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and many Israelites, who had come Lord Jesus from his heart, and to witness the ceremony. The im- placed all his hopes for time and for portance he attached to the truth of eternity on him alone, because he Christianity, and the happiness he bad redeemed bim with bis precious felt at having embraced it, will be blood. He desired to receive the seen from an extract of a letter he Sacrament; and in accordance with wrote to a friend in England early in his request the Rev. J. B. CartJanuary: 'You will be surprised to wright administered it to him, Mr. receive this directed from London. and Mrs. Reichardt and Mr. NicoI have already been here for about layson joining in the participation seven months, and it has pleased of this blessed and solemn ordithe Almighty to lead me into the nance. The greatest anxiety he had way of truth, and to the knowledge was about his mother, to whom he of our only Saviour Jesus Christ. I had several times written, both behave ended my instruction, and have fore and after his baptism, to inform already confessed our Lord Jesus her of the circumstance of his beby the baptism with water, and I coming a Christian, and nothing gave trust and hope to God that I shall him greater pleasure on his deathalso be baptized with the Holy Ghost.' bed than the news, that she was not In the sequel of this letter, Edward only reconciled to the step he had made inquiries after a situation, but taken, but herself more favourably the Lord had something better in inclined towards Christianity. When store for him, and was preparing he began to grow weaker and weahim a mansion above. The prevail- ker, he was asked whether he would ing disease, the influenza, attacked like to see some of his relations who bim, .and when nearly recovered he live in London, but he declined seewas thrown back by a fresh cold on ing them, and said, “ What can the 13th of January, which took at they do for me? they cannot help once a very serious turn, bringing me, and I fear they would only dison inflammation of the heart and turb me.” On Saturday night, the water on the chest; so that, not- 11th of Feb., he was in much withstanding all means were used pain with difficulty of breathing, which medical skill could devise, but of his own accord, repeated there was hardly any hope of bis re- in a low tone of voice, every covery. The pains he suffered were petition that was offered up for extreme, but he bore them with pa- him by the Rev. J.C. Reichardt. tience and resignation. His bre- The night was tolerable, but in the thren were very kind and attentive morning be felt very weak, and his in nursing him day and night, and appearance was somewhat changed. during his illness he was visited by Towards noon,

more decided several Hebrew Christian friends, change took place, and the Rev. who prayed with bim. The Rev.J. C. J. C. Reichardt being sent for from Reichardt, who had instructed him, the chapel, came to his bed-side in also often sat by his bed-side, and time to receive a last farewell look, read to him such portions of Scrip- that bespoke consciousness to the ture as were calculated to prepare last moment. The soul of this dear bis soul for the heavenly flight. He brotber was then committed in

prayer once asked him whether he did ever into the bands of his God and Sarecall to bis mind some of the viour, and whilst this was done he many texts be had learned by heart. very peacefully, without any strugIIe said, Oh! yes.' When further gle, breathed his last, to enter into asked, which passage in particular the joy of his Lord, and to join now gave him comfort, he quoted those who are numbered out of the Rom. vi. 16, 17, “Know ye not, that twelve tribes of Israel, in the heato whom ye yield yourselves servants veply Jerusalem. to obey, his servants ye are to whom The peaceful state, in which his ye obey; whether of sin unto death, soul departed, left an impression on or of obedience unto righteousness? his mortal remains, and this impresBut God he thanked, that ye were sion of peace on his countenance, the servants of sin, but ye have which remained unchanged, contriobeyed from the heart that form of buted not a little to efface from the doctrine which was delivered you." minds of bis brethren that fear of He also confessed that he loved the death, so peculiar to the Jewish na


tion, and to give them a practical death is able to say, lesson of the truth of the Christian's where is thy victory! oh! death, hope, who, in the solemn hour of where is thy sting!”

