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Manufacturer. Makinson & Co., Temple; & Co., Raymond Buildings, Gray's Inn; Reece, Atkinson & Co., Manchester. Feb. 14.

Biriningham. Feb. 14. Collins, Francis, Leominster, Hereford, Scrivener, Glenny, George, of the Strand; and of Woorton

and Cider Mercbant. Smith, Chancery Lane ; Lodge, Isleworth ; and late of Lancaster Place, Hammond, Leominster. Feb. 14.

Strand, Printer, and Printseller, and Dealer Chalıners, David, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk ; and in Paper. Gibson, 04. Ass.; Hindmarsha 4

of the city of Norwich, Linen Draper and Tea Co., Jewin Street, Cripplegate. Feb. 18. Dealer. Reynolds & Co., Great Yarmouth; Hall, Charles, Great Russell Street, Bloomsbury,

Clarke & Co., Lincoln's Inn Fields. Feb. 14. Draper. Groom, Off. Ass.; Ashurst & Co., Chappé, Jean Baptiste Paul, Manchester, Cotton Cheapside. Jan. 21.

Spinner and Cotton Thread Manufacturer. Hardy, James, Wednesbury, Stafford, Iron Master. Johnsom 8 Co., Temple ; Higson Co., Man- Simpson & Co., furnival's lon; Woodward, chester. Feb. 18.

Wednesbury. Jan. 21. Clarke, Charles, Great Malvern, Worcester, Inn- Hind, Samuel, Sekforde Street, Clerkenwell, Gro. keeper. White & Co., Bedford Row; Corbett

Turquand, Off. Ass.; Ashley, Shore& Co., Worcester. Feb. 18.

ditch. Jan. 24. Charlton, Edward, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, and Hetherington, Edw., Newcastle-iipon-Tyne, Cheese.

Gateshead, Durham, Scrivener and Brewer. monger, and Butter and Bacon Dealer. HalWilliamson & Co., Verulam Buildings, Gray's son, Newcastle-upon-Tyne; Shiell & Co.,

Inn; Dees, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Feb. 18. Queen Street, Cheapside. Jan. 24.
Carter, Thomas, Cheapside, and Aldermanbury, Hunt, Win. Jun., Tipton, Stafford, Ironmaster.

London, Woollen Draper and Tailor. Green, Robinson, Wolverhampton. Jan. 28.
Off. Ass.; Dods f. Co., Northumberland Street, Hesleden, William Smith, Barton-upon Humber,
Strand. Feb. 21.

Lincoln, Scrivener. Brown, Barton-uponClark, Theodore Frederick, Liverpool, Linen Dra- Humber; Murrays & Co., Chancery Lane.

per and Mercer. Makinson & Co., Temple ; Jan. 31.

Atkinson & Co., Mnnchester. Feb. 21. Harris, Lewis, Birmingham, Factor. Yates, BirmDrake, James, Birmingham, Bookseller. Arnold ingham ; Holmes, Gr. Knight Rider St. Feb. 4.

& Co., or James, Birmingham ; Church, Great Harris, Wm., Manchester, Boarding house Keeper. James Street. Feb. 14.

Milne, & Co., Teinple; Goulden, Manchester. Dartnall, William, Cheltenham, Gloucester, Ca- Feb. 4.

binet Maker and Upholsterer. Baylis, De- Harding, Thos. Robt., Wormwood Street, London, vonshire Square ; Messrs. Winterbotham, Chel- Furrier. Johnson, Off. Ass; Ashurst & Co., tenham. Feb. 21.

Cheapside. Feb. 14.
Emmitt, George Andrew, (conmonly called George Humphreys, Wm., Carnarvon, Grocer and Tea

Emmiit,) Walworth Road, Surrey, Grocer. Dealer. Lowe, Southampton Buildings, Chan-
Gibson, Off. Ass. ; Evilt, Haydon Square. cery Lane; Roberts, Carnarvon. Feb. 18.
Feb, 4.

