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Aug. 26.

Incorporated Law Society. - Professional Lists.- Bankruptcies Superseded.— Bankrupts. 445 Esser, at Colchester, Monday, July 20.

MASTERS EXTRAORDINARY IN Suffolk, at Ipswich, Tuesday, July 21.

CHANCERY. Norfolk, at Yarinouth, Thursday, July 23. Norjik, at Norwich and Ciry, Friday, July 24. From 2 th February to 20th March, 1840, both Norfolk, at Lynn, Monday, July 27.

inclusive, with dates when gazelted. Suffolk, at Bury Saint Edmunds, Tuesılay, Tetlow, John Richard, jun., Liverpool. Feb. 25. July 23.

Grundy, John, Bury, Lancaster. Feb. 25. Cambridgeshire, at Cambridge, Wednesday, Hall, Joseph, Keswick, Cumberland. Feb. 25. July 29.

Slater, Joseph, Wigan, Lancaster. Feb. 25. Huniingilonshire, at Huntingdon, Friday, July Jarvis, Lewis Wbincop, King's Lynn, Norfolk. 31.

Feb. 28.
Northamptonshire, at Peterborough, same day. Gilbertson, Isaac, Bala, Merioneth. March 3.

Cooper, William Salmon, Colchester. Feb. 28.
Lincolnshire, at Lincoln and City, Monday, Prodshem, Frederick, Liverpool. March 6.

Any. 3.
Nottinghamshire, at Nottinghain and Town, Mercer, George, Deul. March 13.

Wightwick, Thos. Norman, Canterbury. March 6.
Wednesday, Aug. 5.

Edwards, James Barber, Deal. March 13. Derbyshire, at Derby, Friday, Aug. 7.

Coombs, Thomas, jun., Dorchester. March 17. Leicestershire, at Leicester, Saturday, Aug 8. Bonsall, John George William, Machynlleth, Al the City of Lichfield, Monday, Aug. 10. Montgoinery. March. 20. Stuffordshire, at Stafford, Tueslay, Aug. 11. Shropshire, at Shrewsbury, Friday, Aug. 14. Shropshire, at Oldbury, Monday, Aug. 17.

DISSOLUTIONS OF PROFESSIONAL PARTWurwickshire, at Birmingham, Tuesday, Aug.

NERSHIPS. 18. Al the City of Coventry, Thursday, Aug. 20.

From February 25th to March 200h, 1840, both Warırickshire, at Warwick, Friday. Aug. 21.

inclusive, with datrs when gazetled. Northamptonshire, at Northampton, Monday, Tibbits, James, and John Wilmhurst, jun., WarAug. 24.

wick, Attorneys and Soiicitors. Feb. 25.
Bedforilshire, at Bedford, Tuesday, Aug. 25.
Buckinghamshire, at Aylesbury, Wednesday,


From February 25th to March 20th, 1840, both
W.J. Law, Esq., Coinmissioner.
Susser, at Horsham, Friday, July 3.

inclusive, with dates when gazelled. k'ent, at Dovor, Saturılay, July 11.

Smith, Edward, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, and of Al the City of Canterbury, Munday, July 13.

the City of Norwich, Linen Draper and Tea

Dealer. Feb. 25. Keni, at Maidstone, Tuesday, July 14.

Chalmers, David, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, and Herlfordshire, at Hertford, Saturday, Aug. 1.

of the City of Norwich, Linen Draper and Tea

Dealer. Feb. 25.

Winstanley, John, Chorley, Lancaster, Druggist INCORPORATED LAW SOCIETY. and Grocer. March 6.

Beckett, Samuel, and Jolin Beckett, Audlem,

Chester, Drapers, March 20.
Thomas Plews, Trinity Square, Newington.

Charles Harman, High Wycoinbe.
Daniel Gould, Honiton.

From February 25th to March 20th, 1840, both George Evan Thomas, Furniral's Inn.

inclusive, with dates when gazelteil. Thomas Martin Wilkin, Bartholomew Close. James Husband, Devonport.

