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finest speciniens of gothic architec- length figures of angels, their beads cure in Europe. The splendid reclining on the shoulders, and painted gothic window, at the west holding each, extended before, end, is to be removed; and, a new them, a piece of drapery, or manone, after a design of Mr. West's, tle, charged with various devices, is to be substituted. His majelty is or armorial bearings; their wings repairing and beautifying the small composed of peacock's feathers, chapel adjoining to that of St. very highly finished, and in which George, at Windsor, as a royal the green and gold are, in general, mausoleum. It is also reported that as lively as if they had bees newly the castle is to be embellished with laid on. The fame may be laid of beautiful gothic windows. , Fif- the gilding of the cornices, whichy teen years is the period allowed for as far as they have been laid bare, • the completion of the new large are very richly decorated. On each window ; and the subject is to be side of the altar are pictures of the the crucifixion.

Nativity, and Presentation in the The alterations in the house of Temple, the Marriage in Cana; and commons, preparatory to the meeta fourth, in which the devil is ining of the imperial parliament, be- troduced coming through the air, gan in August. The oaken wains- perhaps representing the Templacoting at each side having been re- tion. Ou the south wall, near the moved, gave again to the view altar, are three beautiful stone stalls, the venerable walls of what was with rich flowered arches, and west once St. Stephen's Chanel. The of them a narrower one, reaching gothic pillars, the finished scroll- below them. Over the figures, on work, and the laboured carvings, each side, on an inverted friežė; were, generally speaking, in are the arms of the royal family and good preservation. But what is nobility in 18 shields, and between more observable is, that the paint. each fhield grotesque figures of meni ings which fill the interstices, having and animals. On the opposite side peen protected from the action of of the chapel are figures of men in the air for so many centuries, are, complete armour, with inscriptions in many parts, as fresh and vivid as under them, which are nearly illegiif they could only boast a twelve- ble. Under two of them, howInonuh's date. In the right hand ever, were distinctly to be read corner, behind the speaker's chair, the names of " Eustace" and and about five feet from the ground, " Mercure" in black-letter characa there is a virgin and child, with Jo- lers. The interior roof of the feph hending over them, well pre- building, which has at all times Served, and tolerably executed in been visible over the house of com: colour; and Edward III. and his mons, speaks fufficiently as to the queen and suite making their offer- Nyle of the architecture, and the ing to the virgin. Under them, in laboured minutia of the ornaments; pix niches, as many knights in ar- hut, not having been covered in the mour, with their tabards of arms, fame manner with the lower parts, and in each angle an acolyte hold- it offers but a very faint idea of ihe ing a taper. Adjoining thele, and fuperb finishing and expenfive deon the fame level, are two whole. coration belowed by our anceflors

npon a building, which has been so meeting, and to return peaceably ftrangely converted to a purpose to their houses, avoiding the hazard very foreign indeed from its primi- which they must incur by joining in tive use.

· any tumultuous proceedings."
.' 91h. A most tremendous wind

arole about eleven o'clock in LouNOVEMBER. .. don, and for 100 miles round, and

did incalculable damage to hunles, 1. His majesty's fhip Marlbo: and occafioned foods in the coonrough, of 74 guns, commanded by try, by which much property in captain Southby, was totally wreck- cattle, &c. was destroyed. ed off Belleifle, the whole of the The dreadful húrricade of this officers and crew have arrived safe day committed ravages in several at that port, having been rescued parts of Germany, but especially in from the wreck by the Captain man Holland. At Rotterdam the daof war, and the Amity, a flip from mage done was also considerable: Malaga, detained by the Captain, it pierced a dyke in one place,

In consequence of fome inflam- where 1520 head of cattle were matory hand-bills posted about the drowned. metropolis, inviting this day a mob 01h. The old and new lord on Kennington-Common, the life mayor, &c. proceeded in the ac: guards were ordered out. The vo- cuftomed state to Westminster, junteer corps were also stationed iti where fir W. Staines was sworn into the environs. The police officers, office, for the ensuing year. On in case of disturbance, attended at returning from Blackfriers-bridge, the Axe and Gate in Downing the populace took the hories from ftreet, and the following hand-bill the carriage of the old lord was circulated :

mayor, aiderman Combe, and drew " TO THE PUBLIC.

