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of the Hon. Charles Ewan Law, M.P. Recorder of Lon.







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Chancery, it has framed a memorial, which (THE JURISDICTION OF THE COURT FOR | Lord, Willian Jones, esq. third son of Edward Loyd, esq. appears in another column, setting forth the RELIEF OF INSOLVENT DEBTORS AND

of Greenhill, near Manchester, to Caroline Gertrude, se

cond daughter of J. H. Vivian, e q. M.P. of Singleton, grievances complained of, and suggesting the THE COUNTY COURTS.

South Wales, on the 21st ult. at St. George's church, remedy. A vigorous union of effort on the Under sec. 8 of the 10 & 11 Vict. c. 102.

Hanover-square. part of the Association, and the Society for the Tue reports from the Insolvent Debtors' Court Borbidge, Edward, solicitor, on the 21th ult, at his resiAmendment of the Law, can scarcely fail to this week include several decisions of interest to the dence, 88, Hatton-garden, aged 33. command attention and

early Profession. The case of Re George Jones is of Cockburn, Mary Sarsfield, fourth daughter of Sir William reform. considerable importance as a precedent in the In

and Lady Cockburn, on the 20th uit. at Downton, Rad.

norshire, aged 16. But let us impress upon the Committee of solvency Courts in London, and a governing case Lake, Viscount, on the 24th ult. at 12, Park-street, after a the Association, to whose labours the Profes- for the judges of the County Courts. It is the first few days' illness. sion is indebted for this document, that they time the point has arisen, but it must now often Law, Gertrude Catherine, seventh and youngest daughter will never effect much by petition and remon

occur. The question is whether a jurisdiction strance alone. The Government and the Legis. the 10 & 11 Vict, c. 102, may be exercised beyond MATHEWS, Jare Mellar, the beloved wife of John H. Ma.

don, on the 22nd ult. at the house of her father, in Eatonacquired in certain cases under the 8th section of

place, aged 19. lature can only be induced to give attention to such an unexciting question as Law Reform, by tion of the same statute provides that the jurisdicthe districts of the respective courts. The 6th sec- thews, esq. of the Middle Temple, and youngest daughter

of Aaron Chapman, esq. of Highbury-park, Middlesex, forcing it upon them in the shape of a bill. So tion of the Courts in London shall be limited to

on the 26th uli. at Highbury-grange. long as the promoters confine themselves to within twenty

miles of the General Post-Office, and Peris, Lady, relict of the late Sir Lucas Pepys, bart. on the prayers for relief, they will have but a cold and the point decided is that when it assumes jurisdic.

21st ult. at , . partial hearing. To be successful, they must tion in cases where there has been no six months' put their desires into a practical shape, frame a residence, it will act beyond that limit. The 6th JOURNAL OF PROPERTY. Bill embodying the reforms desired, and pro- section of the 10 & 11 Vict. c. 102, limits the action

THE MONEY MARKET. cure it not merely to be represented to Par- of the Courts in London to within twenty miles liament, but to be thrust forward with dogged from the Post-office; but the 8th section enacts resolution, until it either become law or ex- that it may, at its discretion, acquire jurisdiction in tracts from the men in office a pledge that it certain cases in which there has been no six months' shall be made a Government matter. It then residence; but if its action is to be limited to the Three per Cent. Consols...

83 83 83 837 84 usually happens that the officials adopt the locality fixed by the 6th section, the 8th section be- Consols for Opening

844 844 Bill with some trifling disguises, for the sake comes a dead letter, and the effect would be that New Three-&-a-quarter pcrct: 83

8# 85 of appearances, and taking credit for the boon, there would be a certain class of insolvents inca- long Annuities........

192 190 191 189 1898 1901 present it as their own, and carry it by force of pable of being relieved by the interposition of the Bank Stock ministerial influence. It is thus, if they would that he will give effect to the 8th section of the 10& 11 Fichequer Bills, 1,0001. Court. Mr. Commissioner Harris has now decided India Stock

India Bonds, 1,000l. achieve success, that the Metropolitan and Vict. c. 102, without reference to the limitation of Provincial Law Association must deal with jurisdiction under the 6th section. The keepers of Spanish Fireperererettes.

114 11 113 Chancery abuses and with all reforms it may gaols, therefore, throughout England being aware

221 22 be their purpose to promote.

that the Court has, after consideration, come to Peruvian.......
this determination, will probably obey the warrants Portuguese Four per Cents.
of the Court in London for the liberation of peti- Dutch Two-and-a-Half per

163 164 164 164 161 ENFRANCHISEMENT OF COPYHOLDS. tioners ad interim under the 6th section of the 7 &

431 431 The value of Lord CAMPBELL's measure may 8 Vict. c. 96, or for the bringing up of prisoners

Four per Cents. 61 614 617 614 655 66

634 perhaps be best estimated by the opposition it to London for examination under the 7th section encountered. All the noble lords who fol- of the 7 & Vict. c. 96.

Chilian Six per Cents.... lowed him in his motion for the second read- The matter is of importance to the judges of the Buenos Ayres

66 64 65 64 645 ing, save one, expressed extreme hostility to the County Courts. The words of the clause are these :

Belgian Four-and-a-Half per Bill; and even went so far as to divide the House Provided always, and be it enacted, that if any upon it. But for this we should have been such insolvent shall not have so resided for six inclined to look upon the Bill as being rather months in any one place as aforesaid, then he shall insufficient than otherwise for its professed and the jurisdiction aforesaid in the matter of such file his petition in the said Insolvent Debtors Court,

THE GAZETTES, object. We have not yet seen the Bill itself , insolvency shall be vested either in the Court for

Bankrupts. but we gather from Lord CAMPBELL's re- Relief of Insolrent Debtors in London, or in such

Gazette, June 23. marks that it does not go so far as to make one of the said County Courts as the said Court for ADAMS, onts, carthenware manufacturer, Longton, Stokeenfranchisement compulsory; it merely regu- Relief of Insolvent Debtors shall direct.” So that Com. Daniell. Off. as. Christie. Sols. W. and E. Clarke, lates some of the more vexatious incidents of the judges will see that in cases referred to them Longton, and Motterham and Co. Birmingham. Fiat, tenure, and aims at removing the odiousness under the 8th section, where the insolvent is in

June 15. Bankrupt's own petition. rather than the substantial evils of copyholds. custody out of the district to which their jurisdiction

ADAMS, THOMAS KETLAND, gun manufacturer, Birming

ham, July 6 and Aug. 1, at eleven, Birmingham. Com. Lord CamPBELL avowed that he should have is limited, they will be called upon to exercise the Balguy. Off. as. Whitmore. Sol. Stubbs. Birmingham. preferred a general commutation, upon the same power of liberating prisoners ad interim who

Fiat, June 21. Bankrupt's own petition. plan 80 successfully adopted with respect to are petitioners under the protection statutes, or of Cowan, GEORGE, draper, Coventry, July 1 and 29, at half

past ten, Birmingham. Com. Daniell. Off. as. Christie. tithes ; but he had no hope of present success bringing them up for examination. Suppose, for Sols. Dewes and Sons, Coventry, and Motterham and Co.

Birmingham. Fiat, June 14. J. Crichton, drafor so good a thing as that. Nevertheless, the instance, that a petitioner is in custody in the gaol

per, Coventry. concessions he has made have not moderated at Lancaster, and the petition is referred to the Fellows, Exocu, licensed victualler, and blank tray ma.

nufacturer and japanner, Wolverhampton, July 11 and hostility: the imperfect measure is as fiercely County Court at Liverpool, the judge of the County

Aug. 1, at twelve, Birmingham. Com. Balguy. Off. as. assailed as a perfect one would have been, the same power which Mr. Commissioner HARRIS Court at Liverpool will be called upon to exercise

Whitmore. Sol. Bowen, Stafford. Fiat, June 17. Bankwhile it does not rouse the same enthusiasm in has exercised in the case of George Jones; and the FRANCIS, GEORGE, tailor, draper, and outfitter, Liverpool,

rupt's own petition. its favour. The reasons assigned for the op; governors of the gaols so called upon to obey war

July 4 and 25, at eleven, Liverpool. Com. Ludlow. position were amusing from their diversity and rants of County Courts beyond their respective

as. Turner. Sols. Cornthwaite and Co. Old Jury-cham. their inconclusiveness, making it manifest that districts, knowing that in similar cases and under

bers, and Fisher and Stone, Liverpool. Fiat, June 16.

Bankrupt's own petition. they were not reasons, but excuses. One no- similar circumstances the Court in London calls HARTLEY, WILLIAM, baker, Banbury, Oxfordshire, June ble lord objected that it would destroy copy- upon them to liberate a prisoner ad interim, will

30, at two, July 28, at half.past twelve, Basinghall-st.

