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Legal Chronology for 1839.

345 these weekly lectures, the professor in this The following Bills were brought in :department will, at times suited to the lectures For improving the Civil and Criminal Jurisof the other professors, deliver a written lec- diction of County Courts. ture on subjects of general interest connected For keeping and authenticating Non-Parochial with this department.

Registers : Lord John Russell. In addition to the above, (but forming part | To provide a General Form of Afirmation in of the same course), a limited number of lec- lieu of Oaths : Mr. Hawes. tures will also be delivered, during the session, For the better Ordering of Prisons. by Richard Tudor, Esq., on the law relating to To regulate the summary jurisdiction of Magisl'ills and to Descents; the time of delivering trates : Lord John Russell. which will be arranged so as not to interfere For improving the Police of the Metropolis : with the regular lectures of this or any other

Mr. F. Maule. of the classes.

For the betier Protection of Purchasers against

Judgments : Sir E. Sugden. Jo addition to these lectures, a course has To amend the Law of Copyright: Mr. Serbeen commenced on Medical Jurisprudence, jeant Talfourd. by Dr. Thomas Brudy. This course will be For the Enfranchisement of Copyholds : Mr. divided into three parts.

Jas. Stewart. The irst part will comprise a general view for the Registration of Parliamentary Elecof the animal economy, and an account of the tors : The Attorney-General. structure, functions, relations, and some of the To amend the Jurisdiction for the Trial of diseases of the chief organs of the human body,

Election Petitions: Sir R. Peel. the knowledge of which is absolutely necessary For establishing Courts in various places for in order to understand the nature and value of the Recovery of Small Debts. medical evidence.

For amending the Law of Costs : Sir F. Pol.

lock. In the second part the medical evidence in criininal cases, or offences against the person,

To ainend the Laws relating to Highways: as murder-poisoning-assaults — rape-pro

Mr. Barneby. curing abortion, &c. &c., will be examined and To alter and amend the Laws relating to fully explained.

Sewers : Mr. Christopher. And in the third part the medical evidence for the more effectual Protection of Inn. in cases of divorce-legitimacy-life insurance keepers : Capt. Pechell. -public puisances-inental alienation, &c.

To enable the Justices at Quarter Sessions to

appoint a Clerk of the Peace in certain

cases : Mr. Parkington. For securing the Benefit of Inventions in the

Arts and Manufactures : Mr. Mackinnon. LEGAL CHRONOLOGY FOR 1839.

For extending the Copyright in Designs for

Printing Woven Fabries: Mr. P. Thompson.

Mr. Hayter, Mr. Stuart, Mr. R. V. Richards, January.

Mr. Girdlestone, and Mr. G. Richards were

created Queen's Counsel. The Hon. Thomas Erskine, Chief Judge of the Court of Review, was appointed a Judge of the Court of Coinmon Pleas, on the va

March. cancy occasioned by the death ot the late Mr. Justice Park.

A favorable report was made by the Select Several persons convicted of treason in Committee of the House of Commons as to the Canada, were brought before the Court of

reduction of postage. Queen's Bench under a Habeas Corpus, but A new order was made in Chancery relating were remanded : the sentence of the Colonial to the Power of Receivers under the Tithe Court being confirmed, sec 17 L. O. 234.

Commutation Act, see 17 L 0. 395. New forms of Writs of Execution were

Mr. Duckworth was appointed a Master in ordered by the Common Law Courts under the Chancery in place of Mr. Cross, resigned. Arrest Abolition Act.

The following Bills were brought in this Forty-three barristers were called in Hilary For Regulating the Proceedings in Borough

month :Term. At the examination of articled clerks, 94

Courts: The Lord Chancellor. candidates were passed, and 3 only postponed. For the Better Ordering of Prisons : Lord

John Russell.
To Abolish Grand Juries : Mr. Prynue.
To Establish Metropolitan Police Courts in

lieu of Police Offices) On the death of Mr. Stirling, the late Co-To Iinprove the Practice and Proceedings in roner for Middlesex, a contest took place for the Court of Pleas at Durham : Mr. Har. the vacant office. Several solicitors came for- land. ward, but all successively retired except Mr. For Extending the Qualification of Voters : Adey. In consequence of this division of Sir H. Fleetwood. interest amongst the lawyers, and want of To render the Owners of Small Tenements energy, a medical Curoner was elected.

liable for Rates: Mr. R. Gordon,


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To Regulate the Course of Proceedings in the

Common Pleas, as to hearing Counsel in The Criininal Law Commissioners made their

Term Time. Fourth Report. See Appendix to 17 L. ().

