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in his work, and the undertaking of it. 3. A testimony was given unto his person and office. 4. Direction is given unto the church, in all wherein they have to do with God, what they should attend unto, namely, what is written. 5. The things which concern Chţist the mediator, are the head of what is

contained in the same records, 20. Whereas the apostle doth plainly distinguish and distribute all

sacrifices and offerings, into those on the one side which were offered by the law, and that one offering of the body of Christ on the other side, the pretended sacrifice of the mass is utterly rejected from any place in the worship of God,

487 21. God, as the sovereign lawgiver, had always power and autho

rity to make what alteration he pleased, in the orders and institutions of his worship,

i. 22. Sovereign authority is that alone which our faith and obedience respects in all ordinances of worship,

ib. 23. As all things from the beginning made way for the coming of

Christ in the minds of them that did believe, so every thing was to be removed out of the way, that would hinder his coming, and the discharge of the work he had undertaken. Law, teinple, sacrifices, must all be removed to give way unto his coming, ib. 24. Truth is never so effectually declared, as when it is confirmed

by the experience of its power in them that believe it, and make profession of it,

488 25. It is a holy glorying in God, and no unlawful boasting, for

men openly to profess what they are made partakers of by the grace of God, and blood of Christ,

ib. 26. It is the best security in differences in and about religion, (such

as these wherein the apostle is engaged, the greatest and highest that ever were) when men have an internal experience of the truth which they do profess,

489 27. The sovereign will and pleasure of God, acting itself in infi.

nite wisdom and grace, is the sole, supreme, original cause of the salvation of the church,

491 VERSES 11-14. 1. If all those divine institutions in the diligent observance of them

could not take away sin, how much less can any thing do so, that we can betake ourselves unto for that end !

495 2. Faith in Christ doth jointly respect both his oblation of himself

by death, and the glorious exaltation that engued thereon, 495 3. Christ in this order of things is the great exemplar of the church, it. 4. It was the entrance of sin, which raised up all our enemies against us,

502 5. The Lord Christ, in his ineffable love and grace, put himself be

tween us and all our enemies, 6. The Lord Christ by the offering of himself, making peace with

God, ruined all the enmity against the church, and all the ene

mies of it, 7. It is the foundation of all consolation to the church, that the

Lord Christ, even now in heaven, takes all our enemies to be




his; in whose destruction he is infinitely more concerned than we are,

502 8. Let us never esteem any thing, or any person, to be our enemy,

but only so far, and in what they are the enemies of Christ, 503 9. It is our duty to conform ourselves to the Lord Christ in a quiet expectancy of the ruin of all our spiritual adversaries,

ib. 10 Envy not the condition of the most proud and cruel adversaries of the church,

ib. 11. There was a glorious efficacy in the one offering of Christ, 504 12. The end of it must be effectually accomplished towards all for

whom it was offered, 13. The sanctification and perfection of the church, being that

end designed in the death and sacrifice of Christ, all things necessary unto that end must be included therein, that it be not frustrate,

ib. VERSES 15-18. 1. It is the authority of the Holy Ghost alone, speaking to us in the Scripture, whereunto all our faith is to be resolved,

506 2. We are to propose nothing in the preaching and worship of the gospel, but what is testified unto by the Holy Ghost,

ib. 3. When an important truth consonant unto the Scripture is de.

clared, it is useful and expedient to confirm it with some express testimony of Scripture,

ib. VERSES 19-23. 1. It is not every mistake, every error, though it be in things of

great importance, while it overthrows not the foundation, that can divest men of a fraternal interest with others in the heavenly calling,

509 2. This is the great fundamental privilege of the gospel, that be

lievers, in all their holy worship, have liberty, boldness and confidence, to enter with it and by it, into the gracious presence of God,

512 3. Nothing but the blood of Jesus could have given this boldness,

nothing that stood in the way of it could otherwise have been removed, nothing else could have set our couls at liberty froni that bondage that was come upon them by sin,

514 4. Rightly esteem, and duly improve the blessed privilege which was purchased for us at so dear a rate,

ib. 5. Confidence in an access unto God not built on, not resolved in

to the blood of Christ, is but a daring presumption which God abhors,

ib. 6. The way of our entrance into the holiest, is solemnly dedicated

and consecrated for us, so as that with boldness we may make use of it,

515 7. All the privileges we have by Christ are great, glorious and efficacious, all tending and leading unto life,

516 $. The Lord Christ doth peculiarly preside over all the persons, duties, and worship of believers in the church of God,

519 9. The heart is that which God principally respects in our access unto him,


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Page 10. Universal internal sincerity of heart, is required of all those that draw nigh unto God in his holy worship,

520 11. The actual exercise of faith is required in all our approaches unto God, in every particular duty of his worship,

522 12. It is faith in Christ alone, that gives us boldness of access unto God,

ib. 13. The person and office of Christ, are to be rested in with full assurance, in all our accesses to the throne of grace,

ib. 14. Although that worship whereby we draw nigh unto God be

wrought with respect to institution and rule, yet without internal sanctification of heart we are not accepted in it,

523 15. Due preparation, by fresh applications of our souls unto the ef

ficacy of the blood of Christ, for the purification of our hearts, that we may be meet to draw nigh to God, is required of us,

ib. 16. Universal sanctification upon our whole persons, and the mor

tification in an especial manner of outward sins, are required of us in our drawing nigh unto God,

524 17. These are the ornaments wherewith we are to prepare our souls for it, and not the gaiety of outward apparel,

ib. 18. It is a great work to draw nigh unto God, so as to worship him in spirit and in truth,

ib. 19. There is an internal principle of saving faith required unto

our profession of the doctrine of the gospel, without which it will not avail,

527 20. All that believe, ought solemnly to give themselves up unto

Christ and his rule, in an express profession of the faith that is in them, and required of them,

ib, 21. There will great difficulties arise in, and opposition be made unto, a sincere profession of the faith,

ib. 22. Firmness and constancy of mind, with our utmost diligent en

deavours, are required unto an acceptable continuance in the profession of the faith,