Agutter, Thomas, Deptford, Kent, Fellmonger. Godfrey Tallents, Newark.

Green, Off. Ass.; Smith & Co., King's Arms Charles Reynolds Williams, Lincoln's Inn Fields.

Yard. Feb. 25. Thomas Lott, Bow Lane, Cheapside.

Ansell, Wolfe, Pontypool, Monmouth, Shopkeeper. Thomas Hart, Reigate.

Jenkins & Co., New Inu; Clarke & Co., Charles Francis, Si. Swithin's Lane.

Bristol. Feb. 25. Archibald Richard Francis Rosser, New Boswell Allen, James, and Frederick Phillips, Birmingham, Court.

Manufacturers of Lamps and Bronzed Wares. John Thompson, Lincoln's Inn Fields.

Chaplin, Gray's Inn Square; Richarıls & Co., Stevens Tripp, Gray's Inn.

Birmingham. March 13. Thomas Brame Browne, Dartford.

Audrew, Jonathan, Manchester, Merchant and John Conquest, Moorgate Street.

Commission agent. Milne & Co., Temple ; George Teede, Sloane Terrace, Chelsea.

Jessa, Manchester, March 17. William Stoughton Vardy, Finsbury Place. Buckett, John, Uverthorpe, Northampton, Sheep George Cox, Bucklersbury.

Salesman. Aplın, Banbury. Feb. 25. Prancis Bentall, Coleman Street.

Blackett, Powell Charles, Green Street, Grosrenor James Moody Taylor, Clement's Lane, Lombard Square, Lodging House Keeper. Gibson, Off. Street.

Ass. ; Maugham & kennedy, Cba.cery Lane. John Hayward, Oswestry.

Feb. 28. Joseph Parkes, Great Gicorge Street, Westminster. Baron, Thomas, Bolton-le-Moors, Lancaster, Joseph John Wright, Sunderland.

Cotton Spinner. Barker, Gray's Inn Square; Charles James Tapp Burt, Aldermanbury.

Woodhouse, & Co.Bolton-le-Moors. Feb. 26.

[blocks in formation]

Bonnor, Benjamin, Gloucester, Money Scrivener. London, and of Arden Terrace, Camberwell

Washbourn, Gloucester ; White & Co., Bedford Grove, Surrey, Merchant. Gibson, Off. Ass.;
Row. Feb. 28.

Ashurst & Co., Cheapside. March 17.
Burton, Henry, Wem, Salop, Corn Dealer. Warren, Croxson, William Henry, Rayleigh, Essex, Viheel-

Market Drayton ; Pinnager & Co., Gray's Inn wright. Graham, Off. Ass. ; Stevens & Co.,
Square. Feb. 28.

Queen Street, City. March 17.
Bardsley, John, Denton, Manchestsr, Hat Manu-Cheetham, Robert, and Joseph Cheetham, Stock-

facturer and Publican. Hadfield, Manchester; port, Chester, Cotton Spinners. Milne & Co., Johnson & Co., Temple. Feb. 28.

Temple ; Casson & Co., Manchester. March 17. Brookes, Jolin, Birmingham, Builder. Taylor Cutts, John, Manchester, Machine Maker and

& Co., Bedford Row ; Tyndall & Co., Birming- Brazier. Makinson & Co., Temple; Atkinsom ham. March 3.

& Co., Manchester March 20. Bowie, Robert, and William Bowie, Burr Street, Cartwright, Samuel, Great Bolton, Lancaster,

Lower East Smithfield, Surgeons and Apothe- Ironmonger. Milne & Co., Temple; Hibbert,
caries. Groom, Off. Ass.; Haslam & Co., Bolton. March 20.
Copthall Court. March 6.

Davies, George, Knightsbridge, Middlesex, Grocer. Belt, Sarah, and James Whitfield, Winlaton, Johnson, Off. Ass. ; Allington & Co., Bedford

Durham, Merchants. Shield & Co., Queen Row. March 13,
Street, Cheapside; Preston, Newcastle-upon- Dean, Charles, King's Heath, Worcester, Edward
Tyne. March 6.