To amend the Law of Patents for Inventions. Examiners of Persons applying to be ad- To Indenuify Persons as Clerks to Attorneys, mitted as Attorneys and Solicitors were ap

pointed for one year. See 17 L. 0. 487. To continue Turnpike Acts.

The following Bills were introduced :-
To amend the Imprisonnent for Debt Act :

The Attorney General.
For Regulating the Expences of Higl Sheriffs :

The royal assent was given on the 4th inst. Col. Davies.

to the Exchequer of Pleas Inquisition Bill, For Suppressing Seditious Societies.

and on the 19th to the Bankrupicy Protection

and Borough Court Proceedings Bills. May.

Mr. Martin, one of the Masters in Chancery,

having resigned, Sir ilm. Horne was appointed The number of barristers called in Easter in his stead. Term was 50.

New Bills were introduced :105 candidates for the Roll of Attorneys To amnend the Tithes Commutation Act. were passed, and 5 were deferred, their answers to declare what Prisoners shall be tried at not being d emed satisfactory.

Quarter Sessions; and The Lord Chancellor and the other minis. To Recluce the Postage Duties. ters of her Majesty resigned their offices. Lord The royal assent was given on the 29th to Lyndhurst was named as the new Chancellor, the lollowing Bills :: but the other legal arrangements were not

Annual Indemnity completed when Sir R. Peel felt obliged to with- Usury on Bills of Exchange. draw, and the foriner Cabinet resumed office. Turnpike Acts Continuance. The following Bills were brought into Par

Several Small Debt Courts. liament: To amend the Law relating to the Custody of

August. Infants : Mr. Serjeant Talfourd. To enable the Judges to take Inquisitions of for Regulating the High Court of Adıniralty.

The following Bills were introduced :the Exchequer. To prevent Persons from losing their Votes by for extending the Liability to Debts of Real

For holding Assize Courts. removal after Registration : Mr. Gibson.

Estates. To continue the Act relating to Usury on

For the Administration of Justice in certain Bills of Exchange. New Orders in Chancery were made relating for the better Regulation of Attorneys and

parts of Counties. to the Practice and Proceedings in that Court, and Writs of Execution. See 18 for Incorporating the King's Inns, Dublin,

Solicitors in Ireland. L. 0. 60,

and Regulating the Profession of the Law June.

in Ireland.

The Copyholds Eufranchisement Bill, which The royal assent was given on the 4th inst. had passed the House of Commons, was postto the following Bills :

poned by the Lords, 39 being against, and 27 Purchaser's Protection.

for the Bill. Seditious Societies.

Royal assents were given on the 17th to the Designs Copyright Extension.

following Bills :New Orders were made in the Court of Ex- Election Petitions Trial chequer in Equity, relating to the Practice and Postage Duties. the Forins of Writs. See 18 L. (. 120.

Prisons Regulation There were 42 barristers called in Trinity Stannary Courts. Terin.

Custody of Infants. At the examination of articled clerks 108 Iin prisonment for Debt. attended : the answers of 5 were deemed un

Metropolis Police. satisfactory, the rest were passed.

Titles Commutation.
The Bill for rendering the Owners of Small Sheriff's Exemption.
Tenements liable for Rates was negatived.

Real Estate Liability.
Mr. Le Blanc, the Senior Master of the Highways.
Queen's Bench retired, and Mr. Turner was Turnpikes.
appointed to fill the vacancy.

London City Police. The royal assent was given on the 14th June On the 24th the following Bills received to the following Bills :

the royal assent:-
Designs Copyright.

