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No. I.

MY DEAR FRIEND, — Nothing yet important as is the advice of could afford me

more heartfelt Christian friends, you must not forpleasure and satisfaction than to get to look up with humble depenhear of the change which has re- dence to the teaching and guidance cently taken place in your religious of that Spirit, “ without whom sentiments. There was a period in nothing is strong, nothing is holy;" your, and my remembrance, when “ the wisdom that cometh from the very name of vital religion was above" will be diligently sought in your view and estimation a name by all those who are desirous of of reproach. But a little time

improvement and edification in the since you

neither knew nor valued divine life. the things of God. You not only The first hint that I would were indifferent to the precious suggest to your attention, is truths of the Gospel, but you

had not to trust in religious frames an a positive dislike to them. The feelings; young converts more esspirit by which you were animated, pecially need to be cautioned in and the objects which you uni- 'this respect. Nothing can be more formly pursued, unquestionably fallacious than frames and feelings, proved that you were in the number they are subject to great variation, of those who are described by an from different circumstances. To apostle as · Lovers of pleasure more consider frames and feelings as inthan lovers of God.' But things dicative of the spiritual state of the are altered now, you begin to see Believer, is, I feel persuaded a the reality, and appreciate the im- serious mistake. It is doubtless portance of true religion; you are the privilege of the real Christian now I trust alive to the value of in the favoured seasons of grace to the soul, and the urgent necessity be filled with "

peace and joy in of attending to the things which believing ;” yea, at times to belong unto our peace before they joice with joy unspeakable, and are hid from our eyes.' What a full of glory;"' but then the real mercy it is that you are awakened Christian is not always allowed to from the sleep of carnal security, walk on the mount of exaltation; and of death! You cannot be suf- for wise reasons he is often brought ficiently thankful; ascribe all to down into the valley of humiliathe glory of sovereign grace alone. tion: God seems to withdraw the


young friend, light of his countenance from him, whilst I offer you my sincerest and be "6

goes mourning all the congratulations on the happy day long.” At this very time, in change which has taken place in the dark season of distress his your views, allow me to evince the soul may prosper most. The affectionate interest I feel in your graces of the Christian character spiritual welfare by suggesting a are exhibited in more lively exerfew hints of advice.

At the com

cise, faith is strengthened, and hope mencement of our Christian course confirmed. The young beginner there is nothing we require so much in religion, whose heart is but as advice : a little seasonable and recently won to God, is in general judicious advice will under the much favoured. The manifestablessing of God secure us from mis- tions of divine love are peculiarly takes on the one hand, and disqui- vouchsafed ; there is a freshness of etude of mind on the other. But, holy joy, an ardour of love, a sweet


But, my

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purity of feeling which are never of peace, and ruin your soul. The perhaps experienced in an equal evidences of a state of grace are degree at least in the maturer not determined by any transitory stages of the divine life. Nor is it feelings, or emotions whatever. If at all necessary that it should be you are favoured from time to

When the soul is confirmed time with peculiar tokens of divine in the ways of God, and faith is love, if


heart overflows with established in lively exercise, the the full tide of gratitude to Him sensations become more subdued, who suffered, and who died for and the joys experienced in religion your sake, if the value and excelassume a more tranquil though not lence of true religion are less real character. Now, my powerfully than usual realized in dear friend, you need not, you the soul, be thankful for those must not be discouraged if in your blessed seasons which you are subsequent progress to the heavenly privileged to enjoy. But do not Zion, you are not conscious of the be cast down, if those seasons are same elevation of spiritual frame, short-lived in their duration. Only the same powerful emotions of keep close to God in the diligent love, the same fulness of joy in the exercise of prayer, and reading his things of God. Do not for an in- sacred Word. Thus shall your stant imagine that you are retro- soul really prosper and grow under gading in the divine life, do not the dews of heavenly grace. But hastily come to the conclusion that I must reserve for another opporyou have been deceiving yourself tunity the few remaining hints of all the while, and that you really advice which I have to suggest to have no religion at all; these, be your notice. In the mean time, assured, are the temptations of believe me to be, my