him to Guildhall; and did the " Sunday, November 9, 1800. fame by lord Nelson, who, (hay"Whereas an inflammatory hand- ing obtained the king's permillion bill has been diftributed and pofted to appear in public before he was up, inviting every journeyman, ar- introduced at court) was one of the tizan, mechanic, and tradesman; numerous company that dined with every manufacturer, labourer, &c. the lord mayor; when he received to meet this day on Kennington- the Sword voted by the city of Common, under pretence of petin London. tioning the king and parlianient'; '12th. His majesty lield a levee, and whereas there is reason to ap: at which lord Nelson, and fir W. prehend that such meeting would, Hamilton, were presented on their from its circumstances, endanger arrival from Naples. the public peace: notice is liereby Were executed before Newgate, given, that the magistrates have Thomas Chalfont, for fecreting a taken measures to prevent any num- letter, which came within his power, ber of persons from allembing in as a lorter at the general post-office, consequence of such hand-bill; and and stealing thereout a 101. bank all well-difpored person's are exnote, the property of Messrs. Bedhorted to abstain from going to such well and Co.; Thomas Newman,


for stealing a gelling, the property his feat at Monk's Horton, rear of George Arnold; John Price, Hythe, Kent, Matthew Robinson and John Robinson, for a burglary Morris *, lord Rukeby of Armaglia in the dwelling-houle of Mr. Jolin in Ireland, and an Englil baronet..! Lambe and Co. and sealing a quan- and on Monday, December 8, he tity of filk; and William Hiton, was buried in ihe family vault of for maliciously firing at 1. Doonah that parith, where his father, Mat(a watchman) with a loaded pilot. thew Robinson, of West Layton,

19th. The kirg held a levee at in York Mire, elq. was buried, in St. James's, when the Algerine 1774, nged 84. His loss will be amballador, who went to court in fincerely regretted by all his ac. one of the royal carriages, had his quaintance, and still more by liis first audience, and prefent to his poor neighbours, whole wants he majesty two beautiful horses, the was always ready to relieve with tkins of several tygers, &c. a sword the greatest liberality. Ho, many and other valuables.

years ago, twice represented CanEarly this morning the guard of terbury in parliament; during one of the coaches from Dover to which time he executed the truti, London was shot at by two higlie delegated to him by his confliluwaymen, who stopped the coach ents, with fingular integrity and innear Shooter's Hill. The poor man dependence, in the practice of has, it is feared, received a mortal which he persevered through the wound in his back. The highway- course of a long life. In his last men fired sugs. There were five pamphlet, “ An Address to the infide pallengers, all of whom these County of Kent. 1797," he speaks ruffians robbed of their money, most truly of himself as “ one who We have fince learnt," that the did from his early years adopt the above unfortunate man is dead. principles of an old and true whig.

Recent letters from the Rev. Mr. the principles of Mr. Sviney, Mr. Jackson, chaplain to the colony in Locke, ford Molesworth; Mr. New South Wales, states its Trenchard, and such men; from condition to be most promising. which he has to the best of his Grain, of all kinds, but more efpe- knowledge, throughout a long life, cially badley, was abundant; and in no single action or circumstance fume hop.leeds, which about three ever once varied or swerved, and years since were sent from England which he will certainly now relin to this gentleman, had thrived in quith only at his grave.” He was fuch a manner, that leveral plan. elected for Canterbury in 1747 and tations had been formed, and por. 175.4.; and fucceeded bis cousin, ter of the best quality produced Dr. Richard Robinfon, primate of from it..

· Ireland, as an Irish peer, &c. in Died, 30th. In his 88t; year, October, 1794, in confequence of after a long and painful illness, at the collateral remainder inserted in

• He took the additional name of Morris in compliance with the will of a relation, but pas fo attached to his first name, that, in the title of a pamphlet he publithed in 1777, on a political subject, he gave only the initial of his second name, writing himfelé « Matthew Robinson M."


the primate's patent. He is fuc- pure benevolence, and on very ceeded in titles, and part of his flight fecurities, prove how much Jarge estates in Kent, 'Yorkshire, that part of his character was miland Cambridgefhire, by his nephew taken. He had early conceived an Morris Robinson, late M. P. for indignation of the corruptions of Boroughbridge, and now third lord power and rank; and of the little Rokeby. His filter, Mrs. Mon- mean passions and distinctions, tagu, died 25th of August last, aged which too often disgrace them. 80. Lord Rokeby was a man of This gave a colour to all his politivery vigorous understanding, and cal opinions, in which no man ever who thought upon all occasions displayed more condancy. Indefor himself, and acted with unex- pendence was his peculiar characampled confiftency up to his own teristic; and no motives of perfonal principles, which gave him the ap- interest, ambition, or disappoint, pearance, and perhaps the reality, ment, ever intruded themselves in of fome eccentricities, of wliich the the formation of his opinions. Sim, relation has been so exaggerated, plicity and nature were his idols; as to amount to a tifiue of the most and he let the grass every where gross and ridiculous falsehoods. His fuperlede the plough, and his fences dolitude, though not interrupted by and divisions fall, through his exthe intercourle of formal visiting, tensive domains, that his immense was constantly enlivened by a fuor and increaling herds of cattle might cession of casual society; and his have a wider range. By these house, at which nothing was facri- means, and an uniform anci unoftenficed to cold and infipid ceremony tatious life, he died pofTefled of a and oftentation, constantly afforded large property in addition to his heall the liberal plealures of ancient reditary estates. He was author of hospitality. His address was happy, leveral political pamphlets at vahis manners were easy and attrac-- rious periods of his life; and was tive; his sentiments were enlarged, much looked up to by the party in candid, and full of philanthropy; his county whole cause he elpouled, and his convertation was original, energetic, and often highly elo. --quent. He never failed to let the