Metropolitan Police Courts.
Durham Court of Pleas.

Holding Assize Courts.
The following Bills were brought in :-

Highway Rates.
To amend the Practice of the Stannary Courts. Patents for Inventions.
Tor establishing a Court of Appeal from the Joint Stock Banks.
Revising Barristers : Mr. C, Buller.

Several Small Debt Courts.

Legal Chronology for 1839.- Report of the Tithe Commissioners.


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On the 26th the following Bills received the , and of these 1,9:6 have been received, and royal assent:

1,990 confirmed during the year 1839. Administration of Justice in parts of Coun- We have in the office 414 awards, of ties.

which 178 have been confirmed; of these Poor Law Commission Continuance. 357 have been received, and 172 confirined Poor Rates Collection.

during the year 1839. Bastardy.

“ We believe that rent charges have now On the last day of the Session, the 27tlı, been fixed in about 5.12ths of the tithe districts County and District Constables.

of the country (exclusive of those parishes or

places the tithes of which have been commuted November.

by local acts of parliament.)

“We have received 2,184 apportionments, of The vacancy in the Common Pleas, occa which 1,157 have been corifirined; of these sioned by the death of Mr. Justice Vaughan, 1,251 have been received, and 933 confirmed was filled by the removal of Mr. Baron Maule during the year 1939, and 823 have been from the Exchequer to the Common Pleas, received duriog the last six months of that and Sir R. M. Rolfe, the Solicitor General,

year. was created a Baron of the Eschequer.

“ The progress of voluntary agreements has Mr. Serjeant Wilde was appointed Solicitor been considerably accelerated during the past General.

year; that of apportionments very much more The several Inns of Court called 42 Barris.

More time is usually consumed by this ters during this Terin.

last process than the six months originally The number of candidates for the Roll of conteinplated by the legislature. Allowing, Attorneys who attended the examination was however, for this fact, the receipt of apportion125, of these 111 were passed, and 14 post-ments is at length following up the receipt of poned.

agreements with tolerable regularity. The total of Barristers called during the “We have to repeat this year the satisfaction year was 177, and of Attorneys 413.

we have before expressed at the amicable man. During the Term, Mr. Serjeant Wilde ner in which the apportioninents have been claimed on the part of the Serjeants of the completed. This part of the commutation, it Court of Compon Pleas an exclusive Right was feared, would be the most beset by strife of Pre-audience. On the last day of lerin, the and difficulties. The event has proved such Chief Justice informed the Bar, that next fears groundless. Term the Court would call on some gentle- “Angry appeals are the very rare exception; inan of the coif to inove, passing over some contented acquiescence is the general rule. other gentlemen not of that degree, who might “ This result bas unquestionably been priuthen shew cause.

cipally produced by sufficient time having

been allowed for the completion of the process December.

by valuers, named by the land owners themThe Reduction of Postage Act caine into selves, possessing, and as the event proves, depractical operation on the 5th.

servedly, their confidence. The special Commission for the Trial of “But if this full allowance of time has the Prisoners at Monmouth, for High Trea, duced harmony, it has also produced delays, son, was opened on the 10th, and adjourned which have not been without their inconto the 31st. See the charge of the Chief veniences. Justice, 19 4. 0. 153.

• To explain more fully the cause and A Commission was issued for inquiring into effects of ihese delays, we append to this the Bankruptcy and Josolvency Courts. See report a circular of our own, issued in August 19 L. 0. 99.

1838, which we also appended to our last reOne of the unsuccessful candidates in the

port last Term appealed to the Judges, and a hear- “We very earnestly wish to draw the atten. ing took place on the 17th inst., when the tion of both tithe payers and tithe owners to decision of the examiners coufirined. the cautions and advice contained in it. See 19 L. 0. 136.

“ While the business of apportionment remains in the hands of the land owners, the policy and provisions of the tithe act leave the

entire control over that process to them, and REPORT

give us no such control at all. OF THE TITHE COMMISSIONERS.