Cope, of Manchester, and William Tomlinson, Bennett, Jolin, Halifax, York, Draper. Abbott jun., of Birmingham, lately carrying on busi

& Co., Charlotte Street, Bedford Square; ness in Manchester and in Birmingham as Bennett & Co., Manchester. March 6.

Ironmasters. Chaplin, Gray's Inn Square ; Burrow, Edward, Liverpool, Tailor and Draper. Stubbs & Co., Birmingham. March 13.

Knapper & Co., Liverpool ; Oliver & Co., Old Deeming, William, and John Deeming, Man-
Jewry, March 10.

chester, Hotel Keepers. Mitchell & Co., Barnes, Edward, Sheffield, York, Cutler. Rodgers, New London Street; Upton, Manchester.

Devonshire Square, Bishopsgate ; Goodison, or March 17.
Rodgers & Son, Sheffield. March 10.

Davies, Griffith, Carnarvon, Draper and Clothier. Blackburn, Henry, Halifax, York, Grocer. Ad- Griffith, Carnarvon ; Widdows, Copthall Court,

lington & Co., Bedford Row; Wavell, Halifax. Throgmorton Street. March 20.
March 10.

Driver, Richard, Manchester, Commission Agent. Barrett, Abraham, Guiseley, York, Clothier. Bunting, Manchester; Bower & Co., Chancery

Wilson, Southampton Street, Bloomsbury Lane. March 20.

Square ; Payne & Co., Leeds. March 13. Denman, William, Carnarvon, Ionkeeper. WilBellamy, Richard Wanklin, Ross, Hereford, liams, Caruarvon ; Weeks & Co., Cook's

Grocer. Burrup, Gloucester ; White & Co., Court, Lincoln's Inn. March 20.
Bedford Row, March 13.

Elstob, Dryden, Conduit Street, Bond Street, UnBrown, John, Bunhill Row, Middlesex, Silk and derwriter. Green, Off. Ass; Overton & Co.,

Ribbon Warehouseman. Whitmore, Off. Ass.; Lothbury. March 6.

Goddard, Wood Street, Cheapside. March 20. Edington, Wm., North Audley Street, Jeweller. Butterworth, Joseph Horatio, Manchester, and also Graham, Off. Ass; Elwin, Blackfriar's Road.

of Gutter Lane, London, Stuf Merchant. March 20.
Jeyes & Co., Chancery Lane; Benson, Man- Forsell, Samuel, Leicester, Hosier, Worsted Spin-
chester March 20.

ner and Woolstapler. Dyneley, & Co., Gray's Bell, Joseph, Greensfield, Northumberland, Ship Inn; Ingram & Co., Leicester. Feb. 28.

Owner. Charlton or Woolman, Morpeth; Fairclough, William, Wavertree, Lancaster, Inn-
Learlbitter, Staple Inn. March 20.

keeper and Omnibus Proprietor, Warring Cooke, Richard Bond, Leamington Priors, War- Liverpool; Perkins, Gray's lon Square.

wick, Hatter. Sturmy, Wellington Place, March 6.
London Bridge ; Patterson & Co., Leamington Furzman, James, Smart's Buildings, Holborn, Vic-
Priors. Feb. 28.

tualler. Graham, Off. Ass.; Basendale & Chapman, William, Birmingham, and Thomas Co., Great Winchester Street. Feb. 25.

Kenning, Bordesley, Aston-juxta-Birming- Ford, Richard, late of Shrewsbury, but now of ham, Fire Iron Makers and Chymists; Swain Stafford, Scrivener. T'ooke & Co., Bedford & Co., Frederick's Place, Old Jewry; Whate- Row; Clarke, Longton Potteries, Staffordshire. ley & Co., Birmingham. Feb. 28.

