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knew, were in a few short hours, or Dominic, or Joseph, “ to use to raven like wolves for his blood ; his influence” with Jesus, to in--nay, which, even when actually duce him to listen to our petitions ! suffering intolerable agonies of Intolerable insult ! horrible blastheir infliction, cried out, not for phemy! God-dishonouring probimself, but for them, Father, for- fanity! What words shall I use, give them, for they know not what rightly to describe this awful systhey do !- the unutterable love of tem of delusion ! that heart, who can attempt to Rom. You are getting too warm; fathom! Yet it is from this com- it will be better, perhaps, that we passionate Saviour we are to turn, part for the present. On our next with doubt and apprehension, and opportunity you will, I hope, be

beg of Mary to intercede with ready to admit that your zeal has him on our behalf !”

And we are

somewhat exceeded its due limits to ask such a being as Dunstan, in this day's argument.

to "


my work.'

EARLY in the year 1836, a little them, whenever you pay me for incident occurred, reminding us of


be well those points of faith so beautifully imagined how sweetly these simple described by the apostle, as he accents fell on my ear; though I had seen them exhibited in the felt it desirable to receive the proearly Macedonian Converts-2 posal with little more than a ready Cor. viii. 1-5.

assent to take charge of the pence, In common with many of our whenever she found herself able to clergy; the minister she was in spare them. I own, that knowing the habit of hearing, pleaded from how often her weekly earnings the pulpit the cause of bis suffer- seemed insufficient to meet the abing brethren in Ireland, setting solute necessities of life, I felt not forth their claims on our sympathy only that it would be impossible and assistance, in terms that found for me ever to ask the continuance their way to many hearts. The of this her free-will offering, but following morning poor B-- also that it was improbable such came to me for the little supply of an impulse of kind sympathy would needle-work she usually received outlive a few weeks at the utmost. weekly, and on which she de. But I believe I wronged the source pended as one of her chief means whence it sprang; for while many of subsistence; and when about to weeks the humble penny was utterleave with it, said, with some ly beyond her power to give, I hesitation, · If you please, Ma'am, was invariably appealed to, as I have been thinking a great deal soon as she rose again above the of what Mr. told us yesterday barest necessities and little debts about those poor ministers in Ire- of the passing day, to tell her land ; and I know what it is to “ how much she owed ;” till at want bread; that it is bad enough the close of the year, I had four for us that are accustomed to it; shillings thus willingly cast into the but it must be a great deal worse treasury of the Lord, from the for gentlefolks, and I have been hard-earned pittance of one whose thinking God has done so much beart He alone could have opened for me, that if you would not mind thus to spare of her penury. taking such a trifle, I might leave Extracted from Light in Darkjust

a penny a week with you for ness.' A District Narrative.



“And he brought forth the King's son, and put the crown upon him, and gave him the testimony, and they made him King, and anointed him, and they clapt their hands and said, God save the King. And Jehoiada made a covenant between the Lord, and the king and the people, that they should be the Lord's people; between the king also and the people.”—2 Kings xi. 12, 17.

The late event which has taken But, in addition to these very place in the metropolis, is well natural and pleasing effusions of calculated to excite the most lively loyalty, we would desire that the attention. It would not be void present season may not pass away of interest, even in a foreign land, without a due improvement, that to witness the coronation of a we may take occasion to consider youthful Queen, with all its splen- our corresponding duty and redid pageantry, amid the acclama- sponsibility. tions of her people. But our inte- In furtherance of this design, it rest and sympathy are increased a may be proper to shew, first, the thousand-fold, when the scene is nature and antiquity of the cerelaid in our own country, and the mony in question; and secondly, female on the throne is our lawful what it is designed to imply. sovereign, and when a mutual First, the nature and antiquity of compact is entered into between

the coronation ceremony. It is the reigning monarch and her sub- obvious, that when any particular jects. If these particulars are

office or dignity is conferred upon duly weighed, the coronation of an individual, there must of necesour beloved Queen is no longer to sity be some form or ceremony be viewed in the light of a state observed in token of his appointsolemnity, where the immediate ment; and in proportion to the attendants alone are concerned, but exalted nature of the office, the rather as a great national Act ; a ceremony will be more ceremony which concerns our fel- splendid and august. In less civillow-countrymen, to the remotest ized ages, indeed, a simpler form corner of the land, and binds them of election sufficed ; and amongst all in the same engagement.