Horrox, Jarnes, Radcliffe and Manchester, LanElsdon, Robert, and John Young, Newcastle-upon- caster, Calico Printer. Johnson & Co., Temple;

Tyne, Coal Fitters, Ship and Insurance Bro- Bagshaw & Co., Manchester. Feb 18. kers. Battye & Co., Chancery Lane; Messrs. Horrox, Richard, Radcliffe, and of Manchester, Forster, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Feb. 4.

Lancastor, Calico Printer. Johnson & Co., Evans, Thomas, Mold, Flint, Currier and Porter Temple; Bagshaw 8; Co., Manchester. Feb. 18.

and Spirit Merchant. Harvey, Liverpool ; | Howard, Thos. Salford, Lancaster, Victualler. Taylor & Co., Bedford Row. Feb. 11.

Dobinson, Gray's Inn Square; Prescott, ManEvans, Charles, Bristol, Coach Maker. Hicks & chester. Feb. 21.

Co., Bartlett's Buildings; Hinlon, Bristol. Johnson, Richard, Bridlington, York, Innkeeper. Feb. 21.

Smithson & Co., Southampton Builings, ChanFussell, Austin, Oxford, Ironmonger. Dudley & cery Lane; Foster, Driffield. Jan 24.

Cu., Oxford ; Robinson & Co., Charter House Johuson, Samuel, Nacclesfield, York, Silk ThrorSquare. Jan. 21.

ster. Johnson & Co., Temple; Bagshaw & Co., Foster, Jonas, William Foster, and Matthew Fos. Manchester. Jan. 24.

ter, Warley, Halifax, York, Manufacturers. Jones, Robt. Jun., Carnarvon, Tailor and Draper. Hitchin & Co., Halifax; Jaques & Co., Ely Griffith, Carnarvon; Widdows, Copthall Court. Place, Holborn. Jan. 28.

Feb. 4. Foster, Henry, Newington Causeway, Southwark, Jacques, Richard, Tottenham Court Road, Wax

Draper. Groom, Off. Ass.; Mardon, Newgate and Tallow Chandler. Clark, Od. Ass.; Street. Jan. 31.

Adamson, Ely Place. Feb. 11. Fenwick, Manners, St. James's Place, St. James's Jones, Thos , Patricroft, Lancaster, Draper. ApStreet, Man Milliner.

Graham, Oif. Ass.; pleby, King's Road, Bedford Row ; Oliver, à Beckett, Golden Square. Feb. 11.

Manchester. Feb. 18. Greenhow, Richard, Wrexhamn, Denbigh, Iron and Kirby, Thos., New Bond Street, Oilman and Con

Coal Master. Clarke & Co., Lincoln's Inn fectioner. Whitmore, Off. Ass. ; Allan & Co., Fields; Messrs. Grundy, Bury. Jan. 21.

Carlisle Street. Feb. 4. Griffith, Joseph, Wigan, Printer and Stationer. Latham, Josh., and Wm. Latham, Ashton in Ma

Armstrong, Staple Inn; Ackerley, Wigan. kerfield, Lancaster, Cotton Spinners. Taylor Jan. 31.

& Co., Bedford Row; Lowndes & Co., LiverGilligan, John, Ham, Surrey, Baker and Builder. pool. Jan. 21.

Johnson, Off. Ass.; Willoughby & Co., Clif- Lax, Elizih. Manchester, Innkeeper & Victnallar. ford's Inn. Feb. 7.

Mak nson & Co., Temple ; Alkinson & Co., Man. Green, William, Gorleston, Suffolk, Cattle Dealer chester. Jan 24.

and Brick Maker. Cnfaude, Great Yarmouth ; Langston, Francis Legh, Old Broad St., London,

Rickards & Co., Lincoln's Inn Fields. Feb. 11. Merchant. Lackinglon, Oit. Ass.; Robinson, Greenfield, Thomas, and Daniel Greenfield, jun., Savage Gardens, Tower Hill. Feb. 7.