« Oh! grave,



In the midst of such melancholy ment in building church walls for discoveries, it is consoling to reflect shelter, and our deficiency of doors how times of trial, not only bring for exclusion ; the faction of our forth spirits equal to the emergency, many enemies of opposite characbut also rouse up qualities that ters and interests ; the ancient inwould bave slept inactive or sunk vitation to meet in the plains, and unknown. The genius of Nehemiah the modern kneeling to the bloody as a patriot, a legislator, and a com- Orangemen,' or blarneying the blackmander, was not exhibited by his mouthed Presbyterians, the threatown purposes ; but, like sparks ened accusation to Ahasuerus, and from smitten flint, was elicited by the accusing Address to Queen Viccollision with the enemies of God and toria—the charge of rebellion against bis country. In the hour of public loyal men, and the claim of loyalty danger he appears a genuine Pro- by repealing rebels. I might comtestant' of the olden time.' Build- pare the conduct of the bribed and ing the walls of Jerusalem, whilst traitorous prophet, with the venality cleansing the chambers of the tem- of the hireling press, vilifying all ple, he presents to us an original that is patriotic in politics, or picture of a friend of Church and sound in religion, for a penny a State.' And when the hour of dan- line; and I might conclude with ger arrives, and Sanballat, the Ho- contrasting the letters of Tobiah, to ronite, and Tobiah, the servant, and put Nehemiah in fear, with the letGershon, the Arabian, plot and ters of O'Connell to Lord Clonthreaten—for such has ever been, curry, to vilify our Protestant charand ever will be, the plan of the acters, and threaten our civil and hereditary bondsmen, and their religious liberties. Never was parconfederates-retiring behind the allel more complete in the progress shield of faith, he appeals to the of events ; nor will the results be consistency of his character, and dissimilar. The wall was builded replies to the ex-officio of the At- in troublous times ; our civil libertorney-General, and the cowardly ties will be secured by the effort to wbining of the dishonest prophet, overturn them. The temple was “Shall such a man as I flee? cleansed in the sight of its deseRead, I pray you, the sixth chapter crators, and our churches shall be to which I refer. Independently of purified and upheld, whilst the voits inspiration, and the fact of being luntarious hammers, prepared for specially written for our ensamples, their demolition, shall crumble in it presents a most curious and in- the destructive hands that would structive parallel to the present have wielded them, and leave no position of Protestantism and Ro- memorial of their being but the manism in these lands. Did time sust-stains and the rents in the garallow, it would delight me to follow ments they have contaminated. the parallel between our employ

SOCIETY FOR PROMOTING CHRISTIAN KNOWLEDGE. At the December Meeting of this government in India, and the MadSociety, Mr. Poynder inquired whe- ras government, evinced a fixed dether any answer had been received termination to continue the same from the East India Company to the system of supporting Idolatry in very important memorial which had India, for the sake of its pecuniary been presented to them by this So- profits, against which the Society ciety in Augast last. On being for Promoting Christian Knowledge answered in the negative, Mr. P. and the Church Missionary Society intimated that both the supreme had strenuously protested.

The Board voted £25. towards the It appears that the Society occaerection of a monument to the late sionally makes small Grants for the Dr. Rottler, formerly a Missionary purchase of Copyrights, or the in India, and above fifty years con- remuneration of the compilers of nected with the Society.

Tracts. Five hundred pounds were placed

Some efforts were made to ascerat the disposal of the Right Rev. tain the present state of the long the Bishop of Bombay.

talked of Bible Commentary, but no Some little petulance was, as satisfactory information appears to usual, displayed by one or two have been elicited. Clerical members of the Society, Several grants of Books were made, but which passed off without any and some new members were adparticular notice or call on the chair mitted. for its interference.

Register of Events. THE proceedings in Parliament have not hitherto in a religious point of view been of much interest or importance. An effort has been made to introduce some alteration into the Grenville Act, by which the proceedings in case of disputed Elections are regulated, but the obvious injustice of the proposal rendered it abortive. The Civil List, that is, the provision made for the support of her Majesty's Government, has been fixed at £385,000. per annum.

A somewhat warm debate took place in the House of Commons, on the removal of Col. Verner from the Commission of the Peace in Ireland, for proposing a party toast, and the ministry were closely pressed with the inconsistency of removing him, and allowing others, as O'Connell, &c. who had acted a still more decided part, to retain their appointments. On this occasion, and on a motion made in the House of Peers by Lord Roden, some melancholy facts concerning the state of Ireland were elicited.

Some intimations have been given of a general compulsory plan of National Education being shortly adopted ; the particulars, however, are not as yet sufficiently known ; though there is too much reason to fear that they will not be such as the friends of religion can approve.

We regret to find that a strong disposition prevails on the part of the most influential persons in the East Indian Company's service, to encourage that debasing idolatry which contributes to their present pecuniary advantages. This iniquitous system will, if persevered in, be more fatal to our Eastern Empire, than even the silent and gradual encroachments of the Russian autocrat,—though these last are not to be despised.

The long-continued agitation in Canada has at length broken out into insurrection. Some engagements have taken place between her Majesty's Troops and the Insurgents, which have been attended with considerable loss of life. As the Canadian winter has now set in, some months must elapse before our Troops can be reinforced, and serious apprehensions as to the result appear to be entertained. Parliament has in consequence only adjourned to January 16, instead of February 1, as originally intended.

It should not be forgotten, that Popery has long been patronized in Canada, and that the present administration has withdrawn their Annual Parliamentary Grant by wbich a few Protestant Missionaries were maintained in that colony. When will our government learn that religion is the most effectual promoter of loyalty ; and that so long as Popery is countenanced in one part of our empire, and idolatry in another, it is vain to expect permanent peace and prosperity.

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