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Brighton, Undine Spring. — About three hundred and fifty feet north from Appleton Road and six hundred feet west from Lake Street. Stoned and cemented reservoir, with plank top about eight by five feet; water three feet deep, and rises nearly or quite to the level of the ground; surface water excluded; said to overflow all the year round. Hard gravelly soil. Ground water flows north. . The spring is ne:ır the northerly base of a grass-covered hill, not used as a pasture. House, with stable, hen yards, pig-pen and wellmanured garden, two hundred and twenty-five feet south-west from spring on hill side. Exposed privy vault three hundred feet south south-west. A few other houses across Appleton Road. Water sold in Boston.

Methuen, Crystal Spring. - In gravelly soil, bricked up to exclude surface water. House and barn three hundred feet distant, and ten to fifteen feet higher than the spring. Two other houses six hundred to nine hundred feet distant.

Brochton, Granite Rock Spring. - On west slope of Carey Hill. Stoned and cemented reservoir, eight by nine feet and five feet deep. Water enters below, through granite ledge; said to overflow all the year round; covered by house ; surface water excluded. Gravelly soil ; drainage from east. Fields grassed or covered with wild growth. House with vault and hen house one hundred and seventy-five feet up the slope, south-east. Other houses, with barn and manure hear, five hundred to six hundred feet distant, towards the east. Water sold in Brockton and Campello.

Lowell, Hygeia Spring. – In gravelly soil, near foot of wooded ridge. There is some cultivated ground within four hundred to five hundred feet, but the slope is not toward the spring. No houses in the vicinity.

Springfield, Ingersoll Grove Spring. Flows from east end of a shallow run one hundred feet south from Dartmouth Terrace, several hundred feet west from St. James Avenue. Water is said to collect in a small reservoir concealed in the side of the hill. Overflows through iron pipe. Drainage area is grassed to the streets, eighty to one hundred and twenty feet on north, east and south sides. Sewer in Dartmouth Terrace, about one hundred feet north. Barn one hundred and eighty feet south-east. General direction of drainage is west. It is said there are no cesspools near. Sold largely in Springfield.

in grass.

Methuen, Burnham Spring. – Just over the Lawrence line. House and stable two hundred to three hundred feet away, and higher. Other houses one thousand feet away, and bigher, on the other side of a sand ridge. Land partly under cultivation and partly

Water sold in Lawrence. Lawrence, Stevens Spring. - On northerly side of Wendell Street; is dug out through the black soil of the meadow to sand, and sheet piling put in around it. The spring is in a low vacant lot, with no houses within eighty or one hundred feet; but the land outside of the lot is thickly built up in all directions. One house, one hundred feet distant, on the opposite side of the street, and one house, one hundred feet distant, on the same side. The street is four or five feet higher than the spring. Houses on Archer Street, two hundred feet northerly, are a little lower than the spring Cemeteries on the bill to the west, over six hundred feet away.

Dracut, Thisselsia Mineral Spring. — About a quarter of a mile north from the corner of Hildreth and Pleasant streets. Stoned reservoir, four feet in diameter and ten feet deep; depth of water five feet, which comes up through sandy bottom; said to overflow all the year round; covered by small house ; surface water excluded. Ground water flows south-west. The spring is in a grassed field ; no top-dressing used for several years. One cow is pastured in the field. A cluster of six or eight houses, four hundred to five hundredd feet away, and twenty to twenty-five feet higher. Water sold in Lowell.

Lawrence, K’nowles Crystal (Diamond) Spring. - In a sandy gravel bank, stoned up. House and stable about one hundred and fifty feet distant, and thirty feet higher. Water sold in Lawrence.

West Lynn, Lovers' Leap Spring. — Under sidewalk of Lovers' Leap Avenue, about one hundred and twenty feet above Forest Street. A bricked and cemented basin, six feet under highway, and a few feet in depth. Water enters at bottom and is carried one hundred and ten feet in an iron pipe to bottling house, corner of Lovers' Leap Avenue and Forest Street. General direction of drainage is east, toward Forest Street. Ledges or low hills on all sides except east. Nearest privy is one hundred and sixty-five feet porth-east, stoved sides, earth bottom. Exposed manure heap one hundred feet north. The hillside on the north is occupied by farm buildings. Several more privies on hillside above, within one thousand feet of spring, north-west to south-west. Sold in Lynn; also bottled.

Stoneham, Chapman's Crystal Mineral Spring. — About five hundred feet north from R. B. Chapman's house on Spring Street. A cemented well, two feet eight inches wide and seven and one-half feet deep ; water is three feet below surface of the ground, and is said to overflow all the year round. Covered by a small house ; surface water excluded. Drainage is from the south-east, south and south-west. The well is at the north base of a gravelly hill; pasturing near the spring. Fields on summit of the hill are grassed and used for pasture to a slight extent. Nearest considerable sources of contamination are very large hen yards and stable two hundred and seventy-five feet south from spring on the hill; manure heap three hundred and fifty feet south. A few other hen yards and manure heaps near these. Water sold in Malden, Melrose, Medford, Boston, etc.

