court, Bristol. Com. Hill. Official Court, Basinghall-street. Com. Fonblanque. Official assignee, assignee, Miller. Sols. C. Waldron, Cardiff; Bevan, Girling & Stansfeld. Sols. George & Downing, Sise-lane.-Petition, Nov. 29. Press, Bristol.-- Petition, Nov. 23.

WOODWARD James Richard William John Pollard, innkeeper, WATTS Henry, draper, Parade, Northampton; surr. Dec. 21 at butcher, and dealer in game and poultry, Oundle, in the county of

half-past 12, Jan. 17 at 2. Court, Basinghall-street. Com. Fon- Northampton ; surr. Dec. 21 at half-past 12, Jan. 18 at 1. Court, blanque. Official assignee, Graham. Sols. Davidson, Bradbury Basinghall-street. Com. Fonblanque. Official assignee, Stansfeld. & Hardwick, Basinghall-street.- Petition, Nov. 26.

Sols. Sole, Turner & Turner, Aldermanbury; W. D. Gaches, PeterWEBB Robert George, silk-mercer and draper, King's-road, Brighton,

borough.---Petition, Dec. 5. Bankrupt's own petition. in the county of Sussex; surr. Dec. 15 at half-past 12, Jan. 12 at 1. Court, Basinghall-street. Com. Evans. Official assignee, Bell. Petition under the Joint-Stock Companies' Act, 1856. Sol. Mardon, Newgate-street, City.-Petition, Nov. 25.


at 1. Court, Basinghall-street. Com. Fonblanque. Official liquiCERTIFICATES.

dator, Graham.-Petition, Jan. 22. Degetan Henry, merchant, Manchester-3rd class. Dyson Mason, dealer in flour and horse-corn, Leeds --3rd class.

CERTIFICATES. Edwards John, boot and shoe maker, Shrewsbury---2nd class. Batchelor Henry, chemical-manure manufacturer, Mark-lane and Green John, newspaper proprietor and printer, Birkenhead—2nd

Rotherhithe-2nd class. class suspended.

Bell Richard, boot and shoe manufacturer, &c., Greek-street, SohoHoldsworth James, timber-merchant, Horsley-fields, Wolverhampton 2nd class. -3rd class.

Boshell Frederick, seedsman and florist, High-street, SouthwarkMiddleton Samuel, ironmonger, Oldham-2nd class.

1st class. Morris Joseph, needle-manufacturer, Astwood Bank, Feckenham-Day Benjamin, oil and italian warehouseman, Gracechurch-street3rd class.

2nd class. Wigley Thomas Millington, builder, Birmingham-3rd class.

Hargreaves James Henry, share-broker, Leeds-3rd class.
Wilson John Crawford, warehouseman, Wood-street-2nd class.

Medland Eliza, eating-house keeper, Cheapside-2nd class.
Morgan James Kurton, draper and laceman, Clifton, near Bristol -

Ist class.

Sait John, currier and leather-seller, Star-corner, Bermondsey-2nd Gazette, Friday, December 9.



Gazette, Tuesday, December 13.
CROCKER James, hosier and hatter, Nottingham; surr. Dec. 20
and Jan. 12 at half-past 11. Court, Nottingham. Com. Sanders.

Official assignee, Harris. Sol. F. Lees, Nottingham.-Petition,
Dec. 6.

DICKINS Matthew, William Dickins, and Samuel Dickins, woollen. GILLHAM James, (filed July 31, 1858,) boot and shoe manufac-

drapers, Liverpool, under the firm of William and Samuel Dickins turer, Exeter. & Co.; surr. Dec. 22 at 11, Jan. 12 at 12. Court, Liverpool. Com. IREDALE William, (filed Jan. 26, 1837,) horse-dealer, Ranskill. Perry. Official assignee, Cazenove. Sols. Avison & Radcliffe, Liverpool.- Petition, Dec. 6.

TOWN AND COUNTRY PIATS. GUTKIND Maximilian, merchant, Noble-street, in the city of Lon- BEATY James, draper, Longtown, in the county of Cumberland ; don, under the firm of M. Gutkind & Co.; surr. Dec. 21 at half- surr. Dec. 20 and Jan. 20 at 12. Court, Newcastle. Com. Ellison. past 2, Jan. 18 at half-past 1. Court, Basinghall-street. Com. Official assignee, Baker. Sols. Sale, Worthington & Shipman, ManFonblanque. Official assignee, Graham. Sol. W. Jones, King's chester.- Petition, Nov. 29. Arms-yard.-Petition, Dec. 8.

FORRESTER William, iron-merchant, Hanley, in the county of HARRIS Edward, tailor and draper, Folkstone, in the county of Stafford ; surr. Dec. 23 and Jan. 13 at 11. Court, Birmingham.

