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William Wakelin, the person Christ in kecping five years in from whom he had bought the pirn Mount Sion, and that he was foon tols, being brought to the house, to visit this world. This man was was examined. He said, it was one Truelock, a cobler, at Ilington, true that he had bought a pair of He was taken before the privypistols of him, and that he had laid council that day, and is much posthat they were for his young master, fesled with an opinion of the speedy who would give him a blunderbuss return of our Saviour. With this for them: but he had not yet got idea he had possessed the prisoner the blunderbuss. He knew very allo. Both seem to be religiously little of Hadfield, but knew where mad. he worked, and had heard a good At the privy-council also apcharacter of him; but that the least peared, and were examined, the drink affected his head.

adjutant, and one of the captains Several persons from the house of the 15th light dragoons, who of Mrs. Mason, his acquaintance, said the prisoner had been con dered confirmed this fact : and they said as insane, otherwise he was a brave they ascribed this to the very fevere good man, and much beloved by wounds he had received in the the regiment. About three months head. The least drink quite de- ago, he came down to Croydon to ranged him.

see the regiment, and, while there, Upon this evidence, he was com- was taken fo ill, it was necessary to mitted to Cold-Bath-fields for re-ex- put him in a straight waistcoat. amination; and their royal high- They wondered he had not since nelles the duke of Clarence, duke of been taken care of as a madman. Cumberland, and Mr. Sheridan, The second flug, which was fired, conduced him thither. His ma- was found, on Friday morning, by jesty's privy council, however, de- the duke of Clarence, in lady firing to examine him forthwith, to Milner's box. It appears that Haddiscover if he had any accomplices, field did not fire very wide of his he was taken to the duke of Port- majefty; only about a yard too far land's office, where he underwent to the left. The king'stood erect another examination. The persons after he fired. The queen came in, who were instrumental in securing and the king waved his hand for her him, and whose evidence is the to keep back. Her majesty asked most material, as to directing the what's the matter? The king said, pistol towards his majesty's box, if “ Only a fquib, a fquib; they are not towards his person, also at- firing squibs." After the assallin had tended.

been taken away, the queen came On Friday the privy-council fat forward, and, in great agitation, on the farther examination of this curtfied. She looked at the king, man's conduct. Several of the pric and asked if they fhould stay? The foner's thopmates were examined, king answered, “ We will not ftir, the tendency of whole evidence but stay the entertainment out.” shewed that he was insane. He Died. 18th. At Petersburgh, the told his wife, and others, that, on celebrated field-marshal Suvaroff. Tuesday last, he met a man who als At this time last year, his name fured him that he had had Jefus resounded from every mouth, and

his triumphs frequently graced our went very largely into the trade of Register. His blood was inflamed exporting porier. His property, in by the painful labours of his glo- the different public funds, exceeds rious campaign; his soul, oppresled 300,0001. and at the prelent mar. with the contradictions which pre- ket prices, is worth 272,0001. his vented him from crowning it by the landed estates 6801. a year. And he total expulsion of the French from has bestowed it in a manner that rea Italy; and his heart afflicted with flecis honour to his memory. To the grief of finding his important the hospitals of Christ, St. Barthoservices repaid by unaccountable lomew, and Bethlehem, 50001. each; caprice and ingratitude. He is to the charity for the blind, 20,0001.; said to have been in disgrace with to the Philanthropic Society, 30001.; his sovereign; and such is the cha, to the Marine Society; and the Liracter of Ruflian inanners, that the ing-in Hospital, 20001. each; to displeature of the prince includes the Foundling Hospital and Asylum, banilh'ment from all society. The 15001. each; to the Vintner's Comman, fo lately the theme of royal pany, 4000!.; to Mr. John Cole, panegyric, was absolutely aban- 20,0001.; Mr. Smith, (his grandson, doned in the struggles of sickness and only immediate descendant, and death; and the last moments who was, unfortunately, not much of Suvaroff were deprived of the in his favour) 8001, a year; Mr. offices of friendship, and the con- Uther, 10001.; Mr. Vaughan, folation of public lympathy. Su- 20001.; Mr. Waley, 15001.; Alvaroff, it cannot be denied, served derman Harley, 10001.; Chamberhis country with persevering fuc- lain Clarke, 10001. ; his four execels, and implicit fidelity, and has cutors, Mellis. Baldwin, Till, Holcontributed to consolidate the ford, and Watts, 20001, each: Mr. power, and to extend the fame of Wall, 5001.; Whitechapel charitythe Rufian empire. Posterity will school, 5001. ; fifty or listy other render him that justice, which his legacies, from 100%. to 5001.; and contemporaries refuled him; and to his succesor in bufuels, Mr. we are not afraid to express its lan- David Pyke Watts, the residuum, guage before-hand, by paying this supposed to be not loss than 60007. homage to the great talents and vir- a year. tues of a hero,' whose actions will traintain a diftinguished rank, in the history of the eighteenth century.

