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righteousness, but in thy manifold- perfection. Let us tread her courts and great mercies. In a word, in peaceful unanimity; and, instead not only the awakened, burdened, of unfurling a flag of defiance, let conscience finds relief in venting. us erect her standard in the face of its confessions to God in the lan- the world, emblazoned with her guage of our liturgy,- here the re- victories of patience, her triumphs joicing Christian pours forth, in the of zeal, and her trophies of faith. most appropriate language, his We must show her in her true maadoring praise :-here, he whose jestic comeliness—her primitive atheart the love of Christ bas soften- tire; such as she was seen by those ed, and opened to the love of the who proclaimed her in the midst whole human family, offers up

his of the flames, loved her through earnest supplications, intercessions, imprisonment and torture, and and thanksgivings, for all men :-- placed the Bible in her hands as here the church has provided for the charter of her constitution, all the special occasions of a Chris- and the trophy of their triumphant tian family, from the cradle to the sufferings. From happy and prograve, a series of services, which vidential circumstances, the prefor solemn and impressive matter, cious truths of our church were for rich evangelical sentiment, for once entwined into the whole framepiety, and pathos, stand unrivalled. work of the British constitution; 0, that our hearts might always they were the golden ligature which ascend with our words in the bound it around the heart. Proconfessions, prayers, praises, and testantism was declared to be the thanksgivings, which we profess to foundation stone; and with a conoffer; then should we, indeed, feel tinual reference to it, the social the privilege of worshipping God edifice was systematically mainin the language which humbled tained ; and to it Britain owes and gladdened the bearts of our more of her moral superiority and fathers. Those who framed this national greatness thau her statesholy, this simple, this affecting men are willing to allow. The service, seem to have caught the equity and mildness of its prinvery spirit and manner of the ciples have found their

way Bible: their minds must, surely, the spirit of her laws; and to the have been cast in no ordinary sure, though unobserved, influence mould. How important, then, is and unostentatious agency of scripit to bring up the children of her tural morality, we are indebted for communion in warm attachment the high-toned integrity which so to, and in intelligent acquaintance eminently distinguishes those triwith, the doctrines and services of bunals from which the laws are that church whose basis we believe administered. Yes! the Bible conto be the rock of ages, and its tains all the springs of our moral superstructure the temple of truth. energies, it proclaims the noblest Fixed into the soil, wrought into principle that ever inspired a pathe frame and substance of our triot's heart or graced a patriot's laws, majestic in its form, mild in creed—“ We ought to lay down its ordinances, tolerant in its spirit, our lives for the brethren." This pastoral in its care, she joins hu- is true patriotism--the patriotism mility with inquiry, and tempers of the heart. · The nation, during freedom with obedience. If we of the last fifty years, having begun her household desire to protect her to leave this centre, the rapidity from harm, and to vindicate her with which it is diverging from it, glory, we should remember that is truly astonishing and alarming. the character and conduct of her The state has ceased to see any members is the best mirror of her difference between truth and error




has avowed that "

every one is

she actually countenances, and to do that which is right in his even concurs in and supports Hinown eyes ; " that she will not aid doo abominations ! Will it be the one more than the other -- that credited, that the impure and deshe “ careth for none of these grading services of the pagodas are things ”-she has refused to aid the carried on under the supervision of church in the Canadas-in Aus- British Christian officers, under the tralia she preferred Romish error government in India--the priests to truth ;-while twenty millions attached to them receive from the were voted to abolish slavery in British collector of the district a the West Indies (which no Chris- monthly stipend for their attendtian man grudges) it is proposed to ance, with such other allowances abolish church rates at home, as if as may be requisite to keep up the man's bodily freedom

establishment of the temple-worhigher and worthier object than ship; not even the priestesses, who the emancipation and enlighten- are prostitutes, can be employed or ment of the human mind. Thus, discharged without the official conin this country, in her system of currence and orders of the principal national education,

she affords European, and therefore, Christian every facility for the inculcation officer of the government.

