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Kneeling, the Priest adores, and then elevates the facred Hoft.

In like manner after he had fupp'd, taking alfo this excellent Chalice into his holy and venerable hands, giving thee alfo thanks, he bleffed, and gave to his difciples, faying: Take, and drink ye all of this, For this is the CHALICE of my BLOOD, of the NEW and ETERNAL TESTAMENT, the MySTERY of FAITH: WHICH SHALL BE SHED FOR YOU, AND FOR MANY, TO THE REMISSION OF SINS.

As often as ye do these things, ye fhall do them in memory

of me.

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Simili modo poftquam conatum eft,accipiens & hunc præclarum Calicem in fanctas ac venerabiles Manus fuas, item tibi gratias agens, benedixit, deditq; difcipulis fuis, dicens: Accipite, & bibite ex eo omnes, Hic EST ENIM CALIX SANGUINIS MEI, NOVI ET ÆTERNI TESTAMENTI, MYSTERIUM FIDEI, QUI PRO VOBIS, ET PRO MULTUS EFFUNDETUR REMISSIONEM



Hæc quotiefcunque feceritis, in mei memoriam facietis.

Here the Prieft, kneeling, adores, and then ele

vates the Chalice.

Wherefore, O Lord, Unde & memores, we thy fervants, as Domine, nos fervi tui,



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fed & plebs tua fancta, ejufdem Chrifti Filii tui Domini noftri tam beatæ Paffionis necnon & ab inferis Resurrectionis, fed & in coelos gloriofæ Afcenfionis, offerimus præclaræ majeftati tuæ de tuis donis ac datis, Hoftiampuram, Hoftiam fanctam, Hoftiam immaculatam, Panem fanétum vitæ æternæ, & Calicem falutis perpetuæ.

Supra quæ propitio ac fereno vultu refpicere digneris, & accepta habere, ficuti accepta habere dignatus es munera pueri tui jufti Abel, & facrificium Patriarchæ noftri Abraha, & quod tibi obtulit fummus Sacerdos tuus Melchifedec, fanctum facrificium, immaculatam hoftiam.

alfo thy holy people, being mindful of the bleffed Paffion of the fame Chrift thy Son our Lord, and of his Refurrection; as alfo of his glorious Afcenfion into heaven, offer unto thy moft excellent majefty of thy gifts beftow'd upon us, a pure

Hoff, an holy Hoft, an immaculate

Hoft; the holy Bread of eternal life, and Chaliceof everlafting falvation.

Upon which vouchfafe to look down with a propitious and serene countenance, and to accept them, as thou wert pleased to accept the gifts of thy juft fervant Abel, and the facrifice of our Patriarch Abraham, and that which thy highPrieft Melchifedech offer'd to thee, a holy facrifice and immaculate hoft.



We most humbly befeech thee, almighty God, command thefe things to be carried by the hands of thy holy Angel unto thy high altar, in the fight of thy divine majefty, that as many of us as by this participation of the altar, fhall receive the most facred Body and Blood of thy Son, may be fill'd with all heavenly bleffing and grace. Through

Supplices te rogamus, omnipotens Deus,jube hæc perferri per manus fancti Angeli tui in fublime altare tuum, in confpectu divinæ majeftatis tuæ, quotquot ex hac altaris participatione, facrofanctum Filii tui Corpus & Sanguinem fumpferimus, omni benedictione cœlefti & gratia repleamur. Per eundum Chriftum Through Chriftum Dominum the fame Christ our noftrum. Amen.

Lord. Amen.

The Commemoration for the Dead. BE E mindful, alfo, O Lord, of thy fervants N. and N. who are gone before us, with the fign of faith, and reft in the fleep of peace.

MEmento, etiam,

famulorum famularumque tuarum N. & N. qui nos præcefferunt cum figno fidei, & dormiunt in fomno pacis.

Here the Priest prays a-while in filence for fuch Dead as are recommended to his prayers. Then he goes on:

To whom, O Lord, and to all that reft in

Ipfis, Domine, & omnibus in Chrifto quiefcentibus,

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efcentibus, locum refrigerii, lucis & pacis, ut indulgeas deprecamur. Per eundem Chriftum Dominum noftrum. Amen.

catoribus, famulis tuis, de multitudine miferationum tuarum fperantibus,partem aliquam & focietatem donare digneris cum tuis fanctis Apoftolis & Martyribus, cum foanne, Stephano, Matthia, Barnaba, Ignatio, Alexandro, Marcellino, Petro, Felicitate, Perpetua, Agatha, Lucia, Agnete, Cæcilia, AnaRatia,&omnibus Sanctis tuis, intra quorum nos confortium non æftimator meriti, fed veniæ quæfumus largitor admitte. Per Chriftum Dominum noftrum.

The Prieft, ftriking his breaft, fays: Nobis quoque pec- TO us, alfo, finners, thy fervants, hoping in the multitude of thy mercies, vouchfafe to grant fome Part and fociety with thy holy Apoftles and Martyrs, with John, Stephen, Matthias, Barnabas, Ignatius, Alexander, Marcellinus, Peter, Felicitas, Perpetua, Agatha, Lucy, Agnes, Cecilia, Anaftafia, and allthy Saints; into whose company admit us, we beseech thee, not weighing our merit, but granting us pardon. Through Chrift our Lord.

Per quem hæc omnia, Domine, femper bona creas,


Chrift, grant, we befeech thee, a place of refreshment, of light, and of peace. Thro' the fame Chrift our Lord. Amen.


By whom, O Lord, thoudoft alwayscreate, fanctify, quicken,


blefs, and give us all thefe good things. By him, and with him, and in him, is to thee, God the Father almighty, in the unity of the holy Ghoft, all honour and glory.

P. For ever and


R. Amen.


ficas, vivificas, benedicis, & preftas nobis. Per ipfum,& cum ipfo, & in ipfo, eft tibi Deo Patri omnipotenti, in unitate Spiritûs fancti, omnis honor & gloria.

S. Per omnia fæcula fæculorum. R. Amen.


Let us pray.

INftructed by thy PRæceptis falutari

wholefome Precepts, and taught by thy divine Institution, we prefume to say:

bus moniti, & divina Inftitutione formati, audemus dicere:

Our Father, which art in heaven: Hallowed be thy name : thy Kingdom come: Thy Will be done on Earth, as it is in Heaven. Give us this day our daily bread: And forgive us our trefpaffes, as we forgive them that trefpass against us. And lead us not into temptation;

Pater nofter, qui es in cœlis: Sanctificetur nomen tuum: Adveniat Regnum tuum: Fiat voluntas tua ficut in cœlo, & in terra. Panem noftrum quotidianum da nobis hodie: Et demitte nobis debita noftra, ficut & nos dimittimus debitoribus noftris. Et ne nos inducas in tentationem :



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