March 17. Crane, David, Wolverhampton, Stafford, Publican Green, Joseph, Ipswich, Suffolk, Linen Draper.

and Maltster. Jeyes & Co., Chancery Lane ; Lackington, Off. Ass.; Jones & Co., Size

Daniel, Worcester and Kidderminster. Feb. 28. Lane. Feb. 28. Clarke, John, Manchester, Paper Dealer and Garratt, John, Tipton, Stafford, and also of Sedg.

Drysalter. Norris, Manchester ; Newton ley iu the same county, Grocer. Chaplin, & Co., Gray's Inn. Feb. 28.

Gray's Inn Square; Richards & Co., BirmingCornforth, William, jun., Holbeck, Leeds, York, ham. March 13.

Flax Spinner. Wilson, Southampton Street, Galloway, John, and William Newton, Castleton, Bloomsbury Square. Payne & Co., Leeds. Rochdale, Lancaster, Cotton Spinners. Norris, March 3.

Manchester, Newton & Co., Gray's Inn. Carter, William, Oxford Street, Grocer. Clark, March 13.

Off, Ass. ; Wood & Co., Corbet Court, Grace- Gibson, Joseph Vincent, Manchester, Veterinary church Street. March 13.

Surgeon. Gibson, Manchester; Halt & Co., Cranston, John, Ringwood, Southampton, Up- Lincoln's Inn Fields. March 17.

holsterer, Cabinet Maker and Auctioneer. Hodge, James, Tiverton, Devon, Coach Maker. Davy, Ringwood; Holme & Co., New Inn.

How, Tiverton; Bennett, Featherstone BuildMarch 13.

ings. Feb. 25. Coleman, Henry, Union Street, Old Broad Street, Hickman, Richard, Bilston, Stafford, Timber Mer

[blocks in formation]

chant and Builder. Brown, Bilston ; William- Hinton, Bristol ; Webb & Co., Newport. son & Co., Verulam Buildings, Gray's Inn. March 17. Feb. 28.

Kollmann, George Augustus, Saint Martin's Lane, Hilton, Daniel, Oldham, Lancaster, Cotton Spinner. Piano Porte Maker. Johnson, Off. Ass.; Mar

Brackenbury, Manchester, or Johnson & Co., tineau & Co., Carey Street. Feb. 28.
Temple. Feb. 28.

Kershaw, Hugh, Manchester, Twist Dealer, and Hammond, William John, Essex Street, Strand, Commission Agent. Adlington, & Co., Bed

Lessee of the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, and ford Row ; Chew, Manchester. March 3. of the New Strand Theatre, Middlesex, also of Kilvert, John, Manchester, Calico and Fustian the Liverpool Theatre, Liverpool, and Tenant Merchant. Makinson, & Co., Temple; Atkinof the Doncaster Theatre, Doncaster, Pub. son & Co., Manchester March 13. lisher of Music, Book and Printseller. Cannan, Kinder, William, Hodge Mill, Mottram, in LongOff. Ass.; Lewis & Co., Ely Place, Holborn. endale, Chester, Cotton Spinner. BrackenMarch 3.

bury, Manchester; Johnson & Co., Temple. Howe, John Aplin, Bristol, Umbrella and Parasol March 20.

Manufacturer. Jones & Co., Size Lane; Kimbell, Thomas, Haddenham, Buckingham, Harmer, Bristol. March 3.

Grocer, Cheesemonger and Trader. Alsager, Holland, Henry, Westbranwich, Stafford, Scrivener. Oft. Ass.; Dods & Co., Northumberland Street,

Smith & Co., New Boswell Court; Grealwood, Strand. March 6.
Birmingham March 3.

Krauss, Adolphus, Salford, Lancaster, ManufacHeatley, John, Manchester, Brewer, Innkeeper turer. Milne & Co., Temple ; Crossley & Co.,

and Victualler. Makinson & Co., Temple; Manchester March 20.

Atkinson & Co., Manchester. March 6. Long, Giles, Croydon, Surrey, Coal Merchant. Hewlett, Thomas Barnard, and Daniel Hewlett, Gibson, Off. Ass. ; Smith, Bridge Street, South

Northampton, Ironmongers. Collis, Stour- wark. Feb. 28. bridge, Worcester ; Clowes & Co., Temple. Liddle, William, Leeds, York, Flax Spinner. Bell March 6.

