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Printed for G. Kearsley, Heet &
Street _ 1783.

Price Half a Crown Sewed.





ISTORY records, that an indigent Perfian, having nothing of value to offer his Emperor, befought the mighty Chief to accept a cup of fpring-water, fresh drawn from the fountain by which he paffed. The loyalty and affection of the tribute rendered it fuperior to a fumptuous compliment. I flatter myself,


the patronage of this felection will not difgrace you more, than the condefcenfion of the Prince affected his greatness. I prefent it to you, as a grateful return for the many happy and beneficial moments I havé paffed in attending to your comments on the juft merits of its diftinguished author; and have the honour to remain, with the highest refpect, lodw

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MADAM,duq goisonsg

Your moft fincerely devoted fervant,

d'hall edi bangoaried clodw

The Compiler.

2007 Lobosgoul ody wi GH Wadlord Ashis

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egged vorm er, x

beling, svud Laans om korend bus ALEXANDER POPE, Efq.ri bedtisgnifib

THE very fublime and diftinguished Poet, from whofe works the following felection is, contpiled, was born in London, June the 8th, 1688; where his father was then a confiderable merchant. To the fatires made upon him, we are obliged for his genealogy, published by himself, wherein he ac quaints his controverfial enemies, that the Earl of a Downe in Ireland was the head, of his family, whofe heir married the Earl of Lindfey. His mother was Editha, daughter of W. Turner, Efq. of York, who fucceeded to the remaining eftate of her eldeft brother. Her ancestors, like thofe of her hufband, profeffed the Popish religion. Mr. Pope, at eight years of age, was put under the direction of one Taverner, a prieft, who taught him the ru diments of the Latin and Greek tongues together. When a child, he took a fingular pleasure in compofing rhymes, and appeared animated with the Vis Poetica from his firft infancy. Ogilby's. Homer

a 2

* Biograph. Britan

u. 5. folio edit.

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