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to my ears than the cataract of Niagara *; tainly should have done, and fat on the top after which I was quite in the dark for of it, where i might at leaft preserve myanother minute, and then my box began to self some hours longer than by being shut jise so high that I could see light from the up (as I may call it) in the hold. Or if I tops of the windows. I now perceived that escaped these dangers for a day or two, I was fallen into the sea. My box, by the what could I expect but a miserable death weight of my body, the goods that were of cold and hunger? I was four hours unin, and the broad plates of iron fixed for der these circumstances, expecling, and strength at the four corners of the top and indeed withing, every moment to be my bottom, floated about five feet deep in wa

lail. ter. I did then, and do now fufpole, that I have already told the reader that there the earle which flew away with my box were two strong staples fixed upon that fide was pursued by two or three cthers, and of my box which had no window, and into forced to let me drop while he defended which the servant who used to carry me on himselt against the rell, who hoped to thare horseback would put a leathera belt

, and in the prey. The plates of iron fastened buckle it about his waist. Being in this at the bottom of efe box (for those were disconfolate fiate, I hcard, or at leaf the frongil) picferved the balance while thought I heard, fome kind of grating it fell, and hindered it from being bichen noite on that side of my box where the faon the surface of the war. Listy joint ples were fixed, and soon after I began of it was well grooved; a. i the duor did to fancy, that the box was pulled or towed not move on hinges, but up and downlike along in the sea; for I now and then fek a safh, which kept my closet fo tight that a fort of rugging, which made the waves very little water came in. I got with much rise near the tops of my windows, leaving difficulty out of my hrmmock, having tiif ine almost in the dark. This gave me ventured ro daw back the ili:-board on fome faint hopes of relief; although I was the roof already mcntioned, contrived on not able to imagine how it could be brought purpose to let in air, fer want of wrich I about. I ventured to unscrew one of my found myself almof (ilied.

chairs, which were alv. avs fa fened to the How often did I then with myself with floor; and having made a hard thik to my dear Glomdalclitc), from ubon our ferew it down again directly under the fingle hour had to fa: divided me! dd i firing-board that I had lately opened, I may say with truth, that in the milit ofry mounted on the chair, and, putting my own misfortunes I crolü nor förbear ia- mouth as near as I could to the hole, ! menting my poor nurse, the grief the would called for help in a loud voice, and in all suffer for my lo's, the displeature of the the languages I understood. I then tikqueen, and the ruin of her fortune. Pero ened my handkerchief to a fick 1 ufually haps many tr..veilers have not been under carried, and th: using it up the hole, waved greater difficulties and distress thin I was it leveral times in the air, that if any best at this juncture, expecting every moment or lip were near, the leamen might corto see my box dashed to pieces, or at least jecture fome unhappy mortal to be fhut up overset by the firit viclent blaít or riling in the box. wave. A breach in ene ligle rane of glais

I found no efcat from all I could do, bet would have been immediate death: nor plainly perceived my closet to be moved could any thing have preferved the win. along; and in the space of an hour, of dows but the firing latrice-wires placed on batter, that fide of the box where the ta• the outside againit accidents in travelling. ples were, and had no window, itruck 2I saw the water ocze in at several crannies, gainit forrething that was hard. ! alt!...' the leaks were not confiderable, fended it to be a rock, and found mylelf ard I endeavoured to fop them as well toited more than ever. I plainly heard a as I could. I was not able to lift up the nite upon the cover of my closet like that roof of my closet, which otherwise i cer- of a cable, and the grating of it as it period

through the ring. I then found myself Niagara is a settlement of the French in hcited up by degrees at leał three feat North America, and the catar. ct is produced by higher than I was before. the fail of a confusd of water (-ot med of the four again thrust up my itick and handkeilu Vat takes of Canada

) from a torky pre irier, the calling for help till I was almost hatenet thirty-teven feet; and it is said to have been heard In return to which, I heard a great fiiteen leagu. 3.