“ We regret that the tithe owners as a body seem very partially aware of this fact. We

continually receive from them requests and The following is the report made to the Se complaints, which show that they believe it to cretary of State for the Home Department of be in our power to regulate and direct the

movements of the apportioners. the progress of the Commutation of Tithes in

“It is important they should understand England and Wales during the past year. more generally that our power over this pro

cess only begins when we bave resorted to the “We liave now in the office 4,993 agree decided step of removing it altogether from ments, of which 3,980 have been confirmed; the hands of the lands owners, and taking it


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348 Report of the Tithe Commissioners. -Barristers Called.- Professional Lists.


into our own; and when, for the first tiine, we BARRISTERS CALLED. ourselves select, instruct, and pay the persons

Hilary Term, 1840. who conduct it.

LINCOLN'S INX. * On the expense, the inconvenience, and the wide irritation, which would follow our

27th Jan. being generally called on to take this slep, we

Henry Vaughan. have before dwelt.

Edward Richard Golightly. “ These consiilerations induce us the more

Timothy Coleman Johnson.

Frederick Prideaux. anxiously to repeat our bope, that the parties

William Adam Loch. will keep the probable duratiun of the process

Travers Twiss. of apportioument steadily in view while inaking their own arrangements : that the

Charles Jasper Selwyn tithe owners who have compositions will keep

30th Jan.

Frederic Hill. their right to them entire till after the com

John Lucena Ross Kitile pletion of the apportioninents, and that the land owners will make such stringent contracts

Gordon Whitbreail. with the apportioners and inappers as may

Thomas Pluinptre Methuen. effectually prevent any delays, not wholly

William Stevens Richardson. inevitable.

Edward Thornton. "In all cases, however, in which wilful loi

31st Jan. tering with the apportioninents can be proved we wish it to be understood that we shall, on a

George Alexander Hoskins. distinct statement and request from the tithe

John Kirkpatrick. owners, feel bound to interfere at once.

James Gordon Hay.

John Coke Fowler. “Legal doubts and difficulties as to the effect of the hop clauses have obstructed the

MIDDLE TEMPLE. commutation in some iinportant districts.

17th Jan.

Frederic Albert Winsor. They are now sufficiently removed to enable us to work those clauses with comparative

31st Jan.

James Little. ease and confidence. “During the progress of this work, how.

Williain Frederic Lewis. ever, it has appeared to us that a slight further

George Whitlock Nicholl.

William Faulkoor Browell. simplification of those clauses mighi be practicable and useful. We do not think fresh le.

Charles Swaine Wright.

Richard Thoinas Maddison. gislation necessary or advisable for this object alone : but should an opportunity occur, we

George Arthur Lister. think it may be worth the alieution of the

George John Holmes. legislature.

Samuel Barrow. * As the tithe acts at present stand, though

Edinund Sawyer. we have power to declare that the rent charges

Charles Zachary Macaulay.

GRAY'S INN. shall begin before the coufirmation of the ap

29th Jan. portioninent, we have no power to stop the perception of tithe in kind before the appor

George Tyler. tionment is confirmed. “ The hardship of allowing tithe in kind to

MASTERS EXTRAORDINARY IN be collected, afier a rent charge has been

CHANCERY. actually declared, has been strongly pressed on

If, however, a power should be vested in From January 21st to February 21st, 1840, both us of extinguishing tithe before the confirma.

inclusive, with dates when gazelled. tion of appoiutinents, such a power inust ob-Ellison, Richard, Thickhill near Bawtry, York. viously be accompanied by others which would

Jan. 21. secure the receipt by the tithe owner of an un. Rice, Henry, Newport and Cowes, Isle of Wight.

Jan. 31. apportioned rent charge. "Unless the receipt of voluntary agreements Day, George, St. Neots and Kimbolton, Aunting.

