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marquis of Huntley, as à proof of

his esteem, for the very gallant con17th. A T ten at night the whole duct of that young nobleman in

A nave of Chelmsford Holland. There is an inscription church fell in with a great crash: on the lid, in Erse, to the following fortunately no person was palling purport: “ The son of the king, to by at the time. The ruins seemed his friend the son of the duke of to threaten the chancel, by falling Gordon." in it. An inlcription, in white 21st. Between the hours of ten stone Gothic letters, nine inches and eleven at night, a terrible fire long, inlaid in flints and hard mor- broke out in Bramah's manufactory tar, in relievo, on the outside of the of engines and patent locks, in wall of the south aile, just under the Eaton-street, Pimlico, which, in a battlements, fets forth that this thort time, destroyed the whole building was erected, by the contri- building, being made of wood. bution of the townsinen, in 1421. 22d. Exeter. Between the even

General Washington's funeral ing of Saturday last and the Monday was celebrated, on the eighteenth morning following, a most daring of December, with every mark of robbery was committed on the city honour and regret fo justly due to bank, situated in the church-yard of his virtues. A great multitude of this city, and conducted under the persons assembled at mount Vernon, firm of Samuel Milford and Co. the to pay their last melancholy duty to circumstances of which are as fol. this distinguished man. His corple low: the bank was fhut at the usual lay in state in the portico. On the hour, on Saturday evening, and the ornament, at the head of the coffin, cash, bank notes, drafts, &c. were was inscribed Surge ad Judicium; deposited in an iron chest, in an about the middle of the coffin, inner room of the bank; after Gloria Deo; and on the filver plate, which, the five keys were deposited " General George Wathington, at the dwelling-house of Samuel departed this life on the fourteenth Milford, esq. one of the proprietors. of December, '99, Æt. 68.” On the Monday morning following,

The prince of Wales has made a the clerks, having opened the bank prefent of a Scotch horn, very beau- as usual, found every door, &c. titully mounted in gold, with a locked, as it had been left; but Scotch pebble at the top, to the were astonished to perceive that all VOL. XLII.


the the property, deposited in the iron- ten vears afterwards two wings cheft, had been stolen. Analarm was tumbled down. It is now all leimmediately given, and several per- velled. The ground belongs to the fons were examined; but, as yet, Blue-coat school. Some curious nothing has transpired which may coins, &c. have been discovered in • tend to dilcover the perpetrators of the ruins.

this theft. Bills have been diftri- The exact report of the number buted describing the marks, &c, on of prisoners, under the charge of the the notes lost; and it is hoped, from French commiflary, December 21, the steps which have been taken, 1799, the day when they were dethe villains concerned in this rob- livered over to the transport-board, bery will be discovered, and brought the consular government refusing to condign punishment. The a- to provide for them any longer, is mount of the caih and notes of as follows: different kinds, which are stolen, is Plymouth . . 7,477 about 70001, but payment of the Portsmouth . . . 10,128 greatest part of the bills has been Liverpool . . 2,298 stopped. What renders this rob- Stapleton . .. 693

bery the more remarkable, is, that Chatham . .. . 1,754 ! the iron chelt, where the property Yarmouth



. . . 50 was deposited, has a lock of pe- Edinburgh .

208 culiar formation; the aperture to Norman Cross .. 3,038 which cannot be discovered by a person unacquainted with its nature;

125,616 yet this, and every other, lock must have been opened, fhut again, and 31st. This evening, about half no force appears to have been used past leven, a fire broke out at the to effect it.

· lugar-house belonging to Messrs. A fire broke out in a longing. Freake and Endelman, in Thameshouse in Goswell-ftreet; and an fircet. In about two hours this ostler's wife, carrying her two chil- large and lofty building was endren under her arm, was obliged to tirely confirmed. The Castle-Baydrop them in getting out of a win- nard-Ward association attended, undow, and they both perished. der arms, to prevent depredations.

