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The duty we owe to those who and reward their servants for well have spent their best years in our doing. Kind expressions quicken service, and have faithfully dis- ingenuous minds to diligence and charged the trust confided in them, attention; encouragement thereby a conscientious fulfilment of the fore ought to be given to servants duties of their station, has not, I on this principle. Further, when fear, been sufficiently considered a servant hath laid out his whole by those, who have been, I feel I time and strength in his master's may say, favoured, with servants service, and made it his study to of this exemplary description. consult his interest, the master is

Such servants are too often left bound by the ties of justice and in advancing age and declining gratitude, where there is a sufficient strength, to the aid which a parish fortune, to remember such a faithsettlement affords, and which is, ful servant in the decline of life. of necessity, very limited in its And the cases of sickness, or accinature and amount. I wish to im- dental loss of limbs in service, press upon your readers the im

which disable from labour, and are portance of the duty they owe to sometimes even more calamitous this deserving class of persons,

than the infirmities of old


call that in drawing up their wills, for equal compassion. A Christian they take care that their situation master will consider how much be properly regarded, by making others have lost by the dishonesty a comfortable provision for them of those about them; how muchi in their old age. Many instances trouble, anxiety, and vexation of neglect amounting to direct in- they have suffered, whilst he has justice have come before me, even committed with


and from those who have made a high confidence, his affairs into the profession not merely of integrity, hands of a good and faithful serbut of religion, and from whom vant, and has received no damage. better things might have been ex- How much of his comfort in this pected. In the present day, when life has been owing to this material many complain of the conduct of

circumstance! Where then would their servants, I wish we may all be be his Christian love, his genewilling to inquire whether the fault rosity, or his humanity, if he did be not partly our own; and am not take pleasure in shewing kindanxious that those who keep ser- ness in return.' yants may not increase the evil by The benevolent provision in the omitting any duty towards them. Jewish law, even for Slaves, (Deut.

The following passage from the xv. 12–15.) is a lesson we shall Rev. Henry Venn's Coinplete do well to study--but above all, Duty of Man; or, a System of to remember the binding vature of Doctrinal and Practical Christian- that divine injunction, “ Therefore ity,' Sunday 29, chap. 29, is so all things whatsoever ye would appropriate, that I make no apo- that men should do to you, do ує logy for the quotation.*

even so to them, for this is the law *The last duty of masters, which and the prophets.” (Matt. vii. 12.) I shall mention is, to encourage

B. * I wish this book were universally read Birmingham, 1834. and studied.





there are,

DEARLY BELOVED-You have no “ Faith, once delivered to the doubt heard a rumour of sad im- Saints.” Surely the Church Estaport, which has gone through the blishment is the richest legacy land, that “THE CHURCH IS IN bequeathed to us by our pious DANGER;' and you have heard, forefathers; and we are bound, I should hope, with heavy hearts, God helping us, to hand it down and no little surprise, that there unimpaired to our children's chilare those, who look with evil eye dren.

beloved and venerated And, though for wise purposes Establishment. Yet, so it is : the Almighty may for a season see some, from sincere but mistaken

fit to subject our Zion to the furviews: hers, and by far the nace of affliction, it is not, we greater part, from a reckless love believe, with the design to conof change, a dislike to whatever is sume, but to purify her.

We vensauctioned by age and authority- ture to hope, that the mandate has and not, perhaps, without a selfish gone forth, “ Destroy her not, for desire to share in the spoil -- are a blessing is in her ;” and that, bent on pulling down this goodly instead of her foes triumphing in fabric, and severing the Church her fall, and saying, “There, there, from the State, and the Altar from so would we have it,' she will be the Throne; that union, which has seen rising with fresh grace and so happily subsisted for centuries, beauty, with defects repaired, and and in which each has been to the blemishes removed, (that such other a help meet and support. It

we freely admit and is painful, but at the saine time deeply deplore) and be thereby curious, to observe, how men of rendered

competent than opposite cpinions in other points, ever, to do the Lord's work. Thus men of all creeds, and men of no will good come out of evil; and creeds, can forget their respective the threatening storm will but clear differences, for the purpose of the atmosphere, and brighten her overthrowing the Established prospects; and the trials of our Church, and join in one loud un- National Church, so far from being hallowed cry, • Down with it, tokens of God's wrath, will be down with it, even to the ground.' evidences of his love, the forerun

