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28. At Stromnese, Henry Cruickshank, Esq. of 13. At Edinburgh, David Forrest, Esq. solicitor Hoy.

in the Supreme Courts. 30. Mary Roper Paton, youngest daughter of 14. At Edinburgh, Mrs Ross, widow of Hugh Mr John Paton, builder.

Ross, Esq. of Kerse. Suddenly, Robert Elliot, Esq. of Pinnacle- At Edinburgh, Mr John Murray, baker. hill.

15. At London, the Earl of Portmore, aged 78. 31. At the Hague, of apoplexy, the Earl of At Jersey, on the 15th inst. aged 15, of apoAtholne.

plexy, John Dumaresa, Esq. his Majesty's Attor- At Newbigging, Musselburgh, Captain John ney-General, and colonel of the 1st regiment of Thomson, late of the 69th regiment.

militia of that island. Nov. 1. At Altona, Mr H. W. Von Gustenberg, 16. At Edinburgh, Henrietta, youngest daughone of the veterans of the German Literature and ter of Sir Robert Dundas, Bart. Poetry, having nearly completed his 88th year. - At Kirkden, the Rev. William Milligan, mi

- At Inveresk, Mrs Taylor, wife of John Tay. nister of that parish, in the 90th year of his age, lor, Esq. of the Exchequer.

and 40th of his ministry. - At Glasgow, Mrs Kennedy, wife of James - At Dumbarton, Walter, youngest son of Mr Kennedy, Esq. M. D. physician.

Archibald Colquhoun, writer. - At Dumfries, Miss Margaret Lawrie, young- - At Smeaton, Lady Buchan Hepburn, widow er sister of the late General Sir Robert Lawrie of of Sir George Buchan Hepburn, Bart. one of the Maxwelton, Bart.

Barons of the Court of Exchequer in Scotland. - At Nith Bank, Walter Ritchie, Esq. late - At Glasgow, Mr Robert Watson, merchant, Lieutenant 11th Light Dragoons.

aged 39. 2. At Edinburgh, Mr George Wilson, writer. - At Balveny, Captain A. Cameron, late of

- At Edinburgh, Mr John Spence, solicitor in the Scots Brigade. the Supreme Courts of Scotland.

17. At Innergellie, Robert Lumsdaine, Esq. of 3. Ai 15, London Street, Edinburgh, Mr John Innergellie. Wright, merchant.

- At Hexham, Elizabeth, infant daughter of - At the Castlehill, Edinburgh, Mr Andrew the Rev. James Richardson, minister of the PresRochead, musical-instrument maker, in the 86th byterian Church there. year of his age.

- At Port Elliot, John Earl of St Germans. - At Edinburgh, Rebecca, second daughter of - At Methven Manse, the Rev. John Dowe, Mr William Boyd, W. S.

minister of that parish, in the 78th year of his age, - At Balbegno, in Kincardineshire, Mrs Ram- and 51st of his ministry. say, wife of Captain Thomas Ramsay, half-pay 18. At 14, George Street, Mrs Turner, former14th foot.

ly residing at Newbattle. - At Blackheath, General Sir Anthony Far- - At Åmmondale, a seat of his brother, the rington, Bart. D.C.L. commandant of the 1st bat. Right Hon. the Earl of Buchan,--the Right Hon. talion royal artillery, and director general of the Thomas Lord Erskine, K. T. third son of the defield train department, aged 83; he had been in ceased Henry David, Earl of Buchan, a Priry the army 68 years, and was the oldest officer in the Councillor and late Lord High Chancellor of Eng British service.

land. His Lordship is succeeded in his title and 4. At the Manse of Urquhart, Sarah Louisa, estates by the Hon. David Montague Erskine, his daughter of the Rev. William Smith of Petty. eldest son, late ambassador to the United States of

- At New Saughton, John Hope Watson, se- Ainerica. cond son of the deceased James Watson, Esq. of 19. At his house in Queen Street, George KinSaughton, aged 6 years.

near, Esq. banker in Edinburgh. At Edinburgh, Robina, youngest daughter - John Wilson, Esq of Cultershogle, merchant of Mr Alexander Douglas, W. S.

in Dundee. 5. At Edinburgh, Miss Jane Grant Simpson, 20. In Roxburgh Street, Robert, aged 23, third third daughter of John Simpson, Esq. late captain son of Mr Adam Anderson. in the 27th regiment of foot, formerly captain in - At his house, Hunter-Square, Mr John Ferthe Inverness-shire militia.

guson, clothier. - The Honourable Frederick Eden, eldest son - West Bank, Portobello, Alexander, fourth of Lord Henley.

son of Mr Alexander Guthrie, bookseller, Edin- At Kettle Manse, Fife, Helen Moncrieff, burgh. fifth daughter of the Rev. Dr Barclay.

