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his power, Gen. xvii. !; his self-existence and unchangeableness, Exod. iii. 14; or the certainty of his promises and threatenings, Exod. vi. 2; Numb. xiv. 35. Referring to men, it expresses their pride, Isa. xlvii. 8; the certainty of what they say, Gal. v. 2. Phil. iii. 19; and their readiness to perform their duty, Mic. iii. 8. Matth. xxi. 30.

Benjamites, Judg. xxi. About 310 years after, this city suffered a furious siege from Nahash king of the Ammonites; and the inhabitants could obtain no other terms than that of having their right eyes pulled out, as a reproach to Israel. Unwilling to submit directly, they obtained a truce of seven days; before the end of which, Saul, at their request, raised an army, routed the Ammonites, and raised the siege. In the grateful remembrance of which, the valiant men of Jabesh, about 40 years after, at the

JABEL. See LAMECH. JABBOK: a brook on the east of Jordan, rising in the mountains of Gilead, and falling into Jordan a little south of the sea of Tiberias. It sepa-hazard of their lives, took the bodies rated the kingdom of Sihon from that of Saul and his sons from the wall of of Og king of Bashan; and near to Bethshan, where the Philistines had it Jacob wrestled with the Angel of hung them, and gave them a decent the covenant, and prevailed, Deut. ii. interment, 1 Sam. xi. and xxxi. 1 37. Gen. xxxii. 22. Chron. x. 11, 12.

JABEZ, appears to have been a descendant of Judah by Ashur. His mother bare him with much pain and sorrow, which was the cause of his name. His noted religion, authority, and seed, rendered him more honourWith distinguished fervour, he begged that God would truly and signally bless him; would enlarge his family and inherit

JABESH, or JABETH-GILEAD; a city of the castern Manassites, at the foot of mount Gilead, about six miles from Pella, where the Christian Jews found refuge amidst the ruins of Judea by the Romans. It was at no great distance from Gadara. The in-able than his brethren. habitants of this city, neglecting to join their brethren against the Benjamites in the affair of Gibeah, were all

versity of the Jews in this place, some after Christ.


ance: would assist and direct him in || every undertaking: and preserve him from every thing sinful and dangerous. God signally granted his request, 1 Chron. iv. 5-10.

JABIN; (1.) A king of Hazor, in the north parts of Canaan, and the most powerful of all the sovereigns in these quarters. Struck with the rapidity of Joshua's conquests, he engaged all the kings on the north of Canaan, particularly the kings of Madon, Jobab, Shimron, Achshaph, &c. to assist him. Their whole forces rendezvoused at the waters of Merom, to attack the Hebrews; but the Lord delivered them into Joshua's hand, who gave them an entire defeat, pur-both of which should become nations, sued their fugitives as far as Great but of a very different temper, state, Zidon to the north-west, and to Miz- and condition; but the elder should rephoth-maim on the east. He then serve the younger. In their birth, marched back to Hazor, and burnt it, the last took hold of his brother's heel, and killed Jabin its king: Josh. xi. and for that reason was called Jacob, (2.) Jabin king of Hazor, anu per- the heeler, or supplanter. When he haps the great grandchild of the for- grew up, he was of a quiet and peacemer, was a very powerful monarch, able temper, and staid much at home had 900 chariots armed with iron with his mother; while his brother scythes, and an army under Sisera was of a restless temper, and passionhis general of 997,000 men, according ately fond of hunting. He bought to Philo Byblius. After he had twenty the birth-right of his brother for a years, from about A. M. 2699 to 2719, mess of coarse pottage. By presentor from 2747 to 2767,mightily oppres- ing some savoury meat, which his sed the Hebrews, his army was routed mother had prepared, to his dimby Deborah and Barak; and it is pro-sighted father, and pretending he was bable that the river Kishon, swelled by Esau, he obtained his principal blessa great rain, swept away multitudes ing of a fat land well watered, and of of them. Sisera the general fled away the dominion over all his brethren. on his feet, and was kindly received Enraged at this disappointment Esau Rebekah by Jael, the wife of Heber the Kenite. resolved to murder him. His fatigue occasioned his falling into his mother, who had advised him, ina deep sleep. Jael, divinely instiga- formed hereof, desired Jacob to reted against this murderer of the He-tire to Mesopotamia, to her brother brews, killed him by driving a naii Laban's family, and abide there till through his head, and afterward shew-Esau's fury should be cooled. Aftered him to Barak, Judg. iv. and v. ward she communicated the matter to Isaac, and told him what an unsup portable burden it would be to her if Jacob should marry a Canaanitish woman. Isaac sent for Jacob, gave him his blessing, and charged him to go to Padanaram, and there marry one of Laban's his uncle's daugh

