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IX. From a young Lady to a Gentleman that courted.

her, whom she could not like, but was forced by her

Parents to receive his Visits, and think of none else-

for her Husband.

.no i 102.

X. From a young Lady to á Gentleman who courts

her, and whom she suspects of Infidelity


XI. From a Gentleman engaged to a Lady, who had

been seen talking to another, in Answer to the fore-


Xil. From a Gentleman to a Lady, whom he accuses

of Inconstancy.


XIII. From a Lady to her Lover, who suspected his

of receiving the Addresses of another. In Answer to

the above


XIV. From a young Tradesman to a Lady he had seen

in public


XV. From a Relation of the Lady, in Answer to the



XVI. From a Lover who had Carire of Displeasure,

and determines never to see the Lady again ib.

XVII. From a young Lady to her Father, acquainting

him with the Addresses of a young Tradesman 108

XVIII, Her Father's Answer, on a Supposition that he

: does not approve of the young Man's Addresses 109

XIX. The Father's Answer, on a Supposition that he

does approve of the young Man's Addresses 110

XX. A modest Lover defiring an Aune's Favour to him
for her Niece


XXI. The_Aunt's Answer, supposing the Gentleman

deserves Encouragement

XXII. From a respectful Lover to his Mistress 112

XXIII. The Answer


XXIV. A Gentleman tó a Lady, profeffing an Aver-

fion to the tedious Formality in Courtship ib..

XXV. The Lady's Answer, encouraging a farther


• 114,

XXVI. The Gentleman's Reply, more openly declaring.

his Passion . '

XXVII, The Lady's Answer to his Reply, putting the

Matter on a sudden Iflue


XXVIII. A facetious young Lady to her Aunt, ridi-

culing her serious Lover:


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XXIX: Her Aunt's Answer, rebuking her ludicrous

Turn of Mind


XXX. A Sailor to his Sweetheart .


XXXI. Her Answer

XXXII. Miss Molly Smith to her Coufin, giving her

an Account of a very remarkable Instance of Envy,

in one of her Acquaintance who lived in the City of

York m

! ?' ; : 121

XXXIII. From an unknown Lady to a young Gen-

tleman, on whom she had unfortunately hxed her Afo



XXXIV. From the same Lady to the fame Gentleman,

on his exposing and making public the foregoing 124

XXXV. Lydia to Harriot, a Lady newly married 125

XXXVI. Harrior's Answer to the above


XXXVII. To my Lady Lucy Sidney, upon the Mar-

riage of my Lady Dorothy to my Lord Spencer 128

XXXVIII. A Letter from Lady Wortley Montague

against a Maxim of Mons. Róche faucault's, " That

Marriages are conyenient, but never delightful.” 129 -



...&c, in many Concerns in Life..

I. A Letter from Judge Hale, Lord Chief Justice of

England, to his Children; on the serious Observance

of the Lord's Day, (commonly called Sunday) when

he was on a Journey


II. Earl of Stafford to his Son, just before his Lord-

fhip's Execution. in


III. Proin a Gentleman at Lisbon, immediately after

the Earthquakę, to his Son in London in 139

IV. To Amelia, with a Gold Thimble : 140

V. On the Vicillitudes of human Life is :: 141

VI. From a Father to his Son, on his Admission into

the University


VII. To Demetrius, with a Present of Fruit, on early


: : 144

VIII. To Lucinday on the Happiness of a donaeftic

Matrimonial Life

: : į 146

IX. To Cleanthes, on Friendship, Age, and Death 148

X. A Letter from Bishop Atterbury to his Son Oba-

Jiah, at Christchurch College, in Oxford : 157

XI. From a young Lady in one of the Canary Ifands,

to her Sister in England, whom she had never seen ;

containing a preffing Invitation to her to come over, .

and describing the Beauties of the Place in order 10

* prevail on her

XII, From Miss Middleton to Miss Pemberton, giving

her the melancholy Account of her Sister's Death 154

XIII. Miss Middleton's Letter to her sister, wrote a few

Hours before her Death, advising her not to defer

making the neceílary Preparations for Futurity: 156

XIV. A Letter to Miss W m , advising her to take .

Care of her Houle, &c. :...",

157 .

XV. From a fenfible Lady, with a never-failing

Receipt for a Beauty Wathi ; . 159

XVI. Domestic Rule, the Province of the Wife 161.

XVII. From a Lady to her Acquaintance on growing



XVIII. To a Lady who had lost her Beauty by the




ELEGANT. LETTERS on various Subjects, to improve

the STILE and entertain; the MIND, from eminent


I. From Mr. Gay, giving an Account of two Lovers

who were struck dead by the same Flath of Lighten-



II. A most charming, and affectionate Latter, universala .

Jy admired, written by Mr. Pope to the Bilhop of

Rochester, about a Month before his Banilhment 169-

1!1: To Lady , from Mr. Pope, on witty and

serious Letters -, Tit. Miri 172

IV. From Mr. Pope to the Hon. Mrs H . 17*

V. From.Mr. Pope to Mr. Steel, on Sickness and dy-

ing young

: 173

VI. The Parlour Looking-Glass to the beautiful Ange.


... 175.

VII. From Hortenfius, to his Friend. Palemon, giving

him an Account of his Happiness in Retirement 178

VIII, A Letter of Confolation on the Death of a Friend -



XXIX. Miss Vokes to Miss Paget

212 XXX. Miss Paget to Miss Vokęs, with a Description

of the dear Ball. A full and true Account of the Birth, Parentage and Execution, Life, Character and Behaviour of the Dancers'

- 213 XXXI. From Mifs Vokes to Miss Paget, not quite in

the usual Strain. XXXII. Miss Evelyn to Lady Evelyn, giving her an

Account of Mrs. Macnamara's Grandeur 221 XXXIII. The celebrated Mrs. Rowe to the Counters

of Hertford XXXIV. To Clitander, a melancholy. Valetudinarian

224 XXXV. To Ariftodemus

*226 To the Editor of the Complete Letter-Writer 227 XXXVI. Mr. Pope to Dean Swift.

, 229 XXXVII. To Lord Treasurer Oxford, on the Death

of his Daughter the Marchioness of Carmarthen, by Dean Swift

232 ·XXXVIIL From Sir Thomas Fitzosborne, on the Death ..of his Father, to his Friend Euphronius : 234

XXXIX. From Sir Thomas Fitzosborne to Philotes, : on the Loss of a Friend " A

236 XL. From the same. to Palamedes, against Visitors by Profession

237 XLI. Lady Jane Douglas to Lady Mary Menzies 238 XLII. Miss Paget to Miss Vokes, her Counsel to her

Friend, upon the Subject of unequal Matrimony 241 XLIII. Miss Vokes to Miss Paget *

242 POETICAL EPISTLE S. An Epiftle to Philander an eminent Tutor in the Capital

... .244 An Epistle from Arthur Grey, the Footman, to the

Object of his Defires, after his Condemnation for attempting a Rape

246 Forms of Meflages for Cards and Billets, &c. . 249

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