Kent; surr. Dec. 21 at 2, Jan. 18 at 12. Court, Basinghall-street. Com. Sanders. Official assignee, Whitmore. Sols. Richards & Com. Fonblanque. Official assignee, Grahamn. Sols. Mason & Gillam, Birmingham; Bishop & Blakiston, Hanley. - Petition, Sturt, Gresham-street.--Petition, Nov. 30.

Dec. 12. HENDRY William Henry, coal-merchant, Milton-next-Gravesend, HARRIS Henry, mantle-manufacturer, Wood-street, Cheapside, iu

in the county of Kent; surr. Dec, 22 at 1, Jan. 19 at 12. Court, the city of London; surr. Dec. 24 at half-past 12, Jan. 24 at 12 56


Court, Basinghall-street. Com. Holroyd. Official assignee, Ed. Amoore Ellen Ruth, common brewer, Hastings—2nd class.

wards. Sols. Lepard & Gammon, Cloak-lane.---Petition, Nov. 15. Bagshaw John, lodging-house keeper, Dovercourt, formerly M.P.HOCKLEY Robert, victualler, Elder Tree, Chrisp-street, Poplar, in

1st class. the county of Middlesex; surr. Dec. 28 and Jan. 25 at 12. Court, Baker George, jun., stock and share broker, Threadneedle-streetBasinghall-street. Com. Fonblanque. Official assignee, Stansfeld.

3rd class suspended. Sol. G. J. Huson, King-street, Cheapside. -Petition, Dec. 7. Pet. Banton William, hosier, St. Martin's-le-Grand and Long-lane, West Cr. Peter Partington, wholesale warehouseman, Queen-street, Paiers William, grocer and cheesemonger, High-street, Hoxton—?nd

Smithfield-3rd class suspended. Cheapside.

class suspended. JONES Charles, sail-maker and shipowner, Gloucester: surr. Dec. 23 Gauwin Denis Eme, ship-broker, Liverpool-2nd class suspended.

and Jan. 23 at 11. Court, Bristol. Com. Hill. Official assignee, Green John Chapman, hotel-keeper, Manchester - 1st class. Acraman. Sol. G. P. Wilkes, Gloucester.–Petition, Nov. 30. Haigh Joseph, brush-maker and grocer, Mossley-1st class.

Hardwicke Joseph, and Henry Jones, merchants, &c., GracechurchCERTIFICATES.

street-chambers-3rd class.

Highway Thomas and Charles, iron and coal masters and provisionBlocksidge Thomas Benjamin, tobacconist, Birmingham-3rd class.

dealers, &c., Walsall -2nd class. Brown John, clothier and silversmith, Nottingham-3rd class sus- Jack Archibald Hay, printer, Great Windmill-street, Haymarketpended.

2nd class. Burgum John, draper, Hereford - 1st class.

Jackson John, cattle-dealer, Digby-3rd class. Goundrill William, farmer and corn-factor, Eastrington-3rd class. Kenward John Huntley, milliner and mantle-maker, Bristol – 2nd Harrison John, builder, Page's-walk, Bermondsey-2nd class.

class. Leigh Edward, merchant, Birmingham-2nd class.

Kersten Louis, importer of fancy goods, Newgate-street-Ist class. Squire Robert, draper, Kendal-2nd class.

Trigg William, timber-merchant, Witley-2nd class. Tabberer Charles, ale, beer, and porter seller, Saltisford—3rd class.

Waring Henry John, glass-dealer, Mortimer-street, Cavendish-square Venables George Henry, paper-maker, Clapton's Mills, near Beacons- -2nd class.

field-2nd class. Vernon Joseph Yardley, draper, Stourbridge-1st class.

Gazette, Tuesday, December 20.

Gazette, Friday, December 16.



BANKRUPTCY SUPERSEDED. LATTIMORE Joshua, timber-merchant, Sandridge, near St. Albans, GROSSE John Louis, and James Thomas Braidley, (filed June 29, in the county of Hertford;

surr. Dec. 30 at 11, Jan. 26 at 12. Court, 1859), merchants and commission-agents, Moorgate-street. Basinghall-street. Com. Evans. Official assignee, Johnson. Sol. Murrough, New-inn, Strand.-Petition, Dec. 7. Pet. Cr. William

Hinton, barometer-maker, Charles-street, Hatton-garden.
LEAH Thomas, and Herbert Leah, merchants, factors, and co-

BUSS Thomas, chemist and druggist, Market Harborough, in the

county of Leicester ; surr. Jan. 12 and Feb. 9 at 11. Court, Birpartners, Liverpool, trading under the firm of Leah Brothers;

mingham. Com. Sanders. surr. Dec. 30 and Jan. 20 at 11. Court, Liverpool. Com. Perry.