Birmingham, German Silver Polishers. Auslen Leigh, James Newton, Manchester, Cotton Spinner.

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Willis & Co., Tokenhouse Yard; Johnson, field, York, Manufacturers of Cutlery. TatManchester. Feb. 11.

tershall, Great James Street, Bedford Row; Little, David, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, Tea Palfreyman, Sheffield. Feb. 21.

Dealer and Grocer. Reynolds & Co., Great Oliver, Samuel, Hollingworth, Mottram in LongYarmouth; Clarke & Co., Lincoln's Inn Fields. dendale, Chester, and of Dinting, Glossop, Feb. 14.

Derby, Paper Maker. Fox, Finsbury Circus; Lawton, Joseph, Morley, York, Cloth Dresser. Earle, Ashton-under-Lyne. Feb. 7.

Robinson & Co., Essex Street, Strand; Mid Pulbrook, Zachariah, Blackfriars Road, Boot and dleton, Leeds. Feb. 21.

Shoe Maker. Alsager, Off. Ass. ; Lewis & Co., Milne, Jas. and Edmund Milne, Newhey, Butter- Ely Place, Holborn. Jan. 24.

worth, Rochdale, Lancaster, Cotton Spinners. Potts, William, Ray Street, Clerkenwell, Oilman. Smith, Chancery Lane ; Shuttleworth, Hold- Groom, Off. Ass.; Munn, Moorgate Street. gate; Roberts, Rochdale. Jan. 21.

Jan. 24.
Moore, Peter, Kirwain, Glamorgan, Inn-keeper, Poole, Trayton, Rye, Sussex, Wine and Spirit

Linen and Woollen Draper. Holme, & Co., Merchant. Messrs. Corner, Dean Street,
New lon; Prideaux, Bristol; Whittington & Co., Southwark. Jan. 28.
Bristol. Jan. 21.

Powell, Thomas Walter, Neath, Glamorgan, Money Moile, James, Liverpool, Pawnbroker. Brirlger, Scrivener and Farmer. Jones & Co., Crosby

Finsbury Circus; Dodge, Liverpool. Jan. 24. Square ; Lake & Co., Basinghall Street ; MorMoss, Matthew, Sen., Matthew Moss. Jun., and Wm. gan or Hargreaves, Neath. Jan. 28.

Moss, Armley, Leeds, York, Cloth Manufac. Pearson, Robert, jun., and James Pearson, Waltonturers. Wiglesuorth & Co., Gray's lon; le-Dale, Lancaster, Cotton Manufacturers. Richarılson, Leeds. Feb. 4.

Allington & Co., Bedford Row ; Messrs. AsMayle, Henry, Bedford, late a Grocer and Tallow crofl, Preston. Jan. 31.

Chandler, but now a Soap Boiler and Tallow Partridge, George, Bristol, Grocer. Hicks & Co., Chandler. Rogers, Bedford; Smith, Serle Bartlett's Building : Hinton, Bristol, Feb. 4. Street, Lincoln's Ion. Feb. 4.

Peacock, John Thornton, Sheffield, York, Cutler Marks, Mark, Blackman Street, Southwark, Sur. and Dealer in Knives. Wilson, Southanipton

rey, Carver and Gilder. Belcher, Off. Ass.; Street, Bloomsbury Square; Wilson & Co., Geilye, Nicholas Lane. Feb. 7.

Sheffield. Feb. 4. Matthews, John, Barmby-upon-Dunn, York, Corn Peat, Richard Periam, Glastonbury, Somerset,

Factor. Lever, King's Road; Campion, Thorne. Attorney at Law and Money Scrivener. Hope Feb. 11.