repeated three times, giving me fuck to


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NARRATIVES, DIALOGUES, &c. 1013 posts of joy as are not to be conceived but one of the crew bring my closet into his by those who feel them. I now heard a cabin, I would open it there before him trampling over my head, and somebody and thew him my goods. The captain calling through the hole with a loud voice hearing me utter there abfurdiries concludin the English tongue, If there be any body ed I was raving: however (I suppose to below, let them fjeak. I answered, I was pacity me) he promised to give order as I an Englihman, drawn by ill fortune into detured, and going upon deck, sent some the greatest calzinity that ever any creature of his men down into my closet, from underwent, and begged by all that was whence (as I afterwaris found) they drew moving to be delivered out of the dungeon up all my goods, and stripped off the quiltI was in, The voice replied, I was tate, inz; bui the chairs, cabinet, and bedstead, for my box was fallened to their ship; and being screwed to the floor, were much dathe carpenter should immediately come maged by the ignorance of the seamen, and saw a hole in the cover large enough who tore them up by force. Then they to pull me out. I answered, that was need- knocked of some of the boards for the ute leis, and would take up too much time, for of the thip, and when they hari got all they there was no more to be done, but let one had a mind for, let the hull drop into the of the crew put his finger into the ring, fed, which by reason of many breaches and take the box out of the sea into the made in the bottom and fides fusk 10 trip, and fo into the captain's cabin rights. And indeed I was giad not to have Some of them upon hearing me talk so been a spectator of the havick they made; wildly thought I was mad; others laughed; because I am confident it would have fenfor indeed it never came into my head that fibly touched me, by bringing former palI was now got among people of my own fagés into my mind, which i had rather ftature and itrength. The carpenter came, forget. and in a few minutes sawed a palage about I flept fome hours, bat perpetually dir. four feet square, then let down a mall lad- turbed with dreams of the place I had left der, upon which I mounted, and from and the dangers I had escaped. However, thence was taken into the ship in a very upon waking I found myself much recoweak condition.

vered. It was now about eight o'clock at The sailors were all in amazement, and night, and the captain ordered lupper imaked me a thcusand queitions, which I had mediately, tiinking I had already fafted no inclination to antwer. I was equally too long. He entertained me with great confounded at the light of so many pig. kindners, observing me not to look wildnues, for such I took them to be, after hav- ly, or talk incontiitently; and, when we ing so long accustomed mine eyes to the were left alore, desired I would give him monstrous obje&ts I had left. But the cap- a relation of my travels, and by what tain, Mr. Thomas Wilcocks, an honest accident I came to be fet adrift in that worthy Shropshireman, obírving I was monstrous wooden chelt. He said, that really to faint, took me into his cabin, gave about twelve o'clock at noon, as he was me a cordial to comfort me, and made me looking through his glass, he spied it at a turn in upon his own bed, advising me to distance, and thought it was a fai', which take a little reit, ct which I had great need. he had a mind to make, being not much Before I went to sleep, I gave him to un- out of his course, in hopes of buying some derliand that I had foine valuable furniture biscuit, his own beginning to fall fort. in my Lox too good to be lolt; a fine ham- That upon coming nearer, and finding his mock, an handlome field.bed, two chairs, error, lie fent out his long-boat to dilcover a table, and a cabinet. That my clolet what I was; that his men came back in a was hung on all lides, or rather quilted, fright, fwering they had ften a swimmirg with silk and cotton: that if he would let house. That he laughed ac tucir folly, anii

went himself in the boat, ordering hi, men There are several lile incidents which shew the author o have had a deep krowledge of hu.

to take a strong cable a'ong with them. man nature; and I think this is one. Although the