Official assignee, Kinnear. Sols


James & Knight, Birmingham; or J. H. Douglas, Market Har. Official assignee, Bird. Sols. R. Sill, Birmingham; Evans, Son & borough.-Petition, Dec. 15.

Sandys, Liverpool.- Petition, Dec, 12. MASON John, furniture-dealer, Pentonville-road, Pentonville, in CARTWRIGHT John, innkeeper, Nottingham ; surr. Dec. 30 and the county of Middlesex; surr. Dec. 26 and Jan. 30 at 12. Court,

Jan. 24 at half-past 11. Court, Nottingham. Com. Sanders. Basinghall-street. Com. Goulburn. Official assignee, Nicholson.

Official assignee, Harris. Sol. s. Maples, Nottingham.--Petition, Sol. Ë. Schultz, King-street, Finsbury-square, and Dyer's-build

Dec. 17. ings.-Petition, Dec. 7. Pet. Crs. Joseph and Mary Elizabeth | LATCHFORD Joseph Benjamin, hosier and glover, formerly of Fleet Nicholson, furniture-dealers, High-street, Shoreditch.

street, in the city of London, late of Regent-street, in the county of WILLIAMS James Bromage, wine and spirit merchant, Bristol;

Middlesex; surr. Dec. 28 and Jan. 25 at 1. Court, Basinghallsurr. Jan. 2 and 31 at 11. Court, Bristol. Com. Hill. Official

street. Com. Fonblanque. Official assignee, Stansfeld. Sol. R. assignee, Miller. Sols. D. Thomas, Brecon; A. Nash, Bristol.- Prall, jun. Essex-street, Strand.-Petition, Dec. 13. Petition, Dec. 13.

MASON Samuel, lace-maker, Basford, in the county of Nottingham; Petitioning Creditor omitted in Gazette, November 29.

surr, Dec. 30 and Jan. 24 at half.past 11. Court, Nottingham. Com.

Sanders. Official assignee, Harris. Sol. G. Deverill, Nottingham. JOHNSON H. builder. Pet. Cr. James Richard Blushfield, lime Petition, Dec. 17. and cement merchant, South-wharf, Praed-street, Paddington.

MUSTON Charles, watch-case maker, Red Lion-street, Clerkenwell

, Petitioning Creditors omitted in Gazette, December 6.

in the county of Middlesex ; surr. Dec. 30 Feb. 2 at 12. Court,

Basinghall-street. Com. Evans. WEBB R. G. silk-mercer. Pet. Crs. Candy & Wilson, warehouse

Official assignee, Bell. Sols men, Watling-street.

Boulton & Son, Northampton-square. Petition, Dec. 16. Pet. Cr.

John Bailey, grocer, New Suffolk-street, Commercial-road-east. Petitioning Creditors omitted in Gazette, December 9. PARRY Eliza, timber-dealer, Liverpool; surr. Jan. 5 and 23 at 11. GUTKIND M. merchant. Bankrupt's own petition.

Court, Liverpool. Com. Perry. Official assignee, Turner. Sols.

Bell & Stevenson, Liverpool. - Petition, Dec. 15. HARRIS E. tailor, &c. Pet. Cr. Edmund Collingwood Bousfield,

woollen-draper, Gracechurch-street. KNIGHT W. cowkeeper, &c. Pet. Cr. Edward Salter, farrier, Not

CERTIFICATES. ting-bill.

Bartrum Benjamin Robinson, coal and tile merchant, Banbury-2nd THOMAS F. W. commission-agent. Pet. Cr. James Spencely, oil class. and colourman, Goodge-street, Tottenham-court-road.

Chappuis Paul Emile, reflector and slereoscope manufacturer, and

photographer, Fleet-street, and Hatton-garden - 1st class. CERTIFICATES. Cooper Charles Company, late carrier, Upper Copenbagen-street


Islington-2nd class. Alston William, draper, High-row, Silver-street, Notting-hill—2nd Davies Edward Clement, chemist and druggist, wine and spirit mer class,

chant, &c., Gainsborough-2nd class.




Davis James, poulterer and dealer in game, Skinner's-place, Leaden- 1859 Barber R. cowkeeper and hall Market-2nd class.


.. First 9s. 1.d.-Cannan, London. Dover Henry John, builder, Anerley-vale, Norwood—2nd class. 1858 Bardgett & Picard, cornFranklin Francis Guyver, plumber, painter, and house-decorator, factors...

. Second 2}d.-- Pennell, London. Bridge-street, Southwark - Ist class.