JUNE. · 25th. In Gower-street, in his eighty-third year, Benjamin Kenton, 4th. The celebration of this day, esq. From an obscure origin, and on which his majesty entered into an education in a charity-school, he his 63d year, commenced with the obtained, by frugality, industry, and grandest fight ever exhibited in integrity, with an irreproachable Hyde Park. At fix o'clock, all the character, a more than princely for- volunteer corps in London and its ture. For some years, he kept the immediate vicinity, to the number Crown and Magpye tavern, in White- of 12,000, were under arms, and chapel; and afterwards, becoming assembled in the field before eight. a wine-merchant in the Minories, Notwithstanding the immenle Pol. XLII,


crowd of speciators, and their im- 1311. The yeomanry, and volunte patient curiosity, the ground was teer corps of Hertfordshire, were remoli excellently kept by the city viewed by his majefty, at Hatfield, light horle, tie London, Welimina the seat of the marquis of Salisbury. sier, and Surry cavalry. His ma- His majefty was attended by his jefiy arrived at nine, attended by whole family, minisers, &c. and the prince of Wales, the dukes of most sumptuously entertained by the York, Cumberland, and Gloucester; marquis. The volunteers confifted prince William of Gloucelier; of upwards of 1500, all of whom the Earls Harrington, and Chatham; marquis hospitably dined. The fol. lord Cathcart, and all the general lowing is the return of the proviofficers, &c. and then the review fions provided : 80 hams, and as commenced. Although it poured many rounds of heef; 100 joints of a torrent of rain the whole time, he veal; 100 legs of lanıb; 100 continued, without eten a great tongues; 100 meat pies; 25 edgecoat, equally exposed as his subjecis. bones of beef; 25 rumps of beef, The only oblervable difference, roasted; 100 joints of mutton; 25 from his usual conduct, on fimilar brilkets; 71 diles of other roast occasions was, that, as he passed the beef; 100 gooseberry pies; befides line, he did not keep his bat off very sumptuous covers at the tables quite so long as in fine weather of the king, the cabinet ministers, The formation of the line, and the &c. For the country people, there various orders of the day, were exc- were killed, at the Salisbury arms, cuted with precision, and the firing, three bullocks, fixteen fheep, and under every disadvantage, was ex- twenty-five lambs. The expense ccllent. The evolutions ended is estimated at 30001. about t:vo. His majeity, and the 22d. This day arrived, at Blackprinces, returned to Buckingham. wall, Mr. Gower's newly-confirucia house; then all the corps filed off, ed veel, the Transit. She failed after having endured a most foak- from the Motherbank, on Thursday ing rain for upwards of eight hours. evening, at fix o'clock, with the

12th. A chalm, of extraordinary wind at west, and arrived in the length aud depih, was made by the downs, at noon, on Friday. Atone, ostraordinary great rains of lart win- on the same day, he failed for the ter, in the side of Bredon-hill, Wor- river, turning up within Margale colierfrire, on the side next Great fands, through the Narrows, and Comberton. Mr. Parsons, proprie- over the Flats, with a double reef tor of the soil, proposed to fill it up, top-lail, breeze at west, and arby a floping in the earth, from the rived, at Gravesend, at midnight, edges; but, the continued rains of on Saturday. On Sunday mornthis spring have increased it. ing, at might o'clock, she

The life-buats, established at under weighi, and turned up 10 Shields, have, within twenty-leven Blackwall ihe same lide, to the admonths, preserved the lives of the miration of the beholders, who were crews of eleven frips, that have attonillied at Die fimplicity of her been stranded, or foundered, at the manautres. It appears, by the mouth of the Tyne; all of who:n testimony of the Dowus pilot, Mr. muli otherwite have perished. Williani. Norris, that me would have reached Gravesend, on the fe- able to proceed. The jury, in a few cond tide, from the Downs, but minutes, returned their verdict, for the darkness of the night. Guilly. The court then allowed Mr.

26th. This morning, came on), Cooper three days to prepare any in the court of king's bench, the thing he could offer in extenuation. trial of James Hadfield, for high- On the appointed day, he was sentreason. At nine, the four judges tenced to pay a fine of 400 dollars, took their seats, and the prisoner to suffer six months imprisonment, was brought into court. The of- and to enter into bonds for his good ficer of the court called over the behaviour, for one year; himself in pannel of names; from which, after the sum of 1000 dollars, and two nineteen challenges on the part of sureties in 500 dollars each. the prisoner, and two on the part The following minute particulars, of the crown, had been made, the respecting the capture of the Wiljury were sworn. Mr. Abbott then liam Tell, French man of war, are opened the proceedings on the part given in a letter, dated Syracuse, of the crown; after which, the at. Foudroyant, April 2, 1800. torney-general addressed the jury. " March 30, 1800, fir Edward When, after a short fpeech, on the Berry, commanding his majesty's part of the prisoner, by Mr. Erskine, ship Foudroyant, of 80 guns, after the jury delivered their verdict, having landed lord Nelson ill in Sie " not guilty, being under the influ- cily, came up with the Guillaume ence of insanity, at the time the act Téll, French' nip of 8+ guns; and was done;" and, on that ground, the laying the Foudroyant alongside lo court ordered him to be remanded. close that her spare anchor was but He was, therefore, conducted to a just clear of the Guillaume Tell'smiccach, and conveyed back to prison. zen chains, hailed her commander,