21. At his house, Trinity Square, London, John - At London, in her 20th year, Mary, only Roebuck, Esq. daughter of the late Robert Hamilton, Esq. of 22. At Libberton, Mr Robert Johnstone, late Queenston, Upper Canada.

merchant, Port-Glasgow. - At Weymouth, Colonel Chichester, of Ar- 23. At Edinburgh, Mrs Marion Bell, wife of MT lington, Devonshire.

Andrew Steele, of Crosswoodhill, w.S. - At Berwick, suddenly, Mr Henry Richard- 24. In New Palace Yard, Westminster, Lonson, proprietor and printer of the Berwick Adver- don, Mrs Bankes, wife of the Hon. Member for tiser.

Corse Castle. - Ann White, wife of John Wigham, jun. - At Greenbank, near Glasgow, Mrs Jane Bruce Salisbury Road, Edinburgh.

wife of William Davidson Blair, Esq. 6. At Falkirk, Charles Mackintosh, Esq. in the 25. At Edinburgh, Mrs Isabella Cochrane, re28th year of his age.

lict of Mr James Taylor, Mound Place. 7. At Edinburgh, Niel Gow, son of Mr Na- At Edinburgh, Mary Rooke Geva, infant thaniel Gow, music-seller.

daughter of Sir James Riddel, Bart. - At Musselburgh, Jessy, youngest daughter At Edinburgh, Charles, youngest son of of Mr George Stuart, merchant there.

Charles Tawse, Esq. W. S. 10. At Belfast, the Rev. Josias Alexander, pas- 27. In Graham Street, Robert Barclay, only tor of the Reformed Presbyterian congregation son of Mr John Sim, accountant of the Bank of there, and teacher of mathematics in the Belfast Scotland. Academy:

Lately. At Petersburgh, the celebrated Stei- At Edinburgh, Anna, eldest daughter of belt. David George Sandeman, Esq. Springland.

He was the author of a great number of

musical compositions ; among which, is the fine Mrs Stewart of Alderstov.

opera of Romeo and Juliet. He had resided for Mr Charles Broughton, W. S. accountant in fiteen years in St Petersburgh, and acquired a Edinburgh.

large fortunc. 11. Robert Lorimer, Esq. of Holmhead, resi. - At London, Colonel Lyon, in his 50th year. ding at Kirkland, near Sanquhar.

He expired in the arms of his son, Captain Lyon, - At Kingsbarns, Mrs Moncriefl, widow of the Rev. David Moncrieff of Whitewells, minister of

of the Hecla, recently returned from the North

ern Expedition. Redgorton.

- At the Manse of Glammis, on the 93d ult. - At London, Lord Chief Baron Richards. Barbara, daughter of the Rev. James Lyon.

12. At Edinburgh, Mr William Sibbald, archi- - At Edinburgh, Miss Jean Baillie, 56, Queen tect and builder.


Printed by James Ballantyne and Co. Edinburgh.

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Dissertation on the leather bottle and the
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Blessington, Earl of, on his observations

review of, 427
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attacks on the Lord Chancellor, 202-On
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Pamphlets on Ireland, remarks on, 534 Blaquiere's Report on Greece, &c. 465_
Panaceas for Poverty, 635

On pamphlets on Ireland, 534_On mo-
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-On the Edinburgh Review's attack on
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-Sunday evening, 483.–The pewter Reviews, the Edinburgh and Quarterly,
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Rules respecting the evidence of miracles,
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618, 739

Mitigation of, remarks on, 441
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Publications, monthly list of new ones,

punch, 102
108, 537, 607, 732

Songs, English, remarks on, 4
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Question, the general, No. I. 332 Sources of the picturesque and beautiful,
Raeburn, Sir Henry, death of, 375

on the, 149
Rapp, General, review of Memoirs of, 39 Spain, Visit to, in 1822-23, review of, 163
Spanish affairs, on the present state of, and Traveller's week, a, 296
on the late campaign, 676.

