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[ No. 8. ] AN ACT to make an appropriation for marking by monu

ments the places occupied by the Ninth, Tentb, Eleventh, Thirteenth, Twenty-first and Twenty-second Regiments of Infantry; the Second and Fourth Regiments of Cavalry, Batteries A and D, First Michigan Artillery, and the First Regiment Michigan Engineers and Mechanics, who participated in the campaigns and battles of Chickamauga and Chattanooga, within the National Military Park of Cbiokamauga and Chattanooga, and providing for the erection of the same.


Appropriation SECTION 1. The People of the State of Michigan enact, for erecting monuments on That the sum of twenty thousand dollars be and the same certain battle

is hereby appropriated from any moneys in the State treas. fields,

ury not otherwise appropriated, for the purpose of erecting monuments to mark the places occupied on the battle-fields of Chickamauga, Chattanooga and Missionary Ridge by the Ninth, Tenth, Eleventh, Thirteenth, Twenty-first, Twentysecond Regiments of Michigan Infantry; the Second and Fourth Michigan Cavalry, the First Michigan Engineers and Mechanics, and Batteries A and D, First Michigan Artillery. Said sum to be expended under the supervision of the Chickamauga and Chattanooga Military Park Commission, created by act number fifty-five, public acts of eighteen hundred ninety-three, who sball receive no pay for their services, except for necessary and actual expense and clerk

hire, while engaged in their duties. Commission

SEC. 2. The said commission shall at once, after the shall proceed at

passage of this act, proceed to carry the same into effect. They shall determine the design and number of monuments to be erected us contemplated in this act with all conven

ient speed. The actual expenses of said commission sball appropriation,

be paid out of the fund bereby appropriated, and they shall

report to the Governor of the State of Michigan imme. shall make full

diately upon the fulfillment of their duties in detail, makGovernor, ing an abstract of expenditures with vouchers thereto, with

all acts done or made by them, together with information as gathered from their observation and pertinent in its relation thereto, shall be embraced in their report as the [commission commissioner shall think proper.

SEC. 3. The Auditor General of the State shall add to and incorporate in the State tax for the year one thou. sand eight hundred ninety-five, the sum of twenty thousand dollars to be apportioned, levied, assessed and collected, which sum when collected shall be placed to the credit of the general fund to reimburse said fund, for the amount appropriated by section one of this act. This act is ordered to take immediate effect. Approved February 26, 1895.

Expenses to be paid from


report to the

Auditor General shall incorporate appropriation In State tax,

[ No. 9. ] AN ACT to require street railway companies operating

electric cars, cable or other cars propelled by steam, cable or electricity, to protect certain of their employes from the inclemency of the weather during certain months of the year.


SECTION 1. The People of the State of Michigan enact, Employés That from and after the first day of January in the year to be protected of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and ninety-six, from November it shall be unlawful for any person, partnership or corpo- to April. ration, owning or operating a street railway in this State, or for any officer or agent thereof, superintendent or having charge or control of the management of such line of rail. way, or the cars thereof, operating electric, cable or other cars propelled either by steam, cable or electricity, which require the constant services, care or attention of any person or persons upon the platforms of such car, to require or permit such services, attention or care of any of its employes or any other person or persons between the first day of November and the first day of April thereafter of each year unless such person, partnership or corporation, its said officers or superintending or managing agents, have first provided the platforms of said car cars with a What enclosure proper and sufficient enclosure, constructed of wood, iron to be made of. and glass, or similar, suitable material, sufficient to protect such employes from exposure to the winds and inclemencies of the weather: Provided, That such enclosure shall be so Proviso. constructed as not to obstruct the vision of the person operating such car, or to endanger or interfere with its safe management by the operator.