& Co., Bow Church Yard. Rawson, jun., Howard, David, Huddersfield, York, Drysalter. Leeds. March 3.

Lake & Co., Basinghall Street ; Baltye & Co., Lloyd, John, Liverpool, Linen and Woollen Dra. Huddersfield. March 6.

per. Johnson & Co., Temple; Blair, MaoHunt, John Wreford, Liverpool, Lamp Manufac- chester. March 17.

turer. Hall & Co., Verulam Buildings, Gray's Little, David, and David Chalmers, Great YarInn; Neal, Liverpool. March 10.

mouth and Norwich, Norfolk, Drapers and Hugill, John, Whitby, York, Spirit Merchant. Tea Dealers. Catilin, Ely Place. March 20.

Milne & Co., Temple; Belcher & Co., Wbitby. Minett, Josephi, Essex Wharf, Essex Street, Strand, March 10.

Coal and Coke Merchant and Lime Burner. Hitchman, James, Aberdare, Glamorgan, Shop- Turquand, Off. Ass.; Wathen, Torrington

keeper. Poole & Co., Gray's Inn Square ; Square. Feb. 28. Messrs. Livelt, Bristol. March 10.

Mulcaster, James, and Benjamin Vaughan, Saint Higgins, John Crockerton, Longbridge Deverill, Paul's Church Yard, London, Wholesale Pur

Wilts, and of Frome Selwood, Somerset, riers and Dealers in Straw Plait. Lackington, Tallow Chandler and Soap Boiler. Frampton, Off. Ass.; Braham, Chancery Lane. Feb. 28. South Square, Gray's Inn; Miller, Frome Martin, Henry, West Teignmouth, Devon, Linen Selwood. March 13.

Draper. Rhodes & Co., Chancery Lane ; Harman, James Camfield, Charles Street, Middle- Drake, Exeter. Feb. 28.

sex Hospital, and Starch Green, Hammersmith, Mac Caffery, John, Mirtield, York, Contractor. Middlesex, Coach Maker. Edwards, Off. Ass. i Hall, Aldermanbury, London ; Walker, DewsGoren, South Molton Street. March 17.

bury. March 3. Harrall, Samuel Sampson, Leeds, York, Tailor Mason, Allen, Chigwell, Essex, Corn and Coal

and Draper. Middleton, Leeds. March 17. Dealer and Farmer. Pennell, Off. Ass.; Fisher, Hesketh, Edmund, Hulme, Lanca ster, Victualler. Buicklersbury. March 6.

Adlington & Co., Bedford Row ; Bell, Man- Morris, William, Birmingham, Builder. Tarleton, chester March 20.

Birmingham. March 6. lon, Wm., Pontypool, Monmouth, Draper. Holme, Martyn, John, and Thomas Moody, Newcastle

& Co., New Inn ; Prideaur, Bristol. March 6. upon-Tyne, Wholesale and Retail Linen and Isaacs, Phineas, Norton Falgate, Furrier. Clark, Woollen Drapers, Silk Mercers and Hosiers.

Off. Ass. ; Woods & Co., Corbet Court, Grace- Gibson, Newcastle-upon-Tyne ; Swain & Co., church Street. March 17.

Frederick's Place, Old Jewry, March 10. James, Samuel, Jup., and Walter James, High Milne, Thomas, Stockton-upon-Tees, Durbam,

Street, Whitechapel, Smiths and Ironmongers. Draper and Shopkeeper. Adlington & Co., Graham, Off. Ass.; Wootton, Tokenhouse Bedford Row; Chew, Manchester. March 13. Yard. Feb. 25.

