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the wine of that ordinance the God to prosper it with great success Wine of the Kingdom, he broke upon many of his hearers.

In forth, · But what will it be to drink administering the Lord's Supper, the wine of the kingdom in the be evinced a solemnity becoming kingdom?'

that holy institution of our ReIn taking a solemn leave of one deemer, his sermon and

prayer of his friends, on the Friday night, before it leading to great devotion when the attack came on which in it. * proved fatal, he said I shall • If any thing was moved of a leave you, but may the

presence of design to promote holiness or love Father, Son, and Holy Ghost be in the world, none appeared more with you; may


of the ready than he to embrace it; witwhole Trinity be with you; I hope ness what he did toward promoting to see you again with joy at the religion in our Western Plantaresurrection of the just.' And tions. t then added, 'what

bave seen

• He pleaded the cause of God in me that is good and imitable, against the Romish Baal, the follow it; but what you have ob- cause of Christ against Deism, the served that is not so, let not your cause of the Holy Ghost against affection and love to me sway you

the deriders of bis name and office, to do it.'

the cause of Faith against justifiIn the midst of his pains and cation by imperfect works, and hopes, he remembered the scene of the cause of special grace against his labours, and in the near ap- the pretended powers of nature proach of death, signed a letter

to save, with his dying hand to his diocesan, • He was from his younger years, recommending a successor to him, to his dying day, a great valuer and who he trusted would be faithful improver of the precious talent of and diligent in the care of the flock time, even of time in company, by he was now about to leave.

religious discourse, if the company A very

short time before he would bear it. expired, he signified a desire to be His natural temper was of the removed, saying, Come, Lord happiest and best sort, cheerful Jesus, make a short work of it.' enougb, and withal very serious. He died on the Lord's day, Oct. His sermons

were plain and 24, about eleven o'clock in the practical, suited to the meanest forenoon, at the age of fifty-three. capacities, and such as God blessA longer life had reasonably been ed to the conversion, edification, expected, for his constitutional and salvation of many souls. strength was great, and his habits • His zeal and devotion was were exceedingly temperate in eminent in the church; he did not every thing but labour, which was leave his religion there, but lived his only excess. His faculties himself what he preached. That were in full vigour at the time of sober, righteous, and godly life, his death.

which he lived, is an evidence The Memoir already referred to,

that he believed what he preached, records some important particulars and was himself under the impresillustrative of his personal and ministerial character.

* His biographer adds, 'I once had the

happiness to partake with him and assist • He performed the offices of the

him in that performance, and it was to church in the desk and pulpit in a me (I bless God) one of the most happy very grave and solemn manner, and entertaining hours of my life.' attracting the attention and affec- f The Society for the Propagation of tions of the congregation. His

Gospel was formed in his time with es.

pecial reference to our West Indian and preaching was clear, and it pleased American possessions.


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Whoever you

sion and influence of those practi- of the Lord, delivered by his sercal truths which he pressed upon

vants his ministers, hath a free others. He was a man more than course in the hearts and lives of a ordinarily mortified to the pleasures people, it is God also that glorifies and vanities of the world.

his word, and makes way for its • He was a man of great can- reception and entrance. No peodour, thinking well and speaking ple can expect the blessing of a well, of every body that had but faithful minister, and that the word any thing for candour to work preached have a free course, and upon; he hated a censorious spirit, be glorified among them, but as and was seldom brought to think they are importunate with God by hardly of any.

earnest humble


for it. · His charity was

seen in his

Through your prayers,” says the readiness to give to those that were apostle, * Í trust to be given unto in want. He passed under the you ; and pray that the word of reproach of a covetous man, but the Lord may have free course, perhaps few of those that reproach- and be glorified,” &c. There are ed him for it ever expended so many of you praying persons ; it much in charity as he did.

is your commendation that you are • As he was

man of much so; let prayer bring in your next grace, of eminent usefulness, and minister, and accompany his laservice, so he was a man of much bours among you, and then you peace and comfort. He enjoyed and your minister will be happy in an uninterrupted calmness and sere- each other here and hereafter.nity of mind, and lived in the

shall have come comfortable hopes of God's love among you, if he be sound in the to his soul, and his title to glory, faith, and holily exemplary in his for several years.

life, keep close to him; your unity · The law of kindness was in his is your honour and your strength, lips, whereby he won upon all as well as duty. Don't leave him, almost with whom he conversed. though he should not be in all

· His frame in his sickness was respects such another as you have continued course of prayer,

lost, but encourage him in his thanksgiving, and cheerful resigna- work, and let God be with you. tion to the will of God.'

