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measure; or, if you cannot con Lord Keith's Anfüer.
sent to what I desire to solicit, that
you will send me immediately to

Minotaur, April 25. France, in order that the French government may treat directly with I have this day received the letter the English government on this which you have done me the hoaffair.

nour to write. I have to inform The lives of 50,000 men are at you, that I have given no orders or fiake, who may be destroyed with authority against the observance of out any motive, fince, according the convention between the grand to the folemn treaty made with the vizier and general Kleber, having Engliih, Ruffians, and Turks, all received no orders on this head frora hoftilities had terminated.

the king's minifters. Accordingly I have not powers ad hoc for the I was of opinion, that bis majesty lep I have taken ; but there is no fiould take no part in it; but tince neceility for claiming what would the treaty has been concluded, his be confidered as a right between majefty, being desirous of showing nations the leait civilized. The his respect for his allies, I have redemand appears to me so juft and to ceived instructions to allow a palfimple, and bendes so urgent, that fage to the French troops, and I loft I have not thought it necessary to not a moment in lending to Egypt wait for the orders of general Kle- orders to permit them to return to ber, who, I am cerlain, would not France without molestation. At the coulent to the smallest modification same time I thought it my duty to of the treaty, though his adelity in my king, and thole of his allies executing it bas rendered his pok- whose states lie in the feas through tion: much lefs advantageous. which they are to pass, to require

At the moment we concluded that they should not return in a the convention at El-Arisch, under mass, nor in snips of war, nor in the limple pledge of English good armed lips. wished likewile faith, we were far from suspecting that the cartel should carry no merthat obliacles would be started by chandise which would be contrary that same power, the moft liberal to the law of nations. I have likeof thole with whom we had to wise alked of general Kleber his treat.

word of honour, that neither he por For the rest, my lord, I am not his army mould commit any hostia military character, and all my litics against the coalesced powers; functions have cealed. Two years and I doubt not that general Kleof fatigue and fickness have ren- ber will find the conditions perdered my return to my country in- fectly reasonable. dispensable. I aspire only to repose Captain Hay has received my or with my wife and children, happyders to allow you to proceed to if I can carry to the families of the France with adjutant-general CamFrench I left in Egypt, the news bis, as soon as he arrives at Lege that you have removed the only ob- hom. itacle to their return.

(Signed) Keith. (Signed) Poulhelgue.


· Kleber, Commander-in-Chief, to the to such infolence. by vicories-preArmy,

pare for battle..

(Signed) Kleber. Head-quarters at Cairo, 17th The general of division, chief Ventose (March 8.)

of the staff,

(Signed) Damas. QOLDIERS! behold the letter

which I have received from the commander of the English fleet in Letter from General Menou to Sir the Mediterranean.

Sidney Smith, informing him of

the Afafination of Genera! Kleber, "On hoard his Majesy's Ship the and of his having taker upon him · Queen Charlotte, June 8, 1800. the chief Command.

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J. Menou, General in Chief, to Sir " I infortn you, that I have re. Sidney Smith, Commander of ceived positive orders from his ina his Britannic Majesty's Ship of jesty, not to consent to any capitu War the Tigre. lation with the French troops which you command in Egypt and Syria, Head-quarters at Cairo, 1 Mesidor at least unless they lay down their (June 19), Year 8, of the French arms, surrender themselves prisoners

Republic, one and indivisible. of war, and deliver up all the lips and stores of the port of Alexandria


i to the allied powers.

I Have received the letter which " In the event of this capitula- 1 you did me the honour of writion, I cannot permit any of the ting to me, under date of the 9th troops to depart for France before of June, from on board the Tigre, they have been exchanged. I off Rhodes. Since the French army think it equally necessary to inform is deprived of its leader, by the you, that all vessels having French afrocious assassination of the generaltroops on board, and sailing from in-claief Kleber, I have taken upon this, with passports from others than myself the command of it. Your those authorized to grant them, will allies the Turks, not having been be forced by the officers of the lips able to conquer the French near which I command to remain in A. Malarich, they have, to be revenlexandria: in hort, that lips which ged, made use of the dagger, which shall be met returning to Europe, is only relorted to by cowards. A with passports granted in conte- Janissary, who had quitted Gaza quence of a particular capitulation about forty-two days ago, had been with one of the allied powers, will sent to perpetrate the horrid deed. be retained as prizes, and all indi- The French willingly believe the viduals on board considered as pris , Turks only to have been guilty. foners of war.