JABNEH, or JAMNIA; a city of the Danites, on the sea-shore, and at no great distance southward of Joppa. It seems it had been in the hands of the Philistines for some time before Uzziah broke down the walls of it, along with those of Gath, 2 Chron. xxvi. 6. There was a famous uni-ters.

JACINCT, or JACINTH; a precious stone, of a violet and purple colour, not unlike the amethyst. It is very hard: but the diamond will make an impression on it. It was the 11th foundation in the New JeruThat which salem, Rev. xxi. 20. some moderns call jacinth, has a yellow colour, somewhat like a flame.

JACOB, the youngest son of Isaac and Rebekah, was born A. M. 2168 or 2173, along with Esau. In the womb they had some struggling with one another, and the Lord informed their mother that she was with twins,

Jacob departed privately from Beer- || At her coming up, he kindly saluted sheba. After sunset, he, probably on her, helped her to water her flock, the second day of his journey, lighted and told her that he was the son of on a place, called Luz on account of Rebekah her aunt. She hastily inthe multitude of almonds or hazel-nuts formed her father: he came and conthat grew thereabout. Here he laid ducted Jacob to his house. When himself down to rest all night, under Jacob had continued here about a the open sky, with a stone under his month, Laban proposed to give him head for a pillow. Here, in his dream, wages. Jacob offered seven years he saw a ladder, whose foot stood on service for Rachel his younger, but the earth, and its top reached unto most beautiful daughter and with heaven; the angels of God ascended great cheerfulness he fulfilled his enand descended on the rounds of it.-gagement, from the great love which Above the top of it stood the Lord he bare to her. When the marriageGod, and assured him he was the God night came, as a providential punishof his fathers Abraham and Isaac,ment to Jacob for deceiving his dimand would give him and his seed the eyed father, Laban conducted Leah land of Canaan for their inheritance, his elder daughter, whose beauty was render them numerous as the sand by far inferior, to Jacob's bed, instead of the sea-shore, and render all nations Rachel. Next morning the cheat blessed in him and his seed. This was discovered; and Jacob warmly ladder represented the providence of chode his uncle about it. He preGod administered by angels, and ma-tended that it was contrary to the cusnaged by God as a God in covenant;tom of their country to marry the and Jesus Christ as the wonder, and younger daughter first; he discoverLord of angels, and Mediator between ed covetousness to be his real motive, God and man, and the way of access when he told Jacob he might have to him, sprung of Jacob in his human- Rachel too for seven years more serity, but in his divine nature the Lord vice. This Jacob agreed to. Of his from heaven, and the means of all two wives he much preferred Rachel; blessings from God to sinful men.- but God favoured Leah with children, Awakened from his sleep, Jacob was Reuben, Simeon, Levi, and Judah: deep struck with a reverential im- and, it seems, with a thankful heart, pression of the divine greatness, took while Rachel was barren. Vexed the stone which he had for his pillow, hereat, she begged that Jacob would erected it as a monument, poured oil make her conceive, or else she would on the top of it, and called the name die of grief, or by some violent means. of the place BETHEL, or the house of With indignation at her rashness, he God; and engaged that since God told her he was not a God, to bestow had promised to protect him, and pro- or withhold the fruit of the womb at vide for him, and bring him back to his pleasure. She next ordered BilCanaan, he would serve him, give him hah her maid, whom her father had the tythes of all he acquired, and, at given her, to take her place in her his return, make Bethel a place of husband's bed, that by her she might solemn worship, Gen. xxv. xxvii. and have children to pass for her own. By xxviii. this means Jacob had two sons, the Eucouraged by this vision,he hasten-one Rachel called Dan, as if she hoped ed forward to Haran, where Laban his God would judge her, and avenge her uncle lived. Near to the place some want of children on her sister. The shepherds informed him where La-other she called Naphtali, as if with ban dwelt, and that his family was great wrestling she had prevailed awell, and that Rachel his daughter gainst her sister. In imitation hereof, was just coming to water her flock. Leah put her maid Zilpah to Jacob's