Com. Fonblanque. Off. as, Stansfeld. Sols. Stroughill, hold tenure; but he is, unfortunately, wrong; probably abandon any scruples which they may Coleman-st. and Hunt and Fortescue, Banbury. Fiat, it falls far short of such excellence. Another entertain respecting the legality of the warrant June 20. Bankrupt's own petition. objected that it would deprive lords of manors emoved.

D. C. M.

Hesketi, GEORGE, straw bonnet dealer, Manchester, July

4 and 25, at eleven, Manchester, of the means of protecting their estates against

Gregory and Co. Bedford. row, and Makinson, Manchester. nuisances ! Another thought that the

Fiat, June 20. Bankrupt's own petition. present BIRTHS, MARRIAGES, AND DEATHS.

HOLMES, MATTHEW, victualler, Bilston. Staffordshire, July system of enfranchisement worked very well;

1 and 26, at half-past ten, Birmingham. Com. Daniell. forgetting that if it is good to have enfranchised


Off. as. Whitmore. Sol. Bolton, Wolverhampton. Fiat,

June 15. Bankrupt's own petition. ten manors in a year, it would be ten times better HARGRAVE. - On the 24th ult. the wife of John F. Har

HUDSON, James, boarding-house-keeper, Lark-hall-lane, to be able to enfranchise a hundred. Lord

grave, esq. barrister-at-law, of a son.

Clapham, June 30, at half-past one, July 24, at one, Basa STANLEY's objection was that it would put the MOULTRIE: On the 23rd ult. at, St. John's- inghall-st. Com. Goulburn. Off. as. Follett. Sol. Eden,

wood, the lady of E. M. Moultrie, of the Middle Temple, Salisbury-st. Strand. Fiat, June 21. Bankrupt's own poor tenant to expense; but he forgot to say, esq. of a son.

petition that the poor tenant is not compelled to en

HUXHAM, GEORGE, wine and spirit merchant, Totness,

Devonshire, July 11, at eleven, Aug. 3, at one, Exeter. franchise, if he does not desire it; all tenants Balfour, Major George, of the Madras Artillery, to Charlotte Isabella, third daughter of Joseph Hume, esq. M.P.

Sols. Blake, Blackfriars. ask, is that the lord shall be compelled to en- on the 28th ult. at St. Mary's, Bryanstou-square.

road, Presswell, Totness, and Stogdion, Exeter. Fiat, franchise, on their paying him the value of his Glyn, George Grenfell, eldest son of George Carr Glyn,

Pet. cr. W. Huxham, gent. Zuckenhay, Asbprington, interest in the property. Although the Bill esq. M.P. to Georgiana Maria, eldest daughter of the Rev. Johnston, Jonn, hosier and haberdasher, High-st. Stam. has passed its second stage safely, it is sure to

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George Tufnel, of Uffington, Berkshire, on the 22nd ult.

ford, Lincolnshire, July 7 and Aug. 4, at eleven, Nottingat St. Peter's, Eaton-square.

ham. Com. Balguy. Off. as. Biuleston. Sols. Bennett, be so mangled in committee, as to be rendered Gould, John, esq. of Upper Chadwell-street, Pentonville, Furnival'n-inn, and Ludlow, Birmingham, Fiat, June useless for the purpose for which it was de- to Miss Maria Haydon, niece of the late William Tidd, 15. Bankrupt's own petition. manded. The copyholders must not relax their

esq of the Inner Temple, on the 24th ult. at the Spanish Jones, Robert, cotton spinner, Edenfield, Tottington

Ambassador's Chapel. Manchester-square, and afterwards Higher-end, Lancashire, July 6 and 27, at twelve, Manefforts now; the victory is far from being won. at the Church of St. Marylebone.

chester. Off, as. Hobson. Sols. Gregory and Co. Bed.


ford-row, and Cooper, Manchester. Fiat, June 19. Pet.

Gazette, June 27.

wich, warehousemen, June 19.- Debts paid by T. Davies, grocer, Exeter.

Hirst, J. wire drawer, Halifax, Yorkshire, June 28. Walker, J. T. and Hill, H. corn factors, Corn Exchange, LLOYD, John, boot and shoe manufacturer, Liverpool, July


London, June 20.-Wheatcroft, G. and Kendall, J. coach 10 and 28, at eleven, Liverpool. Com. Perry. Off. as.

Gazetle, June 16.
smiths, Darlaston, May 17.- Woods, S. jun. and A. and

So far as reMorgan. Sols. Oliver, Old Jewry, and Evans and Sons,

Edwards, D. merchant, Aberdeen, June 28 and July 19, Stubbs, 1. stock brokers, Liverpool, June 21. Liverpool. Fiat, June 19. Bankrupt's own petition.

at telre, Royal Hotel, Aberdeen. - Gentles, T. plumber, gard. S. Woods, jun. Mycock, Josern, publican aud licensed victualler, Long. Paisley, June 23 and July 14, at one, Saracen's Head Inn,

Gazette, June 27. sight, ncar Manchester, July 6 and 27. at eleven, Man; Paisley. - Grocott, T. mercharit and dealer in fancy goods

Burnes, R., H. and G. A. Winchester, so far as regards chester. Off. as. Hobson. Sóls. Smith, Bedford-row, and and Berlin wool, Wellington Arcade, Glasgow, June 23 and

H. Barnes.-Burnett, R. L. and Kimpton, J. jun. GraceAndrew, Manchester. Fiat, June 10. Pet. cr. T. Ben- July 14, at twelve, Star Hotel, Glasgow.-'Hamilton, J. church-st. City. - Bateman, J. Drury, G. and Biteman, J. J. nett, surgeon, Salford.

farmer, cattle and grain dealer, High therwell, near Hi Birmingham, so far as regards J. Bateman.-Beningfield, Nicholls, Joun, manufacturer of earthenware, Longton, milton, Lanarkshire, June 26 and July 17, at twcive, King's J. and Mergerison, C. Crutched-friars, City. -- Bre!t, T., H. Stoke-upon-Trent, Staffordshire, July 11 and Aug. 1, at

Arns Inn and Hotel, Hamilton. Keddie, J. merchant, and J. Wood-st. Cheapside, so far as regards J. Breit. eleven, Birmingham. Com. Balguy. Off. as. Valpy. Fortrose, June 27 and July 18, at two, Royal Hotel, For

Charisse, P. H. and C. A. Birmingham. -- Darnton, E. and

Beckett, S. Marchester.-Day, T. and Whitman, J. Mud. Sols. Motteram and Co. Birmingham. Fiat, june 15. trose.- Morrison, J. coal master, ship owner, and farmer,

stone, Kent.-Edmiston, C. J. and C. S. Strand.- Forman, Bankrupt's own petition.

Hawkhill, Tulliallan. Perthshire, June 23 and July 21, at Pratt, SAMLEl. victualler and publican, Coventry, Tar. one, Dewar's Inn, Kincardine.- Stirling, J. horse dealer, T. and Lrurence, T. Bedford. - Guls corthy, J. and Vichols, wickshire, July 6 and 26, at half-past ten, Birmingham. Strathaven, June 27 and July 18, at tivo, Bruce Inn, Hami!.

J. Cook's.court, Lincoln's-inn.- Hunt, H. and Bromley, C. Com. Daniel. Off. as. Christ e. Sols. Jackson, Coven.

ton -- Sutherland, w. s. bookseller and stationer, Leith, Banbury, Oxfordshire. --- Kerr, J. H. and Druitt, W. Lirer. try, and Blotteram and Co. Biriningham. Fiat, June 17. June 26 and July 17, at one, Paxton's Royal Exchange, Cof. pool. - Marshall, T. and Duncan, J: Wood-st. Cheapside.Bankrupt's own petition. fee-house, Edinburgh.