1859 Barker D. corn-chandler.... First 23. 3d.-Pennell, London. Galer David, grocer, tea-dealer, and provision-dealer, Woolwich— 1857 Barnes J. builder.... ..First 9d.-Hirtzel, Exeter. 3rd class suspended.

1859 Bailey G. M. grocer..

First 78. 5d.- Bird, Liverpool. Hodges Edwin, boot and shoe-dealer, Shrewsbury—3rd class sus- 1852 Bain A, electro-clock maker.Second 11-12ths of ld.-Nicholpended.

son, London. Leibius Emil Henry, merchant, Bush-lane, Cannon-street-2nd 1859 Birks H. grocer... . First 38. 6d.--Brewin, Sheffield. class.

1859 Booth W. merchant.... .... First 1s. 6.d.-Hope, Leeds. Matthews Edward, builder, Coventry-3rd class suspended.

1858 Branson T. P. grocer....... Second 18.-Harris, Nottingham. Moss Emanuel, dealer in lamps, Regent-street-2nd class.

1828 Brightwen I. R. & I. brewers Third and final, on joint of J. R. Steinmann Louise and Alfred, jewellers, Baker-street, Portman

& J. Brightwen 2d. and 5-16ths square-2nd class.

of 1d.; second and final, on joint Wood William Leigh, grocer and draper, Puckeridge-2nd class.

of J. & R. Brightwen 48. 0.d.; second and final sep. of I. Brightwen, sen. 8d.; first and final to new proofs, sep. of R. Brightwen

8s. 6d.-Lee, London.
Gazette, Priday, December 23.

1858 Brown J. draper.... . First 4d.- Hope, Leeds.
1858 Brown W. contractor, &c....First and second 10s. (in part of

12s. 6d. previously declared) BANKRUPTS.

Baker, Newcastle.

1857 Bugbee J. contractor. .. Final 3 d.–Stansfeld, London. BANKRUPTCY SUPERSEDED.

1859 Burton L. upholsterer...... First 48.—Harris, Nottingham.

1858 Carpenter R. coach-builder.. First 10s.-Graham, London, HARVEY George Raper, (filed Feb. 24, 1859), comb-manufacturer, 1855 Carr J. T. timber-merchant. First 10 d.-Lee, London. Liverpool.

1852 Carr W. T. ironmonger..

..... Third 20.-Young, Leeds. TOWN AND COUNTRY FIATS.

1856 Chandler B, attorney... First 24d.-Hirtzel, Exeter.

1855 Cheetham J. H. lace-manuCASTLE Richard, cattle-dealer, Wantage, in the county of Berks ;


.First 9d.-Harris, Nottingham. surr. Jan. 2 at half-past 12 and Feb. 6 at 12. Court, Basinghall- 1859 Chittenden J. F. surgeon...

.. First 35.-Cannan, London. street. Com. Goulburn. Official assignee, Pennell. Sols. J. & J.

1859 Clarke W. victualler........ First 9fd.-Pennell, London. H. Linklater & Hackwood, Walbrook.–Petition, Dec. 13. Bank

1855 Clarke & Davison, warehouserupt's own petition.

. Second 2gd.-Graham, London. DAPLYN Robert, grocer, Diss, in the county of Norfolk ; surr. Jan. 1853 Collins J. plumber and glazier Second 18. 04d.-Nicholson, Lon5 at 12, Feb. 2° at 1. Court, Basinghall-street. Com. Evans. 1858 Cooper J. victualler........ First 4jd.— Whitmore, Birming

don. Oficial assignee, Bell. Sols. Amory, Travers & Smith, Thogmor

ham. ton-street.- Petition, Dec. 17.

1855 Corker E. timber-merchant. Second 2 d. – Nicholson, LonFEAST Robert Walton, and Henry Feast, Victoria-road, Lower

don. road, Islington, in the county of Middlesex, now out of business, 1859 Davis F. hairdresser and tolate of Earl-street, and Clifton-street, Finsbury, nnder the firm of


... First 1s. 11d.-Hirtzel, Exeter. Feast, Brothers, export oilmen ; surr. Jan. 3 at half-past 2, and 1858 Dean G. cord-manufacturer..Second 24d. – Harris, Notting

ham. Jan. 31 at 1. Court, Basinghall-street. Com. Holroyd. Official assignee, Lee. Sol. E. J. Sydney & Son, Finsbury-circus. Peti- 1856 Dewing G. printer......... First 74d.-Lee, London. tion, Dec. 19,

1858 Dickinson J. G. draper..... Second Bjd. – Nicholson, Lon

don. PERRINS Isaac Thomas, iron-merchant, Dudley, in the county of 1857 Dobson & Robson, silk-throwWorcester; surr. Jan. 9 and Feb. 30 at 11. Court, Birmingham.