Beeching, Alfred John, Tunbridge Wells. Feb. 4. should appear likely to fall permanently and

don. Feb. 4. considerably short of the average of the last Herbert, Henry, Leominster, Hereford. Feb. 4. year, we do not think it expedient to extend Bullmore, Henry Orlando, Falmouth. Feb. 7. our compulsory proceedings beyond the four Latham, Win., Melton Mowbray, Leicester. classes of cases enumerated in the annexed Feb. ll. circular." (Signed) W. Buamire. DISSOLUTIONS OF PROFESSIONAL PARTT. W. Buller,

R. Jones."

From January 21st to February 21st, 1840, both

inclusive, with dates when gazelled. Smith, Tbomas, and Jaines Henry Dowling, Glou

cester, Attorneys and Solicitors. Jan. 28. Pearson, Charles, and Michael Eaton Wilkinson,

[no Residence Gazetted.] Attorneys, Solicitors, and Parliamentary Agents. Feb. 18.


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Professional Lists.- Bankruptcies Superseded.- Bankrupts.

Webber, Robert, and Thomas Bland, Bedford Merchant. Chaplin, Gray's Inn Square;
Row, Attorneys and Solicitors. Feb. 21.

Harrison, Birmingham. Jan. 28.
Adams, John Francis, and Joseph Millard, Great Beynon, John, Llanelly, Carmarthen, Ironmonger.

Distaff Lane, London, Attorneys and Solici- Clarke & Co., Lincoln's Inn Fields; Harley,
tors. Feb. 11.

Bristol. Jan. 28.

Bond, James Garrett, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk,

Draper and Mercer. Reynolds Co., Great

Yarmouth; Clarke & Co., Lincolo's Inn
From January 21st to February 21st, 1840, both Fields. Jan. 31.
inclusive, with dates when gazetted.

Bell, James Waller, Oldham, Lancaster, Linen
Evans, Thomas, Bridgend, Glamorgan, Draper.

and Woollen Draper. Messrs. Bailer, LinJan. 24.

coln's Inn Fields ; Sale & Co., Mancliester. Hastings, Thomas, Birmingham, Brace Manufac

Feb. 4. turer. Jan. 24.

Baker, Thomas, Newport, Monmouth, Innkeeper. James, Wm. Malinslee, Dawley, Salop, Coal Mer.

Hall, New Boswell Court; Prothero & Co., chant. Jan. 28

Newport. Feb. 4.
Solomon, Philip, and Israel Jacobs, Manchester, Brazendale, Thomas, Preston, Lancaster, Coach
Manchester Warehouseman. Jan. 28.

Builder and Harness Maker. Allington & Co.,
Weakley, Robt., Deronport, Hotel Keeper, and

Bedford Row; Walker or dscroft, Preston.
Tavern Keeper. Jan. 28.

Feb. 4.
Wallace, John, Belfast, Antrim, Ireland, Merchant. Breckels, Samuel, High Street, Southwark, Surrey,
Feb. 7.

Bedstead Maker. Cannan, Off. Ass.; Tadhun-
Partridge, James Birch, Birmingham, Dealer in ter, Bermondsey Street. Feb. 7.

Birmingham and Sheffield Wares. Feb. II. Baker, Wm. junr., lately of Upper King Street, Edwards, William, Stankbill-bouse, Budbrooke, Bloomsbury, Carver and Gilder, but now of Warwick, and of Leamington Priors in the

Tavistock Street, Covent Garden. Pennell, same County, and Thomas Henry Blackburn Of. Ass.; Blaine, Chancery Lane. Feb. 7. Venour, of Leamington Priors, Scriveners Beeson, Bennet, Nottingham, Lace Manufacturer. and Builders. Feb. 18.

Rodgers, Devonshire Square, Bishopgate St.; Woolcott, Geo., Brownlow Mews, Gray's Ion Lane,

Unwin, Sheffield. Feb. 7. · and of Doughty Street, Builder. Johnson, Om. Bishop, Thomas Bennett, Fontmell Magna, Dorset, Ass.; Thompson, Co., Bucklersbury. Feb. 18.

late a Grocer, but now a Miller, Capes & Co.,

Bedford Row; Wills & Co., Shaftesbury.

Feb. 11.
From Junuary 21st lo February 21st, 1840, both

Britain ,John, sen., Birmingham, Jeweller, James,

Birmingham; Church, Great James, Street, inclusive, with dates when gazetted.

