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ton, efq. About nine o'clock in the the alarm. It was proved before morning he rung the bell; on the the curoner's jury, that he had been entrance of the servant he was walk for some months in a state of melan. ! ing up and down the room, appa. choly derangement; they therefore rently in a disordered state of mind. returned a verdict of lunacy. He Suddenly turning round, he faid, was a very respeclable gentleman, « Why do you look at me so earn- and during his lifetime in the habits estly? What do you do here?" The of intimacy with the first noblemen man said, he attended his commands, in this country. The late duke of Mr. B. always drank cold tea for Rutland, earls of Carlisle and Derby, breakfast, which the servant neglect. and Mr. Fox, were among the num. ed to make over night, and apolo- ber of his particular friends and acgized., Mr. B. said, “ It is of no quaintances. He was a great freconsequence; I shall drink no more quenter of the subscription-houses, this year.” About two, he ordered and, from his eccentricity in dress, his horle to be got ready to ride in was styled by his friends, prince the park ; his valet put on one of Boothby, on coming to his estate at his boots; he did not like them, and Swaffham, in Norfolk. Mr. B. was said, “ You may have those boots, the person supposed to be alluded to

I shall not wear them any more." by Mr. Fuote in one of his farces, - When in the park, he was observed as diftinguished by his partiality to

to gallon furiously, which he was people of rank, and inclined to leave never accustomed to do, but, on the one acquaintance to walk with ano, contrary, always rode a canter; and ther of superior dignity. Hence in returning home kept up the same arose the denomination of prince pace over the stones. At the corner Boothby. His chief peculiarity in of Clarges-street, in Curzon-street, dress was in the form of his hat, he got off, delivered the horse to which was uniformly of the same the groom, and walked bome; it shape for the last twenty years, was then half past five. Entering though he mixed with the most the parlour, he desired liis valet to falhionable circles, and was conattend to the serving up of dinner stantly ridiculed by his friends for at fix: a few minutes after, he went this whimsical propensity. He was into a back room, placed his right brother to the wife of the celebrated foot on the bed, and a horse-piltol for-hunter, Mr. Hugo Meynel; had in his mouth; the explosion blew been poflefled of three large eftates; off the upper jaw and the back part the first his own inheritance; the of the head; the ball went through second from a distant family alliance, the chimney-glass, and lodged in the and the third, from Mrs. Clopton wainscot. Iuliantaneous death en- Parthericke; whose name he latterly sued, and he fell with one foot on assumed. The value of the last prothe bed, the other under it. The perty is said to be nearly 70001. a servants in the kitchen heard a noile, year, which they conceived to be their maiter uncorking a bottle of sprucer beer; and, had it not been for the

AUGUST.. breaking of the glass, they would th. A dreadful fire broke out not have attended immediately to this day at Balasia, in Hungary, which barnt with such violence, was drawn up the ladder by the hair that in less than two hours 568 of his head, after receiving many houses, the Lutheran church, and wounds. Parrot declared, that at the post-house, were consumed ; not this moment he saw the fecond lieumore than 50 houses were left ftand- tenant's servant, James Allen, with ing; two women, two children, and a tomahawk or hatchet in his hand, a Jew, lost their lives; and the whole and that lie exclaimed, “ Let me damage is estimated at 900,000 fio- have a cut at him:” on laying which, rius.

he dreadfully wounded his own maf 14th. This evening, about eight, ter. On receiving this deposition two apprentices in Fleet-street, about from Parrot, a general groan of horfixteen years of age, went into the ror was heard in court. Every river to bathe from the steps of thing, however, that naval justice Blackfriers-bridge, on the city fide. could devise, was exercised on beThe tide running very strong, they half of the prisoner ; but the very were carried away. One of them, witnelles called by him ultimately on rising, caught hold of a chain proved of disadvantage to him! for securing barges, but the other Both Allen and Watson came home was fucked under, and all attempts to England in the Prince of Wales, to save him were of no effect. but were not recognised till their