Amen.' A sermon, containing many of Another sermon was preached at the above-mentioned particulars, Dedham, on November 9, a week was preached at his funeral by after his interment, on the lecturean unknown author. In this dis- day, by the Rev. Nathaniel Parkcourse some advice is offered to hurst, Vicar of Yoxford, Suffolk, the parishioners, suitable to every from Zech, i. 5. in which his minplace, that has lately been deprived istry is commemorated, and the of a faithful minister. He says, congregation are exhorted to profit • Humble yourselves before God, by it. • Do not put his sermons for your unthankfulness for, and into his grave (he forcibly remarks) unprofitableness under his minis- but call them to mind, and help try.... Honour bis memory; never one another in remembering what forget such a man as this as long was said by your dead prophet.' as you have a day to live. ... Di- And pre-admonisbing his friend's rect your best desires to God for a successor, before his arrival, he successor.' And with reference to says, Love the people committed this last counsel, he observes, to you, and bear them upon your · That wherever a faithful minister heart, in your secret addresses to comes among a people, it is God God; and beg of him to lead you that sends him. When the word to things and expressions in your


a few

sermons, that may be suited to agenda, and petenda ; * and with the variety * in your auditory.' prayer in secret for direction in

Mr. Burkitt was married, but composing our sermons, so as to no information about his wife ap- awaken their consciences, and prepears in the memoir; we merely vail upon them to reform their learn from the dedication, that her hearts and lives. name was Mary.

And as alluring them to comply His principal work is his com- with our solemn admonitions, let mentary on the New Testament, us unfold to them their miserable already mentioned, which has been conditiou by nature, the infinite often reprinted. Bibliographers mercies of God to sinners in the differ in their estimate of it; Mr. covenant of grace, the merits of Bickersteth briefly remarks upon Christ, the mighty favour of giving it, Many good suggestions on grace and a new heart, and not texts, generally evangelical and only accepting it. very useful.'t The life of Burkitt,

II. by Parkhurst, is also included in As a goad in our own sides, to his selection of Religious Bio- excite us to great diligence in our graphy. I

ministry, let us consider the peril As this little volume is scarce, attending negligence, the requiring passages

from the ministerial the blood of perishing souls at our counsels, which Mr. Parkhurst bas hands, and reputing us as the worst appended to the memoir, may ap- sort of murderers. propriately be added to the fore- And this is so weighty a thing, going sketch.

and renders the ministry so awful, I.

that the best preferment in Europe Let us receive the admonition is not a sufficient temptation to an God gave to the prophet in Ezek. awakened mind, to undertake the xxxiji. 7-9. “ So thou

office. &c.

But it may be said, How comes warn the wicked from it then to pass, that any engage God's mouth, according to his in it ? word in the holy scriptures, of the Ans. 1. Some few, like primi. evil and davger of sin allowed and tive men, undertake it with undercontinued in, though secret, though standing, and out of pure zeal for counted little in the eye of the the service and glory of God, and world, enforcing upon them that sin in love to souls, but a child may allowed is an offence to God, a write them. I slight put upon his majesty and 2. The most of us I fear engage government, a breach of his law

in it before we maturely consider. and covenant, and must end in a And when we come to some depth dreadful loss and misery:

of considering, we find we cannot This is the sum of the warning retire, having put our hand to the we should give. And we should plough, and so we grow solicitous deliver it in such a manner,


about managing the office with they that are warned by us, may safety to our own souls, and then believe us in earnest, and that we we feel that no maintenance is a think as we speak.

recompence for our undertaking, And our warnings should be and that only a desire to glorify attended with clear instructions to them concerning the credenda, * Things to be believed-done-sought.

* If this expression appear legal, let it

be compared with the sentence following. * Of classes and conditions.

| This was written in 1704, a time + Christian Student, 2nd. edit. p. 467. when the vital principles of the gospel Ibid. p. 543.

were very much disregarded.

son of


Let us

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God, and a love to souls, can will I say to them, Depart from sweeten the calling to us that is me ye workers of iniquity. attended with so much difficulty

We should lead by example in and peril.

the ways of righteousness, purity, Were we only to perform the meekness, charity, humility, devocommon offices, and preach so tion, and forgiving, &c. many times in a year, there were

And that we may be exemplary, no great burden in this.

let us imitate our blessed Lord and But when conscience awakens,

Redeemer. and a minister studies, preaches, Many things in his management and prays, and visits solicitously, are for our imitation, and particuin expectation of passing an ac- larly his purity and zeal, in recount with God, then the ministry proving sin. None escaped his reis weighty indeed, and the minister proofs. He reproved the church had rather dig for a livelihood, if

of the Jews in general, the capital he might chuse, than be a pastor city Jerusalem, the Ecclesiastics to get bread.

and the Civil Power, Scribes and And if it be said, others are in Pharisees, and Herod himself, Go like danger, through care of souls tell that Fox. incumbent on them, as parents and