& Co., Wells; Meredith, Heathcote Street, Marriott, Edwin, and Josiah Marriott, Northamp- Mecklenburgh Square. Feb. 7.

ton, Drapers and Mercers. Gatliff, Cateaton St. Parbery, Samuel, Wells Street, St. James's, WestFeb, 11.

minster, Builder. Turquand, Off. Ass.; Turner, Marsden, James Summitt, Rochdale, Lancaster, Clifford's Inn. Feb. 11.

Grocer and Shopkeeper, and also of Holywell, Pearson, Jaines, Stockport, Chester, Flour Dealer.
Flint, late Manager of Coal Works. Smith, Bower & Co., Chancery Lane ; Barralt, jun.,
Chancery Lane ; Shuttleworth & Co., Holgate; Manchester. Feb, 11.
Roberts, Rochdale. Feb. 14.

Phillips, Thomas Armitage, Huddersfield, York, Mayn, Jonatban, Flushing, Myior, Cornwall, Mer. Oil Merchant. Lake & Co., Basingball Street;

chant. Kerklell & Co., Fenchurch Street; Ballye & Co., Huddersfield. Feb. II. Messrs. Smith, Devonport. Feb 14.

Perraton, John, and Tempest Fletcher, MacclesMatthews, Samuel, James Pettet Warren, Nicholl field Street, City Road, Coal Merchants.

Square, Cripplegate, London, Victualler. Ab- Whitmore, Off. Ass. ; Murray, London Street, bott, Off. Ass.; Wood & Co., Corbet Court, Fenchurch Street. Feb. 18. Gracechurch Street. Feb. 18.

Pimm, Edwin, Birmingham, Jeweller. Weeks Mason, John, Little Chester Street, Belgrave Sg., & Co., Cook's Court, Lincoln's Inn ; Mole,

Livery Stable-keeper anı Veterinary Surgecn. Birmingham. Feb. 18.

Groom, Off, Ass.; Braily, Staple Inn. Feb. 18. Riley, Samuel, Oldham, Lancaster, Draper. Hail. Murgatroyd, Benjn., Bradford, York, Worsted field, Manchester; Johnson & Co., Temple. Spinner. Walter & Co., Symond's Inn; Tolson,

Jan. 28. Bradford. Feb. 18.

Richardson, John, Liverpool, Stock and Share Macdonald, Allexander, Adole St., London, Ware- Broker. Deane, Liverpool; Vincent & Co.,

housemaa & Boardinghouse Keeper. Abbott, Temple. Jan. 31.

Off. Ass.; Fuster & Co., Fish St. Hill. Feb. 21. Roskell, William, Liverpool, Tailor and Draper. Mills, Philip, Hosier Lane, West Smithtield, Kaye, Liverpool; Dean, Essex Street, Strand. Victualler. Eduards, Off. Ass.; Teesdale & Co.,

Feb. 4, Fenchurch Street. Feb. 21.

Robinson, George, Huddersfield, York, and Mary Mellin, Richard John Sutcliffe, Wakefield, York, Farrand, of Almondbury, near Huddersfield,

Dyer. Willis & Co., Tokenhouse Yard ; Fancy Cloth Mannfacturers and Mercbants.

Sykes, Wakefield; Blackburn, Leeds. Feb. 21. Atkinson, Huddersfield ; Baltye fCo., ChanNew, William, Ledbury, Hereford, Victualler. cery Lane. Feb. 7.

Clarke & Co., Lincoln's Inn Fields; Reece, Richardson, John, jun., and William Thompson, Ledbury. Jan 28.

Liverpool, Share Brokers. Crump & Co., Norbury, Joseph, Macclesfield, Chester, Innkeeper. Liverpool; Adlington & Co., Bedford Row. Messrs. Lowe, Southampton Buildings, Chan

Feb. 7. cery Lane ; Brocklehurst & Co., Macclesfield. Robson, Thomas, Wall, Northumberland, Butcher Jan. 28.

and Cattle Dealer. Brooksbank & Co., Gray's Norton, Nebemiah, Blackman Street, Southwark, Inn Square ; Brown, Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

Surrey, and of East Dereham, Norfolk, Wine Feh. 14. and Spirit Mercbant. Alsager, Off. Ass.; Russell, James, Church Street, Stoke Newington, Michael, Red Lion Square. Jan. 31.