Nichols, W. N. and Lane, T. Clifton.-- Vorthcote, R. C.

and J. C. Bristol.- Parsons, G. and Williams, J.S. Bristol. Sims, CHRISTOPHER, wharfinger, Dimmock's-wharf, Upper

Gazette, June 27.
Ground-street, Surrey, Jur

30, at hall.
ast one, July 24,

Bisset, R. merchant, Laurencekirk, June 30 and July 21, 1 - Pitt, E, H, and Gibbon, The Square, Kensington.-Poul. at half-past twelve. Basinghall-st. Com. Goulburn.


at V‘Bean's Hotel, Laurencekirk.-Struthers, J.clerk, Glas. son, J. and Williams, W. Churcb-lane, Whitechapel. - Ro. as. Green. Sol. Whitfield, Lincoln's Inn-fields. Fiat, gow, June 30 and July 21, at the Buck's Head Hotel,' Glas. gers, I. and E. Grey Eagle-st. Spitalfields.- Walker, B. B. June 21. Bankrupt's own perition. gow. Thomson, J. wright, Glasgow, July 4 and 25, at

and Foster, J. Leeds.- Warburton, R. and W. Leicester.Smitu, BENJAMIN, tailor and draper, Ashton-under-Lyne, the Star Hotel, 'Glasgow. – Wyllie, G. and Johnston, 'w. Younger, W. H. acd W. Strand. Lancashire, July 26, at eleven, Manchester, Off. as. Pott. Har spinners, Dundee, July 5 and 26, at the British Hotel,

DIVIDENDS. Sols. Reed and Co. and Sale and Co. Manches. Dundee.

Bankrupts' Estates. ter. Fiat, June 16. Pet. cr. W. Bryan, merchant, Man.


Gazette, June 20.

Official Assignees are giren, to whom apply for the

Dividends. Watson, Robert Henry, manufacturing chemist, 5, Knight, T. boot and shoe manufacturer and confectioner, Eldon-hl. Vauxhall, June 29 and Aug. 7. at half.past Uppingham, June 10. Trust. R. Watson, leather seller, Up Biker, R. tailor, first, Ojd. Whitmore, London.-Clarke

Anson, T. stationer, first, Is. 5d. Cannan, London.twelve, 'Basinghall-st. Com. Shepherd. Off. as. Graham. pinghan. At the office of J. Jones, gent. Stamford.-Scour. Sol. Hutson, Upper Clifton-st. Finsbury. Fiat, June 19. field, J. Swansea, June 13. Trusts. w. Pluinner, and E. and Co. bankers, third and final, 5s. Christie, Birmingham.

Whi:more, Bankrupt's own petition. Cole, linen merchants, Bristol. Sols, W. L. and C. Clarke, --Cork, G. livery stable keeper, first, 3s. 6!d.

Whit. WATTS, WILLIAM draper, Ashton-under-Lyne, Lancashire, Bristol.-Tingate, J. grocer and draper, Allendale Town. London. --Gadsby, J. wine merchant, first, 5s. 23.

July 7 and: 27, at eleven, Manchester. Off. as. Hobson. May 4. Trusts. T. Forster, auctioneer, Woolley, Allen: more, Birmingham.--Green, J. wine merchant, second, 3d. Sols. Reed and Co. Friday-st. and Saie and Co. Manches. dale, and W. Appleby, miner, Allendale Town. Sol. Gib.

Cannan, London.--Hawkesford and Hrukesford, iron foaf. ter. Fiat, June 14. Pet. crs. C. Brown, J. Brown, W. son, lexham. - Vickers, W. jun. nursery and seedsman,

ders, first, 2d. Valpy, Birmingham.-Hood, R. draper, Morcom, J. Hounsfield, J. Morgan, and F. Bligh, mer.

Holywell, May 3. Trusts. G. ilenry, Bagile, J. Williams, first, 3s, 6d. Whitmore, Birmingham.- Jay, J. T. surgeon, chants and partners, Manchester.

Mold, and J. Prichard, Chester. sol. Hostage, Chester. - first, 45d, Cannan, London. -- Penn, W. victua'ler, first, 6d. Weippert, JOAN CHARLES, music seller and publisher: Willis, G. and Schmidt, L. tailors, St. James-st. April 25. Turner, Liverpool.- Roberts, J. and Son, ironmongers, first,

and professor of music, Soho.89. July 3 and Aug. 7, at Trusts. S. Addington, St. Martin's-lane, C. J. East, Bond: 38.; sep. J. Roberts, 20$. Turner, Liverpool. - Ryland and one, Basinghall-st. Com. Shepherd. 0.F. as. Turquand. st. J. H. F. Browo, Vigo-st. w. Barber,'st. Paul's Church: Ryland, metal workers, first, 2s. Christie, Birmingbam. Sol. Jervis, Laurence. Pountnes.hill. Fiat, June 20. yard, warehousemen. Sol. Cattlin, Ely-place.

Insolvents' Estates. Bankrupt's own petition.

Gazette, June 23.

Apply to the Provisional Assignees' Office, Portuzal-street, WILKINSON, GEORGE, jun. joiner and builder, Louth, Lin. Robinson, R. dec. innkeeper, Tenbury, June 3. Trusts. Lincoln's-inn-Fields, London, between the hours of Tex colnshire, July 5 and 26, at half past ten, Kingston upon T. Bangham and W. Giles, maltsters, Tenbury. Sol. Adams,

and One. Hull. Com. Ayrton. Off. as. Carrick. Sols. Coverdale and Tenbury.- Selman, S. jun. draper, Newport, May 11. Trust. Burber, G. carpenter, 3s. 21.-Castle, H. linen draper, Co. Bedford-row, Ingolsby and Co. Louth, and Wells and J. B. Walker. warehouseman, sol. Heather,

Is. 60.-Cor, J. painter, 158. 60.- Cox, T. grocer, 2s. 50.Smith, Hull. Fiat, June 1. Pet. cr. T. Young, mer.

Paternoster.row.---Simon, J. publican and house painter Holdstock, B. straw hat manufacturer, 11d. - Robbins, J. chant, Louth, Lincolnshire.

Manchester, April 29. Trust. J. H. Young. brewer, Sal- licensed victualler. 1s. 4id.-Wells, J. bricklager, Is. WOODYATT, Joux, joiner and builder, Whitton, near North. ford. Sol. Porter, Manchester.– Toynbee, T. ahd Perrins,

DECLARATIONS OF DIVIDENDS. wich, Cheshire, July 10 and 27, at eleven, Liverpool. Com. J. D. card-board box manufacturers. Basinghall-st. and

Gazette, June 27. Perry. Off. as. Morgan. Sols. Sharpe and Co. Bedford. Boulogne, May 9.. Trust. E. Elliott, fancy stationer, Ruck. Besley, C. clerk in Plymouth Dockyard, Plymouth-furtber row, and Holland and Green, Northwich. Fiat, June 15. lersbury. Sol. Billing, King-st. Cheapside.

div. of 2s. Id. any Tuesday, at Hirtze's, Exeter.-Brown, R. Bankrupt's own petition.

grocer, Crosby, Lancashire-Ist div. of 25. June 29, and any Gazette, June 27.

Partner hips Dissolved.

subsequent Thursday, at Cazenove's, Liverpool.-Coscay, Browx, Charles, stone mason, New Sarum, Wiltshire,

Gwoo'stapler, Tiverton, Devonshire- Ist dir. of 16. 4d. any

Gazette, June 20. July 4, at three, Aug. 7, at half.past one, Basinghall-st.

Tuesday after June 27, at Hirtzel's, Exeter. -- Dobson, P.T. Off, as, Graham. Sol. Smith and Atkins, Serjeant's-inn, June 15.- Brooke, W. and Myult, cobalt and nickle re.

Bennett, J. and S. grocers and tallow chandlers, Bridport, draper, Tunstall, Staffordshire-1sé div. of Is. 34. June 27, for Kelsey, Salisbury. Fiat, June 23. finers, Birmingham, May 23.- Brydges, E. and Weyman Dredge, J. hotel kecper, Liverpool - Ist div. of 2.7 d. July

and any subsequent Tuesday, at Hobson's Manchester, CLAY, WILLIAM, warehouseman, Cheapside, July 15, at half-past eleven. Aug. 5, at half-past twelve, Basinghall- jun. merchants, Bristol, June 13.--Cave, R. and Lyde, G.F.1-Ewens, G. D. butter merchant, Axminster-further div.

T. ironmongers, Tewkeshury, June 24.-Bush, H. and H. 5, and any subsequent Wednesday, üt Morgan's, Liverpool. Off. as. Follett. Sol. Fisher, Doughty-st. Fiat, drapers, Cwm Avon, May 21.-Clearer, J. and Watson, H. of 2s.6d. (in addition to 28. 6d.), any day after July 3, at June 24.

Roman cement manufacturers, Pimlico, Sittingbourne, and Hernaman's, Exeter.-Griffith, R. E. ercise officer, BampEMMERSON, WILLIAM, banker, North Shields, July 7, at

Harwich, June 17. Debts paid by Watson. Edwards, J. twelve, Aug. 18, at one, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Off. as.

ton, Devonshire--Ist div, of 2s. any Tuesday, at Hirtzel's, Baker. Sols. Chisholme and Co. Lincoln's inn-fields, and --English, w. sen. and w. jun. millwrights, Newark-upon--2nd div. of 3s. any Tuesday after June 27, at Hirtzel's,

A. and Dohren, E. Von, merchants, Savage-garden., June 20. Exeter.-Lungworthy, J. licut. R.N. Popsham, Desodshire Harle, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Fiat, June 12. Every, Joan, Sen. ironfounder, Lewes, Sussex, July 6, at Ardwick, June 17. Debis paid by Garnett. - Green, J.