But, dearly beloved, though ners, perhaps, of more extensive there are

fightings without and usefulness, and of larger blessings. fears within,' I humbly trust, He, who has hitherto helped us, through Divine mercythat mercy,

will not now forsake this portion so little deserve, but of his visible Church on earth, but which has so often succoured us in will preserve her still to be a nurthe hour of need - such aspiring sery of truth at home, an instructand unreasonable hopes will meet ress of nations abroad, and a pata signal failure ; and that the tern of godliness to all the world. Church of England, with the We are encouraged to entertan Sovereign as her Earthly Head, this hope, because we discern such with the Bishops as her consecrat- cheering manifestations on every ed Guardians, and the Parochial side. He must be a very inattenClergy as her accredited Expound- tive observer of what has been ers of God's word, will still stand going on in the church during the pre-eminent as a' bulwark of the last twenty years, who is not struck


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which we



THE REV. E. WARD'S TWENTY-FIFTH ANNUAL ADDRESS. with the great increase of vital First, we may well glory in the godliness in the clergy. It is, in- founders of our church, those wise, deed, a ground of joy and hope, and learned, and holy men, who that the Lord has raised up in her reformed her from the idolatry and so many faithful ministers, whose superstitions of popery. hearts yearn to make known the were men of prayer, and of deep unsearchable riches of Christ; who experience in the things of God. seek not the fleece, but the flock; What they taught, they practised and who would still preach the in their lives, and many of them truth as it is in Jesus, though the sealed their testimony with their people should give them stones in blood. Such 'were the Cranmers, stead of bread. Such a revival we and the Latimers, and the Ridleys, cannot but regard as a token for to whom, under God, we owe our good!

apostolic doctrines, and our orthoNor can we forbear to bless God dox formularies; and though dead, for having put it into the heart of they yet speak. They point to us our noble King, to express his de- the only way, in which their afflicted voted attachment to the Esta consciences were relieved, and their blished Church, in the following souls received comfort, and direct manly and decided terms :

us to the cross of Christ; and, if • I cannot forget the course of ever men served the Lord Jesus events, that placed my family on Christ in sincerity and truth, and the throne which I now fill. It counted all the comforts of life, was in the defence of the religion and even life itself, as nothing, of the country; and that religion, when compared with Him, it was the Church of England and Ire- these martyrs and confessors of the land, it is my fixed purpose, de- Church of England. None but termination, and -resolution, to Christ, none but Christ,' were the maintain. While I know, there is very words of one of them at the no earthly power that can call me stake, and, 'none but Christ,' was to account, this only makes me in substance the confession of them the more deeply sensible of the all, when brought before their unresponsibility, under which I stand righteous judges, or when conto that Almighty Being, before signed to the flames. whom we must all one day appear.

Next, we may glory, as churchWhen that day shall come, you

men, in that incomparable Liturgy will know, whether I am sincere or Form of Prayer, which these in the declaration I now make, of sainted men compiled for our use. firm attachment to the church, and So comprehensive is it,' says a resolution to maintain it. The late divine, *

" that the wisest may words which you hear from me, exercise their knowledge and deare indeed spoken by my mouth, votion; and yet so plain, that the but they flow from my heart.' most ignorant may pray with un

These are, truly, the sentiments derstanding; so full, that nothing and the language of a nursing fa- is left out, which is fit to be asked ther of the church ! and what mem- in public; and so particular, that ber of the church shall read or it comprises most things, which we hear them, and not feel his bosom would ask in private : its doctrines glow with love and loyalty, and are pure and primitive; its cerecry with heart and voice, • God monies few and simple ; its lansave the King! Long live the guage familiar, but significant ; King! May the King live for ever!' most of the words and phrases

But let us inquire for a moment, being taken out of the scripture what it is we have to glory in, as churchmen:

* Dr. Comber.