From the Philadelphia Gazettes admiral Dacres, and ordered him to of April last, it appears, that Mr. ftrike; the French admiral answered Cooper, formerly of Manchester, by brandishing a sword over his has been arraigned and tried for fe- head, and then discharged a mul. dition. The indictment consisted quet at fir Edward Berry; this was of the following passages, published followed by a broadlide, which in hand-bills, figned by Mr. Cooper: nearly unrigged the Foudroyant, Iit, That the president did not pof- whole guns, however, being pror sels sufficient capacity to fulfil the pared with three round nois in duties of his office. 2d, That he each, she poured a most tremendous had created a permanent navy. and effectual discharge, crashing Sd, That a standing army had been through and through the enemy, created under his immediate au. The then fired another frel broadside, fpices; and, 4th, that he had inter- whendowncame the Guillaume Tell's fered in the judiciary of the United main and mizen masts, at the same States, and caused Jonathan Rob. time, the Foudroyant's foretop-mast, bins to be delivered over for exe- gib-buom, sprit-lail, maintop-laila cution to an unrelenting military yard, stay-sails, fote-sail, and maintribunal, Mr. Cooper read nume- fail all in tatters. It was difficult, rous passages in his defence, and con- in this situation, to get the ship to tipoed reading until exhaustedand un- fall ofl, lo as to maintain her pofir


tion, tion, the combatants therefore se- 'dreds of agriculturists and breeders, parated for a few minutes, wlien fir from all parts of the country; Edward Berry called his men from among whom, was a baron from the main deck, and cutting away Germany, who is at the head of an part of the wreck, got the ship once agricultural establishment in that more under command, that is, obe- country, and four gentlemen from dient to her helm, and manageable, Ireland. The call for post-horses, and again close alongside her deter- and other conveyances, on the Lonmined opponent, who nailed his cu- don road, during Sunday and Monlours to the stump of the mast, and day morning, was so great that displayed his flag on a pole over many could not get there till the them. “Sir Edward then com- business had cominenced; and others menced again a most heavy and were actually obliged to go by inwell-directed fire, his men having direct roads, and then could not get now got into a system of firing conveyances across the country, and

every gun two or three times in a were obliged to walk a number of · minute, regularly going through the miles. His grace gave a public exercise; musquetry was occasion-, breakfast at the abbey, at 9 o'clock. ally used when the ship was very 18th. A child of Mrs. Dandy, of near on board the Guillaume Tell'; Rotherhithe-wall, near Dock-head, but latterly, the mizen-malt being being about to be put to bed, and almost in two, fir Edward called the crying vehemently, the servant, marines from the poor and put Anne Vines, to quell its obfiinancy, them to the great guns, by which, threatened to put it into the copper, many lives were certainly saved, unlers it contented to go quietly to At a few minutes past eight, the bed. Perluasion and remonftrance Guillaume Tell's fore-mast was shot being in vain, the servant suspended away, and, becoming a mere log; the infant (not three years of age). fhe struck her colours.

orer the place of terror; when it ." The Foudroyant, in this en- flipped from her arms, and sunk gagement, expended 162 barrels of at once to the bottom of the boilpowder, 1200 thirty-two pound ing copper. It died immediately, Biot, 1240 twenty pound ditto, 100 in a most shocking liate, the very eighteen pound ditto, and 200 tkin coming off with the clothes, twelve pound ditto, Although when taken out. The jury fat the much damaged, she was, within a next day, and, after a minute in. tery short period, in readiness for vestigation, returned the following sea.”

verdict : feloniously killing and say • An epidemic diseale lately pre- ing, by putting the child in the vailed at Bussorah and Korim, in copper, but not with an intent to consequence of the overflow of the kill: -Aune Vines has since been Euphrates; and which, within the tried at the Surry allizes, and found period of two months, proved fatal guilty of mandaughter. to upwards of 12,000 perfons.

211. Liverpool. Mr. Peter Wain• '16th. On this day, the anniversary wright, a relpeciable merchant of of the duke of Bedford's Thecp- this town, had long been in the Mhearing and thew of cattle com- habits of friendliip with a Mr. menced, and attracted several huns Theophilus Smith, earthen-ware


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