Trent, June 10.-Garnett, J. and Allan, H. coach builders, Excter.-- Metford, J. wine merchant, Bath- Ist dis. of !s. half.past twelve, Aug. 14, at eleven, Basinghall-st. of. Brook, 'R. and Robinson, W. stone masons, Lockerby, Bristol.- Pearce, J. J. baker, Kenton, Devonshire-1st div.

June 29, and any subsequent Wednesday, at Acraman's, as. Turquand. Sols. Lindsay and Co. Gresham-6t. Fiat, March 6.-Hall, W. and Black, C. surgeons, Chesterfield, of is. 6d. any Tuesday after June 27, at Hirtzel's, Eseter:

June 21.
GAWAN, Samuel, victualler, Christchurch, G. and 'Deighton, H. glue, bone, and size manufacturers, after June 27, at Hirtzel's, Exeter.- Tuckelt, J. berbalis ,

Dec. 31, 1847. Debts paid by Hall.- Haworth, C. Coyle, Prince, H. iurrier, Exeter-Ist. div. 15. 3d. ans Tuesday Surrey, July 3, at two, Aug. 14, at half-past eleven, Ba. singhall-st. Off . as. Graham. Sol. Crafter, Blackfriars- gins, V. T. and Bally, H. commission merchants, Liverpool, zel's, Exeter.-Winter, J. Stoke-under-Hamdon, Sonerset.

Lower Darwen. June 10. Debts paid by Deighton.-Hig. Exeter-Ist div. of Is. any Tuesday after June 27, at Hirt. road. Fiat, June 26. HILL, Thomas, and stock, Heney, manufacturer of slate spinners, Bradshaw, March 27.-Jordan, w., H. B. and Hirtzel's, Exeter.

June 17.-Horrocks, H. and Shuttleworth, R. (dec.) cotton shire-further div. of 3s. any Tuesday after June 27, at goods, Tremadoc, Carnarvonshire, July 19 and Aug. 4, at Bragge, c. w. commission agents, Bristol, April 30. twelve, Liverpool. Off. as. Turner.

Sols. Bircham, Debts paid by W. Jordan.--Messenger, J. H. and Comb, J.
Furnival's-inn, and Curry and Statham, Liverpool. Fiat, W. painters, and paper hangers, Southampton-st. Morn.

Meetings at Basinghall-street.
June 1.
Lovesy, Jonn, bookseller, Cheltenham, July 11, and Aug; ville, F. and Waistell, G. R, commissjon agents, Alderman-
ington-crescent, Dec. 25. Debts paid by Messenger.-Ne.

Gazette, June 20. 8, at twelve, Bristol. Off. as. Miller. Sols. Bubb and bury, City, June 17.-Skippy, W. and Fishpool, T. J. City, July 13, at one, dir.-Bourdon, J. L. and Jeugens,

Lesley, A. and Bardgett, W. merchants, Old Broad-st. Co. Cheltenham, and Walton, Bucklersbury. Fiat, licensed horse slaughterers, Vale Royal, Islington, June 1. June 21.

P. I. sugar refiners, Finch-st. Whitechapel, June 30, at MITCHELL, GEORGE West, lodging-house-keeper, Bristol,

Debts paid by Fishpool.-Smith, H., R. and J. carriers, eleven (adj. June 16), joint div.--Children, G. banker, TunJuly 14 and Aug. 17, at eleren, Bristol.

Halesworth and Ipswich, so far as regards H. Smith, June bridge, Kent, July 13, at half.past eleven, dis-Collett, C.

Offas. Hutton. 10.-Stevens, W. and Marriott, F. proprietors of the peri- M. attorney, Lincoln’s-inn-fields, July 11, at elevea, div.Sols. Rogerson, Lincoln's-inn-fields, and Williams, Bris. tol. Fiat, June 21. odical“ Chat," June 17.

Cooper, W., Wilson, C. and Black, G. straw hat manufae. MORGAN, RICHARD HENRY, licensed victualler, Mansfield.

Garette, June 23.

turers and furriers, Aldermanbury, July 13, at one, joint dir. place, Kentish-town, July 15, at twelve, Aug. 5, at one,

Abbott, D. and Swallow, M. tobacconists, Huddersfield, -Ellivtt, W. corn merchant, Petworth, Susses, July 13, at

June 21. Ayshford, T. B. and Chumberlin, J. wheelwrights, eleven, div.-Falkner, J. B. and Fabian, B. merchants and Basinghall-st. Off. as. Green. Sol. Dale, Furnival's-inn.

Drury-lane, June 8. Fiat, June 26.

Debts paid by Ayshford.-Croysdale, brokers, Old Broad-st. City, July 14, at twelve, div.-Ham. NEWMAN, James, builder, Ventnor, Isle of Wight, July 8

J., J., W. and A. dyers and ware grinders, Leeds, April 1, so mon, H. J. architect, Threadneedle-st. City, and jewel case

far as relates to A. Croysdale. Debts paid by the remaining maker, Greek-st. Soho, July 13, at eleven, div.--Horne, G. and Aug. 5, at eleven, Basinghall-st. Off. as. Green, Sols. Whitaker, Lincoln's-inn-fields, and Stokes, Cowes. verpool. June 17. Debts paid by E. Dean and Redhead. - ; eleven, sep. div. of Horne.-Ker, W. cabinet maker, Nere

partners.- Dean, J. and E. and Redhead, J. salt agents, Li- and Burghes, A. M. booksellers, Cheapside, July 11, at Fiat, June 24.

Ellis, W. and Birks, J. law stationers and stock and share inn-yard, Tottenham-court-rd. July 1, at twelve (adj. Vay PARRY, EDWARD, woollen draper, Hay, Breconshire, July brokers, York, June 14.--Fisher, J. Watling-st. and Perike, 6), last exam.-Parker, J. H. carrier, Castle and Falcon

11 and Aug. 8, at eleven, Bristol. Off. as. Acraman. Sols. J. Buston-pl. Lambeth, cheesemongers and general dealers, yard, Aldersgate-st. July 1, at one (adj. June 2), last exam. Holme and Co. London, and Prideaux and Son, Bristol.

June 20.-Gott, J. and Exley, W. clothiers, Rawdon, June Fiat, June 24.

- Pasco, T. upholsterer, Chichester, July 11, at eleven, div. Peacu, BENJAMIN, discount broker, Gravesend, July 3, at makers, jewellers, and glass dealers, Manchester, June 20. Martin's-lane, Charing-cross, June 27, at one (adj. War 19),

13. Debts paid by Exley.-- Greenhalgh, J. and H, watch -Regless, Skerratt, and Bousfield, woollen drapers, St. one, and Aug. 9, at eleven, Basinghall-street. Off. as. Stansfeld. Sols. Lawrence and Plews, Old Jewry-cham- Westminster, March 25.-Hill, L. A. M. and Kirby, M. E. July 13, at one, last eram.-Smith, T. licensed hawker,

Hawke, J. and w. builders, Billiter-st. and James-st. last exam.-Shaw, H. china dealer, Gerrard-st. Islington, bers. Fiat, June 22. RUODES, Joux, cotton spinner, Clegg-hall, near Rochdale, T. and Maynes, w. wool carders and fur blowers, Woodley i C, tailor, Change-alley, Cornhill, July !!,

at twelve, final schoolmistresses, Surrey-sq. Newington, June 22.-Jepson, Portsea and Birmingham, July 13, at eleren, aud. - Taylor, Lancashire, July 13 and Aug. 3, at eleven, Manchester. within Bredbury, Oct. 3, 1846.- Lord, J. and P.'ironmon. div.-Thompson, T. K. wholesale grocer, Great Tower-st. Off. as. Hobson. Sols. Bell, Bedford-row, and Heaton, gers, Scarborough, June 17. Debts paid by P. Lord.- July 13, at eleven, aud.-Webb, J. straw plait dealer, Luton,

Rochdale. Fiat, June 23.
SABBERTON, James, tailor, Sutton-st. York-road, Lambeth, verpool, June 20.-- Mason, H. X. and Smith, J. T. chemists,

Lownsborough, J. and Harding, J. jun. estate agents, Li. Bedfordshire, July 13, at eleven, aud.
July 5, at one, Aug. 9, at twelve, Basinghall-st. Off. as. Old-st, St. Luke's, June 20.-M-Clure, W. Booth, J. and

FOR ALLOWANCE OF CERTIFICATES. Pennell. Sol. Haynes, Symond's-inn. Fiat, June 26.