Miers, William, Strand, Ormula Miniature Frame Jones, John, Liverpool, Merchant. Willis, & Co., Maker. Cannan, Off. Ass.; Eicke, Eccleston

Tokenhouse Yard; Mason, Liverpool. Feb. 28. Street, Pimlico. March 17. Jacques, Benjamin, Standhard Hill, Nottingham, M'Burnie, Thomas, and David M‘Burnie, Hud

John Cotton, Nottingham Park, Nottingham, dersfield, York, Dyers. Baltye & Co., Chanand Thomas Barfoot Oliver, Quorndon, Lei- cery Lane ; Messrs. Clough, Huddersfield. cester, carrying on business in the town of March 20. Nottingham, as Hosiers. Yallop, Furnival's Mathers, Thomas, Canterbury, Kent, News Agent

Ion; Messrs. Parsons, Nottingham. March 13. and Printer. Catlarus & Co., Mark Lane. Jull, George, Leamington, Warwick, Grocer. March 20,

Michael, Red Lion Square; Amos, Eversham. Norris, Josh., Birmingham, Wholesale Draper. March 13.

Clarke & Co., Lincoln's Ion Fields. Colmore Jefferis, Benjamin, Newport, Monmouth, Iron- & Co., Birmingham. March 13.

monger. Hicks, & Co., Bartlett's Buildings ; .Oakes, Josh., Sbeffield, York, Merchant Cutler.

[blocks in formation]

Brooksbank & Co., Great James Street, Red- Ironfounder. Belcher, Off. Ass. ; Crouder &

ford Row; Hoole & Co., Sheffield. Feb. 28. Co., George Street, Mansionhouse. March 13. Prat, Richard Perrian, and Samuel Prat, Glaston-Smith, Williain, Heaton Norris, Lancaster, Grocer,

bury, Somerset, and of the City of Wells, Tea Dealer and Pork Butcher. Adlington & Somerset, Scriveners. Holme & Co., New Inn; Co., Bedford Row; Cooper or Bell, Man. Naish, Glostonbury. Feb. 28.

chester. March 13. Philliskirk, llenry, Leeds, York, Tailor and Dra. Saxelbye, Thomas, Kingston-upon-Hull, Scrirener.

per. Strangwayes, Barnard's Inn; Robinson, Jackson, Hull; Shaw, Ely Place. March 13. Leeds. March 3.

Stockwell, William lleory, Hampstead Road, FurPalmer, Robert, Reading, Berks, Coal Merchant, nishing Undertaker. Pennell, Off. Ass.; Blake,

Slate and Salt Merchant and Ironfounder. & Co., Essex Street, Strand. March 17.
Blandy, Reading ; Adlington & Co., Bedford Smith, Joseph James, Gate Street, Lincoln's lon
Row. March 10.

fields, Bookbinder. Turquand, Of. Ass.; Papps, Charles Heory, George Street, Adelphi, Johnston, Cecil Street, Strand. March 20.

Coal Merchant. "Whitmore, Off. Ass.; Asprey, Underhill, Edward, and Joseph Slater, Watling
Furnival's Inn. March 17.

Street, London, Warehousemen. Alsager, Pagan, Thomas, Liverpool, Linen Draper and Off. Ass. ; Saunders, Queen Street Place, South

Mercer. Makinson & Co., Teople; dikinson wark. March 20.
& Co., Manchester March 17.

Vyse, Nathaniel, Nuthurst, Warwick, Farmer and Prince, Edward Bryan, William Sutcliffe Overton, Coach Proprietor. Chillon, & Co., Chancery

and William Whitfield, Leeds, York, Joiners. Lane ; Suckling, Birmingham. March 17. Walker, Furnival's Inn ; Blackburn, Leeds. Vaughan, John, Trawsfynydd, Merioneth, Pig March 17.

Drover. Lowe & Co., Southampton BuildPayne, Thomas, Warminster, Wilts, Butc!

ings, Chancery Lane ; Lloyd, Bala. March 17. Frampton, South Square, Gray's Inn; Miller, Wainwright, James, Birmingham, Wine and Spirit Frome Selwood. March 20.