Unknown grave, the, 59
Spring and Neat, an idyl on the battle Verses on a child playing, 268
between, 65

- to the memory of Robert Bloom-
Sulks, letter from a Contributor in the, 181 field, 353
Sunday evening, verses on, 483

- on Sunday evening, 483
Tales, Popular, of the Northern Nations, Vestiges of ancient manners and customs
review of, 293

discoverable in modern Italy and Sicily,
Tales by an unwilling author, review of, 254

Visitor, the parson's, 208
Tennant, Mr, review of his drama of Wallenstein, Coleridge's translation of, re-
Cardinal Beaton, 421

marks on, 377
Things in general, letter of Tickler on, 212 Walton's Complete Angler, review of, 473
Three Perils of Woman, by James Hogg, Well, the inhabited, 93
review of, 427

West Indian controversy, remarks on the,
Tickler, Timothy, letters of, to the Editor 437, 647

of Blackwood's Magazine, 80, 212, 308, Whig attacks on the Lord Chancellor, re-
312, 511, 695_-Remarks of, on the marks on the late, 203, 627
Glasgow dinner, 459_-Letter concerning Whig and Tory, 666

his last appearance in Maga, 572 Wiffen, J. H. review of his translation of
Time's whispering gallery, No. V.--Visit Garcilaso de la Vega's poems, 26

to the Leasowes, 262_No. VI. Milton Wilberforce, Mr, remarks on his conduct
at Chalfont, 255

regarding the African slave question,
Tories, the, a national melody, 247

Tory, the, No. I. 78--No. IÍ. On the late Works preparing for publication, 107,
session of Parliament, 184

355, 604, 730
Toryism in 1823 the representation of Wrestling, Ancient and Modern, review of
W'higgism in 1688, 76

Historical Account of, 705.




Cheyne, 372 Guthrie, 740 Negget, 622
Adam, 622

Clarke, 741 Hamilton, 119, 372 Meikleham, 372
Aitchison, 622 Cook, 372

Hastings, 622 Menzies, 372
Anderson, 372 Crawford, 622 Hay, 372, 622

Melville, 622
Alison, 372
Curle, 372

Henderson, 372 Mercer, 622, ib.
Baillie, 119, 372 Dalzel, 119, 622 Hepburne, 119 Meredith, 622
Balfour, 119, 372 Davidson, 622, ib. Hesse, 740

Micking, 741
Ballard, 622 Davis, (3 children,) Hislop, 622 Milner, 119
Barber, 372


Hope, 622, 623 Milton, 622
Becher, 372 Dick, 372

Hopetoun, 372 Mitchell, 622
Bell, 119, 622 Dickie, 623

Hopkirk, 622 Montgomery, 372
Bethune, 372 Dickson, 372 Howe, 372

Moodie, 622
Black, 372

Dimma, 372 Horrocks, 119 Moncrieff, 622, ib.
Blackburn, 372 Douglas, 372, Hume, 741

Morrison, 741
Blair, 741

Hutchison, 622 Morson, 622
Block, 622
Dudgeon, 372, ib. Inglis, 372

Mossman, 623
Bogle, 372


Inverarity, 622 Mowbray, 372
Borthwick, 741 Dunbar, 741 Irvine, 119

Munro, 119
Boswell, 622 Dunlop, 119 Iveson, 622

Noel, 119
Boyd, 622

Elliott, 119, 372 Jobnstone, 622,623 O'Connell, 741
Bradford, 622 Espinasse, 622 Laurie, 622, 623 Orr, 622
Brewster, 623 Farquharson, 623 Learth, 622 Parsons, 119
Bridges, 119, 741 Ferrier, 622

Loch, 372, 622 Paterson, 622
Brodie, 372

Ferguson, 119 Londonderry, 372 Peel, 119, 623
Broomfield, 119 Filder, 119

Long, 622

Plimer, 119
Brougham, 119 Fleming, 372 Lyon, 741

Pringle, 623
Bruce, 622
Foggo, 622

M‘Arthur, 622 Radcliffe, 119
Burn, 372, 741 Forbes, 372 Macbean, 372 Ramsay, 119
Burnet, 622

Fortescue, 741 M.Candlish, 119 Reid, 372
Cadell, 119, 372 Fraser, 622

Macfarlane, 372 Robertson, 622, ib.
Cameron, 372 Fullarton, 622 Macgregor, 622
Campbell, 622, ib., Gibson, 372 Mackenzie, 372, Ross, 622, ib.

Gifford, 119, 372 622, ib. 740 Scott, 119, 622, ib.
Cargill, 622
Gordon, 119, 372, Maclean, 119

Carmichael, 372 ib. 623

Macleod, 740 Shandos, 622
Carnegy, 740 Gower, 119

Maconochie, 623 Silver, 372
Carruthers, 622 Grant, 622, ib. 623, Mansfield, 741 Sinclair, 372
Cathcart, 622


Marjoribanks, 372 Sitwell, 622
Cay, 623
Grey, 372

Marshall, 622 Skinner, 372


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