That the weather being calm he rowed principal advantages enumerat:d by Gulliver in round me leveral times, observed


winthe beginning of this chapter, of mingling again dow's, and the wire lattices that defended among his countrymon, depended on th:ir being then. That he discovered two itaples upon of the come fize wit" himl:lf, yet:his is forgotten in his ar jour to be deiiverro; ani he is afterwards

one aide, which was all of bours without betrayed into the faine abiurdity, b; his zual to pie. any pafiage for ligit. He then commanded terve his urniture.

his men to row up to trat fide, and faften

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ing a cable to one of the staples, ordered honeft worthy gentleman, who had some them to tow my chest (as they called it) tincture of learning, and very good sense, towards the ship. When it was there, he was immediately convinced of my candour gave directions to fasten another cable to and veracity. But, farther to confirm all the ring fixed in the cover, and to raise up I had said, I intreated him to give order my chest with pullies, which all the sailors that my cabinet should be brought, of which were not able to do above two or three l had the key in my pocket, (for he had feet. He said, trey saw my stick and hand- already informed me how the seamen dis. kerchief thruit out of the hole, and con- posed of my closet.) I opened it in his cluded that some unhappy man must be own presence, and thewed him the small shut up in the cavity. I asked, whether collection of rarities I made in the country he or the crew had seen any prodigious from whence I had been so strangely delibirds in the air about the time he firit dif- vered. There was the comb I had corcovered me to which he anfwered, that, trived out of the stumps of the king? beard, discoursing this matter with the sailors and another of the same materials, but while I was asleep, one of them faid, he fixed into a paring of her majesty's thumbhad observed three eagles flying towards nail

, which served for the back. There the north, but remarked nothing of their was a collection of needles and pins from being larger than the usual fize, which I a foot to half a yard loug ; four wafpsuppose must be imputed to the great height ftings, like joiners tacks; some combings they were at; and he could not guess the of the queeu's hair; a gold ring which reason of my question. I then asked the one day ihe made me a present of in a mot captain, how far he reckoned we might be obliging manner, taking it from her little from land ? he said, by the best computa- finger, and throwing it over my head like tion he could make, we were at least an a collar. I defired the captain would pleasc hundred leagues. I assured him that he to accept this ring in return of his civilimust be mistaken by almost half, for I had ties; which he absolutely refused. I thewed no ieft the country from whence I came him a corn that I had cut off with my own above two hours before I dropt into the hand from a maid of honour's toe; it 133 fea. Whereupon he began again to think about the bigness of a Kentish pippin, and that my brain was disturbed, of which he grown so hard, that, when I returned 20 gave me a hint, and advised me to go to bed England, I got it hollowed into a cup, and in a cabin he had provided. I assured him I set in filver. Lastly, I desired him to see was well refreshed with his good enter- the breeches I had then on, which were tainment and compary, and as much in my made of a mouse's skin. ferles as ever I was in my life. He then I could force nothing on him but a foot. gre:v serious, and defired to ask me freely, man's tooth, which I observed him to ex. whether I were not troubled in mind by amine with great curiosity, and found he the consciousness of fome enormous crime, had a fancy for it. He received it with for which ] was punished at the command abundance of thanks, more than such a of some prince by exposing me in that trife could deserve. It was drawn by an chelt, as great criminals in other countries unskilful surgeon in a mistake from one of have been forced to sea in a leaky vefsel Glumdalelitch's men, who was afiad without provisions: for although he fiould with the tooth-ach, but it was as found as be forry to have taken so ill a min into his any in his head. I got it cleaned, and put fiz, yet he would engige his word to set it into my cabinet. It was about a foot me safe ashore in the firt port where we ar- long, and four inches in diameter. rived. He added, that his fufpicions

The captain was very well fatisfied with were much increased by some very absurd this plain relation I had given him, and speeches I had delivered at firit to the fail. faid, he hoped, when we returned to Eng. ors, and afterwards to himielt, in relation land, I would oblige the world by putting to my closet or chest, as well as by my it on paper, and making it public. My aaodd looks and behaviour while I was at swer was, that I thought we were already fupper.