Merchant. Chaplin, Gray's lon, Square; Price, Thomas, jun., Campden, Gloucester, Corn Harrison, Birmingham. March 10.

and Coal Dealer. Allington & Co., Bedford Wilson, Thomas, Winsmore, Barnsley, York,

Row; Hobbes, Stratford-upon-Avon. March 20. Linen Manufacturer and Yara Merchant. Richardson, George, Smith's Buildings, City Road, Messrs. Newman, Barnsley; Pocock, & Co.,

Coach Maker. Clark, Off. Ass.; Gresham, Bartholomew Close. March 10.
Castle Street, Holborn. Feb. 25.

Willson, James, Liverpool, Wine Merchant. WhitRobson, Thomas, Wall, Northumberland, Butcher ley & Co. Liverpool; Luwe & Co., South

and Cattle Dealer. Brooksbank & Co., Gray's ampton Buildings. March 10.
Inn Square ; Brown, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Woodmian, John, Bristol, Hatter. Hicks & Co.,
Feb. 25.

Bartlett's Building; Hinton, Bristol. March 13. Rothwell, Joseph, Elton near Bury, Lancaster, Wells, William, Kingston-upon-Hull, Timber MerCotton Spinner and Manufacturer. Aulinglon

chant. Shaw, Ely Place; Thorney, Hull. & Co., Bedford Row ; Makinson, Manchester. March 13, Feb. 25.

Williams, Robert Nokes, Bristol, Cabinet Maker Roberts, John, of the Coppice, near Nottingham, and Timber Dealer. Hicks & Co., Bartlett's

Gardener and Seedsman. Lees, Nottingham; Buildings, Holborn; Hinton, Bristol, Feb. 28.

Taylor, Featherstone Buildings. March 3. Watton, William, Birmingham, Printer. Chaplin, Robinson, James, and William Robinson, Bolton- Gray's Inn Square; Harrison, Birmingham,

le-Moors, Lancaster, Engineers, Ironfounders Feb, 28. and Millrights. Chester, Stapló Ino; Arm- Wilson, Joseph, Tyldesley Banks, Lancaster, Sirong, Preston. March 10.

Cotton Spinner. Makinsun & Co., 'Temple; Ratcliffe, Richard, Lowestoft, Suffolk, 'Coach Atkinson & Co., Manchester. Feb. 28.

Maker. Sherrington, Great Yarmonth'; Rhuilcs, Wharton, Richard, Oldham, Lancaster, Inokeeper & Co., Chaucery Lane. March 13.

and Coach Proprietor. Bower & Co., CbanRobertson, Wm , Liverpool, Drys .Iter and Mer. cery Lane; lleuth, Manchester. March 3,

chant. Johnson & Co., Temple ; Higson & Wheeler, William, and Edward Wheeler, Oxford, Co., Manchester. March 20.

Horse Dealers and Livery Stable Keepers. Storer, Joseph, Ihstock, Leicester, Auctioneer, Robertson, Oxford ; Miller & Co., Piccadilly,

Appraiser, Bill Broker, and Coal Miner. March 10.
Messrs. Palmer, Mitre Court Chambers; Wood, Nicholas Price, Burslem, Stafford, (trading

Cou'dale & Co., Hinckley, Leicester. Feb. 28. at Manchester), Banker. Makinson & Co., Sanderson, Jolin, Heywood, Bury, Lancaster, Temple; Atkinson, &Co.,Manchester. March 17.

Fustian Manufacturer and Shopkeeper. Hal- Wilson, William Augustus, Great Coram Street, field, Manchester; Johnson, & Co., Temple. and afterwards of Wapping Wall, Ship Biscuit March 3.

Baker, and Dry Provision Merchant. Green, Stephenson, Frederick, Bradford, York, Saddler Off. Ass.; Seeley, Symond's Inn. March 20.

and Harness Maker. Strangeways, Barnard's Yates, Williain, Maidstone, Kent, Victualler and Jon; Robinson, Leeds. March 3.

Stone Mason. Groon, Off. Ass. ; Teesiale & Strange, William, Abingdon, Berks, Wine and Co., Fenchurch Street, March 20.