Now since we hope in his mercy, masters of families, I answer, It is

and wash in his blood, and depend true, and oh that they would con- on his merits, and glory in his sider it! But our danger is not the name, let us tread in his steps. less by this, but more accumulated,

IV. . some ministers being also parents

As an attractive to faithfulness and masters.

and great diligence in our ministry, Now in consideration of the ha

let us contemplate the safety and zard attending unfaithfulness and

reward that attends it. In thus negligence in our office, let us im

doing we shall deliver our own plore divine aid, and gird up the

souls from lying down in sorrow, Toins of our minds [and] put forth

from dwelling in darkness, and our strength in our ministrations.

with the apostate, infernal spirit. And if we so do, we shall find

And beside this, we shall shine as very little time for pleasures; and the little ambition of being repre

the brightness of the firmament, as

the stars, and as the sun, in the sented very ingenious men will be

kingdom of our Father. buried and lost in an endeavour to

In the consideration of these be found faithful,

things, let us be diligent, stedfast, III.

unmoveable, and abounding in our

ministeral work, that our labour To diligence in our ministry, let us add an exemplary conversation,

may not be in vain.

* Let us preach the Divinity of shining as lights in a dark world,

Christ, the Incarnation of the Son living in an agreement with what

of God, and shew our people, that we read and

and preach. pray,

less than one truly God could not For if this be wanting, though we

have been a sufficient King, Priest, could preach as angels, it will not

or prophet to the church. And profit us in the great day, as is evident from that passage in St. Mat

let us not fail to open and confirm

to them the doctrine of Christ's thew yii, 22, 23, fit to be engraven

satisfaction made for our sins, by on the fronts of our studies, on our desks and pulpits, and much more

* The following passages, which are upon our hearts : Many will say

selected, are directed against the preto me in that day, Lord, have we

vailing errors of those times, which were not prophesied in thy name; then Deism and Socinianism.

his being a real sacrifice, made sin and holiness in general, or to or a sin-offering for us

any particular branch of godliness In defence of the Christian reli- are rendered more lively by being gion, let us preach more of the grafted upon the stock of some person, natures, and offices of evangelical truth. Christ, and of justification, not by This was St. Paul's method in our best works, but by Him, and his Epistles to the Romans, Galafaith in him, which is Church of tians, Ephesians, Colossians, and England doctrine.

Hebrews, where he insists first upon Let us shew them the Holy some great revealed truths, as the Spirit's co-operation with Father Divinity of Christ, or his Priestand Son in the works of creation, hood, or justification by Faith, or providence, redemption, sanctifica- the like, and then brings in his extion, and resurrection; his offices hortations to parents, children, with respect to the church and masters, servants, husbands, and people of God, being their teacher, wives, to live becoming the gossanctifier, helper, remembrancer, pel, in all godliness. and comforter, and that no good We may then sufficiently atthing is done well without his in- tend to our endeavouring the refluence, aid, and assistance.

formation of our several congreConsidering our being baptized gations, and yet preach much in the name of the Holy Ghost, concerning Christ, and the Holy and that our bodies are his temples, Ghost. And we have great patand he seals us to the day of re- terns of it in our own church, and demption, we should not in our in the writings of Archbishop sermons be silent concerning the Usher, Bishop Pearson, Dr. JackHoly Spirit.

son, and others of great name. The Scripture speaks much of Let us then use our endeavours the Holy Spirit, and therefore we to keep up the great doctrines of should speak of him not a little ; the Trinity, and Incarnation of the and the rather that our .congrega

Son of God, and his satisfaction, tions may pray with understanding; and justification by him, and of Take not thy Holy Spirit from us, the impotency and opposition of cleanse the thoughts of our hearts nature to faith and godliness, and by the inspiration of thy Holy Spi- of our need of the aids of an Alrit. Send down thy Holy Spirit mighty Holy Spirit, by preaching into our hearts. Who liveth and these things. Religion and godlireigneth with thee and the Holy ness bath flourished under these Spirit.

doctrines, and I verily believe And if by much preaching of piety will decay where these Christ and the Holy Spirit the doctrines are forsaken,

or not people be insured to thoughts of,

heeded. and dependance upon

Christ And I shall conclude to you, and the Holy Spirit, it will not be my reverend brethren, with

my easy to Deists to pervert them. earnest wishes, that we may be

Not that I would in the least endowed with power from on high divert from practical preaching by to fulfil the ministry we have rewhat I have said; for every doc- ceived of the Lord, and to adorn trine concerning Christ and the our function, that we may die with Holy Spirit may be improved in the consolations we have minis. an application to the urging and tered to such as we have judged promoting virtue and godliness, accepted of God in Christ. and assuredly, exhortations to piety

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