. First sep. of Dobson 28. 60.Com. Sanders. Official assignee, Whitmore. Sol. J. Smith, Bir

Harris, Nottingham. mingham.-Petition, Dec. 21.

1859 Druce T. butcher.......... First 4s. 7d.-Nicholson, Lon


1859 Dyson M. dealer in flour and
horse corn

First 58. 6d.-Hope, Leeds. Adamson George Johnstone, builder, Twickenham-3rd class.

1859 Edwards E. ironmaster..... First Is. 3d.- Bird, Liverpool. Amiss Reuben, tailor, Conduit-street, Regent-street-2nd class.

1856 Ellis E. tavern-keeper.... 18. 13d. - Lee, London. Bennett Samuel Trevethan, ship-builder, Padstow-2nd class.

1857 Farnsworth J. joiner and Fresco André, dentist, Oxford-street, Bloomsbury-2nd class.


. First 6d.—Harris, Nottingham. Harris Josiah, coal-merchant, Highweek-3rd class suspended.

1858 Fitchett R. T. tailor... First 38. 11d.-Lee, London. Harris Thomas, timber-merchant and furniture manufacturer, Bristol 1852 Ford D. M. carrier.... First 2 d.-Graham, London. -3rd class.

1849 Fripp S. C. lodging-house Jones Ernest Charles, printer and publisher, Victoria-road, Kensing- keeper....

... Second 7d. and 1-6th of ld. ton-2nd class.

Miller, Bristol. Masters Edmund, wine-merchant, Mark-lane-2nd class.

1855 Gibson A. ship and insurance Pars Thomas Hustler, grocer, Newmarket St. Mary-2nd class.


..On new proofs, first is. 11d.Stevens Francis Worrall, share-dealer, Royal Exchange-2nd class.

Graham, London. Tinker William, carriage-wheel manufacturer, Newington-causeway, 1849 Gibson E. banker..........Third 9d. - Lee, London. and Manchester-2nd class.

1857 Gladstone J. jun. ironfounder Second 8d.--Bird, Liverpool.
1858 Glennie A. commission-agent Second 14d.-Pennell, London.
1839 Golborne & Dobbs .........Eighth f13d. - Morgan, Liver-

1859 Goodwin J. grocer........ First 28.-Harris, Nottingham.

1858 Gordon R. ironfounder, &c.. First Is. 8 d. — Fraser, ManDIVIDENDS.

chester. Application for the Dividends to be made to the Official Assignees.

1858 Gordon R. ironfounder, &c.. First ls. 5d.- Fraser, Manchester. 1854 Graham W. draper.. Third 2d.-Pott, Manchester. 1858 Granger, Haines, Heath &

Metcalf, electro-platers..... First sep, of Granger 9d.-Whit1859 Alexander F. auctioneer.... First 2s. 4d.- Acraman, Bristol,

more, Birmingham. 1854 Atherton W.,

First 24d.-Morgan, Liverpool. 1857 Gratwick T. cheesemonger.. First 6jd.–Stansfeld, London.



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turer ......

1858 Gray A, G. alkali-manufac

1858 Seaman & Keen, silk-manuturer . First 11d. and 5-6ths of 1d. (on


. First 91d.-Graham, London. new proofs, in part of 1s. 5 d. 1859 Schofield & Horrie, greasepreviously declared) — Baker, manufacturers .....

. First 1s, 10d.-Hernaman, ManNewcastle.

chester. 1858 Hall P. contractor...... . First 2s. 100.-Hernaman, Man- 1857 Scott G. wharfinger, &c..... Second 7d. - Nicholson, London.


1859 Sharp J. apothecary... .. First 48. 6d.-Cannan, London, 1855 Hall W. butcher.... . Second and final 3d.---Lee, Lon- 1858 Sharp T. brewer and farmer. Second Id.-Harris, Nottingham.


1859 Shaw J. cotton-doubler, &c. . First 6s. 10d.-Hope, Leeds. 1857 Harding W. builder..... First 7d.-Cannan, London. 1857 Shaw


.88. 10d.-Pennell, London. 1859 Harrison J. J. perfumer, &c.. First 2s. 4£d.-Graham, London. 1857 Shaw Josiah, tailor... . First sep. 48. 2d.-Brexin, Shef1858 Haste & Co., machine-makers First 1fd.-Hope, Leeds.

field. 1857 Hawkey J. T. dealer in cattle

1856 Shenk W. merchant..... First 1s. 14d.-Graham, London. and farmer... ...... First 6s. 3d.-Hirtzel, Exeter. 1859 Sherwood H. cloth-manufac1858 Hill A. & T. stone-merchants First 24d.-Hope, Leeds.


