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the family was roused.

His at

in entering on the ministry, were tempt to obtain orders had excited entirely of a worldly nature; and much ridicule, and his failure pro- that he had embraced views very voked derision. I wish,' said inconsistent with the articles which his brother, ‘ that Thomas had not he subscribed, and every way calmade the attempt; but I cannot culated to paralyze his exertion bear to have it said that one of for the spiritual welfare of others. our name undertook what he was While resident at home he ununable to accomplish. The whole happily met with a Socinian comfamily therefore united in an appli- ment on the Holy Scriptures; and cation to his father, intreating him found its pernicious doctrines highly either to consent to his son's ordi

gratifying. In reading this

exponation, or to fix him in a farm on sition, he observes ' sin seemed to his own account. Thus strongly lose its native ugliness, and to urged, Mr. Scott senior, gave way, appear a very small and tolerable and formally expressed his appro- evil; man's imperfect obedience bation of his son's entering into seemed to strive with an excellency orders.

almost divine; and God appeared Other difficulties were soon sur- so entirely and necessarily merciful, mounted, and on Sept. 21, 1772, that he could not make


of his Mr. Scott was ordained deacon by creatures miserable, without conthe Bishop of Lincoln, at Buckden, tradicting his natural propensity. the Archdeacon, Dr. Gordon, who These things influenced my mind examined him for orders expressing so powerfully, that I was enabled his high approbation of his attain- to consider myself, notwithstandments, and observing, ' I perceive ing a few little blemishes, as upon that Christianity has got an able the whole a very worthy being. advocate in you.'

Mr. Scott was At the same time the mysteries of originally nominated to the curacy the gospel being explained away, of Martin, near Horncastle, but or brought down to the level of owing to the satisfaction which his

man's comprehension, by much examination afforded, he was re- proud and corrupt, though specious commended to the curacy of Stoke reasonings; by acceding to these Goldington, a living then held by sentiments I was, in my own Mr. Dowbiggen, who had married opinion, in point of understanding the bishop's neice; and after vi- and discernment, exalted to siting his friends in Lincolnshire, superiority above the generality of Mr. Scott entered on the duties of mankind, and I pleased myself his new profession. His state of in looking down with contempt mind and religious sentiments at this upon such as were weak enough to period are largely described in the believe the orthodox doctrines.' Force of Truth and the Memoirs The merciful recovery of Mr. Scott above adverted to ; and from from these delusions will appear these it appears that his motives in our next Number.



No. V.

“ And hope maketh not ashamed.”—Rom. v. 5.


The apostle proceeds in this verse,

and what, if in consequence in the account he had before been stedfast cleaving to God, accordgiving of the believer's privileges. ing to the Bible, is universally Experience of God's faithfulness either reproached, or neglected ? to them under tribulations accord- Why, then, it is plain in such a ing to his word, confirms and case, that no man can do God's quickens in them the confident will, without bringing himself into expectation and hope of his fulfil- worldly shame. And when, thereling toward them all future spirit- fore, to keep the esteem of a ual blessings in this life, and that revolted world, and to avoid its which is to come. Which hope," reproach, any one declines the saith he, being thus built up and Christian life, it is abundantly mafirmly rooted in us, “maketh not difest, that “ he loveth the praise ashamed.” The meaning of which of men, more than the praise of words is this; the expectations of God,” and that in very truth he the great things God hath promised sacrifices to this idol of worldly his people in the gospel, and es- esteem, all the hope and expecpecially those which respect and tation there is, according to the relate to another world; these ex- gospel, of enjoying God's favour pectations saith the apostle, with and presence in a future state of respect to his people, stand on glory. No; in proportion as this a sure foundation, and their heart's hope set before us in Christ, is desires are so ardent after them, stedfast in us, it necessarily so that they are thereby emboldened disengages the heart in which it to go forward in duty in the face is found from worldly esteem, as of all shame and reproach, un- steadily to dispose it to cleave to moved by any fears and sufferings all duty notwithstanding shame of this present time. Here then and reproach. And from hence it we may observe the effects of true is evident, that if any are held in and well-grounded spiritual hope. subjection by worldly shame, and For,

dare not do what God requires First. It doth not leave men through dread of reproach or fear under the power of worldly shame; of men; it is evident I


that nor,

in such persons the true divine Secondly. Under the power of • hope which maketh not ashamed” worldly fear; but,

is not, cannot be: such cannot Thirdly. It emboldens them in have received Christianity in its opposition to reproach and suffer-genuine power and efficacy. ings, even to rejoice and triumph. Secondly. True spiritual hope

First, true religious hope doth doth not leave men under the not leave men under the power of

power of worldly fear.