Spirit Merchant. Turquand, Off. Ass. ; Leigu,

George Street, Mansion House. Maicii 6. PRICES OF STOCKS.-- Tuesılay, 24th March 1840. Seville, Jolin, and James Wright, Oldham, Cotton 3 per Cent. Consols Annuities

90% aš Spianers. Johnson & Co., Temple ; Heron, New 3} per Cent. Annuities 99} a{ages & Co., Manchester. March 10.

India Bonds, 3 per Cent.
Smith, Isaac, Charles Smith, and Amos Smith, South Sea Stock, div. 34 'per Cent. -

1001 Heywood, Lancaster, Cotton Spinners. Brack- 3 per Cent. Consols for Acct., 14th April 91 e 901 enbury, Manchester ; Johnson & Co., Temple. Exchequer Bills, 10001. at 24. 168. a 19. pm March 10.

Ditto 5001.

16s, a 19s. pm Stevens, Matthew, Fieldgate Street, Whitchapel, Ditto Sinall

165. a 19. pm

I a 3 pra

The Legal Observer.


" Quod magis ad NOS
Pertinet, et nescire malum est, agitamus.


THE LAW OF JOINT STOCK and we think they have done wisely in thus COMPANIES.

adapting themselves to the altered circum

stances of the country, and sanctioning We lost no time in bringing before our blished bond fide for the promotion of useful

these undertakings where they are estareaders the important observations of Lord Cottenham with respect to joint-stock com

undertakings; and, we think the whole panies, in the case of Taylor v. Salmon. volumes we propose not only to continue

subject so important, that in our ensuing The tone of the Courts with respect to these undertakings has in fact much altered within

our practice of bringing before our readers these few last Lord Eldon and Lord but to collect all former decisions on the years.

every case relating to them as it is decided, Ellenborough took repeated opportunities of discountenancing them, and, perhaps, of

subject; and thus to present to our readers

at stated intervals, a TREATISE ON THE LAW throwing impediments in the way of persons OF JOINT Stock COMPANIES. dealing with property connected with them,

Among other branches connected with this or investing capital in them; but Judges of subject, that of railroad companies is not the late, both of Courts of Common Law and least interesting, from its direct bearingon the Equity, have been disposed, while exercising real property of the country, and the numer due control over them, to support all bond

rous questions which arise on this new mode fide transactions with respect to them, and of dealing with land. We have now to call not to allow mere technical objections to attention to two cases of much importance, interfere with their enforcement. The

which have been recently reported, and Lord Chancellor has said that he will which show that however desirous a Court not “ decline to administer justice and to of Equity may be to aid these companies, enforce rights for which there is no other

yet it will watch very narrowly all new remedy, from too strict an adherence to forms and rules established under very dif- to the manner in which a Court of Equity

powers given to them. Both cases relate ferent circumstances;” and the Courts of will regulate the compulsory powers for Queen's Bench, Common Pleas, and Exchequer, have all in several recent in

making purchases of lands given by most stances facilitated the transactions of joint- Webb v. The Manchester and Leeds Railway

In the first of these cases,

railway acts. stock companies with respect to the transfer Company, several important points were of their shares, and other dealings. Indeed, considered, although not directly decided. the amount of capital embarked in these The decision turned a good deal on the undertakings, demands this of the Judges, language of the particular affidavits; but it 8 4 Myl. & C. 141, cited ante, p. 420.

seems to be the Lord Chancellor's opinion, b Hubblewhite v. M'Morine, 5 M. & W.462;

that the Court will not allow a company to London and Brighton Railway Company v. avail itself of the compulsory powers given Wilson, 6 Bing. N. C. 135; both fully stated them by taking land which they do not reante, pp. 305—307; Phelps v. Lyle, 3 Per. & quire for purposes bona fide sanctioned by Dav. 314.

their act of parliament. “It is quite clear," c See the remark of the Lord Chancellor in Debate in House of Lords, 18 L. 0. 167.

d 4 Myl. & C. 116. VOL. XIX, NO. 583.

2 H

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