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The other principal posts in and one of the most zealous and enere round Paris, such as the bridges, getic among the jacobins, had, in the Luxemburg, the hall of the 1797, rendered a similar service to council of five hundred, the military his own party, in controlling the naschool, the invalids, St. Cloud, and tional reprelentation by an armed Versailles, were also occupied by force, to what he now offered, for troops under the command of Mar- the overthrow of his colleagues and mont, Serrurier, Lannes, Macdo- friends to Buonaparte. pald, and other generals, the com, Moulins, finding every thing der panions and friends of Buonaparte. perate, did not wait to be arrested, Lefebrę was liis first lieutenant. but, jumping out of the window, While the general was engaged in *made his escape across the garden of close conversation with Sieyes and the Luxembourg. Gohier repaired Ducos, on the important objects un- to the Thuilleries, where, as presider their confideration, the transla- dent of the directory, he put the tion of the legislature to St. Cloud, seal to the decree for the trandation and the means of preserving tran- lo St. Cloud. But he refused to quillity in the capital, he was joined relign the leal of state, and returned by generał Augereau, who, with 'to the palace of the directory, where every demonftration of cordiality, he was put under a guard Sieyes faid, " General, you did not send and Ducos, about the same time for me, but I'have come, unfought, with Barras, religned their offices. to join you.” Augereau, who was

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The Village of St. Cloud filled with Troops, and Spectators from Paris. The

Tico Councils constituted there. Refignations of the Directorial Office...? Motion in the Council of Elders for inquiring into the Reasons for their Tranfiation to St. Cloud. A Debate on this Subjed suspended, by a Motion for Messages to the Council of Five Hundred and the Direñory, which was agreed to.-Buonaparte comes into the Hall and addrefes a Speech to the Council of Elders, in which he rates the Danger of the Country, and inviter them to allociate their Wisdom with the Force they had placed under his Command for its Salvation.--Opposition to Buonaparte; md a Change in the Confiitution. Buonaparte goes oud and harangues the Soldiers and the People.--Returns, and infins on the Neceflity of laking Measures for the Realization of sacred Principles that had hitherto been only chimerical.. Motion by Dalphouse for reneuing tre Oath of Fidelity to the Conflitution. new This Motion oppoled, and the Defects of the Constitution briefly frated. The Council of Eiders alrruei ti!! nine o'Clock in the Evening. -Proceedings in the Council of live Hunured.-Motion for a Committee for making a Report on the actual Sezte of the Nation. And propofing Measures for the public intereft.-3.2biti is expressed of an intended Dictatorship, and Cries for maintaining the Cipkitution.The actual Constitution of France diftinguished fruin certain Republics. - Motion for renewing the Oath of Fidelity to the Comditation.Agreed to.- And the Ceremony per. formed with the greate fasig froid, even by the moderate Party.--Me jage from the Elders.--Buc?imparte appears in the Council of Fire Hurdred.-- Uproar and Piolence.-Lucian Buonaparte, together with his Robes, lays apide the Ofice of President.--Threatened by the adverse Party.-CarTied out of the Hai by a Pirty of Grenadiers.--The Soldiers harangued by both the Bacmagartes:--The Coun il y Five Plundred dispersed, and the Legislature thus cafilead ya military Force.

THE committees of is prors, repaired the following day, at noon.

I those of ihe five hundred, is Sieves and Ducos arrived at the well as of the elders, with the ex- fanie time, and retired to an apart. direclors Sieyes and Ducos, and mont destined for the executive diother perlons of conuderation and rectory. Soon after, came the geinfluence, passed the night at the nerals Buona parte, Berthier, Murat, Thuilleries, to prepare meatures for Varmont, and the whole staff. The the nitting at Si, Cloud, whither the court of the castle in which the leitur, according to th. decre, courcils were alle mbled, and the

village village of St. Cloud, were filled with Lagarde's letter was transmitted trops and spectators from Paris. to the council of five hundred. The cry of vive Buonaparte! was At this instant Buonaparte enevery where heard, and re-echoed tered the hall, and the whole both by the foldiery and people. council, eager to hear him, kept At half an hour past two, the coun- profound filence. “ Your folici-: cil of elders, formed in the cham- tude,” said the general, “ for the ber called the gallery, by a great salvation of your country, has called majority, was opened. The relig- me to come before you. I will nation of Barras was received, and not diffemble, for I will speak alordered to be sent to the council of ways with the frankness of a soldier; five hundred. A motion was made you stand on a volcano, but, you by Savary to inquire into the rea- may depend on our devoted atfons that had determined the com- tachment. I have come here with mittee of inspectors to remove the my brave companions in arms.legislature from Paris to St. Cloud. Crowned as they are with victory, This motion was seconded by they present to you that security Guomard, and supported by Có 'which is the result of the lervices lombel, who farther proposed that a they have done their country. To fecret committee hould immedi- what purpose is it to talk of Cæsar or ately be appointed for that pur. Cromwell, and of a military gopole. Fargues, a member of the vernment? If we are invited by committee, vindicated its proceed- your confidence, we shall know how ings, and hinted at certain propofi. to justify it. It is also necessary to tions, which had been made to Buo- declare to you that vigorous meanaparte, and of which we shall pre- fures are necessary. Plots are at fently be informed from the gene. this moment carried on. Crimes ral's own mouth. A debate on these are hatching; nor are your dangers points was superseded by a motion those alone with which you are immade by Cornudet, and carried, mediately threatened. The minilfor fufpending all business until mela ter of police has just received the lages should have been sent to the most disastrous news from La Vendée, directory, who, by the constitution, announcing the progress of the remust refide in the same commune bels, and the redučtion of several with the legislature, and to the towns. Let us not be divided. council of five hundred ; acquaint. Associate your wisdom to the force ing them that the council of elders that surrounds me. I will be nowas conftituled in due form. thing but the devoted arm of the them.