First 3s.-Hope, Leeds. 1859 Hinchliffe A. printer....... First 58.—Brewin, Sheffield. 1857 Sichel G. merchant, &c..... First 28.- Pennell, London. 1858 Hind A. tea-grocer and cheese

1858 Sidden S. contractor, &c..... First 78. 6d.-Nicholson, London. monger ......

....... Second 5.d.-Graham, London, 1847 Siddons J. grocer... ... Second 2s. 1 d. (on new proofs, 1859 Hobbs & Tilley, brick-makers First 3s. 6d.-Nicholson, London.

first and second 68. 1 d.)1823 Hollander L. A. diamond.

Brewin, Sheffield. merchant

Fifth 38.- Pennell, London. 1857 Slade & Vining, attorneys... First 3s. 6d.; first sep. of Slade 1859 Hutchings W. linen-draper.. First 8d.-Hirtzel, Exeter.

58. 9d.; first sep. of Vining 28. 4d. 1858 Johns D. grocer....... First 1s. 6d.- Kinnear, Birming

- Hirtzel, Exeter. ham.

1859 Slater T. grocer......... .Second ls. 11d.-Pennell, Lon1852 Johnson H. coal-merchant.. Second 1s. 2d.-- Pennell, London,

don. 1857 Johnson R. builder..... First 8 d.-Graham, London. 1859 Slorah J. glass and lead mer1858 Jukes R. ironmaster....... First 18. 8d.—Hope, Leeds.


.First 9jd.-Whitmore, Birming1859 Knott J. linen-draper... First 3s. 9d.-Graham, London.

ham. 1855 Lace J. F....

Fifth 38.- Morgan, Liverpool. 1859 Smedley G. glass-dealer and 1855 Lace & Addison.. Fifth 1s. 4d.-Morgan, Liverpool. gasfitter

....First 58.-Harris, Nottingham. 1858 Lancashire G. silk-manufac

1858 Smith J. B. baker.......... First ls. 9fd.—Kinnear, Birming . First 13s. 4d.- Harris, Notting

1859 Snook E. bacon-curer......

. First 38.- Acraman, Bristol. 1855 Latham E. & W. commission.

1857 Solomon S. tailor. . First 3 d.--Stansfeld, London. merchants

....... First 8s. 63.-Turner, Liverpool. 1844 Sothers & Perritt, grocers, &c. Second' ls. 9d.-Cannan, Loudon 1851 Leech E. apothecary....... First 1s. 3 d.-Stansfeld, London. 1859 Spence H. currier.. .... First 28. 1. - Whitmore, Bir1846 Lewis R. woollen - manufac

mingham. turer ...

Third Ad.--Acraman, Bristol. 1858 Springall J. R. engineer.... First 3s. 83d.- Edwards, London. 1859 Limbrey W. grocer, &c..... First 19. 5d.-Stansfeld, London. 1859 Squire R. draper....... First 10s.- Baker, Newcastle. 1859 Lyons j. steel-manufacturer. First 58.-Brewin, Sheffield. 1858 Stanley J. S. cotton-spinner. First 3s. 0fd.—Hernaman, Man1836 Macdougal D. factor........ Third 3%d.-Bird, Liverpool.

chester. 1858 M Intyre J. draper.. First 2s.6d.--Acraman, Bristol. 1831 Stewart P. D. merchant. .... Second 3fd.-Stansfeld, London. 1859 Marchant A. clothier and

1859 Stones & Sawyer, tool-manudraper... Final 3 d.- Pennell, London.

facturers. ......... First 6s. 10d.-Brewin, Sheffield. 1859 Marshall R. L. coachmaker. First 48.-Hirtzel, Exeter.

1856 Stuart W. C. tailor.. ..Second 5.d.-Graham, London. 1857 Marshall T.J. engineer, &c.. Second 5d.-Graham, London. 1859 Swan J. shipowner, &c...... First 78.- Baker, Newcastle. 1858 Melliss R. M'H. merchant.. Second 6 d.- Pott, Manchester. 1858 Taylor J.worsted-spinner, &c.First 68. 10d.-Hope, Leeds. 1858 Metcalfe & Lilly, hosiers....On new proofs, first 68.-Kinnear, 1859 Taylor J. J. H. manufacturer First 23.-Hope, Leeds.


1855 Thompson C. R. wine-mer1858 Millington & Clave, lace


.Second 2 d.-Stansfeld, London. manufacturers . Final sep. of Clave 6d.—Harris, 1858 Toinkinson J.

.On new proofs 58.0 d. (on account Nottingham.

of 7s. Id. and 15-16ths of 1d.) 1851 Milward T. miller..... Further 7d.-Hirtzel, Exeter.