The of the dogmas of popery-as dan- processions are, in some instances, gerous to the independence of the so shockingly detestable, that state, as they are false, erroneous, every pure-minded person closes and unscriptural-a system, which, his windows as they pass, to save in my conscience, I am persuaded his family from the view of such has inflicted on the land a greater unutterable impurities. And yet, injury to the cause of pure re- Protestant officers and soldiers are ligion than any measure of the last obliged to give compulsory attend150 years-a system calculated to ance at these festivals. The idol stereotype popery in the country, is brought out mostly on the whereby is surrendered what was Christian Sabbath, our troops in the glory of our church and people review. order have to escort, and -the free unrestricted use of the render honour to, the idol; and, Holy Scriptures; and thus, at- by this, attach greater importance tempts to disinherit our poor coun- to these wretched superstitions trymen of their eternal birthright, in the eyes of the assembled steals from them the charter of thousands of natives. Oh! how salvation, and disfranchises them can a government calling itself of that liberty wherewith Christ Christian, thus needlessly reduce makes his people free ;—and while its officers and privates to the alshe endows a college for the educa- ternative, either of disobedience to tion of its priesthood, she with- orders, and consequent dismissal draws all assistance from schools from the service, or of violating the where scriptural instruction had command of God! Is this tolerabeen imparted for years to the tion? is this religious liberty? young; and while liberty of con- Is it, then, the modern maxim, science is justly granted to the that the many are to be conciliated Roman Catholic soldier, who is at all risk, and that truth and righexempted from attending Pro- teousness are of no moment? Can testant worship, Protestant mili- all this be tolerated by Protestant tary officers have been cashiered Britain, whose Church is the fafor hesitating to take part in the vourite child of the Reformation ? idolatries of Rome ; – nay, and Is this the result of the boasted while crippling the energies of our illumination of the age in which we Protestant establishment at home, liye ? Who will not adopt the Prophet's language, and say, "Oh God, and Jesus Christ, whom he that my head were waters, and has sent.” mine eyes a fountair of tears, that I solicit your liberal support and I might weep day and night for patronage this day to the schools the slain of the daughter of my of this parish. I present before people !” Jer. ix. 1.

Who is on

you seventy children; I bring them the Lord's side ? Is, then, Chris- to you to shelter them from the tianity changed within the last contagion of the streets, and to infifty years ? No. Is Popery struct them in what they ought to changed ? No. Then wbat is believe, and what they ought to changed ? We. We have lost do. Knowing that the germs of the simplicity of the gospel of our most lasting attachments, and Christ; ensnared by the encroach- the grounds of our most adhesive ments of a refined and fashionable habits, are formed in the ductile philosophy, an intellectual pagan- and impressible season of youth; ism is usurping the place of Chris- these children are trained up in a tian principles; man's rights and system adapted to the principles of liberties are the object of almost, the Church to which they belong idolatrous worship, and the autho- -in a firm and enlightened attachrity and commands of Almighty ment to the great doctrines of reGod almost overlooked. Thus, demption, as contained in her forin our enlightened day, man and mularies. These schools consist his privileges are every thing- of sixteen girls, chiefly 'orphans, God and his claims nothing. These who are dieted, lodged, and eduare the views which command the cated; and sixty boys, who are applause of listening senates'- educated, sixteen of whom are this the latitudinarianism, which clothed, and daily receive a comlooks with an equal eye of appro- fortable breakfast. All of these bation on the devotee of Bra- children, when duly qualified, are mah, the denier of the divinity of apprenticed to Protestant tradesour adorable Jesus, and the wor- men, or obtain situations as servants shipper of the Virgin Mary. But in Protestant families. Of positive some of our great men say, 'that good effected, we could produce the points of difference between abundant evidence, affording one the Churches of Rome and Eng- of the best inducements for perseland, are so few and slight, that it verance and

enlarged exertion. is not for them to decide on mat- Some of the children


be traced ters of theological nicety'!! Now, into life, with orderly well-reguthis is just as absurd as to say, that lated habits, as trust-worthy serthey see no difference between the vants, skilful mechanics, and retwo theories of astronomy, of which spectable tradesmen - several of the one places the earth in the cen- whom attend on these occasions, tre, the other the sun.

O for a

to contribute, according to their voice to reach their ears, and for ability, to the fund from which the Holy Spirit to carry to each themselves formerly derived eduof their hearts, “ Know thou the cation and support. God of thy father!” O that Pro- It would be injustice to this testants would now-and I trust excellent institution, as well as to that many do, in some measure very meritorious individuals, if I see that the negligence or indiffer- withheld a tribute of acknowledgence of the state bestows a privi- ment to the appropriate qualificalege upon them—the high honour tions and conscientious assiduity of of providing for the spiritual the master and mistress of these wants of the poor, and teaching schools. Surely you will not forthem to “know the only true sake a work which has been so