Leigh, H. silk manufacturers, Manchester and Patricroft, SLATEB, GEORGE, ironmonger, Doncaster, July 8 and Aug. June 22. Debts paid by Booth and Leigh.-Norton, F.C. at eleven.---Dyne, W. corn dealer, Stoke Newington, Jals

Clarkson, J. retailer of beer, Woolwich Lower-rd. July 12, 8, at ten, Leeds. Off. as. Freeman. Sols. Lamont, Johnst. Adelphi; Collinson, Doncaster; and Bond and Barwick, June 6.- Parker, s. and Rayner, w. millers, Snow.hill of Wight, July 14, at one.-Hayward, R. brewer, Dorset.

Shrewsbury, and Morris, J. Knighton, drapers and grocers, 12, at twelve.--Hartley, H. R. hotel keeper, Ventnor, Isle Leeds. Fiat, June 20.

Birmingham, June 16.-Rendall, G. and A. merchants, st. Landport, July 12, at eleven.-Headland, E. M. lodging BANKRUPTCY ANNULLED,

Cape de Verd Islands, and Bathurst, March 7. Debts paid house keeper, Harley-st. Cavendish-sq. July 12, at twelve.Gazette, June 23,

by G. Rendall.-Sarage, F. and Honnywill, R. E. sugar Le Boutillier, D. draper, Commercial-rd. East, July 12, at

refiners, Bristol, June 7.-Smedley, J. and Whittaker, T. eleven.-Nokes, J. builder, St. George-the-Martyr, July 13, Beaman, J. iron manufacturer, Smethwick, June 20.- cabinet makers, 'Manchester, June 14. Debts paid by whit: at one.- Porter, J. cheese factor, Wormwood-st.

July 12, at Grove, W. T. sugar dealer, Arthur-st.-West, June 21. taker.-Sturling, E. Aldborough, and Atkinson, J.G, Nor. eleven.-Reay, J. jun. and H. wine merchants, Mark-lane,


July 14, at half-past one.- Rose, G. D. plumber, painter, Stafford.-Clarke, G. common brewer, Dunstable.—Dawson,

and glazier, Duke-st. Smithfield, July 13, at eleven.- W. I. cigar merchant, Lime-st.–Duncan, A. preserved pro-

Gazette, June 27.
Spikins, B. timber merchant, Lichfield-st. Sobo, July 11, at vision manuf. Wilson-st. Finsbury.-Gilby, D. coach builder,

July 11, at eleven.
one.- Tanner, W. and Ward, J. leather factors, Leadem- Bures St. Mary.-Hart, A.W. merchant, Liverpool.-Ker.

Merser, T. the younger, tailor, Thames Ditton.-Wigg
hall-place, July 14, at half-past twelve.

shaw, J. draper, Brecon.-King, S. dealer in cutlery, Chel. B. plumber, painter, and glazier, Great Cambridge-st

tenham.--Martindale, D. warehouseman, Star.ct. Bread-st. Hackney-road.-Hughes, J. woollen factor, King-st. Hol.
- Morris, T. late hotel keeper, Maida-hill. - Potter, A.

Gazette, June 23.
Belson, w. wine and brandy merchant, White Horse, Tottenham-ct.-rd. -Timperley, s. and J. linen drapers,
butcher, Pakenham. – Taylor, E. A. licensed victualler,

July 12, at ten.
Friday-st. Cheapside, July 18, at eleven, aud.-- Benton, E. Ashton-under-Lyne.-Waters,'F. cheesemonger, Church-st. clerk to an attorney, Ashford-st. Hoxton.--Silvester, W. H.

Maxted, J. grocer, Pinner, Middlesex.- Austen, J. A.
pawnbroker, Tottenham-court-road, July 14, at one, aud: - Hackney.-Wheeler, w. builder, Notting-hill.
Cremer, J. T. merchant, St. Mary-axe, July 14, at one, div.

jeweller, Northampton-square, Goswell-road.-Grinver, W.
-Edmunds, W. tailor and draper, Tottenham, and Wen-

J. mast and block maker, Narrow-st. Limehouse.
lock-road, City-road, July 25, at eleven, aud.-Gates, J.,


July 12, at ten.
Coates, J., Bartlett, R. T. and Beck, G. warehousemen, PETITIONS TO BE HEARD AT THE COUNTY Willoughby, G, drover, Forest-row, Dalston.-Francom,
Watling-st. July 14, at eleven, div. of sep. estate of


H. warehouseman, Holywell-lane.
Coates, Bartlett, and Beck.-Hallett, G. draper, Ryde, Isle

Gazette, June 23.

July 13, at eleven.
of Wight, July 7, at twelve, last exam. -Hughes, w. jun. Barrett, S. stewardess of the South Devon railway station, Bird, J. engraver,' Hayward's-place, Woodbridge-st.
grocer and cheesemonger, High-st. Chatham, and Stoke, Totness, July 13, at eleven, Totness.-Bartram, J. traveller Clerkenwell.-- Richardson, s. carthenware dealer, Chapel-st.
July 14, at twelve, aud. and div.-Lewis, M. linen draper, in the straw bonnet business, Manchester, July 5, at twelve, Somers'-town.-Bride, J.'out of business, Chingford, Essex. July 14, at eleven, div.- Macdonald, A. and Salford. - Browning, C. shopkeeper and beer-house keeper,

Campbell, A. army agentsland bankers, Regent-st. July 14, Bridgwater. July 14, at ten, Bridgwater.-Clunne, J. W.

at twelve, div.-Merentie, M. merchant, King William-st. coach builder and wheelwright, Milton, next Gravesend,
July 14, at eleven, div.-Tamlyn, H. coal merchant, Totton, July 10, at ten, Gravesend. - Colgate, T. sen. victualler,

Further particulars may be learned at the Office, in Por.
Eling, Hampshire, July 18, at eleven (by adj.), div.- Chipstead, near Sevenoaks, July 13, at ten, Sevenoaks.--

tugal-street, Lincoln's-inn-fields, on giving the number
Thompson, T. K. wholesale grocer, Gt. Tower-st. July 14, Cooper, G. farmer and sinker, Adlington, July 14, at nine,

of the Case.
at half-past eleven, div.-Watson, s. T. and Byers, w. Chorley.-- Dymeck, I. mason, contractor. &c. Bristol, July

Gazette, June 27.
woollen and Manchester warehousemen, Skinner-st. July 14, 28, at eleven, Bristol. -Enston, E. saddler and harness

Saturday, June 24.
at half-past one, joint div.
maker, Icklesham, July 17, at one, Hastings.-Fener, W.

Turner, J. builder, Bulwer-place, Notting-bill, No.

59,082 T.; G. Hodkins, assig.–Stevenson, G. builder,
huckster and farmier, Pensnett, Kingewinford, July 18, at
Baker, J. and J. machinists, Fore-st. July 14, at half-past nine, Stourbridge.-Hatton, W. spade tree maker, Amble Ledbury-terrace, Westbourne-grove, No. 59,839 T.; H. G!
Keymer, J. warehouseman, Lawrence-lane, Cheap. cote, Oldswinford, July 18, at nine, Stourbridge.--Hazle. Ashton, assig:--Brace, J. tanner, Richardson-st. Bermond.

sey, No. 59,865 T.; W. Collins, assig.- Preston, W. retail
side, July 14, at twelve.- Roose, H. merchant, Salisbury-st. dine, H. horse dealer, Åmblecote, oldswinford, July 18, at

dealer in ale, Salford, No. 68,915 C.; J. N. Dathan, and
Strand, July 14, at half-past two.-- Searle, H. S. dealer in nine, Stourbridge.---Newsome, G. shopkeeper, Rowley, Kirk.

B. B. Powell, assigs.-Broune, C. M. no trade, Ramsgate,
surgical instruments, Queen's-place, Kennington, July 17, heaton, July 13, at ten, Huddersfield. - Poole, G. fishmonger, No. 69,132 C.; J. W. Smith, assig.--Kirk, s. licensed vic?
at twelve.

Eastover, Bridgwater, July 14, at ten, Bridgwater. Smith, tualler, Bredbury, near Stockport, No. 69,323 C.; J. D.