66 If in worldly shame. Esteem of men this life only we have hope we may not in itself be blameable; are of all men most miserable.” but what if men are every where

The Christian man's sorrows are departed from duty and God? declared to be beyond all others. What, if through the greatness of These indeed, if he were a man their number, such departure is of the world, he might easily become reputable in the world ; avoid. But why then doth he


endure them? Why not seek hising the part of Christ's faithful happiness in this life, as do the rest followers? It is an interesting of mankind ? Why subject him- question. For where fear is preself to a variety of troubles and vailing, there this hope cannot difficulties, and an endless succes- effectually be. " We reckon,” sion of doubts and fears? The saith our apostle, " that the sufferanswer is given in the words before ings of this present time are not us: he hath a hope which is worthy to be compared with the above this life, " because the love glory which shall be revealed in of God is shed abroad in his

Now this is a true reckonheart by the Holy Ghost, which ing. And if it be a true one, then is given unto him.” And such a to forego duty in order to avoid hope as not only " maketh him present danger, must be a false not ashamed,” but renders him in

one. In that soul which shrinks the midst of his misery, the most from Christ for fear, there cannot happy, and in truth the only happy truly be the hope of glory. It man of the children of men. Fear may be there in fancy, but it canis a tormenting passion, exceed- not be there in power—but where ingly sensible, soon raised, and by it is in power, where it is and no means easily allayed. The abides in the mind, and the soul fears of the present, too, are the longs after it, as its greatest hapmost affecting :- the fear of con- piness, shall a little fear of danger tempt and ill-treatment, the fear be able to unsettle it? No; it of loss and reproach, the fear of cannot be. The word of God hath oppression and injury, the fear determined this point : “ For the of losing friends or life. When joy that is set before us,” we shall these fears are roused and excited, readily endure the cross, if that unless there be some principle at joy be our hope. hand to oppose and set itself against But, Thirdly, -- True spiritual them, they must of course prevail hope in the midst of reproach and over us, and keep us in subjection. sufferings, emboldens even to reNow, Christian hope is exactly this joice and triumph. It encourages principle ; and accordingly to the the believer to own and to live exercise of this, the Scriptures con- after the example of Christ; and stantly refer us, for opposing and when reproach or reviling, or mortifying the fear of man. worse persecution ariseth, it enables even I, saith the Lord, am he him still instead of denying Christ, that comforteth you : whoart thou, to rejoice that he is thought worthy that thou shouldst be afraid of a to suffer for his name's sake, But man that shall die, and the son you will say perhaps, where is this

that shall be made as hope which fills thus the heart with grass ?” In which words, hope in joy, under sufferings, for Christ's God, as an eternal, unchangeable sake ? A question best answered, portion is manifestly referred to as it may be, by asking another. I the one great motive for bringing ask then, where indeed is the faith down this fear of man. And thus which alone can produce it? If also our Lord directs us, when he peither the one nor the other are

“ Fear not them which kill easily to be found, it is because the body, and after that have no Christianity is become little more more that they can do.” After that, than a mere empty name and prothey have it not in their power to

fession. You are not so unreasonharm you, wherefore fear them not. able as to expect to find it amongst But now the question is, have we those who live after the course of this Christian hope so in exercise as this world, and not after Christ. not to be biassed by fear from act- But think you it is to be found in


of man


no others? Do you verily judge, this hope doth lie; and consethat “joy in the Holy Ghost ” of quently in the one or the other, or which the scriptures so often and all of which you may possibly find so gloriously speak, is wholly and yourself wanting. altogether ceased ? And if when The 1st is, The certain belief of He who is so eminently styled “the the reality of an approaching state Comforter," enables any to suffer of glory. Now in this you may for Christ's sake, he hath not also not be absolutely settled; you may strong consolation to give them? have taken it perhaps too much Be assured he hath.

upon hearsay, or not so much as The real Christian doth not serve you ought upon the testimony of God for nought even in this world. God. And so through weakness When a Christian, who is a Christ- or uncertainty of your faith in this ian indeed, forsakes all for Christ, matter, you cannot but find the and then also suffers for him, the effect to be answerable : waverlove of God shed abroad in hising, inconstant, and without its full heart, is sure to make