Middlesex, Victualler. Alsager, Off. Ass. ; Nicholson, John, and Matthew Nicholson, Shef- Frankham & Co., Basinghall Street. Feb. 18. 352

Bankrupts. - Prives of Stocks.
Rogerson, Joseph, Wigan, Lancaster, Apothecary:, Vertne, Thomas, Woodbridge, Suffolk, Corn Mer.

Ansdell, Liverpool ; Adlington & Co., Bedford chant. Taylor (0., Bedford Row; Church.
Row. Feb. 13.

yard & Co., Woodbridge. Feb. 4. Sutcliffe, Elizabeth, Rochdale, Victualler. Clarke White, John, King Williain Street, West Strand,

& Co., Lincoln's Ion Fields ; Whitehead, Middlesex, Chymist and Druggist. Gibsora, Rochdale. Jan. 21.

Off. Ass.; Dods & Co., Northumberland Street, Salter, James, Bristol, Patten and Clog Maker. Strand. Jan. 21.

Austen & Co., Gray's Inn; Arnold, & Co., Winstanley, John, Chorley, Lancaster, Druggist

Birmingham ; Cornish & Co., Bristol. Jan. 24. and Grocer. Chilton & Co., Chancery Lane ; Smith, Thomas Goswell Street, Grocer. Lacking- Hall, Clitheroe; Hulton, Bolton. Jan 21.

ton, Off, Ass.; Richardson, Ironmonger Lane. Walter, Richard, Coventry, and of Wood Street, Jan. 28.

London, Warehousenian. Wood & (0., Corbet Shaw, John, Bolton-le-Moors, Lancaster, Joiner Court, Gracechurch Street. Jan. 31.

and Builder. Chilton & Co., Chancery Lane ; Westhead, Jobn, Manchester, Small Ware Mang. Hulton, Bolton. Jan. 28.

facturer. Norris & Co., Bartlett's Buildings, Sharp, Charles, High Street, Southwark, Surrey, Holborn ; Norris, Manchester. Jan. 31.

Tailor. Grahan, Of. Ass.; Jackson, New Walker, Richard, Abertclery, near Pontypool,
Inn. Feb. 4.

Monmouth, Ironmaster. Edwards, Pontypool; Shrubsole, Robert, Wapping Wall, Middlesex, Gore & Co., Rolls Chambers, Chancery Lane. Miller. Edwards, Off. Ass. ; Southee, Ely

Jan. 31.
Place. Feb. 4.

Wyatt, William, Union Street, Southwark, VicSmith, Thomas, Gloucester, Money Scriveper. tualler. Clark, Off. Ass. ; Vandercom & Co.,

Whitcomb & Co., Gloucester ; Plucknett & Co., Bush Lane. Feb. 4.
Lincoln's Inn Fields. Feb. 4.

Watson, John, and John Cooper, George Yard, Smithies, Charles, Bradford, York, Worsted Macclesfield St., Westminster, Silver Platers.

Spinner, Jaques & Co., Ely Place; Batiye Green, Off. Ass.; Warman, Claremont Square. & Co., Bristol. Feb. 4.

Feb. 4. Swallow, Thomas, Manchester, Corn Factor. White, Edward Josiah, Weaver's Lane, Tooles

Johnson & Co., Temple; Seddon & Co., Man. Street, Southwark, Surrey, Orebil and Cod. chester. Feb. 7.

bear Manufacturer. Pennell, Off. Ass. : Virgo, Smith, Edward, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, and Essex Street, Strand. Feb. 7.

of the City of Norwich, Linen Draper and Warren, Hugh, Northampton, Innholder. Auster Tea Dealer. Reynolds & Co., Great Yarınouth ; & Co., Gray's Inn; Howes, Northampton.