A. button blacker and spring hook maker, Walsall, June 28, Wilkington, assig.- Scott, J. carpenter, Helton, near Low.
Meetings in the Country.

at ten. Walsall. -Webley, J. C. cabinet maker and carver, ther, No. 69,367° C. ; R. Ferguson, assig.Thompson, J.

Bristol, July 28, at eleven, Bristol.
Gazette, June 20.
FINAL ORDERS, at the County Courts.

jun. builder, West Hartlepool, No. 69,555 C.; G. Richard.
Bertram, C. and Parkinson, W. merchants, Newcastle, Allison, J. labourer, West Keal, July 6, at ten, Spilshy - Noble, assig.--Marshall, J. out of business, Deptford, No.

son, assig.- Arnet, T. brewer, Preston, No. 69,561 C.; J.
July 11, at 'eleven, Newcastle, aud. and July 13, at eleven, Bodkin, R. out of business, Wateringhury, July 7, at ten: 69,590° C.; J. Strachan, assig.-O'Neill, 'w. commission
div.-Clarke, J. hosier, Hinckley, Leicestershire, July 12, Maidstone.- Briggs, T. shopkeeper, Birkenhead, July 7, at
at half.past ten, Birmingham, aud. and July 13, at half past ten, Birkenhead. - Foulkes, J. C. surgeon, Birkenhead, July Walker, w.Igrocer, Liverpool, No. 66,608 C. ; L. Dyson,

agent, Liverpool, No. 69,600 C.; A. Creighton, assig.-
ten, div.-Forster, J. banker, Shafto, Hartburn, Northum- 7, at ten, Birkenhead. --Harrison, R. out of business, Chor-
berland, July 11, at twelve, Newcastle, aud. and July 13, at ley, July 14, at ten, Chorley.-Haselden, w. out of business, assig; -Corless, W. licensed victualler, Preston, No. 69,631
one, div.-ireland, R. wine and spirit merchant, Wem, Birkenhead, July 7, at ten, Birkenhead.--Hayes, A. provi: C.; J. Robinson, assig.
Shropshire, July 12, at half-past ten, Birmingham, aud, and sion dealer, Birkenhcad, July 7. at ten, Birkenhead. -

July 13, at half-past ten, div.-Meeks and Gummery, up- Martin, J. assistant jeweller, Maidstone, July 7, at ten,

Gazette, June 27.
holsterers, Warwick, July 12, at half-past ten, Birmingham, Maidstone. - Mogg, W. baker, Nether Stowey, July 13, at

July 12, at eleven.
aud.-Mountford, W. tailor and draper, Darlington, July ten, Williton.

Parsons, W. attorney-at-law, Landsdown-road, South
il, at twelve, Newcastle, aud. and July 13, at half-past

Gazette, June 23.

Lambeth.-Kele, J. W. licensed victualler, 152, High Hole
ten, further div.-Piper, J. coal merchant, Bath, July 14, at

Court house, July 7, at eleven.

eleven, Bristol, aud. --Rinder, F. butcher, Kirkstall, Leeds, Abitbol, M. commission agent, Manchester-buildings,

July 13, at eleven.
July 11, at eleven, Leeds, aud, and third and final div.- Westminster.--Burton, T. late chemist, Frederick’s-place, Bottrell, R. civil engineer, East-lane, Bermondsey.-
Tunstall, A. and Cash, J. W. oil merchants, Bristol, July Borough-road. --Gedge, E. T. tobacconist, Upper Maryle Sheppard, F. attorney-at-law, Gordon-terrace, Brixton.
11, at eleven, Bristol, div.-Wade, C. miller, Willsbridge, bone-st.-Glossop, A. actor. Nassau-st. Middlesex-hospital. PETITIONS TO BE HEARD-COUNTRY.
Bitton, July 17, at eleven, Bristol, aud.

Same day, at ten.

Gazelte, June 27.
Ager, G. clerk, Belvidere-place, Southwark-bridge-road.

At the County Courts.
Burton, W. A. surgeon and apothecary, Coventry, July Cohen, A. late commission agent, Guilford-st. Russell-

Guildhall, Norwich, July 26.
13, at eleven, Birmingham.-Bertram, c. and Parkinson, square.-- Ebdy, C. D. late orange dealer, Bridgefoot, Vaux-

Bayfield, S. R. fish agent, Norwich.
W. merchants. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, July 11, at eleven ball.-Lampden, J. tailor, Lisson-grove, north, Marylebone.
Newcastle.---Clarke, J. hosier, Hinckley, July 13, at half.

July 10, at eleren.

Taunton, July 11.
past ten, Birmingham.-Ridgway, W. earthenware manu-

Draper, D. currier, &c. High-st. Wandsworth.-Hartley,

Paul, J. baker, Taunton.

Haverfordwest, July 21.
facturer, Hanley and Shelton, July 13, at eleven, Birming. E. greengrocer, Down-st. Piccadilly.- Pereira, G. labourer,

Truscott, J. jun. watchmaker, Pembroke.- Owen, J. sen.
Elizabeth-place, Brixton-hill.

Same day, at ten.

fanner, Trefurdan-issar, Pembrokeshire.-Owen, J. jun.
Gazette, June 23.

Adamson, H. cabinet maker, Camden-town. - farmer, Pantygrocs, Pembrokeshire. — Owen, w. farmer,
Anderson, W. draper, Chester-le-street, Durham, July 17,
Grove, R. H. commission agent, Little St. Thomas-the.

Trefindanisaf, Pembrokeshire.

Ripon, July 12.
at eleven, Newcastle, aud. and 20, at half-past ten, div. - Apostle, London, and Sylvan-grove, Old Kent-road.

King, J, innkeeper, Ripon.
Chartershaugh Coal Company, shipowners, July 18, at half-

Gazette, June 23.

Cardiff, July 10.
past twelve (adj. June 5), Newcastle, last exam.-- Browne,

At the County Courts.
T. draper, trading at Manchester, Limerick, July 6, at

Lancaster, July 7, at ten.

Strawson, G. S. land surveyor, Cardiff.-Thomas, J. out

of business, Merthyr Tydfil.
eleven (adj. May 25), Manchester, last exam.- Coutts, J.
Anderton, W. screw bolt maker. Pendlebury, near Man.

Durham, July 14.
iron ship builder, Newcastle, July 18, at eleven (adj. June 2), chester. -"Enstwood, T. mechanic, Maudlandbank, Pres.

Baker, J. grocer, Darlington.-Winspear, J. journeyman
Newcastle, last exam.-- Dearlove, C. grocer, Knaresborough, ton.--Greenwood. J. late corn dealer, Burnley.---Hignett, J.
Yorkshire, July 24, at eleven, Leeds, aud. and 25, at eleven, twine manufacturer, Manchester.-Johnston, J. traveller, carpenter, Hartlepool. - Huswell, J. sawyer, Monkwear.

mouth Shore.--Pallister, R. journeyman joiner, Darlington.
div. Gough, c. ironmonger, Manchester, July 7, at Manchester.- Mace, E. late brazier, Manchester. - Mus-

|--Clennett, J. paper ruler, Stockton-upon-Tees.
twelve (adj. June 9), Manchester, last exam.-Gough, E. grore, T. clerk, Liverpool.-Parker. J. ale and porter dealer,
druggist, Wem, Salop, July 18, at eleven, Birmingham, Hulme, Manchester. ---Roberts, T. block cutter, Clitheroe. --
aud.--Graham, J. sen. bookseller, &c. Alnwick, North Smith, J. boot maker, Hulme.--Stock. J. retail ale dealer, From the Gazette of Friday, June 30.
umberland, July 17, at half-past' ten, Newcastle, aud. Burscough, near Ormskirk.- Taylor. R. beer seller, Man.

and 18, at half.past ten, final div.-Hall, E. packer, Manchester. Taylor, T. joiner, Oldham.- Whitworth, J.