At nine o'clock, a gun was arrival, Allen, to the last, denied fired on board the Braakel, captain having struck his master. As to the George Clarke, in Portsmonth-har- particulars of the murder of captain bour, and the yellow flag hoisted, Pigot, of the Hermione, it appearas a signal for execnting James Al. ed, “ That hearing a noise upon len, who had been condemned by a deck, he immediately ran out of his court martial with John Watson, as cabin, when, being badly and rebeing concerned in the mutiny on peatedly wounded, he was at length board the Hermoine. The latter obliged to return. He had reached had been executed early the same his cabin, and was sitting on a couch, morning, on board the Puillant saint with the loss of blood, when Theer-hulk, at Spithead. Armed four men entered with bayonets fixboats from all the ships in harbour ed. Crawley headed them. Capattended the dreadful icene. James tain Pigot, weak as he was, held Allen came in an armed boat on out his dirk, and kept them off. board the Braakel, attended by Mr. They seemed for a moment appalled Howell, chaplain of the Royal Wilc at the fight of their commander, liam, about half past eight. The when Crawley exclaimed, “ What, principal witness against Allen was four against one, and yet afraid? Parrot, late butcher on board the Here goes then," and buried his Hermione, who deposed, “ That on bayonet in the body of captain Pigot. the night the mutiny took place, he He was followed by the others, who was seated on a chest in the gun- with their bayonets thirust him room. He then observed a band through the port, and he was heard of murderers dragging the second to speak as he went aftern. lieutenant across the deck, who re- ļoth. About a fortnight ago, a peatedly stretched out his hand, refractory fpirit discovered itself crying, “ Mercy! - Mercy!" He among the felons confined in the

prison prison in Cold-bath-fields. On taken into the prison. Afier the Wednesday night Jast it assumed a felons had become more filent, somo more serious aspect; for, on locking of them were heard to call to each up the prisoners, many of them were other, that it would be best to re. heard to murmur very loudly, and main quiet for that night, left they even to threaten the keepers. The fhould not be let out the next day, next day, as usual, about sixty of which was the chapel morning, and them were liberated from their cells, that would be a good opportunity to and suffered to take the air in the knock down the keepers, and force most open places in the prison, but the gates. 1 iris circumstance being not without a strict eye being kept communicated to Mr. Baker and on their conduct; and they were other magistrates, who liad attended observed to whisper frequently to give their advice, it was thought among themselves, which gave the prudent not to let the prisoners out governor some concern left they of their cells the next day, as usual, ihould attenipt any thing serious, a few excepted, wbo were not reWhen the bell rung as the lignal for fractory. Mr. Baker, and three locking up, they mustered together other magistrates, attended the priinstead of separating, and appeared son a great part of yesterday, and to have some plan to execute, but inspected almost every cell, for the were afraid to begin their opera- purpose of ascertaining the cause of tions. However, after a trilling their complaint; but they either resistance, and a great deal of grum- could or would not give any explabling, they all suffered themselves nation, except one person, who said to be locked up in their different that he was starved; but, on excells. It was then that they began amining a basket, in which he kept to call, and encourage each other his bread, there was found a pound to cry out ~ Murder !"_" Starv- and a half, which he had laved from ing,” &c. They also abused the his daily allowance, and what his magistrates in the grofleft terms. friends had been permitted to send

Their noise was so loud, as to col- him, besides about two pounds of leći round the prison a large mob, pudding. The Bloomsbury, St. Sewho answered them in loud shouts. pulchre's, St. Clements, and ClerkWhen they heard the souting, they enwell alsociations, all atter...ed by again called to the mob to force the turns to watch the prison ; and the gates and pull down the walls. This Clerkenwell cavalry were parading kind of conduct alarmed the goverround the outer gates last night, to nor; and he immediately sent for keep the mob off, who had again the high-constable, who readily at- collected in great numbers, but the tended with a number of affiftant prifoners leemed to be quiet.' conftables; at the same time the A Mocking murder was commitClerkenwell association came to the ted this night at Nottingham. Threa prison, but it was nearly twelve peace officers attempted to appreo'clock before they succeeded in dif- henda bair-drefler, who stood charged perfing the populace, which con- with a robbery to a considerable bited of five or fix thousand people, amount. As soon as the hair-dreller One man only was apprehended for perceived who they were, he fired riotous conduct on the ouifide, and a horse-pistol at the officer nearest


him, and killed him on the spot.' feated in the Turkish style, under a The other officers were so intimi- canopy, affixed to some trees; and dated that he effected his escape. afterwards, his attendants partook of He was, however, taken the next the same. The ambasador was not day near Overtons, but not till he in the least discomposed at the accihad bit off the top of a phial of dent, but seemed happy in the oparsenic, intending to poison himself; portunity, thus afforded him, of . a small quantity of which he swal- smoaking his favourite pipe, will lowed. The deceased has left a his attendants, in this rural retreat. wife and five small children. We Ludlox.' A person who owns part have fince learned, that the hair- of Radnor forest (that is a theepdresser put an end to his life, walk) wanting to dig out some pichy poison, on the 20th instant; mar (that is coal), fet fire to the and that, in consequence of heath and moss to clear the top; the coroner's verdict, he was bu- but the fire burnt fo rapid, as to be ried the same night in the land- out of his power to stop its fury; hills on the road leading to and it burnt for 30 miles in cir