Morgan, Liverpool. 1858 Mitchelmore G. H. builder

1859 Turner W. H. laceman, &c.. Second Is.7d.-Graham, London. and victualler.

... First 28. 8d.- Edwards, London. 1856 Underwood W. tailor....... First 1s. 3.d.-Graham, London. 1858 Moody C. builder..........

.Final 9d.-Harris, Nottingham. 1855 Varty & Owen, publishers... Second sep. of Varty 2d.-Stans1859 Morgan J. K. draper... .First 5s. 6d.--Acraman, Bristol.

feld, London. 1859 Morgan S.W. stock and share

1858 Warner J. S. merchant..... First 23. 6d.-Brewin, Sheffield. broker...

.First 25.-Cannan, London. 1857 Wellsted W. & H. cabinet1858 Nicholson S. hat-manufac


... Second Is. Ild.-Edwards, Lon..First 28. 5}d.-Edwards, London.

don. 1859 Norris W.......

.First sep. 2s. 4d.-Morgan, Liver. 1857 Wheeldon J. packing - case


. First Id.-Pott, Manchester. 1859 Norris W. & J...

.First 3d.-Morgan, Liverpool. 1857 Wheeler H.printer and paper1855 Oldfield, Allan & Co. cloth


.First 1s. 3d. – Harris, Notting. merchants.. ..Sixth 2fd.—Young, Leeds.

ham. 1358 Oliver T. & A. lace-manufac

1859 White & Gregory, bankers.. First joint 4s.; first sep. of White turers .. ... Third 3d.-Harris, Nottingham.

5s. 4d.; first sep. of Gregory 1859 Pain R. ironmonger. .. First 5s.6d.-Hirtzel, Exeter.

108. 6d.-Lee, London. 1859 Palmer J. D. L. musicseller. First 68.-- Brewin, Sheffield. 1847 Williams H.....

38. 11fd. (on account of 4s. Id.)1857 Peach W. coal-merchant. ... Second 2d.-Harris, Nottingham.

Morgan, Liverpool. 1859 Powell J. draper........... First Is. 5d.-Cannan, London. 1859 Williams W. grocer, & 1 d.- Miller, Bristol. 1851 Powlesland G. dealer in seeds First 2s. 9fd.-Hirtzel, Exeter. 1859 Winstanley, Houghton & Har1858 Pridgeon F. corn and bran


. 20s.- Morgan, Liverpool. merchant First 3.d.-Lee, London.

1859 Wise & Webster, cooper and 1855 Pratt H. J. trunk-maker.... First 31d.—Stansfeld, London.

truss-hoop maker... . First 2s. 6d.-Nicholson, London. 1852 Reeves J. F. scrivener...... Further sep.d.-Hirtzel, Exeter. 1859 Womersley G. hatter and fur1858 Rowe J. T. merchant. ...... First Is. 8d. - Turner, Liverpool.


. First 68.—Harris, Nottingham. 1827 Rutherford T. merchant. ...Seventh 1s. 2d.-- Pennell, London. 1857 Worsdell G. iron - manufac1859 Sanders P. W. shovel-manu


.First 5 d.-Fraser, Manchester, facturer

.......First 1s. 4d.-Kinnear, Birming- 1857 Wych T, innkeeper........ First 28. 444.—Hernaman, Matham,






ELLIS George, baker, Sheffield, in the county of York; surr. Jan. Gazette, Tuesday, December 27.

14 and Feb. 11 at 12. Court, Sheffield. Com. West. Official as-
signee, Brewin. Sols. Smith & Burdekin, Sheffield.-Petition,

Dec. 21.

LEVETT William, patent- wadding manufacturer, Union-street,

Southwark, and Blackfriars-road, in the county of Surrey; surr. TOWN AND COUNTRY FIATS.

Jan. 13 at 2, Feb. 10 at 1. Court, Basinghall-street. Com. Fane. M.EVILY John, saddler and harness-maker, Great Portland-street, Official assignee, Whitmore. Sols. J. & J. H. Linklater & Hack

in the county of Middlesex ; surr. Jan. 6 and Feb. 10 at 11. Court, wood, Walbrook.- Petition, Dec. 29. Pet. Crs. James Geary, Basinghall-street. Com. Fane. Official assignee, Cannan. Sol.

estate-agent, and Richard Geary, gentleman, Mall, Clifton, Bristol. C. Richardson, Old Jewry-chambers, Old Jewry.--Petition, Dec. 27. Pet. Cr. Samuel Josiah Stevens, builder, Charlotte-street,

PRICE Christopher, butcher, Dudley-street, Wolverhampton, in the Portland-place.

county of Stafford; surr. Jan. 11 and 30 at 11. Court, Birming

ham. Com. Sanders. Official assignee, Kinnear. Sols. E. & i. PINKESS Elijalı, oil and colourman, Liverpool; surr. Jan. 6 and Wright, Birmingham.-Petition, Dec. 15. 30 at 11. Court, Liverpool. Com. Perry. Official assignee, CazeSol, S. P. Brabner, Liverpool.- Petition, Dec. 24.