Clarke & Co., Lincoln's Inn Fields. Feb. 14. Feb. 11.
Stirk, Zebulun, sen., Zebulun Stirk, jun., and Walker, Joseph, Richard Ackroyd, and Edward

John Wade Thornton, Leeds, York, Machine Antey, Leeds, York, Stuff Merchants. Lae-
Makers. Wiglesworth & Co., Gray's Inn rence & Co., Old Fish Street, Doctors' Com-
Square ; James & Co., Leeds. Feb. 14.

mons; Morris & Co., Bradford. Feb. 18. Sykes, Joseph, Netherton, Almondbury, York, Woolcott, Henry, Bristol, Marble Mason and

Woollen and Fancy Cloth Manufacturer. Builder. Letts, Bartlett's Buildings ,Holborn ;
Van Sandau, Old Jewry; Brook, Huddersfield. Leman, Bristol. Feb. 18.
Feb. 18.

Wheeler, John, Sonthampton, Printer. Randall Scruton, William, Ripon, York, Chymist aud & Co., Southampton; Makinson & Co., Temple.

Druggist. Blower & Co., Lincoln's Inn Fields; Feb. 21.
Dewes, Knaresborough. Feb. 21.

Younger, Robert Brown, and Christopher Irring, Smith, Edward, and David Chalmers, Great Yar- Crane Court, Fleet Street, Publishers and Pro.

mouth, Norfolk, and of the City of Norwich, prietors of the Weekly Publication, called the Linen Drapers and 'Tea Dealers. Reynolds & Royal Amusement Gazette. Edwards, Off. Co., Great Yarmouth ; Clarke & Co., Lincoln's Ass. ; Hare, Gray's Inn Square. Jan. 24. lon Fields. Feb. 21.

Young, Thos., otherwise Thos. Munn, SouthampTolson, Joseph, and John Suuderland Tolson, ton, Trader in Yachts and Vessels. Blanchard,

Huddersfield, York, Fancy Cloth Manufac: Southampton; Davies & Co., Warwick Street, turers. Van Sandan & Co., Old Jewry; Ja- Golden Square. Feb. 18.

comb & Co., Huddersfield. Jan. 21. Thomas, William, Leamington Priors, Warwick,

Builder. Lampray & Co., Leamington Priors; PRICES OF STOCKS.–Tuesday, 25th Feb. 1840.

Taylor & Co., Bedford Row. Jan. 28 Taylor, John, Sunderland, Durham, Draper. Ma. kinson or Upton, Manchester ; Mitchell & Co., Bank Stock, dir. 7 per Cent.

1721 New London Street. Feb. ll.

3 per Cent. Reduced

913 a fat Turnham, William Henry, Leicester, Innkeeper. 3 per Cent. Consols Annuities Jeyes * Co., Chancery Lane ; Berridge & Co.,

901 afat Leicester. Feb. 14.

3} per Cent. Reduced Annuities

99 al Tomlinson, William, jun., Birmingham, Iron and New 34 per cent. Annuities Steel Merchant. Austen & Co., Gray's Iou;

98 at Fellowes, Dudley; Reece, Birminghamn. Feb. 14! Long Annuities, expire 5th Jan. 1860 Tealdi, Pietro Ascanio, Manchester, Merchant. Annuities for 30 years, exp. 5th Jan. 1860 -- 134

Johnson & Co., Temple; Bagshaw & Co., India Bonds, 3 per Cent.

Manchester. Feb. 14. Taylor, Nathaniel Henry, Leeds, York, Seed South Se. Stock, div. 34 per Cent. - 1001

Crusher and Dye Wood Cutter. Walter & Co., 3 per Cent. Consols for Acct., 27th Feb. 901.