Sec. 2.. From and after January first, in the year of our Unlawful to use Lord, one thousand

eight hundred and ninety-six, it cars cont propte sball be unlawful for any such person, partnership or corporation so owning or operating street railways, using steam, electric or cable cars, any superin tending or managing officer or agent thereof, to cause or permit to be used upon such line of railway, between said November first and April first of each and every year thereafter, any car or cars upon which the services of any employe, such as is specified in section one of this act, is required, unless said car or cars shall be provided with the enclosure required by section one of this act.

SEO. 3. Any person, partnership or corporation, owning, Violation of act operating, superintending or managing any such line of a misdemeanor? street railway, or managing or superintending officer or agent thereof, who shall be found guilty of a violation of the provisions of section one or two of this act, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction thereof sball Penalty. be punished by a fine of not less than fifty dollars nor more than one hundred dollars, and in default of payment

erly constructed,


of the same, by imprisonment in the common jail of the county in which such conviction is bad until such fine shall be paid, but for a period not exceeding the term of three months. Each day that any of said person or persons, partnership or corporation, cause or permit any of their said employes to operate such cars in violation of the provisions of sections one and two of this act, or cause or permit cars to be used or operated in violation of said

section two of this act, shall be deemed a separate offense: Proviso as to Provided, That the provisions of this act shall not apply tralling cars.

to cars used and known as trailing cars. Prosecuting SEC. 4. It is hereby made the duty of the prosecuting attorney to pros

attorney of any county in which any such street railway is situated and operated, upon any information given him by any credible person, or upon knowledge that he may possess that any person, partnership or corporation bas violated any of the provisions of this act, to promptly progecute such person, members of such partnership or corporation for such violation.

Approved February 26, 1895.


| 105 122

[ No. 10. ] 108 4 AN ACT to establish a board of health for the city of


Board to consist of four members,

SECTION 1. The People of the State of Michigan enact, That the board of bealth of the city of Detroit, from and after the first day of March, one thousand eight hundred and ninety-five, shall consist of four members who shall be electors and freeholders in the city of Detroit, and who shall

be appointed by the Governor by and with the advice and Oath of office. consent of the Senate. They shall take and file with the

Secretary of State, the oath of office prescribed for State officers, and their commission shall be issued by the Sec

retary of State and be signed by the Governor, the same Two to be as in the case of State officers. Two of them and no more, graduates in

shall be graduates in medicine of at least five years prac. When to be tice in the city of Detroit. On or before the first day of

Marcb, one thousand eight hundred and ninety-five, or as soon thereafter as may be, one member of the said board sball be appointed to hold office one year, one member to hold office for two years, one member to hold office for three years and one member to hold office for four years and until their successors are appointed and qualified. The term of office of each member of the board, after the termination of the aforesaid terms, shall be four years, and on

the expiration of any term a new appointment shall be Vacancies how made in the same manner above prescribed. Any vacancy filled.

occurring by reason of the expiration of any term, when


appointed and term of office.

power to remove.

duties of health

by law.

105 122

the Senate is not in session, and any vacancy occurring dur-
ing the term of any member, shall be filled by appoint-
ment of the Governor, and the member so appointed shall
hold office until bis successor shall be appointed in man-
ner aforesaid. Any or all members of this board may be Governor has
removed at any time by the Governor.

SEC. 2. The said board sball appoint one of its own num - Board shall
ber president, and it shall appoint a secretary, and a health appoint prest
officer who shall be a graduate in medicine of at least ten and health
years practice. The health officer shall receive a salary not
exceeding, five thousand dollars a year. The health officer salary and
sball hold office during the pleasure of the board. The
bealth officer shall have authority to appoint and dismiss
all subordinates and employés. He sball devote bis whole
time to the sanitary condition of the city and the perform-
ance of such duties as may be required by the board or