The account of the murder shall be (Signed) Keith.” communicated to every nation, for

all are equally interested in aven. Soldiers ! we know how to reply ging it. The behaviour which you,



fire ciertad r ito de recria's saft voor country Co co Cucina a 2 -a, zen; but they sal be set at liv pr**cit tre tre tuatia Ibers in setateix co the arrival of

ace to m e. I caceri de cee Buttet at Danietta, who tre rat catan of your count: Ifa. Cere be acharged againft mr. a. derrard ba or te core Y r ia Pacia, and tereral other fu's who con gen de Ferrá TILI OLInes. If, fir, as I macn, for artean 2 rizot be bare bo dcabt, you have inme inCiriided * te Erzsard Eserce over rcar ailies, this affair teir alies. T is teos y legal w.. soon be teuled, which interests wa", the or'y one ar e in your bonoer, ard evidently endanar. Legocians that may ever take gers ove kundred and ifty of your place. As welias you, fir, I abror countri zen. I have the honour to ile fares of war; as well as son, repeat to you, fir, that with enI wish to see an erd put to tie ti thotic plealure I shall see the fety which it has cauled. But I tercitation of a war which has, for Tha'l rever, in any point whatever, fo locg a period, agitated the whole exempt myself from what the bo- world. The French and English tour of the French republic and of nation are defined mutually to Her arnis requires. I ann tulls con- elieem, not to deltroy one another ; vinced that these sentiments must but when they enter into negociaallo be vours. Good faith ard mo. tions with each other, it must only rality must prevail in treaties con- be done on conditions which are cluded between nations. The equally honourable to both, and French republicans know rot those promotive of their welfare. Restratagems which are mentioned in ceive, fir, the very fincere althe papers of Mr. Mories. They furances of my esteem and high reknow not any other behaviour than spect. I have the honour to be, &c. courage during the combat, magna. (Signed) Abdallah Bey J. Menou. dimity after the victory, and good faith in their treaties. One hun: dred angi fifty Englishmen are priToners of war here; had I followed Letter from Sir Sidney Smith to Geonly the dictates of republican mag neral Menon, Commander-in-Chief nanimity, I would have sent them of the French Army in Egypt: back, without considering them as originally urillen in French ; daicd prisoners, for they were taken on Jal'a, June 22, 1800. the coast of Egypt, not with arms in their hands, and I am fully con- General, vinced that the consuls would have T Received this evening the letter approved of it; but your allies have 1 which you did me the honour of detained citizen and chief of bri- writing to me on the 20th instant. gade Baudet, adjutant of general At the instant when I expected to Kleber, whofe perton ought to have see general Kleber under the most been held lacred, as he had been favourable and satisfactory auspices, fent with a flag of truce. Contrary I learned with the liveliest concern to my principles and my inclina- and the most heart-lelt forrow his 110., I bare, therefore, been forced tragical fate. I immediately com

municated municated the intelligence to the yourself and the Porte. I expect grand vizier and the Ottoman mi- from your good faith and your julniliers, in the terms in which you tice, according to the regulations announced to me that fad event; settled between both nations relative and nothing less than the certainty to the reciprocal exchange of our and detail with which you commu- prisoners, which we are authorized nicated it could have induced their to enforce, that you will allow capexcellencies to credit the infor- tain Buttal, his officers and crew, to mation. The grand vizier has de- return.. clared to me, formally and officially, Your promiles expressive of the that he had not the sightest know- hope of reciprocity on my part ledge of those who have been guilty, cannot apply to this circumstance, of the assassination ; and I am per- and I think it superfluous to offer fuaded that his declaration is true you in return the assurance of my and fincere. Without entering into good offices in favour of any person the particulars of this unfortunate who may be reduced to the painful event, I Mall content myself with fituation which I have myself expo answering the articles of your letter rienced. I am convinced that the that relate to our affairs.'