Jacob's fourteen year's service for his two wives being finished, he begged that Laban his father-in-law would permit him to return to his country, with his family along with him, that he might provide for himself. Sensible of the advantage of his service, Laban offered him what wages he pleased if he would stay. To mark his dependance on the providence of God, Jacob moved, that all the spotted cattle and brown sheep thereafter produced, should be his hire. Laban, expecting these could not be many, readily consented. To prevent all disputes, and hinder as much as possible the future product of spotted cattle and brown sheep, all of these kinds were removed to the distance of three days journey, and intrusted to the care of Laban's sons; and the rest were committed to the oversight of Jacob. Instigated by a vision, Jacob laid speckled, spotted,

bed, and she bare him two sons, Gad || ceedingly increased. Laban too, cauand Asher, by whose names Leah in- || sed Jacob to bear the loss of whatever tended to hint her expectation that a was missing of his flocks or herds. troop of children was coming, and After Jacob had served other six that the daughters would call her years with great labour and fidelity, blessed. Soon after, Leah with her Laban and his sons behaved in a surly son Reuben's mandrakes, hired her manner towards him, pretending that husband for Rachel's night to sleep he had made himself rich at their exin her bed, and, in consequence here- pense. Meanwhile, God, in a dream, of, bare Issachar; and not long after, ordered him to return to Canaan.she bare Zebulun, and a daughter Resolving to do so, he acquainted his called Dinah nor was it long when wives that he saw their father's dethe Lord pitied Rachel, and gave her portment towards him changed, and a son, whom she called Joseph, in that he intended to return to Canaan. hopes that she would have another They being sensible of their father's son added to him. injurious behaviour, were glad to part with him. So Jacob, his wives and children, and servants, and flocks, moved towards Canaan, and Rachel carried off some of her father's idols. On the 3d day after, Laban, informed of their departure pursued them in no small fury; but God, in a dream, charged him to beware of giving Jacob so much as an injurious word. On the 7th day, he overtook them in the mountain of Gilead. Some sharp words were exchanged, and Laban heavily complained that they had carried off his gods. Jacob desired him to rummage all his store, and if his gods were found with any, let the person be put to death. Laban searched with the utmost care; but Rachel having taken the idols, and put them into the camel's furniture, sat upon them, pretending that her frequent distemper hindered her to rise. Nothing of Laban's being found, he and Jacob made a solem covenant of per

in the watering-troughs, about the time when the stronger cattle coupled and conceived; these striking their imagination as they drunk, made them conceive a spotted off spring: but he laid them not in when the weaker cattle conceived: by this means all the stronger cattle were Jacob's, and his flocks and herds exceedingly increased. Laban therefore frequently changed his hire; but whatever was allotted to Jacob, ex

and ringstreaked rods of poplar, &c.petual friendship; in testimony whereof, they reared an heap of stones, which Jacob called Galeed or Gilead, and Laban, Jegar-sahadutha, both which designations signified the heap of witness. After Jacob had offered sacrifice, and given an entertainment to his friends, Laban and his company affectionately parted, and returned to Padanaram, while Jacob and his family went forward to Canaan, Gen, xxix. xxx. and xxxi. When Jacob had advanced to the ford of JABBOK,

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