A short time after the messages republic.” A member, anxious to agreed on had been dispatched, a push the general to a declaration of letter was received from the secre- the full extent of his political system, tary-general Lagarde, informing the added, in a very audible toncofvoice, council, that four of the directors “ And of the constitution.” “The had given in their rehgnations, and constitution!” resumed Buonaparte, that a fifth was under the guard with vivacity : “does it become you of general Buona parte; fo that, as to invoketlie constitution? Have you there was no longer any directory, not trodden it under your feet on he could not receive their meflage. the eighteenth of Fructidor, on the



twenty-second of Floreal, and the “ your bayonets against me, when-, thirtieth of Prairial? The constitu- ever you find me an enemy to lition! is it any thing else than a berty." pretext, and cloak for all manner Fargues recommended, as an anof tyranny? The time for putting a swer to all calumnies and suspi. period to these disasters is now cions, that the speech which had come. You have charged me to just been made by the general, present you with the means. Had should be published. Laulat gave I harboured personal designs, or it as his opinion that all discoveries views of usurpation, I should not should be made, 'not in a fecret have waited till this day, in order committee, but in the most public to realise them before my depar- manner. " And I too,” said Corture, and fince my return, I have nudet, « am of this opinion, since it been solicited by the heads of dif- has become necessary. But let it ferent parties to take pofleffion of be recollected that the measures to the public authority. Barras and be taken for the public safety are Moulins proposed to me to seize not to be taken by us only, or with: the government. I could make out their being seconded by the discoveries which would instantly council of five hundred; and the confound the greater part of my more especially, that in a question calumniators. All the rights of the which involves the general safety, people have been atrociously vio- the whole French people are enlated; and still under the mask of a titled to a fare in the magiftracy." regard for the constitution. It is Buonaparte, having returned to for your wildom and firmness to re- the ball of the elders, declared, that establish thole sacred rights, and to if it should be thought necesary to ule means for saving the country.” name the conspirators, he was ready

Cornudet, a member of the com- to name them, Several members remittee of inspection, stated, that commended a secret committee.from what had already been said, No! no! faid others, let the generespecting conspirators and con- ral bave a public hearing. Buonafpiracies, no doubt could be enter- parte then said, " It is time to tained of the reality of their ex- speak out; and I have no defigns ilence, and that he himself had that I wilh to keep secret. I an taken an active part in the measures not the instrument of any faction, of public safety which were pro- I am the servant of the French peoposed, from the intimate knowledge ple. The conftitution, too often he had of the criminal overtures violated, is utterly inadequate to which had been made to Buona- the salvation of the people. It is parte, and of the projects connecl- indispensably necessary to have reed with them.

course to means fitted to carry into Buonaparte, while Cornudet was execution the facred principles of Speaking, heated by the unexpected the sovereignty of \he people, ciril opposition he had met with in the liberty, freedom of speech, as of council of elders, went out of the thought; and, in a word, the rehall, and going from one place to alization of ideas hitherto only chianother, harangued the soldiers and merical.” The general confoled the people : « Turn," laid he, wives and mothers with the allu.


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rance that victory and peace would the people, without the power of foon restore to their embraces their oppressing them. I demand that hosbands and their children.

the proposition of Dalphonse be Courtois declared that there taken now into consideration, and were, at that instant, commotions put to the vote. I demand also, in Paris, and that emissaries had that a meflage be sent to the counbeen sent on purpose to excite cil of five hundred, to inform them

of the dilcoveries made by Buona. ... Dalphonse did not deny the ex- parte. --But it was observed by istence of public dangers. The con- Fargues that Buonaparte himselt fitution, at different times, had suf- had gone to the council of five hun. tered violation. But I must de- dred, carrying with him difpoficlare at this moment, to the French tions of peace and public safety. nation, whatever he my fate, that Would you believe it, he contimy intentions have always been nued, he has been aimed at by pure and simple. The remedy for daggers, pointed against him by the existing evils will, no doubt, Arena, whose malpractices in Italy confist in the wife measures that had been detected by the general, mall be taken by the legislative bo- and who had a mind, by his blood, to dies; but there is no remedy with- deface the knowledge and rememout the constitution. A new di- brance of his own crimes. At this inrectory may be chosen, such as is stant some attempt is in agitation, worthy of France. But I protest The faction prepare to strike fome against any that may be resorted blow. The general calls on you to to, to the detriment of the confi- unite with him more pressingly than tution. I demand that an oath may ever. I demand a committee of the be taken for the maintenance of whole house. the conftitution. The constitution, Lemercier, the president of the laid Cornudet, I respect, if by this council faid, " It is I, it is on my be understood the sovereignty and motion, that an altar is now raised the sacred rights of the people. to our country. I am for the aboBut, can that monstrous power be lition of the incoherent charter, suffered to exift, which, on the the tyrannical code of 1793. But eigl.teenth of Fructidor, destroyed I am far from thinking that we the national representation, and was ought to confine ourselves to some daring enough, by its own autho- decrees of regulation. The consity, to form a legislature? Is this a fitution is founded on the loveconservative power? this that makes reignty of the people, the division continual additions to the weight of powers, and the freedom of difof that yoke which is already too cuflion. While these principles heavy and hard to be borne by the are held sacred, is not respect mewn French people Away, away with to the constitution?” those abstractions that have ruined At four o'clock the council was us !- Return to the diâates of rea- resolved into a committee. At five Ion and found fenle. Learn wir- it adjourned till nine the same dom from your own experience. evening. Let us now follow Buo. Frame an executive government, naparte to the council of five bun.. that thall have power to protect dred, sitting in the Orangery, which



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