Lexington, Commonwealth Mineral Spring. – On the estate of A. Jameson, about two thousand feet north-east from corner of Woburn and North streets. Reservoir with stone sides, five feet in diameter and seven feet deep. Water rises through gravel bottom and stands three feet deep in reservoir, nearly to the level of the surrounding ground; said to overflow all the year round. Covered by house; surface water excluded. Glass and blocktin pipe to iron pump. The spring is in a grassed meadow basin, among low hills. The soil is black and peaty on top, gravelly below. Drainage is south-east, into Clematis Brook, whose head waters are said to rise in this basin. No top-dressing on drainage area within six hundred feet for several years. Lime sludge from bottling establishment is dumped thirty-five feet east and slightly higher than the spring. Swamp one hundred and seventy-five feet north, just beyond a ditch whose surface is about on a level with the spring overflow. Nearest house is that of the proprietor, nine bundred to one thousand feet south-west. All manure of every kind goes into a barn cellar ten feet deep, with earth bottom. This is on the drainage area. A few other farms on the drainage area between one thousand and two thousand feet from the spring. Water sold in Boston, Cambridge, Waltham, etc.; also used in bottling.

Lowell, Leland Mineral Spring. - A few hundred feet north-east from the corner of Beech and Sixth streets, a few feet below Fremont Street, Centralville, Lowell. Dug well, thirty-five feet deep,

covered by small house ; surface water excluded. Said to be never dry. Ground water flows west. Several houses and a few gardens on the long bill above the spring, within a few hundred feet. The houses just across Fremont Street are connected with an iron sewer in that street. The city low-service distributing reservoir is about five hundred feet above the spring. This is the old Lowell Water-cure Spring. Water sold in Lowell.

Brockton, Union Spring. – About five hundred feet south-east from Howard Street and a few feet north-east from Montello Street. Reservoir with planked sides, five by six feet and four feet deep. Water, two feet deep, rises nearly to level of the ground; said to overflow all the year round. Covered by a small house ; surface water not completely excluded ; a little road wash might enter. Gravelly soil. Well is near the north-east base of a low bill, grass-covered. Nearest source of contamination a cesspool, three hundred and ten feet south-west from spring, on the hillside directly above it. Several more sources of contamination on drainage area within a few hundred feet more. Water sold in Brockton and Campello.

Brockton, Crystal Spring. — Four hundred feet south-west from house of Martin Packard, Pleasant Street, near corner of Pearl Street, Brockton Heights. Stoned and cemented reservoir five by seven feet and four feet deep. Depth of water three feet; said to overflow all the year round. Covered by plank staging ; surface water excluded. Water rises in bottom of well through underlying rock. Ground water flows from north-east and east. Drainage area is covered by wild shrubs and trees for two hundred and fifty feet about the spring. Nearest source of contamination is a manure heap, three hundred and seventy-five feet east. Two houses with privy vaults and barns five hundred to eight hundred feet distant from spring. Water sold in Brockton.

Ererelt, Partridge Spring. – A few hundred feet north-west of the corner of Chelsea and Ferry streets, about one hundred and thirty feet above Chelsea Street. Well is seventeen feet deep in grassed orchard, in a small wooden building. Drainage is south, toward low meadows. Cemented wooden privy vault thirty-six feet west ; sink cesspool, ten feet deep, sixty feet south-east; covered manure heap seventyfive feet north-west; water-closet cesspool at next house, about one hundred and fifty feet south-west ; several others west to north-east, within six hundred feet.

Everelt, Everelt Crystal Spring. At north-west corner of Chelsea and Ferry streets, close to Chelsea Street side-walk. Well twelve feet in diameter and twenty feet deep, in frame house. Overtlow into low meadows south of Chelsea Street. Drainage is south towards these meadows. Several wells north on Cottage Street were lowered when this well was dug, eight or ten years ago. The well at one house on Cottage Street, about thirty feet deep and two hundred and eighty-five feet north of the spring, was changed into a cesspool several years ago. Grassed field between the spring and nearest water-closet cesspool. The latter is two hundred and fifty feet north of the spring well, and is not cemented. Several others on Cottage Street near by.

Swampscott, Swampscott Mineral Spring. - One hundred and fifty feet from Essex Street, and about one thousand feet east from corner of Essex Street and Beach Avenue ; about six hundred feet north from Moose Hill Spring. The water comes from a driven well sixty feet deep, and runs continually from this through several feet of iron pipe into the spring house south-west. There it runs into a reservoir about five by nine feet, with two and one-half feet depth of water. This reservoir has plank sides and cement bottom; surface water excluded. Considerable dirt and a little green growth on the bottom of the reservoir. Water rises in the well to nearly the level of the surrounding ground, and overflows all the year round. The lower end of the well pipe is in clay. The ground water comes chiefly from the north or north-east. There is a low hill west, separated from the well by a small meadow and a ditch. The well is in a grassed field. The nearest source of contamination is a stable with a manure heap, fifty feet north-east. There is another about the same distance north-west.

There are many · houses on the drainage area within a few hundred feet. Water sold only in Lynn.

Everett, Belmont Hill Spring. — About one hundred and twenty feet north-west of Bradford Street, Everett, and about six hundred feet, west of corner of Hancock. The water rises nearly to the level of the surrounding land in two wells, eight feet in diameter and four feet deep; gravel bottom and stone sides ; surface water excluded. The spring is in cultivated land. The nearest cesspool is about one hundred and fifty feet up the hill, i. e., towards Hancock Street; there are several more within a few hundred feet. Several

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