cumference, to the desiruction of later has been so scarce at thousands of lieep, and the distress Edinburgh, from the failure of the many poor cottayers, whose huts fprings, that the magistrates have became a prey to the fames. There found it neccslarv to put some re- being no water, and the fire having Itriclions on the public wells, which burnt as low in the ground as 18 are to be shut for leveral hours every feet, no trench could be cut to day. Private families are to be served stop it. The people were fearful it with water only twice a week would reach to the wood; if fo, through the usual pipes; and they the whole country would have been are properly ordered to keep their ruined. Alter the fire had been cisterns in a good Itate, that no waste burning for more thau cight days, of water may take place while this the flames had spread themselves, fcarcity shall continue.

in different directions, to an alarm19th. This day, when about two ing extent. On that lide the valo miles out of Colchester, one of the adjoining fir W. W. Wynne's off carriages, conveying the attendants tate, at Wyntiay, it was supposed to of the Turkifh ambaslador, on lois extend from eight to ten miles, and, way to Yarmouth, broke down; on the opposite side, about four. which circumstance being imme. After having rared upwards of five diately communicated to the ambal- weeks, it was at length extinguished fador, he ordered the whole of them by the late providential falls of rain, to stop, and, with his retinue, re- alier having burned about four miles tired into an adjoining wood for in extent over fereral hundred acres nearly two hours, till the carriage of land. The fire had raged with was repaired. A carpet being great violence, during the ahore fpread, the pofiilions were ordered period, and the flames were fees, ac fo prepare fuel for a fire; which night, from the hills in the neigh. done, coffee was got readly, and bourhood of Ludlow, distant about served to the amballador, who was 17 miles, riting in columns to in


immense height. The fire was Clophill. Great numbers of the principally confined to the hills, the hail stones measured 9, 10, and property of the earl of Oxford, Mr. even 11 inches in circumference, Lewis, and Mr. Lewin.

23d. Edinburgh. Miss Ayres, Between five and fix P. M. there only daughter of Mr. Ayres, and felt, at Upper Heyford, in Oxford. Mils Anderson, a young lady refiThire, a most violent storm of hail, ding at Yarrow, were laft week on a accompanied with thunder and visit to the family of Mr. Scott, of lightning, and succeeded by a tre- Singlee, near Selkirk. On Saturmendous gust of wind: a form so day afternoon, Mr. and Mrs. Scott dreadful in its effects, and so ao being from home, these ladies, aclarming to the beholder, was selilom companied by two Miss Scotts, or never experienced in that coun- went into the garden to walk, havtry. The hail, or, more properly ing previously enquired' at what speaking, large irregular pieces of hour dinner would be ready. The ice, of the lize in general of a river Ettrick runs past the bottom of hen's egg, broke the windows of the garden. Having been abient many houles that were in the di- 'considerably beyond the usual hour rection of the storm; and the whole of dinner, one of the maid-fervants of Heyford affords a 1pectacle truly went out to inform them that dinner Thocking. The corn, the greater was on the table. On entering the part of which was barley, and very garden, she was struck by the light little of it cut, appeared entirely of their clothes lying on the bank of threshed out by the violence of the the river; and, on rushing forward, hail: scarcely an ear remained the discovered the hapless victims whole on the straw, and the ground four lifeless corpses at the bottom. was totally covered by the that. She few back to the house, and im. tered corn. The violence of the mediately returned with aslistance. storm lasted about a quarter of an The bodies were taken out of the

hour, during which time, the pouls river, but every effort to restore ani. • try suffered much; and the smaller malion was ineffectual. This ca.

birds of every description were tastrophe is as singular as it is affound dead in great numbers on the flicting. The young ladies had ground.

gone in to bathe; the Ettrick, 22d. Woburn. On Tuesday af- where it passes the garden of Sinternoon the weather was uncom- glee, is, in general, remarkably shalmonly hot; clouds came on from low; but there is one small part of the rorth-welt, and diftant thunder it which is very deep. Into this was heard, which continued incef- fatal spot, it is supposed, one of the fantly till near feren o'clock, when young ladies, (perhaps, one of the the most tremendous form of hail, Itrangers) had, by fome unhappy ever known in the memory of the means, been conveyed; and the oldest man living, in this county, others, witnessing her ineffectual came on. Its ravages seem to have struggles, had either lost their lives begun at Broughton; then, palling in attempting to rescue their comover by Cranfield, Lidlington, panion, or, deprived of all conscious Crawley, Ridgmont, Ampthill, and nels, by the dreadful scene, had


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