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To form the female mind to wisdom, piety, and virtue, and consequently to utility and happiness, is an object which, from the peculiar circumstances attending it, an instructor of the rising generation, or a contributor to the useful pleasures of more mature age, ought particularly to devote his talents and his time.

The youth of the other sex have within their power every mean and opportunity of improvement, and happy it is for the world that so many laudable exertions are made to promote their present and eternal welfare ; although it is to be deeply lamented, that from human depravity and vicious example, there are some who do not profit by the instruction and advice with which the kind providence of God has favoured them.

It is an axiom universally acknowledged, that early impressions have a direct tendency in forming the future character; and it is equally true, that the actions resulting from those impressions will have a beauty or deformity, as the ideas which have been inculcated have been good or evil : illustrating that divine maxim, Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it. Experience indeed has furnished many melancholy exceptions, which have

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