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Compte-Rendu Annuel, par A. T. Kupffer. An. 1857. St Petersburg, 1858.—Presented by the Russian Administration of Mines.

American Journal of Science and Arts, November 1859, and January 1860.—From the Editors.

L'Institut, December 1859. January and February 1860.—From the Editor.

Proceedings of the Literary and Philosophical Society of Manchester. (Continued).—From the Society.

Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal, No. 273.—From the Secretaries.

Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia for 1859.—From the Academy.

Journal of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia, New Series, vol. iv., part 2.—From the Academy.

Croft's London : What to See, and How to See it.—From the Publisher.

Archaia; a Sketch of the Cosmogony of the Hebrew Scripture, by Principal Dawson, of M'Gill University, Montreal.—From the London Publisher.

The Action and Sounds of the Heart, by DrG. B. Halford.—From the Author.

Des Hennodactes, au point de Vue Botanique et Pharmaceutique, par J. B. Planchon.—From the Author.

Jahrbuch der Kaiserlich Koniglicher Geologischer Keichsanstalt in Wien, Jan.—June 1859.—From the Society.

Ansprache gehalten am Schlusse des Ersten Decenniums der KaiserKonig. Geol. Reichsan. in Wien am 22 Nov. 1S59, von W. Haidinger.— From the Author.

Bibliotheque Universelle, nouv. periode, tom, vii., No. 25.—From the Editor.



Alison, Dr W. P., Biography of, 316
Alternation of Generation, 1

Ammonia, its Primary Use in Vegetable Nutrition, by Major John H. Hall, 334

Anaesthetic Agents, their Effect on Plants, 333

Arabic-speaking Population of the World, 139

Aral, Vegetation of Sea of, 163

Attrapaa Wallichiana, its Mucilage, 335

Aurora of 28th August and 2d September 1859, 90

Balfour, Professor J. H., on the Plant producing the Calabar Ordeal Bean, 332
Ballantyne's Christianity contrasted with Hindu Philosophy, Noticed, 103
Balloon experiment, 114
Birds, Growth of, 260

Specific Gravity of, 264

Bone Cave near Montrose, 308
Boring for Water, 311

Botanical Society of Edinburgh, Proceedings of, 141, 333
Bread Making, 125

Breaks for Railway Trains, by W. Fairbairn, 310

Brewster, Sir 1)., on a New Species of Double Refraction, 113

on Nineveh Glass, 121

British Association, Proceedings of, 108, 290
Butterflies, British, Distribution of, by H. T. Stainton, 306
Caithness, Botany of, by Robert Brown, 335
Caledonians, Ethnology and Hieroglyphics of, 139
Californinn Trees, Notes on, 205
Cardutlla Scotica, 308
Ceylon, Flora of, 338
Chinese Astronomy, 120

Chloride of Potassium Crystals on the Banana Stem, 335

Claudet, A., on the Focus of Object-Glasses, 114

Coal-Mines of Borneo, by James Motley, 166

Compass in Iron Ships, 110

Cone-in-Cone Structure, 132

Cretinism and Goitre in the Cordillera, 29

Darwin's Origin of Species, Noticed, 280

Davy, Dr John, on the Tadpole; on the Albumen of the Newly-laid Egg; on
the Growth of Birds, and their specific gravity; on the Stomach of Fishes,

Diamond, Graphite, and Charcoal Forms of Carbon, 323

Diaphragm for Double Achromatic Combinations, 115

Dinornis, Egg of, 164

Disguises of Nature, 66

Dynamical Theory of Gases, 122

Egg, Albumen of, 257

Electrical Frequency, 118

Electric Cable, 112

Electricity, Atmospheric, 108

transmitted through Water, 113

Elephant Remains at Ilford, 136

Ferns, Vegetative Axis of, by Dr Ogilvie, 310

Fish, Stomach of, in relation to Digestion, 266

Flints of Amiens, 130

Flora of Aberdeenshire, by Dr Dickie, 307

Ceylon, 338

Form and Colour in Plants and Animals, 66
Fuel, Use and Economy of, 45, 192
Galago, Supplementary Remarks on, 99

Gebel Hauran, and Eastern Desert of Syria, described Geographically and

Geologically, 173
Geikie, A., on the Chronology of the Trap-Rocks of Scotland, 132
Geology of Aberdeen and North-East of Scotland, 126
Glaciers, Vestiges of Extinct. Part I., by Edward Hull, B.A., 31
Glass found at Nineveh, 121

Gneiss, Red Sandstone, and Quartzite, their Relation, 134
Goitre and Cretinism in the Cordillera, 29
Granite Quarries of Aberdeen, by A. Gibb, 311
Graptolithus, Remarks on, by James Hall, 167
Oymnotus tlectricus, 307

Hector's Exploration of British North America, 169
Heliometer, Improvement of, 120

Hogg, John, on Gebel Hauran and the Eastern Desert of Syria, 173
Hull on Extinct Glaciers, 31
Hybrids in Plants, 163