DECEMBER, fubjects he disculied in a new light; and if he did pot always convince, 2ii. R. Tiglie, esq. of the county he always interested and enterta:ii-. of Welimeath, obtained a verdict, ed. Though single himself, he never and 10,6001. damages, in the court

of the most lively anxiety for the of King's Bench, Dublin, againt wellare of every member of his fa- a Mr. Jones, for criin. con. mily. And though the idea of luis 3d. His majefty in council, in wealth, added to the hatred of compliance with the request of the otteintation with which he lived, two houses of parliament, ilued bis impretled many with an opinion of royal proclamation, exhoiting all his fondnels for money, yet the persons who have the meats of pronumberless poor neighbours as well curing other food than corp, to use as others, whom it now appears the strictelt economy in the use of that lie aflised with loans, through every kind of grain, abftaining from

paltry, paltry, reducing the consumption of of death, at the Old-Bailey; on to bread in their respective families, at Coward, for stealing three heifers least one-third; and, upon no ac. Elizabeth Deering and J. Mills, count, to allow it “ to exceed one for ftealing in a dwelling-house $ quartern loaf for each perfon in each John and Mary Oakes, and Mars week;" and also all persons keeping garet Miller, for highway roba horses, especially thole for pleasure, heries; J. Reynolds, W. Barnes, and to restrict iheir consumption of grain D. Lawley (a boy) for burglaries; J. as far as circumstances will admit. Fisher, for stealing sugat off a wharf;

4th. This day, came on the elec- and G. Thomas, for forgery. D. tion, in the prince's chamber; house Grant, for receiving stolen sugar; of lords, of a Radcliffe travelling was sentenced to be trantported for physician ; when Dr. Vaughan, of 14 years. Twenty-eight persons All Souls college, in Oxford, was were ordered to be transported for clected. Dr. Alle, of Holles. years; 27 to imprisonment, whip: Atreet, made the prelent vacancy. ping, and fines; and Mary Ann There are two only of these medical Bellows, a girl 11 years old, was travellers belonging to the Univer- ordered to the Philanthropic Sos fity of Oxford; who hold the ap- ciety. B. Pooley, a letter-carrier; pointment for, ten years, the first found guilty, at September fellions; five of which they are required to of having taken a bill for 2001. out ipend in medical purluits abroad. of a letter, and whole case, in conNo one can be a candidate, who is feqnence of his couplel having obnot a graduate of the University of jected to the indictment, on the Oxford, There are two spacious ground that the note not having loites of apartments in Univerfity- been duly stamped, he had not stolen college, belonging to the Radcliffe any thing of value, had been res physicians, who becoine, by the ap- ferred to the twelve judges, was pointment, fellows for the time be pardoned; but he was onlered to ing. Dr. Turton and fir Francis be detained, to antwer other Millman, formerly travelled under charges. this appointment, which is reckoned both. The admiralty feflion was the most honourable situation that held, at the Old-Bailey, when T. tan be held by a phyfician; in this Potter, one of the crew of a smugo or any other country. It often re- gling vellel, was sentenced to be quire's more interest to obtain this, hanged, and to be afterwards, anathan to become a member of par- tomized, for the wilful murder of liament. The following great per- H. Glynn, late a boatswain belonge fopages are the electors, by virtae of ing to his majesty's customs at Plya their office; viz. the archbishop of mouth, and who was not whilst Canterbury, the lord chancellor, rowing towards the smuggler, for ibe chancellor of the univerfity of the purpose of boarding her, in the Oxford, the two lord-chief-justices of execution of his duty, He was exthe King's Bench and Cominon Pleas, ecuted on the 18th. the two principal secretaries of 13th. Between nine and ten Gate, the matter of the rolls, and the o'clock three footpads stopped a bishops of London and Winchester. poft-chaile, in which were three Oth. The recorder palled lentence gepuemen, on the road between


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