Bedford Row. Feb. 18.
Anderson, John Andrew, Greenwich, Kent, Board Bradley, Wm., late of Upper Charlotte Street, St.

ing and Lodging House Keeper. Green, Off. Pancras, but now of Manchester, Picture
Ass.; Braham, Chancery Lane. Jan. 24.

Dealer. Milne & Co., Temple; Bent, ManAnstey, Joseph, Sheffield,' York, Pearl Shell chester. Feb. 21.

Dealer, and Pearl Button Manufacturer. Tat- Bulman, Job James, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Oil tershall, Great James Street, Bedford Row; Merchant and Seed Crusher. Freshfield & Co., Binney, Sheffield. Jan. 28.

New Bank Buildings; Stanton, NewcastleAshton, James, and William Crossley, Todmorden, upon-Tyne. Feb. 21.

and of Manchester, Lancaster, Cotton Spinners Collins, John, Staines, Middlesex, Hotel Keeper.
and Mannfacturers. Johnson & Co., Temple ; Edwards, Off. Ass. ; Messrs. Robinson, Queen
Heron & Co., Manchester. Jan. 28.

Street Place. Jan. 21.
Armour, William, Manchester, Fancy Drill and Champion, Frederick, of the Haymarket, Woollen

Nankeen Manufacturer ; Kaye & Co., Man- Draper. Abbolt, Off. Ass ; Bicknell, Man-
chester. Feb. 7.

chester Street, Manchester Square. Jan. 28. Appleton, Raynes Waite, Liverpool, Merchant. Colbron, William, Mill Street, Hanover Square,

Lowe & Co., Southampton Buildings ; North Tailor. Johnson, Off. Ass.; Wootlon, Token& Co., Liverpool. Feli. 11.

house Yard. Jan. 28. Atkinson. John, Manchester, Cattle Dealer and Cusel, Lerman, North Buildings, Liverpool Street, Butcher. Bell, Manchester; dulington & Co.,

London, Merchant. Graham, Off. Ass.; Jones Bedford Row. Feb. 18.

8. Cn., Size Lane. Feb. 4. Benham, William, Alexander Sqnare, Brompton, Cartwright, Thomas, and Luke Noble, Halifax,

Middlesex, Lodging and Boarding House- York, Silversmith. Jnques & Co., Ely Place, keeper, and Coal Merchant. Cannan, Off Stocks & Co., or Wavell, Halifax. Feb. 7.

Ass.; Blake & Co., Essex Street. Jan. 21. Cornwell, James, Wolverhampton, Stafford, Shoe
Blethyn, Thomas, Bristol, Woollen Draper. Manufacturer. Philips & Co., Wolverbamp-

White & Co., Bedford Row ; Messrs. Bevan, ton; Philpot & Co., Southampton Street,
Bristol. Jan 21.

Bloomsbury. Feb. 7.
Barker, Wm., and Samuel Adams, Nottingham, Costar, Benjamin, Oxford, Painter, Plumber, and

Hosiers and Lace Manufacturers. Yallop, Fur- Glazier. Walker, Oxford ; Rirun & Co., Jewry
nival's Inn ; Parsons, jun., Nottingham. Jan. Street. Feb. 11.

Cooper, Jobin, Joseph Cooper, and Thomas Cooper,
Brown, George, Southampton, Timber Merchant. Slough, Buckingham, Engineers and Smiths.

Bebb, Great Marlborough Street. Jan. 28. Lackington, Off. Ass.; Coe & Co., Pancras
Baker, Isaiah, Ettingsball, Sedgley, Stafford, Lane. Feb. 14.

Screw Forger. Clowes & Co., Temple ; Collis, Cock, Edward, Plymouth, Devon, Linen Draper.
Stourbridge ; Richards & Co., Birmingham. Barun, Plymouth; Poole 8: Co, Gray's Inn.
Jan. 29.

Feb. 14.
Bailey, Richard, Birmingham, Victualler and Hop Cawood, Robert, Leeds, York, Woollen Cloth

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