That our Saxon ancestors, it was often such a season should be kept with deemed enough, to elevate the joy and gladness by the nation at Prince whom they had chosen large as a great national festival, upon a shield, in the sight of all in which all classes of her Ma- the people; of which custom some jesty's subjects might at once tes- vestige still remains in our present tify their dutiful and loyal attach- mode of returning members to ment to the throne, is a reasonable parliament. But in countries adand necessary consequence. Nor vanced in civilization, a far more can I forbear, (upon this occasion) gorgeous ceremony bas prevailed from expressing the satisfaction we in conferring distinguished honours, have had, to behold men of diffe- even below that of the royal digrent sentiments on other important nity. When Pharaoh, for insubjects, and of various ranks in stance, would do honour to Joseph, society, laying aside their several for having interpreted his dream, distinctions, and uniting themselves “ he took off his ring from his together, as the heart of one man, hand, and put it upon Joseph's in demonstration of respect and hand, and arrayed him in vesture affection towards their youthful of fine linen, and put a gold chain sovereign.

about his neck, and he made him

or less - the scep

to ride in the second chariot which of the Ammonites, while royal he had, and they cried before him, crowns were placed on the heads Bow the knee ! Mordecai went out of the kings of Israel and Judah, from the presence of King Ahasu- by the High Priest, who anointed erus, “ in royal apparel, with a them. The sceptre is of far older great crown of gold, and with a memory than even the crown,

and garment of fine linen and purple.” is spoken of as an ensign of royalty Daniel also was arrayed in scarlet, by the most ancient heathen writers, and had a chain of gold about and by one still more ancient than bis neck, when the proclamation they : for Jacob said, was made concerning him, that tre," that is, a king or supreme he should be the third Ruler

governor, “ the sceptre shall not in the kingdom. Upon one occa- depart from Judah, until Shiloh sion, when the people would have

come.taken our Saviour Christ by force All these and other emblems of and made him a king, they received the royal dignity, have been used him with hosannahs, and spread in England for more than a thoutheir garments in the way, and cut sand years, at the coronation of our down branches from the trees, to kings and queens; the ceremony greet his triumphal entry into Jeru- of which is briefly this:--The salem. And this they did in imi- Queen being received into the tation of the ancient Jewish custom church and presented unto the upon such occasions.

Thus we

people for their approval, they read that when Jehu was pro- signify their willingness and joy by claimed king over Israel, by God's loud acclamations, while the trumcommand, the people took their pets are sounded. Then followeth garments, and put them under the Litany, the commandments, Jehu at the top of the stairs, and the sermon, the oath. After which blew with trumpets, saying, Jehu the Archbishop anointeth the is king.

Queen with oil ; presents her with Besides this mark of respect and the sword of state; invests her with general proclamation, we read of the imperial robe, and with the the ceremonies of unction, corona- ring; delivers to her the golden tion, and the kingly sceptre, at a sceptre, and puts on the crown. very early period. Jotham men- Again the trumpets sound, and the tions the anointing kings long guns are fired, amidst the repeated before any example of anointing shouts of the people. Then the is elsewhere remembered,-about Holy Bible is presented to the two · hundred years before the Queen ; Te Deum is sung, and the beginning of the kingdom under Archbishop pronounces the beneSaul. Saul was anointed; so was diction upon her Majesty. After David his successor, and king this, the Queen is lifted up into Solomon, and Joash, as recorded the throne by the Peers assembled in the text. So was the king - who, standing round the steps of of Syria, Hazael ; and Cyrus the throne in their coronets, proceed king of Persia, in the holy pro- to do her homage; and the whole phecy is called “ the Lord's concludes with the administration anointed,” which is a frequent ex- of the holy communion. A grander pression of kings in scripture.

more sublime spectacle can The most ancient mention of a scarcely be well imagined. Think royal crown is in the history of the for a moment of our youthful and Amalekite's bringing Saul's crown beloved Queen-placed by the to David. It appears also that nobles of the realm upon the throne David had a crown of gold and of her ancestors, crowned and precious stones out of the spoils robed with all the dignity of her


But are

exalted station, and wielding the nature of a covenant between the sceptre of this mighty empire- Lord on the one side, and the while all the assembled people queen and people on the other. concur with one voice to testify Moreover the different ceremonies their approbation. Such a scene observed are all designed to have a exactly agrees with the spirit of reference to spiritual things. The my text, when the High Priest anointing with oil teaching the “ brought forth the king's son, sovereign to look for the anointing when he was but six years old, of the Spirit of God, that she may and put the crown upon him, and be confirmed and established with gave him the testimony, and they the free and princely Spirit of the made him king and anointed him, Lord, the Spirit of wisdom and and they clapped their hands and government, the Spirit of knowsaid, God save the king.”