SEC. 3. It shall be the duty of the said board, on or before Board to file the first day of March in the year one thousand eight estimate of ba? hundred and ninety-five, and on or before the fifteenth penges for next day of February in each following year to file with the Year. city controller an estimate of the amount of money which, in the opinion of said board, will be required for all purposes of expenditures by said board, during the next fiscal year, and such sums, so estimated, when raised as provided by this act, shall be appropriated by said board for the prevention of danger to the public health or other purposes contemplated by this act. In the presence of great and imminent peril to the public health by reason os ceas or approof impending pestilence, the said board may report to the priation. common council that in its judgment the security of the public health requires the expenditure of moneys in the then fiscal year in excess of the annual appropriation for the purposes of said board as above provided, and the com. mon council may thereupon cause to be placed to the credit of said board such sum of money as may be required in the judgment of the council, such sum to be taken either from the contingent fund or the same may be raised by temporary loan, payable within such time as the council may determine, not exceeding three years, and not exceed- Limit of such ing in all the sum of one bundred thousand dollars. money so raised or borrowed shall be paid into the city How such money treasury and shall constitute a fund to be known as the pald out. "Public health fund,” and the same shall be paid out on vouchers approved by the board of health and checks signed by the president and secretary of the board, drawn upon the city controller, who shall draw his warrant upon the city treasurer in favor of the person named as drawee in said check.

SEC. 4. The acts entitled “An act to provide for the Acts repealed establishment of a board of health for the city of Detroit," approved May twenty-sixth, one thousand eight hundred and eighty-one, and "An act to provide for and confirm the

a When board may

The money.

Removal of nuisances.

board of health for the city of Detroit, and describe its powers and duties," approved May twenty-fifth, one thousand eight hundred and ninety-three, are hereby repealed, and all offices provided for by said acts are bereby abolished, and the terms of office of the present officers, clerks and appointees of said board shall expire and their offices

be declared vacant, upon the passage of this act. Board provided SEC. 5. Immediately upon the appointment of the board have all property of health provided for by this act, the present board of of predecessor. bealth shall turn over to it all the property, records and

offices, hospitals and assets of every name or nature now in its possession or control. And the board bereby constituted shall assume and pay all lawful claims and liabil. ities existing at the time of the passage of this act against

the existing board of health of said city. Health officer to SEC. 6. The health officer shall have the power to call of police in on upon the city attorney, police department or any of the forcing orders. city officials to enforce the orders of the bealth department,

whenever the regular forces of that department are inadequate. Regulation of

SEC. 7. The board of health shall have power to make Infected places orders and regulations concerning intercourse with infected of contagious places, the apprehension, separation and treatment of perdiseases.

sons who shall have been exposed to any infectious or contagious disease; the suppression or removal of nuisances and all such other orders and regulations as they sball think necessary and proper for the preservation of public health, also to enter upon or within any place or premises, where

conditions dangerous the public health are known,' or Examination of believed to exist, and by appointed members or persons to contagious dis inspect and examine the same for the protection of life and eases exist. health and for no other purposes; and all owners, agents

and occupants shall permit and facilitate such sanitary examinations, and it shall be the duty of said board of health to furnish such owners or occupants a written statement of results or conclusions of such examination. To regulate and prohibit or prevent all communications or intercourse with all houses, tenements and places and the persons occupying the same, in which there shall be any

person who shall have been exposed to any infectious or Public notice to contagious disease, and to give publio notice and warning Intected places. of infected places to travelers and other persons by pla

cards or by displaying colored flags at proper distances and by all other means which in their judgment shall be most effectual for the common safety.

SEC. 8. It shall have power and it shall be its duty to causes injurious receive and examine into the nature of complaints, made to health, by any of the inbabitants of said city concerning causes

of danger or injury to the public health, within the limits

of its jurisdiction; to report to the State Board of Health health concern.

promptly facts which relate to infectious and epidemic dis

eases within their jurisdiction, to require such isolation and and infectious diseases. quarantining of persons, vessels and sources of infection as Quarantining. shall be in its judgment necessary; to release after an exam

To examine com

To report to
State board of

ing epidemic

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