overstocked with books of travels; that 110I begged his patience to hear me tell thing could now pass which was not extramy to y, which 1 faithtully did from the ordinary; wherein I doubted some authers lait time I left Englund to the mement he lets coriulted truth, than their own van: firit discovered me. And as truth always intereft, or the diversion of ignorant te forceth its way into rational minds, so this ders: that my ftory could contain liebe


besides common events, without those or afterwards in its fall from so great a height namental descriptions of strange plants, into the sea; which would certainly have trees, birds, and other animals; or of the been a most astonishing object, worthy to barbarous customs and idolatry of savage have the description of it transmitted to people, with which moit writers abound. future ages: and ihe comparison of Phaeton However, I thanked him for his good opi- was so obvious, that he could not forbear nion, and promised to take the matter into applying it, although I did not much admy thoughts.

mire the conceit. He said, he wondered at one thing very The captain, having been at Tonquin, much, which was, to hear me speak so was in his return to England driven northload, asking me whether the king or queen caftward to the latitude of 44 degrecs, and of that country were thick of hearing. I of longitude 143. But meeting a tradetold him, it was what I had been used to wind two days after I came on board him, for above two years past; and that I ad. we failed fouthward a long time, and coallmired as much at the voices of him and his ing New-Holland, kept our course westmen, who seemed to me only to whilper, south-west, and then fouth-south-welt, till and yet I could hear them well enough. we doubled the Cape of Good- Ilope. Our But, when I spoke in that country, it was voyage was very prosperous, but I Thall like a man talking in the itreet to another noi trouble the reader with a journal of it. looking out from the top of a steeple, un. The captain called in at one or two ports, less when I was placed on a table, or held and sent in his long-boat for provisions and in any person's hand. I told him, I had freh water, but I never went out of the likewise observed another thing, that when ship till we came into the Downs, which I first got into the ship, and the sailors stood was on the third day of June, 1706, about all about me, I thought they were the most nine months after my escape. I offered to little contemptible creatures I had ever leave my goods in fecurity for payment of beheld. For, indeed, while I was in that my freight; but the captain protested he prince's country, I could never endure to would not receive one farthing. We took look in a glais after mine eyes had been a kind leave of each other, and I made accustomed to such prodigious objects, be. him promise he would come to see me at caule the comparison gave me so despica- my house in Rotherhithe. I hired a horse ble a conceit of myself. The captain said, and guide for five thillings, which I borthat while we were at supper he observed rowed of the captain. me to look at every thing with a sort of As I was on the road, observing the litwonder, and that I often seemed hardly tleness of the houses, the trees, the cattle, able to contain my laughter, which he and the people, I began to think myself knew not well how to take, but imputed it in Lilliput. I was afraid of trampliny on to some disorder in my brain. I answered every traveller I met, and often called it was very true; and I wondered now I aloud to have them stand out of the way, could forbear, when I saw his dishes of the so that I had like to have gotten one or two fize of a silver three pence, a leg of pork broken heads for my impertinence. hardly a mouthful, a cup not so big as a When I came to my own house, for nut-shell; and so I went on, describing the which I was forced to enquire, one of the rest of his houihold-stuff and provisions servants opening the door, I bent down to after the same manner. For although the go in (like a goole under a gate) for fear queen had ordered a little equipage of all of itriking my herd. My wife ran out to things neceflary for me, while I was in her embrace me, but I flooped lower than her service, yet my ideas were wholly taken up knees, thinking the could otherwise never with what I law on every side of me, and I be able to reach my mouth. My daughwinked at my own littléncis, as people do ter kneeled to ask my blefling, but I could at their own faults. The captain under- not see her till the arose, having been so stood my raillery very well, and merrily long used to stand with my head and eyes replied with the old inglith proverb, that erect to above sixty feet; and then I went he doubted my eyes were bigger than my to take her up with one hand by the waist. belly, for he did not obrerve my stomach I looked down upon the servants, and one so good, although I had faited all day; and or two friends who were in the house, as continuing in his inith, protested he would if they had been pigmies, and I a giant. have gladly given an hundred pounds to I told my wife she had been too thrifty, for have icon my clofet in the eagle's bill, and I found Me had starved her!elf and her

