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Virgin moft Powerful,
Virgin moft Clement,
Virgin moft Faithful,
Mirror of Juftice,
Seat of Wisdom,

Caufe of our Joy,
Spiritual Veffel,
Veffel of Honour,

Veffel of fingular Devotion,
Mystical Rofe,

Tower of David,

Tower of Ivory,
Houfe of Gold,

Ark of the Covenant,
Gate of Heaven,
Morning Star,

Health of the Weak,
Refuge of Sinners,

Comforter of the Afflicted,

Help of Chriftians,

Queen of Angels,

Queen of Patriarchs,

Queen of Prophets,

Queen of Apoftles,

Queen of Martyrs,

Queen of Confeffors,

Queen of Virgins,

Queen of all Saints,

Pray for


Lamb of God who takeft away the Sins of the World, Spare us, O Lord.

Lamb of God who takeft away the Sins of the World, Hear us, O Lord.


Agnus Dei qui tollis Peccata Mundi, Miferere nobis.



UB tuum Præfidium confugimus, fancta Dei Genetrix, noftras Deprecationes ne defpicias in Neceffitatibus noftris, fed á Periculis cunctis libera nos, femper Virgo Gloriosa & Benedicta.

V. Ora pro nobis Sancta Dei Genetrix. R. Ut digni efficiamur promiffionibus Chrifti.


Lamb of God who takeft away the Sins of the World, Have Mercy on us.


WE fly to your Patronage, holy Mother of God, defpife not our Prayers in our Neceffities, but deliver us from all Dangers, O glorious and ever blef Virgin.

V. Pray for us, O holy Mother of God. R. That we may be made worthy of the Promises of Chrift.




tuam, quæfumus, Domine, mentibus noftris infunde, ut qui Angelo nuntianti, Chrifti Filii tui Incarnationem cognovimus, per Paffionem ejus & Crucem, ad Refurrectionis Gloriam perducamur, per eundum Dominum noftrum.

R. Amen.

V. Divinum Auxilium maneat femper nobifcum. R. Amen.

Let us PRAY.

OUR forth, we

befeech thee, O

Lord, thy Grace into our Hearts, that we, to whom the Incarnation of Chrift thy Son was made known by the Meffage of an Angel, may, by his Paffion and Crofs, be brought to the Glory of the Refurrection, through the fame Jefus Chrift our Lord.

R. Amen.

V. May the Divine Affistance remain always with us. R. Amen.


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