25th. The storm, last night, Died. At Wolfenbuttle, after blew down the remains of king a dort illness, field-marshal de John's castle, at Old Ford, near Castries, formerly minister of the Bow. This ancient pile was built marine in France. He had acin 1203, and was the residence of quired much reputation, as a soldier, king John. Here, historians say, he in the seven years war, and thewed plotted the death of prince Arthur; talents for adminiftration during the here he entertained the Brabançon time he was minister of marine. chiess; and here he usually slept, aiter He enjoyed, in an eminent degree, having ligned Magna Charta. This the confidence of Lonis XVIII. palace was first mutilated during The duke de Casiries, his son, is coThe civil wars of Charles I. About lonel of a regiment in our pay, forty years ago the chapel fell, and which is now in Portugal.



other person or persons, who shall

act contrary hereto, or offend herein, Ilth. A fire broke out between shall, for every offence, forfeit and fix and seven o'clock this evening, pay the sum of 51. for every loaf of at Lingham's brandy and sugar bread so sold, offered, or exposed to warehoules, in Lower Thames- fale." street. The flames extended with On Saturday, February 8, the great fury to the surrounding duke de Montpensier and the count houses, particularly the custom- de Beaujelais, the younger brothers house, which seemed to be in great of the duke of Orleans, arrived at danger It is computed to have their residence in Sackville-street, destroyed property of above from Clifton, where one of them 300,0001. in value. Of this, a large had been confined several days by proportion consisted in prize goods, illness. The duke of Orleans had deposited in the warehouse by go- arrived in town three days before; vernment. The flames communi- and his first visit was made to Moncated to some small houses in fieur, of whom he had requested an Gloucester-court, behind the ware- audience. On Thursday, the duke house, and destroyed four or five of waited on his royal highness, and them. The wind blew fresh from being introduced into his closet, he the eastward, and the fire raged addrelled him by saying, “ that he tremendously for some time. The had come to ask forgiveness for all weather-cock at the top of the cuf his faults, which he hoped would be tom-house, which is on the other forgotten. They were the effect fide of the street, was twice on fire, of error, and were chiefly to be at. as well as the frames of the win- tributed to the evil councils of an dows; and two Nips in the river, intriguing woman, (madame de that lay off Bear-wharf, were da- Genlis) who had been intrusted maged materially by the flames with the care of his education." communicating io their rigging. He added “ that he was ready to Happily, however, about twelve at led the last drop of his blood in the the night, the whole was got under, reparation of his errors, and in deand no lives lost.

i fence of the rights of his lawful fo. A bill, just passed into a law, for vereign. My brothers (continued regulating the sale of bread, enacts, he) whom I have left indisposed at “ That it shall not be lawful for at Clifton, participate in my lenany baker or other person or per- timents, and will haiten to offer to fons, refiding within the cities of your royal highness the same proLondon and Westminster, and the testations of repentance. Monsieur bills of mortality, and within ten then embraced the duke and re. miles of the Royal Exchange, aller plied, “ that he had no doubt of the the 26th day of February, 1800, or sincerity of the professions he had residing in any part of Great Bri- just heard. He received them with tain, after the 4th day of March, pleasure; but he recommended to 1900, to sell, or offer to expose to the duke to repeat them to the king sale, any bread, until the same mall himself, and he thould have great have been baked twenty-four hours satisfaction in forwarding his letters at the least; and every baker, or to Mittau." As foon as this con

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versation had ended, Monsieur and such measures as they may think the duke went into the drawing proper towards promoting an imme. room, where were allembled several diate negociation with the governemigrants of the first diliinction, be- ment of France, for the purpose of fore whom the duke of Orleans restoring to his majesty's fubjects begged leave also to make a recanta- the blessings of peace.” And a petion of his errors. He then ex- tition being prepared agreeably to pressed his with to see his uncle, the said resolution, was read and the duke de Bourbon ; the intended agreed to; and the representatives visit was soon after made, and a of the city were instructed to supreconciliation took place in the same port the l'ame in the house of commanner as with Monsieur. On mons. Friday, the duke of Orleans again · 201h. Four conviats, Abbot, for waited on Monsieur with the letter forgery on the bank; Chapnian, to Louis XVIII. at Mittan, which Jones, and Hall, for a burglary, in was forwarded on the same evening. the Minories, were executed before Monsieur recommended that ano- the debtors' door, at Newgate, pur. ther should be written, figned by suant to their sentences. Abbot, each of the three brothers; and in who appeared about 19 years of age, Still stronger terms, which the duke behaved with becoming propriety. promiled to see executed, immedi- Jones and Hall appeared penitent ately, on their coming to town, and refigned to their fate : but