528 23. Uncertainty and wavering of mind, as to the truth and doc

trine we profess, or neglect of the duties wherein it doth consist, or compliance with errors for fear of persecution and suffer. ings, do overthrow our profession, and render it useless,

ib. 24. As we ought not on any account to decline our profession, so

to abate of the degrees of fervency of spirit therein, is dangerous unto our souls,

ib. 25. The faithfulness of God in his promises, is the great encou.

ragement and supportment, under our continual profession of our faith against all oppositions,

ib. VERSE 24. 1. The mutual watch of Christians, in the particular societies

whereof they are members, is a duty necessary unto the preservation of the profession of the faith,

530 2. A due consideration of the circumstances, abilities, temptations

and opportunities for duties, in one another, is required hereunto, ib. 3. Diligence, or mutual exhortation unto gospel duties, that men

on all grounds of reason and example may be provoked unto




them, is required of us, and is a most excellent duty, which in an especial manner, we ought to attend unto,

530 VERSE 25. 1. Great diligence is required of us in a due attendance unto the

assemblies of the church for the ends of them, as they are instituted and appointed by Jesus Christ,

533 2. The neglect of the authority and love of Christ in the appoint

ment of the means of our edification, will always tend to great and ruinous evils,

ib. 3. No church order, no outward profession, can secure men from apostasy,

534 4. Perfection, freedom from offence, scandal, and ruinous evils, are not to be expected in any church in this world,

ib. 5. Men that begin to decline their duty in church relations, ought

to be marked, and their ways avoided, 6. Forsaking of church assemblies, is usually an entrance into apostasy,

ib. 7. When especial warnings do not excite us unto renewed dili

gence in known duties, our condition is dangerous as unto the continuance of the presence of Christ amongst us,

536 8. Approaching judgments ought to influence unto especial dili. gence in all evangelical duties,

538 2. If men will shut their eyes against evident signs and tokens of

approaching judgments, they will never stir up themselves, nor engage into the due performance of present duties,

539 10. In the approach of great and final judgments, God, by bis

word and providence, gives such intimations of their coming, as

that wise men may discern them, 11. To see evidently such a day approaching, and not to be seda.

lous and diligent in the duties of divine worship, is a token of a backsliding frame, tending unto final apostasy,

ib. VERSES 26, 27. 1. If a voluntary relinquishment of the profession of the gospel,

and the duties of it, be the highest sin, and be attended with the height of wrath and punishment, we ought earnestly to watch

against every thing that inclineth or disposeth us thereunto, 541 2. Every declension in or from the profession of the gospel, hath

a proportion of the guilt of this great sin, according unto the proportion that it bears unto the sin itself,

ib. 3. There are sins and times wherein God doil absolutely refuse to hear any more from men in order unto their salvation,

ib. 4. The loss of an interest in the sacrifice of Christ, on what ac

count, or by what means soever it fall out, is absolutely ruinous unto the souls of men,

543 5. There is an inseparable concatenation between apostasy and eternal ruin,

544 6. God oftentimes visits the minds of cursed apostates, with dread. ful expectations of approaching wrath,

ib. 7. When men have hardened themselves in sin, no fear of punish.

ment either will rouse or stir them up to seek after relief, ib.


Page 8. A dreadful expectation of future wrath, without hope of relief, is an open entrance into hell itself,

545 9. The expectation of future judgment in guilty persons, is and

will be at one time or another, dreadful and tremendous, ib. 10. There is a determinate time for the accomplishment of all di.

vine threatenings, and the infliction of the severest judgments, which no man can abide or avoid,

547 11. The certain determination of divine vengeance on the enemies

of the gospel, is a motive unto holiness, a supportment under

sufferings in them that believe, 12. The highest aggravation for the greatest sins, is, when men

out of a contrary principle of superstition and error, do set themselves maliciously to oppose the doctrine and truth of the gospel, with respect unto themselves and others,

548 13. There is a time when God will make demonstrations of his

wrath and displeasure, against all such adversaries of the gospel, as shall be pledges of his eternal indignation,

ib. 14. The dread and terror of God's final judgments against the

enemies of the gospel, is in itself inconceivable, and only shadowed out by things of the greatest dread and terror in the world,

ib. VERSES 28, 29. 1. It is the contempt of God and his authority in his law, that is the gall and poison of sin,

550 2. When the God of mercies will have men shew no mercy, as in

the temporal punishment, he can and will, upon repentance, shew mercy as to eternal punishment,

ib. 3. Though there may be sometimes an appearance of great seve

rity in God's judgments against sinners, yet when the nature of their sins, and the aggravation of them, shall be discovered, they will be manifest to have been righteous, and within due measure,

553 4. We ought to take heed of every neglect of the person of Christ, ,

or of his authority, lest we enter into some degree or other of

the guilt of this great offence, 5. The sins of men can really reach neither the person nor autho.

rity of Christ, 6. Every thing that takes off from a high and glorious esteem of . the blood of Christ, as the blood of the covenant, is a dangerous entrance into apostasy,

555 7. However men may esteem of any of the mediatory actings of

Christ, yet are they in themselves glorious and excellent, 556 8. There are no such cursed pernicious enemies unto religion as apostates,

557 9. The inevitable certainty of the eternal punishment of gospel



despisers, depends on the essential holiness and righteousness of God, as the ruler and judge of all,

558 10. It is a righteous thing with God thus to deal with men, ib. il. God haih allotted different degress of punishment unto the

different degrees and aggravations of sin,


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