Here therefore you have what is endured without. But if failed especially in the practice of we will not be led by the Spirit, that grand Christian doctrinewe cannot expect the joys of the • Christ is risen from the dead to Spirit! Or how is it possible that die no more; for in that he died, he should glory in tribulations for he died to satisfy sin once, but in Christ, who will still so model bis that he liveth, he liveth an immorprofession and conduct, as not only tal, heavenly, glorious life in the to avoid tribulation, but even presence of God, and to the eternal light ridicule or a little reproach good of his people. for his sake? No. Let a man But, 2dly, Another ground of closely follow Christ, and then hope is a true scriptural belief that as without question he shall suffer eternal life is the gift of God, shame, reproach, &c. $0 without through Jesus Christ our Lord. question he shall also rejoice in And in this you may have possibly them.

failed through the covered deceit These now are such effects of of self-righteousness. Self-righttrue hope as seem more directly eousness,


say, suppressing in designed by the words of the text; you the desire of glory, through Hope maketh not ashamed.” the idea, which in one

sense is And they are,


also true, that you are in no way sufficient to show the excellency worthy of it.

For though you of this blessed grace. But, • alas!' should ever so stedfastly believe you will say, if indeed a Christian, that there is a glory which shall be •

how very short I fall in the prac revealed, yet if you are imagining tice of these blessed effects of it! that something must be done by I am still much holden by shame, you

in order to deserve or gain a or bound down by fear, or at least, title to it, it would be impossible am not by any means so far ad


should have vanced as “ to glory in tribula- any lively expectation of it, for tions also.")

All this may be this very clear reason ; true, but what is the reason of it? through the weakness and imperIt can be no other than this, fection of your obedience, you namely, that this Christian hope would be for ever mistrusting is not in you in the way, and in the whether you had a right to it or manner it ought. And therefore, not. And here, therefore, you I desire here in conclusion, to men- have failed in the use both of the tion three things to you, in which law and the gospel. Of the law, the very ground and possibility of the very business of which is to FEBRUARY 1835.


in that case,

because that you

with joy.


Else why

doth he say,

Lift up

show you,

have not the Let these things sink deeper into least right to any thing from God. your hearts, and you will find hope And of the gospel, the very first Hourish; and that such hope, as declaration of which is, that all will engage your warmest desires, things may be had freely in Christ. sanctify and gladden your souls,

But, 3dly, The remaining ground set you more above the world, give of true hope is a right kuowledge you increasing freedom from shame of, and acquaintance with, the and fear, and together with these, spiritual nature of this approaching a growing boldness to own the glory, as chiefly consisting in the name of Christ, and strengthen you enjoyment and service of God in a with confidence to suffer for him perfected state, both of body and soul. Now, if your knowledge of And, what is the declaration of this hath been indistinct, you have the feast before us? Doth it not thought of heaven rather in declare all these grounds of hope ? general way, than particularly as A glory to come, a spiritual glory a spiritual happiness in communion bestowed in Christ? and fellowship with God. Then

" As often as you eat though you might indeed believe this bread, and drink this cup, ye the reality of future glory, and re- do shew forth the Lord's death till gard it too as the free gift of God he come?And why else are we in Christ Jesus, yet you could coming together to remember a not unfeignedly desire it with your departed Redeemer? Is it not in whole heart, as your great and hope? And should it not theresatisfying happiness, nor in conse- fore be with longing expectation quence find your expectations of it of his second coming ? disengaging you gradually from all

then your hearts unto the Lord. earthly respects, and more and Be stedfast in the persuasion that more causing you to forego, and Christ is in heaven for all them forsake all at the call of duty. that believe, and if you are a beAnd here, therefore, again you have liever, the God of heaven is your failed through the “ carnal desire” God in him, and your portion for of your corrupted mind in not


And be sure you receive this choosing God for your portion. approaching memorial of him, as So consequently, not longing and bis token of earnest till he come. waiting for the full enjoyment of Hope-genuine, Christian hope, him where only it is to be obtained entereth into that within the veil, --that is, in heaven. It is doubt- whither the forerunner is for us less through defect in one, or more entered. We, such I mean among or all of these grounds that hope us, who have “ fled for refuge to hath been so defective within you, lay hold upon the hope set before and that you have not found it as ” in him, are to follow him you ought, that lively, abiding, thither by the eye and walk of and purifying principle

66 which faith, that so we may maketh not ashamed.” Wherefore,

upon eternal life.”

It is this will your way lies plain before you. crucify the world to you. It is Lay your foundations deeper. Let this will set you free from the the gospel, declaring to you a risen flesh. It is this will spiritualize and exalted Redeemer, confirm in

your affections.

It is this will you a most certain belief, that there mortify your corruption, and cause is a kingdom to come. Be sure to

you to say with truth while on look upon it as God's free gift in earth,

our conversation is in Jesus Christ; and then contemplate heaven." Amen. the sublime and spiritual happiness it

proposes to you.


" lay hold

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