The throne of Tippon, worth Chapman displayed inftances of the 60,000 pagodas, has been broken most abandoned depravity. On his up. The fultan's private ftud con. being brought out to mount the sisted of 3,120 horses, 99 elephants, fcaffold, he leaped up the steps that and 175 camels. There were 650 led to it, and then, instead of atwomen, including his wives, &c. tending to the clergyman, nodded in the palace, which is said to have to the females that appeared in the been miserably furnished. Several windows opposite ; laughed at them tigers, which had been kept in a fometimes immoderately; kicked off yard, were ordered to be fiot, to his hoes, one to the right, and the prevent accidents. The Englih, other to the left, amongst the crowd who had been kept in captivity by that came to witness his disgraceful Tippoo, were, two days previous end; and, in mort, did every thing to the allault, brought out, and or- that he thought could prove his condered to work the guns against the tempt of death. besiegers, which refusing to do, Dien. 5th. At Iddeley parsontheir heads were struck off

age, Devonshire, the rev. William 19th. At a meeting of the mayor, Talker, author of An Ode to the aldermen, and liverymen of the city Warlike Genius of Great Britain; of London, in common-hall aslem- Elegy on the Death of Garrick; bled, consisting of upwards of 2000 Poems, 4to. 1779; the Carmen Sepersons, it was resolved, by a vast culare of Horace translated; Ode majority, “ That a petition be pre- to the Memory of the Bishop of sosented to the hon. the house of com- dor and Man; Odes of Horace mons, upon the prelent situation of and Pindar translated, Svo. 1780; public affairs, praying them lo take Annus Mirabilis, or the Erentful

Year, Year, 1782; Arviragus, a Tragedy; quainted. Of Dr. Warton's Ecacled at Exeter; A Series of Let- logues and Georgics, it may be laid ters on the Wounds: and Deaths re- that they convey the sense of their lated in the Iliad, Æneid, and originals with greater exactness and Pharsalia, &c. 12mo. 1798; and perfpicuity than any other transafome other performances. He ap- tions we have; that their verGficapears to have lived in distresled cir- tion is easy and harmonious, and cumstances.

their style correct and pure; yet, if 23d. At Wickham, Hants, of read for themselves, they are far which he was rector, and preben- inferior, to the similar performances dary of Winchester, aged 78, the of Dryden. In 1797, he commita rev. Joleph Warton, D, D. F.R.S. ted to the public the labour, as it is elder brother of Thomas Warton, said, of 16 years, his edition of the who died May 21, 1790. Joseph works of Pope, in 9 vol. 8vo. The was born about 1722 ; admitted of expectation which this work had Oriel college; proceeded M. A. by excited, in the literary world, was, diploma, 1759; B. and D.D. 1768; in some mealure, disappointed, on clected head-master of Winchester- its appearance. It bears marks college, where he had received his of halte unpardonable in such an education, and which he resigned undertaking. The commentary 1793, and was succeeded by Mr, consists of a feledion of the best of Goddard ; and rector of Upham, Warburton's poles, combined with Hants, 1792, in the gift of the bi- the corresponding parts of the Ellay fhop of Winchester. His earliest on the Writings and Genius of publication was “ An Ode on read- Pope. Notwithstanding, however, ing West's Pindar, 1749," followed various blemishes of style, and ine by other (ort poems, among which stances of the garrulity of age, the is “ The Enthusiast, or Lover of notes are useful and entertaining, in Naturę.” In 1746, when B. A. point of poetical criticism, illustra“Odes on several Subjects," Svo, tion, and anecdotes, and perhaps In 1756, without his name, the the best are those from the Efray. "Effay on the Writings and Genius Yet, though not lo excellent a work of Pope, vol. I. ;" and, in 1782, the as may be wilhed for, and might second, volume, of which the first have been expected, it is certainly 200 pages were printed 20 years the best edition of Pope we have, before publication, in 1353. "The The doctor was twice married; and Works of Virgil, in English verse; by his first wife had one son, who the Æneid, translated by the rev. disappointed his hopes, and was Mr. Christopher Pitt, the Eclogues found dead in his father's library, at and Georgics, by Mr. Joseph War. Winchester - school; and several ton; with several new Observa. daughters. Harriet, the youngest, tions, by Mr. Holdlworth, Mr. was married, al Wickham, to RoSpence, and others," &c. &c. in bert Newton Lee, esq. of Bath,

vol. 8vo.; dedicated to fir 1793. The doctor's vivacity of George (alterwards lord) Lyttelton, · character, penetrating judgement, With the merit of Mr. Pitt's version informing conversation, and fund of of the Eneid the world is well ac- anecdote, will transmit him to po

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