dear Friend, Satan, who makes use of them to

Yours very sincerely, draw your steps aside from the path


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it was

BELIEVERS are in continual hazard ble at the law, and corrupted the of departing from the Lord—both

covenant ; “ therefore, saith the from the example of professors, Lord, I have made you contempfalse opinions, and the temptations tible and base before all the people, of an evil world. Satan also de- according as ye have not kept my sires to have them “ that he may way, but have been partial in the sift them as wheat,” and “ goeth

law.” about as a roaring lion, seeking Believers will also stain and whom he

may devour.” And last, pollute their own souls, which though not least, the evil heart ought to be kept pure and holy to within, indwelling sin, and cor- the Lord. This is dreadfully danruption are ready upon all occasions gerous—“ know ye not that ye to betray us into the enemy's are the temple of God, and that hand. This made Paul cry out, the Spirit of God dwelleth in you. “ Wretched man that I am, who If any man defile the temple of shall deliver me from the body of God, him shall God destroy.this death.”

Utter destruction from the Lord is Believers should remember daily, awaiting all those, who are hypothat “ God hath called them unto crites in heart, and dreadful temholiness." Christ did not die to poral destruction from the Lord, redeem us from the curse of the may overtake even his own chillaw, to give us latitude to sin,—no, dren who defile their garments,

to purify unto himself a and disgrace the name of Christ. peculiar people zealous of good Believers should remember that works ;” and having the promise indulging secret sin will mar their of eternal life, “ exceeding great peace and comfort, and it will and precious promises,” we should provoke the Lord to fill them with “ cleanse ourselves from all filthi- terrors. With David will they ness of flesh and spirit, and be per

“ broken bones," and fecting holiness in the fear of God.” say with Job “ the arrows of the God will sometimes cast his peo- Almighty are within me, the poiple into the furnace to purge away

son thereof drinketh up my spirit.” their drošs, and to make them They will also cast a blot upon holy, and his goodness and mercy the good ways of the Lord. Oh, ought to have the same obligation if they who have been calling upon us; and to this end, the Christ Master and Lord at his preaching of the word, and the sacred table, go away to work ordinances of the gospel all iniquity, what will the graceless tend.

world say? will they not conclude Believers should reflect, as a that all professors are hypocrites, motive to holiness, on the dismal and religion but a name? Alas, effects tbat will follow their depar- that it should ever be so _" these ture from the Lord. As it is said of are spots in our feasts of charity,” adulterer, a wound and dishonour and for these things “ the ways of shall he get, and his reproach shall

Zion do mourn,'

” and the


of not be wiped away," so professors the Lord is evil spoken of. Christ bring a reproach upon themselves, is dishonored, even that glorious and make the word of the Lord Saviour whom we have been proin their lips

to be contemned fessing to own; like Israel of old, and despised. Thus the priests in that “ caused God's holy name to the days of Malachi, departed out be polluted among the heathen.”


many to stum- The righteous will be grieved, and JANUARY 1838.


cry out of

of the way,

oh, it is a very dangerous thing to gathering with the Savio grieve the hearts of those who are tering abroad, and stumblii dear to God; and this is not all, in the way of sinners. the wicked will thereby be har- Reader, dear reader, w dened in their sins. Oh, when they be useful, would you glor see those who have professed to would you have bright love God, really loving the world, heaven, would you die in and walking after the desires of Walk closely with God, 1 the Aesh and of the mind,” they in the world, and glorify are awfully led to conclude that viour by heart, lip, and life their way is the best, they are to shew forth his praise. hardened in their sins, and thus “ Lest any of you be i instead of bringing those that are through the deceitfulness o afar off by “ their chaste conversation” and lovely spirit, to seek

Now cleanse my soul from ever

By my Redeemer's blood; and serve the Saviour ; they are

Now let my flesh and soul begin repulsive agents hindering the work The honours of my God.' of the Lord; and instead of



