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LAW WRITING AND ENGROSSING. WATERLOW & Sons LIMITED desire to call the attention of Solicitors and Professional Gentlemen to the facilities which they are enabled to offer for the execution of all classes of Legal Work.

A competent staff of law writers and clerks are constantly engaged at Great Winchester Street, London Wall, and W. & S. are therefore enabled to execute any work entrusted to them with the utmost care and despatch.

Deeds, &c., carefully and correctly engrossed.
STAMP DUTIES assessed and paid.

Charges for copying, at per folio of 72 words :-
Engrossments in Round-hand

0 2
Attested Copies and Fair Copies of every description

0 11 Wills, Abstracts, Parliamentary Briefs and Minutes of Evidence 2 Abstracting Titles and Fair Copy

0 Drafts, &c., received from the country can be engrossed or copied and sent by return post when required.

A large stock of STAMPED PARCHMENT AND PAPER of every description being kept ready for immediate use, any order can be executed without the slightest delay.

LAW LITHOGRAPHY. The facilities afforded by WATER ow & Sons LIMITED in this der ment having led to so great an increase of their business, they are now enabled to retain a staff of hands capable of completing, in a few hours, an amount of work which would formerly have required as many days to accomplish.

Briefs, Abstracts, Minutes of Evidence, Reports, and Legal Documents, Builders' Quantities, Contracts, Specifications, &c., lithographed in good plain round-hand, with the greatest accuracy.

A Brief of 100 sheets can, if necessary, be lithographed in three or four hours. The evidence taken daily on Private Bills or Arbitration Cases may be neatly and correctly lithographed or printed during the night, and delivered to Counsel before 9 o'clock the following morning.

The following prices are intended as a guide to the charges for the ordinary description of Law Lithography; where a greater number of copies of any Document are required. special estimates will be given.

Abstracts copied Briefwise, 5 to 8 folios Drafts, 4 to 5 folios per page, on Superper sheet, on Superfine Paper :

fine Laid Copy :8 Copies 6d. per sheet. 10 Copies

4d. per page. 12 4d. 20

23d. 20 3 d. 50

1 d. 30 3d. 100 Copies

78. 9d. 50 2d.

Per 100, after the first 100, 5s. 9d. 100


Deeds, Law Letters, and Forms LithoPer 100, after the first 100, 108. 6d.

graphed at reasonable prices. Where preferred, the charge will be made by the folio, in proportion to the above scale. Minutes of Evidence and Parliamentary documents are charged at 2d. per folio.

LAW AND PARLIAMENTARY PRINTING. WATERLOW & Sons LIMITED have for years devoted special attention to the perfecting of this Department, and undertake the printing of all legal matters, such as Appeals to the House of Lords, &c., in strict conformity to the New Standing Orders. Admiralty and Appeal Cases and Appendices printed, Memorandum and Articles of Association, Books of Reference, Deeds, Conveyances, Mortgages, &c.

In the Parliamentary Printing Department, where expedition and punctuality are of the greatest importance, W. & S. employ a large staff having a practical knowledge of the work. They are therefore enabled to execute all orders entrusted to them, however large, in the shortest possible space of time.

Minutes of evidence printed during the night and delivered wherever desired by 9 o'clock the followiog morning.

Parliamentary Bills, Notices, Petitions, Reports, &c. Addresses and Circulars to Electors printed or lithographed, and posted with the greatest despatch.

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