Japan, Botany of, by Professor Asa Gray, 159

Notes on, by Laurence Oliphant, 169

Jardine, Sir Win., on the Progress of Zoology and Botany, 290
Jenkins, F., on Submarine Telegraphic Signalling, 111
Kirk, Dr, on the Country near Lake Shirwa in Africa, 151
Landscape in a specimen of Calcedony, 115
Lee, Principal, Biography of, 312

Lindsay, J. B., on Transmission of Electricity through Water, 113
Livingston, J. S., on the Anaesthetic Effects of Chloroform, Ether, and

Amylene, on Sensitive Plants, 333
Livingstone's African Expedition, Noticed, 151
Lyell, Sir C, on the Progress of Geology, 129
Manuring Constituents of Crops, 125

Meteorological Register for 1859, kept at Arbroath by Alexander Brown, 343
Milk, Preservation of, 123

Milne, Alex. D., on Laws of Heat and Combustion, in Reference to the Use
and Economy of Fuel, 45, 192

Moigno, Abbe, on the Phonautograph, 113
Mont Blanc, Thermometric Stations on, 117
Moon's Motion, 115

Morphology of certain Organs of Plants, by Christopher Dresser, 155
ilorrhua vulgarit, and .1/ punctata, 306

Muir, John, D.C.L., on the Progress of Sanskrit Literature, 242
Murray, Andrew, Notes on Californian Trees, Part II., 205

on the Disguises of Nature, 66

on the Genus Galago, 99

on the Progress of Botanical Science, 141

Nicol, Professor James, on the Geology of Aberdeen and North-East of Scot-
land, 126
Object-Glasses, Focus of, 114

Ogilvie, George, M.D., on the Genetic Cycle in Organic Nature, 1

Organic Nature, Genetic Cycle in, 1

Owen, Professor, on Fossil and Recent Reptilia, 294

Oxides and Salts, Symmetrical Arrangement of, 124

Peruvian Crania, 25

Peruvian Gleanings, 25

Peruvian, Oriental Origin of, 26

Pheasants of Britain, 309

Phonautograph described, 113

Photograph of Fluorescent Substances, 125

Phyioitigma veneno$um, the Calabar Ordea! Bean Plant, 332.

Pinus inrignU, 222

Jeffreyi, 224

Murrayana, 226

radiata, 222

Planetary Orbits, 122

Playfair, Dr Lyon, on a Symmetrical Arrangement of Oxides and Salts on n
common type, 124

on some Numerical Relations between the Specific Gravities of

the Diamond, Graphite, and Charcoal forms of Carbon, and its Atomic
Weight, 323

Polyps, their Structure, 164

Post-Pliocene Drift, by Rev. W. Symonds, 339

Refraction, Double, New Species of, 113

Reptilia, Fossil and Recent, 294

Reptilian Remains near Elgin, by Professor Huxley, 134
Reviews and Notices of Books, 103, 271

Rogers, Professor William B., on the Aurora of 28th August and 2d September

1859, 90
Roots in Drains, 335

Royal Society of Edinburgh, Proceedings of, 312

Rudolph's Botanical Geography, Noticed, 271

Sanskrit Literature, Progress of, 242

Stquoia umpcrvirtnt, 221

Silurians of Lesmahagow, by Mr Page, 133

Skull found at Jerusalem, 164

Societies, Proceedings of, 108, 290

Sounds under Water in Ceylon, 340

Smith, Archibald, M.D., Peruvian Gleanings, 25

Smyth, Professor C. Piazzi, Explanation of Carrington and Hodgson's recently
observed Solar Phenomenon, 330

Species of Plants, Distribution of, by Professor Asa Gray, 157

Stark, Dr, on the Incorrectness of the Present Mode of Estimating Mean
Temperature, 228

Tadpole, 252

Telegraph, Submarine, lll

Temperature, Mode of Estimating, 228

Tertiary Fossils of India, by W. H. Baily, 135

Thomson, Wm., on Atmospheric Electricity, 108

on Discharge of a Coiled Electric Cable, 112

Towson, John T., an the Compass in Iron Ships, 110

Trap-Rocks of Scotland, Chronology of 132

Tropaeolum majus, Physiological Peculiarity in, by Christopher Dresser, 337

Voelcker, Professor, on the Essential Manuring Constituents of Cultivated
Crops, 125

Volcanic Rocks in Italy, by Dr Daubeny, 133

Wellingtonia gigantea, 205

Willich's Popular Tables, Noticed, 107

Wilson, Dr Daniel, on a Fragmentary Skull found in an Ancient Quarry Cave
at Jerusalem, 164

Professor George, Biography of, 321

Winters in Britain, 122

Wren, Sir Christopher, Cypher of, 119

zoophytes of Caithness, by C. W. Peach, 307


**INBURGH : Pitinted by Neill, and contraxx

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