Richardson, J. hosier, New Oxford.street.-Thomas, w.
chester, July 4, at twelve (adj. June 6), Manchester, last labourer, Park-house, near Haslingden.-Williams, J. D. F. tailor, Princes-street, Hanover-square. Martin, T.
exam.-Harling, W. shipowner, Stobhouse, Durham, July late coal merchant, Manchester.

miller, Weston, Nottinghamshire.- Pilt, W. H. gas-light
20, at twelve, Newcastle, aud. - Harper, J. mercer and

Lancaster, July 8, at ten.

inspector, York-place, Pentonville. — Nelson, E. clothier,
draper, Dudley, Walsall, Tipton, and Bilston, July 5, at

Barker, R. tailor and draper, Oldham. Buckley, J.
eleven, Manchester, proof of debts.--Hingley, N. chain
waste dealer, Manchester. - Dukin. S. (widow) late provision sham, Sussex - Browne, T. shipowner, Amble-house,

Madeley, Shropshire. Rickman, S. w. innkeeper, Hail.
trace manufacturer, Cradley and Liverpool, July 6, at dealer, Hulme, Manchester.---Fisher, J. chain and screw

Northumberland. - Yutes, W. earthenware manufacturer,
eleven (from adj. sine die), Birmingham, last exam.-Lee, bolt manufacturer, Salford. - Garside, J. coffee house kceper, Shelton, Staffordshire.- Boyce, J. umbrella furniture ma-
w. and J. ironfounders,''Sunderland, July 20, at eleven, Manchester.– Gracey, R. broker, Liverpool.--Hesketh, H. nufacturer, Birmingham. - Whiddon, J. cement manufac.
Newcastle, aud.

cotton weaver, Leyland. - Moore, J. drysalter and seedsman, turer, Plymouth.- Manley, J. grocer, Halifax, Yorkshire.-

Manchester.-Ogden, J. late cotton spinner, Manchester -- Saunders, J. and Turrell, E." publishers, Fleet-street.-
Anderson, W. draper, Chester-le-street, Durham, July 17,
Walton, W. earthenware dealer, Shelton.

Betts, J. upholsterer, Winchester-Ellerbeck, R. cotton-

Maidstone, July 7, at ten.
at eleven, Newcastle.-- Browne, J. B. wine and spirit mer. Dear, E. late grocer and tea dealer, Milton, next Graves. cester. Michell, J. coal merchant, Tulgullow, Cornwall.

spinner, Pilkington, Lancashire. --Bensly, G. draper, Glou.
chant, Newcastle-under-Lyme, &c. July 18, at eleven, Bir- end. - Thompson, J. late agent for the sale of bricks, Dept.
mingham.-Cradock, G. ropemaker, Darlington, July 20, ford.—

Verchild, L. W. late clerk, Greenwich.
at half-past one, Newcastle.-Dearlove, c. grocer, Knares-

Lincoln, July 10, at ten.

borough, July 25, at eleven, Leeds.- Dickinson, W. corn
dealer and miller, Clayton West, July 25, at twelve, Leeds. Cadney-cum-Howsham, near Brigg.
Nicol, P. farmer and grazier, Thurlby.--Smith, R. farmer,

-Holl, T. rope manufacturer, Bury, July 18, at eleven,

57, Chancery-lane, London,
Manchester.--- Lee, w, and J. ironfounders, Sunderland,

Gloucester, July 10, at ten.

This Society presents the following advantages to the
Bailey, W. late farmer, Painswirk.- Brown, A. jun. gar-

July 20, at eleven, Newcastle.- Sargent, J. innkeeper, &c. dener, Gloucester. Moore, C. coal merchant, Gloucester.-
Beaufort, July 14, at eleven, Bristol.

First. The security of a large subscribed Capital.
Walker, J. working jeweller, Gloucester.


Exemption of the Assured from all liability,

Third. Tables of Premiums, calculated on the true law of

Gazette, June 27.

mortality, expressly for this Office, and affording particular
Gazette, June 20.
To be allowed by July 11.

Bigford, J. gentleman's servant, Greenhithe, Kent.- advantages to young lives.

Blight, J. dealer in ginger beer, Plymouth. - Cary, R. Fourth. Participating and Non-participating Scales of
Davies, H. and W. stock brokers, Liverpool. -- Field, E. bookbinder, Pontypool, Monmouthshire. - Chapman, J. Premiums, In the former the Assured are entitled to
mercer and draper, Stratford-upon-Avon.— Forty, R. builder, grocer, Oaken Gates, Shropshire.-Cor, E. L. book-keeper, EIGHTY PER CENT. or Four-fifths of the profits divided
Cheltenham. -
Keilar, G. timber merchant, Liverpool. --Mainer, J. saddler Liverpool.-Dunn, 3 builder, Charmouth, Dorsetshire.- amongst them

periodically, either by way of addition to the
Eccles, J. carver, Cheltenham.-Frost, w. pig jobber, La- sum assured, or in diminution of Premium, at the option of
and harness maker, Southampton.--Norman, W. H. baker, kenham, Norfolk. -Gooding. R. mason, High Bickington,

he Assured.
Adam's-pl. King's-rd. Chelsea.- Paterson, Walker, Boy- Devonshire.-Green, A. cabinet maker, Great Yarmouth. Fifth. No deduction is made from the four-fifths of the
dell, and Roper, iron founders, Kingswinford.-Scott, W.

Gutsole, W. jun. victualler, Canterbury.- Heslop, L. C. sur. profits belonging to the Assured for interest on Capital, or
hardware dealer, Liverpool. Skingley, c. commission
agent, Maldon.-Smith, H. T. and Hewitt, J. tailors, Liver- watchmaker, East Retford, Notringhamshire. -

geon, Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire. - Hopkinson, W.F. Guarantee Fund.

Lloyd, J. Sixth. No Policy disputed, except in case of fraud.
pool.— Thompson, E. hosier, Kingston-upon-Hull. --Wake, saddle and harness maker, Liverpool.-Mursh, M.coachman Seventh. This Society gives a much larger share of profits
R. merchant, &c. Kingston-upon. Hull.

of the Paul Pry coach, Gloucester.-Millard, J. licensed to the Assured, and at a lower rate of Premium, than the
Gazette, June 23.

victualler, Langport, Somersetshire.-Molyneux, P. P. pro great majority of other Life Offices.
To be allowed by July 14.

fessor of music and dancing, Liverpool.- Parris, J. farmer, Eighth. Partics wishing to assure their lives without par.
Adams, J. H. and. W. machinists, "Sampford Peverell. - Chardstock, Dorsetshire. - Thomson, w. confectioner, Bir- ticipating in the profits can do so on a lower scale of Pre-
Arnold, G. F. carpenter and builder, Aspley Guise. - Beach, kenhead, Cheshire.--Wheeler, C. saddler, Stroud, Glouces- miums than that of a large proportion of other offices.
W. cutler, Catherine-st. Salisbury.-Butler, F. ironmonger, 'tershire.




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AW.-T. J. WESTWOOD, Law Sta-
Just published, Vol. I. of

tioner, No. 41, Castle-street, Holborn, London, begs

to submit to the Profession bis Scale of Charges for

12, Chatham-place, Blackfriars, London,
business, which will be done with Accuracy, Integrity, and dents of Forms adapted to every kind of Mortgage Security.

CAPITAL, £500,000.
By WILLIAM HUGHES, Esq. Barrister-at-Law, Author

FOR CASH, OR THREE MONTHS' CREDIT. of “ The Practice of Sales of Real Property.” Price 158. William Butterworth Bayley, esq. Chairman,
boards, 178. bound, 18s. 6d. interleaved.

John Fuller, esq. Deputy Chairman.
Briefs and Abstracts neatly copied, per sheet 06

LAW Times Office, 29, Essex-street, Strand.

Robert Bruce Chichester, esq. Elliot Macnaghten, esq.
Drafts, close copies and fair copies, per folio 0 1

H. B. Henderson, esq.

Major Turner.
Bills. Answers, and Records engrossed, per

Just published, price 8s. with Key, 188. 6d.

C. H. Latouche, esq.

Joshua Walker, esq.

VERMAN in ONE VOLUME; containing Edward Lee, esq. Major Willoek, K.L.S.
Deeds engrossed, per folio
0 1

Stationery, Paper, Parchment, &c. on the lowest terms. cabulary of 4,500 words, synonymous in German and English.

Thirty per cent. Bonus was added to the Society's Policin
Plans copied and Ornamental Writings executed.

on the profit scale in 1845. The next valuation will be i
The highest references can be given.

“ The plan of this book is clear, comprehensive, and tho- January 1852.
AW.-GREAT SAVING.–The Original of many difficulties which deter English students, but
roughly practical. It strips the German language at once


Age 20 Age 25 Age 30 Age 35| Age 40 Age 45: Age 58 Age os

which exist chiefly in the clumsiness of the systems by
s. d.

which it is taught, and not in the language itself."-- Atlas. £s.d. £s.d. £s.d. £s.d.£ s.d.' £s.d. £s.dud
Briets and Abstracts copied at

6 per sheet.

“ We consider this volume to be without any competitor." 1 17 9 2 3 11 2 9 712 16 2 3 6 93 10 2/1 10 6 576
Other Paper Work

I per folio.

Deeds Engrossed
0 1 ditto. " It comprehends all that is necessary for well-grounded

The Society also grants Policies to parties proceeding to
Bills, Answers, and Records

0 14 ditto. knowledge and rapid progress in the study."- Morning

or residing in India, at lower rates than any other Office, the
0 each.

