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On the Science of Physiognomy, from Mr. Pufeli's Advertisement to Hunter's

Translation of Lavater's Plays on Phyfiog novy
Origin and Nature of the Sentiment of Admiralion in ihe human Mind;
from Cogan's Treatise on the Passions .

. . 434
Nature of Pre-disposing Caufos, from the same

e 455
Medical and Surgical Prishments; in a Letter to the Editor of the Monthly
Magazine . . . . .

Inquiry into the Origin of the Nerves ; from the same i :. 440
An Ejay on the Origin of the Italian Language i

. 445
Ode to the Nero Year ; by H.). Pye, Esq. Poet Laureat
Ode for his Majesty's Birth-day, June 4; by H. J. Pye, Poet Lauréat 432
An Inscription ; by Mr. Roscoe .
Lady Carlife's Answer to Mrs. Greville's Ode for Indifference
A hot Day ; written in a hot Night
Mad Pol; from Bloomfield's Farmer's Boy.
Contraft betteen the Pop-horse and Farmer's Horse ; from the fame. 439
Suffolk Cheese ; froin the same .

The Rhyming Apothecary, a Tale; by George Colmar, Esq. . .

Account of Books for 1800.
An Accouni of an Embally to the Kingdom of Ava, sent by the Governor

General of India, in the Year 1795; by Michael Symes, Esq. Major ir
his Majesiy's 76th Regiment

. 464
An Account of an Embally to the Court of Teeshoo Lama, in Tibet ; contains

ing a Narrative of a Journey through Bootan, and Purt of Tibet; by
Captain Samuel Turner. To which are added Vieres taken on the Spot,
by Lientenant Samuel Davis; and Obfervations Botanical, Mineralogical,

and Medical ; by Mr. Robert Saunders.
Ayeen Akbery; or, The Institutes of the Emperor Akber. Translated frons

the original Perpan; by Francis Gladnin. . . . 47$
The Geographical Syfem of Herodotus examined and explained, by a Coniparijon
with those of other ancient Authors, and with modern Geography. In the
Course of the Work, arc introduced Dissertations on the itinerary State of the
Greeks, the Expedition of Darins Hynafpes to Scythia, the Position and Re-
mains of ancient Babylor, the Alluvions of the Nile, and the Canals oj Suez;
the Dahs and Temple of Jupiter Ammon, the ar.cient Cirtumnavigation of
Africa, and other Subjects of History and Geography. The whole er-
plained by Eleven Maps, adapted to the different Subjects, and accompa

nied with a compleie Index; by James Rennell, F. Ris. . 491
The History of the Helvetic Confederacy. .

. 470

CHRONICL I, p. 47, c. 1, 1. 2, for Paiemeo, rud Palermo.

'T. Burion, Printer, Liitle Queca-kreoke

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