daughter daughter to nothing. In thort, I behaved A contented mind, and a good conmyself fo unaccountably, that they were science, will make a man happy in all conall of the captain's opinion when he first ditions. He knows not how to fear, who faw me, and concluded I had lost my wits. dares to die. This I mention as an instance of the great There is but one way of fortifying the power of habit and prejudice.

foul against all gloomy presages and tes In a little time, I and my family and rors of mind; and that is, by securing a friends came to a right understanding but ourselves the friendship and protection of my wife protested I should never go to sea that Being, who dispo es of events, and any more; although my evil deftiny fo governs futurity. ordered, that she had not power to hinder Philosophy is then only valuable, wher me, as the reader may know hereafter. In it serves for the law of life, and rot for the the mean time, I here conclude the second oftentation of science. part of my unfortunate voyages. *

Without a friend, the world is but i Swift.


A man may have a thousand intime: $ 150. Detached Sentences.

acquaintances, and not a friend ameri To be ever active in laudable pursuits, them all. If you have one friend, thizi is the distinguishing characteristic of a man yourself happy. of merit.

When once you profess yourself a friend There is an heroic innocence, as well as endeavour to be always such. He c: an heroic courage.

never have any true friends, that will be There is a mean in all things. Even often changing them. virtue itself hath its stated limits; which Prosperity gains friends, and adveru not being friály oblerved, it ceales to be tries them. virtue.

Nothing more engages the affe&tions c It is wiser to prevent a quarrel before- men, than a handsome address, and gracehand, than to revenge it afterwards. ful conversation.

It is much better to reprove, than to Complaisance renders a superior ani. be angry secretly.

able, an equal agreeable, and an infers No revenge is more heroic, than that acceptable. which torments envy by doing grod. Excess of ceremony shews want of bree:

The discretion of a man deterreth his ing. That civility is best, which excio... anger, and it is his glory to pais over a all fuperfluous formality. tranfgrcfion.

Ingratitude is a crime fo shameful, tee Money, like manure, does no good till the man was never yet found, who woz.? it is spread. There is no real use of riches, acknowledge himself guilty of it. ccept in the diftribution; the rell is all Truth is born with us; and we as conceit.

do violence to nature, to shake off ox A wise man will defire no more than veracity. what he may get jully, use foherly, dif. There cannot be a greater treacher, ľnute cheerfully, and live usoa content

than first to raise a confidence, and tka cdly.

deceive it.

By others faults wise mer correct thoi • Fogma the whole of the Te two voyages to Lil. own. Pogosc larong innan spises one g-neral pe nark, No man hath a thorough talle of me?

CD., his een ovetokea ferity, to whom adversity never happena by the cornea thrm as little more than to port of d'13'' mination. When human

Wien our vices leave us, we fatter ou lins and gienis, inire

felves that we leave them. are few tw: do toxic either contemps, J'i- It is as great a point of wisdom to guft, or horror; to sícribe them tupetons to fuit ignorance, as to discover knowledge beings was perhaps the mult probable method of engaging the inind to examine them with arten

Pitch upon that course of life whică. tion, and judge of them with impartiality, by fur.

the most excellent; and habit will reset pending the lafcination of habic, and exhibiting it the most delightful. familiar objects in a new light. The use of the table then is not less apparent than important and the idol of fools.

Custom is the plague of wise extenlive; and that this use was intended by the author, can be doubted only by those who are dif.

Ås, to be perfeâly just, is an atris fied to afim, that order and actuarity are the of the divine nature; to be lo to the tfacts of chaoue,

most of our abilities, is the glory of miss


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