In your Number for April 1836, in using them; and many the Missionary Journal of Arch- artifices to which his deacon Wix of Newfoundland is neighbours have resorted t reviewed. At the pages 28–31,

his faith. One method, of the first edition of that work, has been tried in vain wit and pages 22–25 of the second, I am desirous to put on reco there is mention of a man, whom

credible as it may appear the Archdeacon met at Long Har- English reader, I can vouch bour in Placentia Bay,a Protestant, fact of its having been rest surrounded by Roman Catholics, with success in several insta many of whom had been converts that neglected island, whe from protestantism; and a promise original protestant settler is recorded



of the many of them deplorably ig Journal, that the poor fellow, who and their children and gran had retained his profession amid

dren from the absence in many trials, having not seen places, of all means of edu minister of his own church, or of more ignorant still. any protestant communion, for the proselytes have been gained greater number of the one-and- Church of Rome by the fol twenty years which he had spent trick :- Toʻshake the confid in the island-should have poor simple person in his B Prayer Book, which he requested, in protestantism generally, ( sent to him.

trick is most frequently pr It has been my

lot lately to upon those who are too igno visit this part of the island of New- read ;) it is proposed that the foundland, and I had no difficulty tant Bible and the Roman c in discovering J. G. fishing off the Bible; the English Prayer Ram Islands. He was a simple and the Romish Prayer person, and prized the books which should be subjected to the had been sent him by the Arch- water. Both the books are deacon very highly. But he had of doors for a night, and tl had to contend with much ridicule ties are mutually pledged t




confidence to the book which shall important should be found wet, be found dry in the morning while into a bucket of water. J. G., I the other shall be wet, and vice am happy to say

was shrewd J. G. submitted his Bible, enough to propose that he should and then his Prayer Book to this sit up with his book another time; trial, and it is al inost unneces sary he saw through the deception; to say that, while the poor fellow but I have positively seen simple was conversing with his Roman people in that island who had been catholic neighbours by the fire- cheated by this lying delusion into side, some person, previously en- the profession of this fruitful mogaged to the service, was ready ther of abominations. to dip the book, which it was most





AFTER all that has been said


every pastor chosen, against the Established Church, consultation is adopted as to the it must be allowed the Lord has temporal support needful for the made her the seat and repository maintenance of religious worship. of divine truth, in an eminent de- And this kind of support is deemgree. On which account she is ed, through all our churches, essencertainly entitled to our reverence tial to their existence. The secuand esteem. This however, is not lar therefore, must be united with all, for by a strict and firm ad- the spiritual part, though held in herence to the doctrines of her subordination to it, to keep it in Articles, Homilies, and Liturgy, being, as well as to aid its spiritual in the case of many of her minis- operations and services. This was ters, she has bred thousands of the case with the first churches, eminent Christians, to this day. and must continue to be so to the Rom. xiii. $13. “ Render to all last. 1 Cor. ix. their due, honour to whom honour,” If the Established Church has &c.

its blemishes and imperfections, it That this chnrch is connected is no marvel, for what church can with the State can be no dishonour be without, when the very first had or real disadvantage: for by such theirs, 1 Cor. xi. Rev. ii. iii. There a union, through which it is sup- is nothing perfect under the sun, ported by the State, it becomes its even when all has been done to preservation from perishing, as render it as much so as the case states and kingdoms have done in will allow. If however secular long succession from the want of things must be joined with spiritsuch a union; Isaiah Ix. 12. “ For ual, in a public religious capacity, the nation and kingdom that will as in a private individual one ; and not serve thee, shall perish.” And if this can be done with no real what church of Christ, in such a injury to the spiritual, why should world as this, can subsist without we so strongly oppose such a relaa close relation to secular or tion in the Establishment. And when worldly things, or without avail- we can remove all the errors and ing itself thereof? Our dissenting inconveniences which attach to our churches are obliged to submit to own system, we may then find this practice for their preservation more just occasion to complain of and continuance. Nor do minis- the church, Matt. vii. 4. As it is, ters or people object to the mea- we ought to be thankful, in my

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