Exchequer Bills, 10001. at 14d. 4s, a is. pm Fellmonger. Watson, Wisbech, St. Peter's ; Ditto 5001.

Symond's Inn ; Tolso, Bradford. Feb. 21. Tate, George, Wisbech, Saint Peter, Cambridge,

4s, a 78. pon Jenkins & Co., New Inn. Feb. 21.


48. & 7s. pm

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The Legal Observer.


" Quod magis ad nos
Pertinet, et nescire malum est, agitamus.


THE BANKRUPTCY COMMISSION. nistration of the law of bankruptcy by

means of circuits.

We collect from the questions that the In another part of the present number will commissioners have considered the probe fonnd the Qnestions circulated by the priety of abolishivg the distinction between Commissioners for inquiring into the laws traders and others as to rendering them relating to Bankrupts and Insolvent Debtors, subject to the bankrupt laws; and that their which are well worthy of the attention of impression would be to abolish this distincour readers. We propose, on the present tion. We doubt, however, whether it is occasion, to advert to that part of them not too serious a change to be hastily made. only which relates to the plan suggested We fear there is no chance of the report by them for consideration for administering being presented sufficiently early for carthe law of bankruptcy and insolvency. rying its provisions into effect in the present

The main feature of this plan is, to abolish session ; but no answers to these questions the Courts of Review and the Insolvent will be received after Easter, when the Debtor's Court, and to form a general Court commissioners will proceed to prepare

their for the administration of the law relating to report. bankrupts and insolvents, such Court to

The profession is now anxiously awaitconsist of a certain number of co-ordinate ing the Lord Chancellor's plan on the kinjudges, some to be stationed in London, dred subject of Chancery Reform. We have others in certain districts throughout the already stated its supposed objects, and we country: the Court to have original juris- hear nothing to the contrary. In the mean diction in all matters of bankruptcy and time all further progress in the matter insolvency, subject to appeal in the manner is suspended. Some returns have, howmentioned in the paper to which we refer.

ever, been presented, and others are in

proThe judges sitting in London to make

gress. rules, to be approved of by the Lord Chan

The Masters in Chancery have made a cellor; and the same practice to be ob- return of the number of warrants on leaving served in the Court both in London and the bills of costs, and the number of warrants country.

for taxing bills of costs; and an abstract We have no hesitation in saying thut we of the returns, we understand, is now consider this plan, if carried out, would be in preparation, showing the hours and a great improvement on the present mode days they attend in their offices, and the of administering the law of bankruptcy causes pending therein. This information, We have no wish to revive the angry feels by the 17th section of the Chancery Reguing which was roused by the establishment lation Act, 3 & 4 W. 4, c. 94, they are of the Court of Bankruptcy ; but it will be bound to furnish yearly to the Lord Chanadmitted that the Court of Review has never cellor, “who may make such order for acquired the confidence of the profession or giving publicity and access to such list as the public, and we cannot, therefore, regret he may think fit ;" and it is now to be laid its abolition. We are inclined, on the before the House of Commons. whole, to prefer the appointment of country commissioners of bankrupts to the admi

a See ante, p. 290.

2 B VOL. XIX - NO. 57 8.



Bankrupts and Insolvent Debtors Inquiry. BANKRUPTS AND INSOLVENT parties dealing with persons liable to the bankDEBTORS INQUIRY.

rupt laws ?'

" 12. In your experience do traders become The following are the questions of the Com- bankrupts by their own consent generally? missioners for inquiring into the laws relating that the law should allow the property of a

“13. Would it in your opinion be desirable to Bankrupts and Insolvent Debtors, addressed person, who is unable to pay his debts in full, to the members of the profession. The scope to be divided rateably amongst his creditors by, of several of the questions will shew the alter- an immediate roluntary process on the part of ations which have been proposed to the Com-the debtor himself, as well as by a compulsory

process on the part of one or more creditors ? missioners.