5.1 THE REV. E. WARD'S TWENTY-FIFTH ANNUAL ADDRESS. itself, or borrowed from the first works. But mark well the meanand purest ages: so that he, who ing of the word justified, in each takes exception at these, must of these passages ; Christ and quarrel with the church in her best Christ alone justifies by his merit : and holiest days.'

faith justifies, as the hand which And what says another eminent, lays hold of Christ : and good and I rejoice to add, living divine,* works justify, as they manifest an (and long may he live, to adorn by interest in Christ's merit by a conhis life and doctrine that church sequent change of heart and life. he so dearly loves, and of which Are you deeply sensible, that he is so bright an ornament.) • The you are lost sinners, and are you Liturgy inspires a modest piety, a anxiously inquiring, how you can tender seriousness, a meek devo- be saved? We tell you frankly: tion, and a humble joy. The truth, nothing, nothing can save you but the whole truth, is brought forward a personal interest in the merits without fear, and it is brought of Christ. Do you ask, by what forward also without offence : all means you may obtain this blessing ? is temperate : all is candid: all is We answer, by faith : it is not by practical : all is peaceful: every working, but believing, that Christ word is spoken in love. I do not and all his riches will become say the Liturgy is. perfect, for it yours. Do you further want to is a human composition, and can- know, how your title to this blesnot therefore claim perfection : but sedness can be made evident to let the excellences of the Liturgy your own consciences, to

the be fairly weighed, and its blemishes world, and to the Church of God? will sink into nothing. Take for We reply, by works of faith, and instance, the prayers that are of- labours of love. By these you fered up on any Sabbath in all must be justified, or declared righplaces out of the establishment: teous, both now and at the day let them be written down; and of judgment. every expression sisted and cri- Since then, it is our favoured ticised as our Liturgy has been : lot to be members of a church and then compare them with the which is built upon the apostles prayers of our church: do this for

and prophets, Jesus Christ himself a year : and methinks there is

being the chief corner stone : since scarcely a man in the kingdom, her doctrines are so scriptural, that who would not fall down


bis some of the holiest men the world knees, and bless God for tlie ever saw, were content not only to Liturgy of the Established Church.' live by them, but to die for them :

And as to her doctrines, she since her services are so spiritual, distinctly maintains that, which that an eminent Dissenting divine* Luther terms the test of a standing ranked them foremost among uninor a falling church, “JUSTIFICA- spired compositions: since her conTION BY FAITH ALONE.' We stitution so admirably provides for

accounted righteous before the spiritual wants of all, God,' says the eleventh Article of the most destitute, appointing of our church, "only for the merit ministers in every quarter of the of our Lord and Saviour Jesus land to guide the young, to comChrist by faith, and not for our fort the sick, to console the aged, own merits or deservings.' True, and to bring all, by God's bleswe are in scripture at one time said sing, to agreement in the faith : to be justified by Christ : at ano- since these things are so, shall we ther, by faith : and at another by despair or doubt of the safety of




* Rev. C. Simeon,

Robert Hall,


our church ? No, dearly beloved, and rejoice over every sinner saved, let us be strong in the Lord, and whoever be the instrument, we quit ourselves like men: let us will love best, and cherish most, walk about our Zion, and go

round our own communion, and ardently about her, and tell the towers pray for its permanence and prosthereof, and mark well her bul- perity. Yes, let each of us in our warks, and set up her houses. Let closets, and in our families, daily us not fear what man can do unto humble ourselves in deep contri

Let us meet our foes fear- tion for our past neglect and misuse lessly, not however with carnal of our invaluable privileges, and weapons, or rendering railing for beseech Almighty God, that he railing : but by “ pureness, by

pureness, by would by his Holy Spirit, so direct knowledge, by long-suffering, by and guide the deliberations of our kindness, by love unfeigned, by the rulers, to the correcting what is word of truth, by the armour wrong, the supplying what is wantof righteousness on the right hand ing, and the preserving and perand on the left.” Thus shall we petuating whatever is excellent in best prove the excellence of our the church, that being sanctified church's principles, and perhaps and cleansed, it may become, draw from our adversaries the through grace, in all respects, acknowledgment of her heavenly glorious church, not having spot or doctrines.

wrinkle or any such thing.' While we, in our turn, extend to I remain, dearly beloved, your all, of whatever denomination, who affectionate minister, and servant love the Lord Jesus Christ in sin- in Christ, cerity, the right hand of fellowship,


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I do set my bow in the cloud, and it shall be for a token of a covenant between me and

the earth.”—Gen. ix. 13.

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