CERTIFICATES. TRIGGS Edward, and William Triggs, upholsterers, cabinet-makers,

and auctioneers, High-street, Southampton; surr. Jan. 6 at 12, Gomme William Lawrence, and John Thomas Bryon, auctioneers Feb. 3 at half-past 11. Court, Basinghall-street. Com. Fane. and contractors, Hammersmith-2nd class. Official assignee, Cannan. Sol. 'J. H. Taylor, South-street, Fins- | Jackson John, corn-miller and flour-dealer, Fleet Mills, Oulton-2nd

class. bury-square.—Petition, Dec. 24. Pet. Crs. George Bartholomew & Co., cabinet-manufacturers, Pavement, and Coleman-street.

Palmer John Digby Lee, teacher of music, &c., Sheffield-3rd class

suspended. ZELTNER Henry, and Joseph Shiers, fancy-trimming manufac- Postill Edward, druggist, York—3rd class. turers and copartners, Dale-street, Manchester, trading under the Temple Craven, lodging-house keeper and tailor, Filey-3rd class style of H. Zeltner; surr. Jan. 11 and Feb. 1 at 12. Court, Manchester. Com. Jemmett. Official assignee, Pott. Sols. Slater & Wood J. corn-dealer, Drax—3rd class.

suspended. Myers, Manchester.- Petition, Deo. 17.

Bawden Michael Williams, assayer of minerals and mine-share

DIVIDENDS. broker, Liskeard-3rd class.

Application for the Dividends to be made to the Official Assignees. Doherty James, draper and milliner, Birmingham-3rd class. Goode William, jun., cattle-dealer, Great Bowden-3rd class. Hearn George, grocer, bookseller, and General dealer, Truro-3rd class.

1859 Alston W. draper.......... First 28.7d.-Pennell, London, Inglis David Alexander, commission-agent, &c., Liverpool—2nd 1859 Bell R. boot and shoe manuclass.


First 28. 9d.- Pennell, London. Kirton Benjamin, builder, Woodford, near Thrapstone-1st class.

1857 Chapman J. grocer.. ..... Second 2d. (in addition to ls. 4d. Macbin William, merchant, Burslem- 3rd class.

previously declared) — Baker, Matthews John, jun., statuary and marble-mason, Plymouth and

Newcastle. Stonehouse-3rd class.

1859 Galer D. grocer... . First 28.- Pennell, London. Morrison Richard, guano and cattle-food dealer, Carlisle-3rd class 1859 Green J. C. wine and spirit

merchant suspended.

First 6s. 10d.-Pott, Manchester. Rammage William, ironfounder, Platts, near Stourbridge-3rd class. 1859 Jennens & Bettridge, papierWilliams Edward, hay and corn merchant, Aberdare-3rd class

mâché manufacturers...... First 98. — Whitmore, Birming

ham. suspended.

1858 London and Birmingham
Hardware Company....... Second 2s. 20.-Edwards, Lon.

Gazette, Friday, December 30.

1858 Parker & Balsdon, wine and
spirit merchants

. Second and final 1 d.; on new

proofs, first 3s. Ad. · Miller, BANKRUPTS.


1857 Pickford T. E. commission. TOWN AND COUNTRY FIATS.


.First 18.43d. (being part of 5s.6d.) ASTON Thomas, engineer, Willenhall, in the county of Stafford ; 1858 Savage & Lees, bleachers and

-Pott, Manchester, surr. Jan. 11 and 30 at 11. Court, Birmingham. Com. Sanders. Official assignee, Whitmore. Sols. James & Knight, Birmingham.


.. Second 28.; second sep. of Savage -Petition, Dec. 14.

9d.; first sep. of Lees 20s.

Harris, Nottingham. BIGGLESTONE Thomas, grocer, Hereford ; surr. Jan. 12 and 1859 Stacey G..

. First 18. 8d.-Pennell, London. Feb. 9 at 11. Court, Birmingham. Com. Sanders. Official as- 1832 Waters, Jones & Jones, signee, Whitmore. Sols. Bodenham & James, Hereford; Hodg- bankers.....

.28. 3d.- Miller, Bristol. son & Allen, Birmingham.-Petition, Dec. 23.

1859 Watson J.J. W. coal-master.4d.-Miller, Bristol.

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13, BANKR.-1859.

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