ledge and true godliness, and holy we to consider this fear. The presentation of the merely as a splendid spectacle ? sword of justice shews the soveWas there nothing signified in the reign how she ought to be the transaction recorded in my text, minister of God for the terror and and is there nothing signified in our punishment of evil doers, and for day by the act of crowning her the protection and encouragement Majesty ? This is the second of those that do well. She is not point for our consideration, viz. invested with the imperial robe and What the ceremony in question is orb without being warned of the designed to imply.-" And Je- necessity of having on the robe of hoida made a covenant between righteousness, the garments of salthe Lord, and the king and the vation; without being told that the people, that they should be the whole world is subject to the power Lord's people; between the king and empire of Christ our Redeemalso and the people." Here er, the Prince of the kings of the is a double engagement-a cove- earth, King of kings and Lord of nant between the Lord and the lords : and that if she would reign nation at large-a covenant be- happily, she must direct all ber tween the king and the people, actions according to His laws. The and this double engagement was delivery of the sceptre indicates entered into at the coronation of the importance of ruling with king Joash. The same is implied equity and mercy; that her main the ceremony we have been con- jesty be so merciful, that she be sidering. The assembling in God's not too remiss ; and so execute house of the three estates of the justice, that she forget not mercy. Realm—the religious nature of the When also the crown is put on her business to be transacted the ob- head, she is reminded of having lation of the Queen in humble her heart enriched with heavenly acknowledgment of God's sove- grace, and of being crowned with reignty-the charge delivered to her princely virtues; and even when gracious majesty to keep and to do seated on the throne, she is told the things contained in the words that the throne must be established of the holy Bible-- the benediction in righteousness, that it may stand pronounced upon her in the name fast for evermore. of the Lord--and the solemn ap- But the second part of the enpeal to the merciful superintendency gagement entered into upon the of the Divine Providence, by whom late occasion refers to the covenant king's reign, and the people enjoy between the Queen and her people. peace and prosperity-and more We are not to suppose that especially the sealing ordinance of these solemn rites were instituted the Lord's Supper-all show the for vain ostentation, to please the

spectators. The peers must know to rule in the bearts of all her subthat in the performance of these jects. The expression of our loyrites the commonwealth is com- alty is both an easy and agreeable mitted and recommended to the duty. Long may she so reign, Queen as to its supreme earthly over a free, united, and happy head and protector ; and again it empire! But we cannot foresee is committed to them as coadjutors the future: difficulties may hereand assistants to her majesty. after arise; the vessel of the state The very act that the peers of the may by and by have to be steered realm and officers of state are amidst the rocks and storms. Our required to assist in these solemni- now youthful, beloved, and poputies, in bearing the sword of state, lar sovereign may be viewed with the golden sceptre, and the crown, other eyes less friendly, as she adare a sign that still more they are vances in life ; and then, my brerequired to lend their aid in the thren, then is the time to remember administration of the government ; your covenant engagement, and still in bearing the cares of the regal to be faithful and true to your alleoffice, by the wisdom of their giance. That you may be enabled council, the valour of their arms, to be so, remember the other part the constancy of their allegiance. of the engagement just alluded to,

But the solemn compact between -the covenant between the Lord the Queen and her subjects is still and the nation at large. We ought more clearly comprised in the oath never to forget that the Most High of the former and the homage of 'ruleth over all the kingdoms of the of the latter. Before the Queen is world; and that if we would be anointed she maketh oath to govern truly prosperous, either as indivithe people according to law, and duals or as a nation, it must be by to maintain the Protestant reform- having the Lord on our side. ed religion and the true profession It is the more needful to be of religion to the utmost of her reminded of this important truth in power.

And when the Queen is the present day, on account of the at length placed upon the throne of vast improvements in science, and her ancestors, the lords that are the spirit of enterprize which every there present promise to be faithful where abounds.

Even the great and true to her majesty as their obstacles to exertion, time and dissovereign lady ; in making which tance, which have hitherto impeded declaration, they are supposed to the works of man, have almost disrepresent all the people of the appeared by the use of recent inrealm.

ventions ; so that men are wellYou see then, my brethren, the nigh tempted, in the spirit of infinature and antiquity of the coro- delity, to say in their proud, ambination ceremonial, and what it is tious projects, “My wisdom and the designed to imply. The burst of might of my hand hath gotten me loyalty which has just broken this wealth !” My brethren, watch forth throughout the kingdom must against so awful, so dangerous à be most gratifying to every right- species of vain reasoning. Know minded Briton; but let it not this, that it is the Lord only who evaporate with the present season. can give you power to get wealth ; Remember the covenant engage

it is the Lord only who can impart ment which is now entered into his blessing to any of your designs ; between the Queen and her people. it is the Lord only who can make At present this is an easy duty: the reign of our young Queen long all is calm and smooth; the open- and prosperous, or cause wisdom ing of the new reign is exceedingly and righteousness to be the stability auspicious. Her Majesty appears of our times. Under this persua

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