as the

long fostered by you. . Is it much The hues may be admired, and the to ask such a parish as this wor- fragrance be for a time thily to support such an institu- field which the Lord hath blessed ;”, tion? I would be ashamed to use but “ their blossom shall go up as importunity to such a congregation, the dust, because they have cast on such a subject. It disdains away the law of the Lord of Hosts, the use of eloquence - it relies, and despised the word of the Holy under God, on the truth and jus- One of Israel.” We have already, tice of its claims. Its grand but in this country, abundance of the simple object is to teach these education of letters, and yet, what children the precious truths of is its state at this day, after nearly God's Word, which alone have seven hundred years' connection power to lighten the pressure of with the greatest empire, and most poverty-to raise the tone of morals enlightened nation in the world ; - to purify the springs of domestic enjoying a free constitution, yet happiness and to bind in harmony with the aspect and turbulence of the various members of the embo- slaves; though under the proximate died state. Be assured, that no superintendence of a Protestant scheme of education for the poor government, yet, in respect of real can succeed, unless the Bible, in scriptural religion, she remains a the length and breadth of it, is the dark spot in the midst of an illusource of its health and its strength. minated sky, under the almost unFor the poor there is but one sort disturbed dominion of ignorance, of literature, the literature of duty priestcraft, and superstition; preand peace; but one sort of wisdom, senting a spectacle calculated to the wisdom that shines forth in the wring with anguish the heart of a beauty of regulated affections. patriot, philanthropist, and ChrisThousands may be learning to read, , tian ? but it is the Christian's duty to Do we not see, throughout much give the reading a correct turn--to of the land, the highest of all reliinculcate with it, and by it, Chris- gious obligations that of an oath) tian truths, principles, and motives. recklessly

violated and abused ? Some, indeed, tell us, that to teach the deepest of all crimes (murder) the morals of the New Testament meditated with cool satisfaction, will be sufficient! From the mo- perpetrated often in open day, rals of the New Testament, merely without remorse, and sanctioned as such, no greater influence is to with popular approbation? And be expected, than from those of do not British subjects stand Seneca .or Epictetus, if motives trembling in the jury-box, under more powerful and larger aids the terror of a power more awful cannot also be offered. Man's than the law, and giving to the hopes and fears are the sinews of threats of unseen conspirators more bis virtues; man wants power as weight than to the plighted faith much as direction; and, even when of British justice? The wretched his mind is instructed, he is motion- peasantry - wretched because viless to what is right, while without cious, vicious because irreligious, the animating principle of love. irreligious because untaught the The heart of the whole system of truths of pure Christianity-while Christian morals is the love of peremptorily forbidden to read the Christ: this is the spring of obe- word of God, have free unrestrictdience this is the fountain-head ed access to the garbage provided of morality. To take the morals by a flagitious press, and thus beof the New Testament, and discard come the dupes of inflammatory its faith, is to sever the tree from falsehoods, and filled with disconthe root, while it is yet in bloom. tent and bitter animosity. Amongst those who are raised to a grade ral truth and Christian godliness, is above them, I would ask, what at once impious and absurd. If have Mechanics’ Institutes, Penny education be not decidedly ChrisMagazines, Useful Knowledge So- tian, it will not be regenerative ; cieties, and the whole apparatus of the exterior of life may be imgodless science, effected ? The proved, but its fountain not puritree of knowledge has not been fied-it is the dispositions, not the shaken in vain. The fruit has fallen manners, which must be renewed, plentifully-it has been devoured in order to consolidate a people's greedily.' It is painful to an edu- loyalty and happiness. cated man to utter å sentiment It is on this ground that I would against plans of general education present before you the schools of and intelligence: but really, when St. Werburgh's parish. Here are I see schemes in progress, on prin- seventy children hanging upon your ciples virtually depreciating what- bounty-who, if deprived of the ever is specifically Christian, and blessing of Christian instruction, thereby dishonouring God's word, may grow up in vicious ignorance, I do feel alarmed in no ordinary live without God, and die without degree by all the concern I ever hope. Remember, each of these felt for the eternal well-being of children has immortality written my fellow-countrymen. I would upon it: the inscription is indelible, tell you, with all the solemn ear- traced by the finger of God. Each nestness of which I am capable, of them, then, shall be either a that the work of educating man happy spirit before the throne of involves a tremendous responsibi- God, or a hopeless outcast from his lity-and may be perverted to his heaven. The Lord works by utter undoing, unless it be guided means; if


then can be instruby enlightened discretion. Such mental in any degree in stamping is the inveterate disease of man's happiness on that immortalitynature that it often perverts while Oh! can I call forth your aid by it attracts, and poisons while it any more powerful motive To appropriates the best intellectual be the honoured instrument of aliment, and converts it into the ministering to the eternal felicity means of malignant resistance to of a spirit which shall never lose the glorious Gospel. Man being its being or its consciousness—if morally depraved, if a species of this fail to interest, I have no exknowledge be thrown into his cellency of speech to win you. mind, which incorporates with,

If these little ones want an adinstead of neutralizing that depra- vocate, unto thee, my God, I vity, his power of sinning is there- commit them; for thine is the by increased. To talk of educa- power to move the heart and so tion, as a safeguard to society, be thine the glory for ever and apart from the power of scriptu

ever. Amen.


Now kindred spirits greet
From schools of prophets come,
Here fellow-soldiers meet
To gird their armour on;
God's panoply 'gainst sin to fight;
Shield, helmet, breastplate, sword of might.*

* Ephes. vi.

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