grand vizier will fanction with his Įf the grand vizier has detained generous and dignified approbation in his camp the aid-de-camp Baudet, all the humane proceedings which dispatched to him at Jebil-il-Illam, we may adopt with respect to one it was because his excellency did another. The tricks of warfare not think proper to suffer any per- are unknown to us both, and while fon to quit his camp at the moment I shall continue to behave to you when he saw himself surrounded by with the same candour and the same his enemies. Baudet was detained good faith which I have manifested at Jebil-il-Illam in the same manner to the present moment, I snall earas the Turkith officers destined to nestly employ all my means to preserve reciprocally with him as hof- vent any person on whom I may tages, were detained at Cairo. pofless influence from pursuing a

This aid-de-camp was sent to the contrary line of conduct. Be af. Ottoman squaaron to be exchanged, fured that the hostile dispositions, according to your desire; and du- which have been recently announ. ring that interval his excellency the ced, and which have acquired excaptain Pacha having arrived here, tent and publicity, may be apthe exchange was postponed in peased by the opportunities fure consequence of his absence from the nished to both parties by the present fquadron. When his excellency circumstances of mutual corresponshall have joined the squadron, the dence and communication, and exchange may be carried into effect, that we shall at length be united by fhould you think proper, as the aid- the ties of sincere friendship. In de-camp Baudet is off Alexandria; the mean time we shall profecute but I cannot perceive why you hoftilities against you with the means make the releale of one hundred which we have hitherto employed and fifty English, who were thip- against you, and we shall endearour wrecked at Cape Brulos, depend to render ourselves worthy of the upon a traplación relating only to eleem of your brave troops.

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The The hostilities which you have of circumstances may diâate; and committed without waiting for ad- although, from the nature of events, miral Keith's answer, who was I am not warranted in offering any unacquainted with the convention new propofition, I am, however, concluded for the evacuation of ready and disposed to receive all Egypt, have furnified us with a those which you may think fit to rule for our conduct. I had not make. I can declare to you oíficidemanded of my court the ratifica- ally, that I shall exert all my efforts tion of the convention; I merely to prevent any rath proceedings, was desirous to remove some obsta- and to oppose all vexatious meacles that might have opposed the fures, from whatever quarter they return of the French to their may arise. country,

Í shall literally adhere to all the As general Kleber did not, in the inftructions of my court. I know late preliminaries which were its principles to be founded upon agreed to, give us to understand the most punctilious equity and the that it was necessary the treaty most perfect good faith. My conwhich was to have followed them dua mall be conformable to its hould be ratified by the conluls, principles, and all my exertions this condition now introduced by shall be directed to the performance you in your preliminaries has the of my duty, by promoting its inappearance of a refusal to evacuate terelis. Egypt, and the grand vizier has As it is not yet decided in what commissioned me to require of you direction I am about to act, I beg on that head a clear and precise you will tranímit me your answer answer. You with, as I do, for a in two dispatches, the one addreiled termination to the war which defo- to Alexandria and the other to lates the whole world :

Jaffa, at the camp of the grand It is in your power to remove vizier. one of the obstacles in the way of . (Signed) Sidney Smith. peace by evacuating Egypt according to the terms agreed upon with general Kleber; and if you retuse, Menou, provisional General-in-Chief, . we shall exert all our means, and to Citizen Bonarparte, Firp Confrid

those of our allies, in order to com- of the Republici pèl you to accept conditions which may not prove fo advantageous. I Head-quarters at Cairo, 14tk cannot suppress my regret at being

Messidor (July 3.) forced to fulfil tliat duty; but the C ITIZEN conļul, a horrible evacuation of Egypt being an ob- u event, of which there are few jest of so much interest to the cause examples in history, has provisioof humanity, the mode of accom- nally railed me to the command of plishing it by correspondence and the army of the east. General conference is still open.

Kleber was assassinated on the 25th As the admiral, under whose or- of last month (June 14). A wretch, ders I am, is at a considerable dif- sent by the Aga of the Janissaries of tance, I am authorized to agree to the Ottoman army, gave the genesuch arrangements as the necessity ral-in-chief four labs with a


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