“14. Do you think that the law should allow QUESTIONS.

a party, who is in debt, not arrested, and not a "1. Would it in your opinion be advan- trader, to seek the benefit of a cessio bonorum, tageous to the public that there should be one where there are no bona to be ceded ? court for the administration of the laws relating “15. Do you think that there is wise policy to bankrupts and insolvent debtors, or that the in providing a facility for persons, not traders, jurisdictions should be distinct, as at present; to seek at their own convenience, some process and what are the grounds of your opinion? for getting rid of their debts?

“2 h your opinion could the estates of “16. By the act 1 and 2 Victoria, c. 110, bankrupts and insolvent debtors be advanta- for ‘Abolishing arrest on mesne process, exgeously administered under the same system of cept in certain cases,' more effectual remedies law, both as applying to the heavier bank- were given to judgment creditors, so that a ruptcy cases, and to the small cases which now judgment creditor may now get all the lands, come into the Insolvent Debtors' Court? tenements, and hereditaments of his debtor :"3. If so, is your opinion in favour of the under an elegit; he may also take in execution system pursued in the Court of Bankruptcy, or any money or bank notes, cheques, bills of of that which is pursued in the Court for Re-exchange, bonds, specialities, or other seculief of Insolvent Debtors, or of any modifica- rities for money of his debtor, and sue in the tion of both or either, or of any, and what other name of the sheriff for the amount ; judgments, system in preference to either, and will you if registered, are a charge upon the real estate state any advantages to creditors which the of a debtor, present or future; and government course in bankruptcy has over the course in stock and shares in any public company may insolvency, or that of insolvency over the course be charged by order of a judge on application in bankruptcy?

of a judgment creditor. Having the further “4. Have you had a knowledge, and how remedies here stated, do you think it desirable recently, of the course of practice in the In- that a judgment creditor should have the power solvent Debtors' Court ?

of taking the person of his debtor in execution, "5. Have you known any cases, and how except by order of a judge upon albidavit of many, in the Insolvent Debtors' Court, where probable cause for believing that the debtor is vou believe that a better dividend would have about to abscond? been got by making the party a bankrupt ? “17. These additional remedies being given

6. Have you known any cases, and how to judgment creditors, could anything, and many, in bankruptcy, where you believe that a what, be got from the debtor by imprisonment better dividend would have been got by the of the person, except the discovery by this party passing through the Insolvent Debtors' species of duress of some property concealed ? Court?

“18. Do you believe that the knowledge 7. Have you yourself had reason to know that there is a law of imprisonment for debt in any cases, and in how many, that the pro- has some effect, or none, in inducing a man to perty of an insolvent debtor has been diminish- pay a debt, when it is demanded ? ed to the prejudice of a dividend, between the “19. Is it your opinion that the knowledge time of his going to prison, and the time of and fear of that law has in any degree an inhis petitioning the Insolvent Debtors' Court ? fluence to make a man pay what he owes, or

“8. Have you yourself had reason to know refrain from incurring debt, which he would in any cases, and in how many, that the pro- be more likely to incur if there were no such perty of a bankrupt has been diminished the law? prejudice of a dividend, between the time of “ 20. Are you acquainted with the operation his having committed an act of bankruptcy, and of Courts of 'Requests, and is it your opinion the time of his being adjudged bankrupt? that they should be abolished ?

“ 9. Do you think it would be beneficial to “21. Do you believe that those courts would add any, and if any, what acts of bankruptcy have the effect which they have in producing to those now established by law?

payment, if they had not the power of impri“10. Would you think it desirable that the sonment? law should allow a trader himself to be ex- “22, Are you aware that process from those amined as to his act of bankruptcy, either be- courts against property is so easily evaded, fore or after adjudication ?

that it is commonly deemed useless to employ “ 11. In your experience what has been the it? effect of the statute 2 and 3 Victoria, c. 29, in- “ 23. Would it, or would it not, in your tituled, 'An Act for the better protection of opinion, be better for the purpose of procuring

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