Followers ..

9 do.

"Had we to recommence the study of German, of all the premiums on which may be payable either in London or at
Bill Skins

German grammars which we have examined, and they are

the Society's Office in Calcutta.

Annuities o: all kinds, as well as Endowmenta iot Chil.
N.B. The Profession can be supplied for THEIR OWN not a few, we should unhesitatingly say, “Falck-Lebahn's
USE, in Town and Country, as follows:
is the book for us.'"-Educational Times.

dren, are granted by the Society.

The usual commission allowed to Solicitors and others,
Indentures. ....... 1s. 4d. each, 15s. per dozen. “It is especially adapted for those who desire to educate
Is. 2d. each, 13s. per ditto.

Joan CazesoTE, Secretary.
themselves.''- Critic.
Bill Skins ...... ls. id. each, 12s. per ditto. WHITTAKER and Co. Ave Maria-lane; and at the Author's

Class Rooms, 85, Newman-street, Oxford-street.
£ s. d.

22 inches by 26 2 7 6 per roll (60 Skins).

In addition to the ordinary Assurance of Healthy Lives,

6 ditto.

this Society, early in the year 1924, originated the pin e
0 ditto.

ROGRESS OF MUSIC.-Within the last granting Policies on the lives of Persons more or les deri

2 17 6 ditto.

twenty years, Music, considered as a branch of polite ating from the standard of health. Haring issued one.
3 5 0 ditto.

education, has made marked progress in this country. There fourth of the whole number of Policies on Lises of the de

3 7 6 ditto.

are few here, now-a-days, with the exception of the lower scription, the Board have recently caused a careful prerigt.
3 100 ditto.

classes, who are not in some degree acquainted with this tion into this branch of the business to be made The resal
4 O ditto.

delightful art. The music.publishers in ihe metropolis, by of this investigation has proved highly satisfacer as a the
Every Skin warranted not to be surpassed in quality.

continually making public the productions of the first pro past, and encouraging for the future. The du derived
KERR and CO. 13, Chichester-rents, Chancery.Jane.

fessors, have contributed in a great measure to fosterinis from long experience in this class of cases, adestusteis
It adjoins 84, Chancery-lane, London.

feeling. Mr. Rohert Coeks, of New Burlington-street, has available by this Society, enable the Directan ta sera
been most enterprising in this respect. His catalogue, com.

confidence the r conviction that the system gospodal
prising the works of the master-minds of music, native them for assuring Invalid Lives is as safe and betala
New Publications.

and foreign, is a leviathan list. The works of May eder, that upon which the scale for Healthy Lives is sonkrusted.

De Beriot, Lanner, Labirzky, Strauss, Camile Schubert, TABLE OF PREMIUMS FOR ASSURING ledl. es
A. Goria, Musard, Henri Herz, Henri Rosellen, and a host

HE PRACTICE of REGISTRATION British public through the instrumentality of the enterpris.
of other eminent composers, first became known to the

For 7 Years, For 14 Years,
Statutes and Cases decided, with an Introduction, and full first to introduce here the works of Carl Czerny, Chaulieu,

at an

Life Rate,

Instructions to Agents and Returning Officers for the con- and of Ilunten; and have lately brought out a complete

duct of an Election, with the necessary Forms and Prece. edition of the productions of that eminent musician, John

Payment of Payment of
dents. By EDWARD W. Cox, Esq. Barrister-at-Law. Sebastian Bach ; also Beethoven's Grand Symphonies, I to

s. d. E s. d.
Price 8s. boards, 108. half-bound, and iis, interleaved.
9, his Violin Quartetts, Quintetts, and Trios; Mozart's



1 6
Law Times Office, 29, Essex-street, Strand.
Quintetts, Quartetts, Trios, and his Grand Symphonies and

1 10

1 13 6
Overtures for a full Orchestra ; Rossini's Overtures, 1 to 9;
Part V. of


3 10

2 13 11
Rinck's Organ Works ; Albrechtsberger's and Cherubini's
VHE LAW DIGEST; a General Index to complete theoretical works; Handel's Oratorios ; and


3 13

4 2
all the Law decided and enacted during the last half Haydn's 83 Quartetts. In their attention to the com.


5 16 3 6 19 11
year, so arranged that every Case wherever reported, can be positions of foreign artists, Messrs. Cocks have not
found by the Practitioner in the hurry of a Court, and he is however forgotten the work of the English musician
thus enabled to discover in a moment the latest law on any Dr. Boyce's Cathedral Music, by Joseph Warren, John Every description of Assurance may be efected with
subject in which he may be engaged. Edited by E. WISE, Bishop's Oratorio arrangements, and Hamilton's and Society, and Policies are granted on ihe Lires d Persons '
and D. T. EVANS, Esqry. Barristers-at-Law. Price 7s.6d. Clarke's elementary works, figure conspicuously in Messrs. any station, and of every age.
boards ; 78. sewn ; Parts III. and IV. commencing Vol. II. Cocks's Catalogue. The works of some of our most popular

may still be had.

song-writers have been made known to us by this firm; The two first Divisions areraged 221. per cent se 2 P.
Ñ.B. It is uniform in size and type with Harrison's Di amongst others, those of Wallace, Loder, Herbert Rodwell, miums paid; the third, 281. per cent. The foarte bass
gest. It will be sent by return of post, puid, to any person Edward Clare, Stephen Glover, John Bishop, Nelson, E. declared Jan. 1817, averaged rather more than 36 cest;
transmitting postage stamps, or a post-office order for the Flood, Lowell, E. L. Hime, and Eliza Cook. We are glad and from the large amount of Profit reserved for


to hear that Mr. Corks has been successful in his musical propriation and other causes, the Bonuses hercate de e-
Law Times Office, 29, Essex-street, Strand.

speculations. For twenty-five years he has devoted himself pecied to exceed that amount.

to the science of music, and contributed greatly to the The Soc ety's income, which is steadily increasi-z is a
On August 1st,

wants of the music-loving amongst us; it is only right, upwards of 122.0001. per annum.
VIE LAW and PRACTICE of the then, that he should have reaped some benefits from his Tubles of Rates, and Forms of Proposal, can be started
labours.- Read London Telegraph, March 22, 1848.


London: R. Cocks and Co. New Burlington-street.

No. 99, Great Russell-street, Bloomsbury, L.
Instructions of the Treasury, all the Cases decided in the

New Catalogues gratis, and postage free.

The usual Commission allowed to Solietor
Superior Courts and in the County Courts, and all the Forms
now used in the Courts and by the Officers. By EDWARD

W.COX, Esq. Barrister at-Law, Editor of the “ COUxTY

Insurance Companies.

SOCIETY, No. 26, Lincoln's-inn-fields, Lisdeu.
COURTS CHRONICLE," The first volume will contain-

Book I. - The Courts.

The Right Hon. Lord Monteagle.
Book 11. The Officers.
Cap. 1. The Judge.

The Right Hon. the Lord Chief Baron.

The Hon. Mr. Justice Coleridge.
Cap. 2, The Treasurer.

The Hon. Mr. Baron Rolfe.
Cap. 3. The Clerk.
Letters, with lowest price required, to be addressed, pre-

The Hon. Mr. Justice Erle.
Cap. 4. The Bailiff.
paid, to “S. I. C.” at Mr. Wood's, Law Stationer,

Nassau W. Senior, esq. Master in Chasery,
Cap. 5. The Officers generally,

C. P. Cooper, esq. Q.C., LL.D., F.R.S.
Book 111.---The Sheriff's Court of the City of London.

George Capron, esq.
Book IV. -The Jurisdiction.


Parties assuring within six months from their less
Cap. ). As to Locality.
Cap. 2. As to the Subject matter.
Cap. 3. As to Parties.

Notice is hereby given, that the BOOKS for TRANS. charged, and premiums may be made parable ball seady.
Cap. 4. As to Proceedings.
FERRING SHARES in this Society will be CLOSED on

Polii ies in which third parties are interested, ifte
Cap. 5. As to Officers.
Monday, the 3rd day of July next, and will be re-op ned on

assured go beyond the prescribed limits without se k
Cap. 6. As to the Public.
Wednesday, the 19th day of July next. The interest de.

ledge of such parties, may be renewed.
Book V.-Mandanus and Prohibition.
clared at the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders, held

The Tables, calculated from the national retores,
Cap. 1. Mandamus.

on the 11th of May last, will be payable at the offices of the especially favourable to young and middle-aged ches.
Cap. 2. Prohibition.
Society on Monday, the 17th of July, and on every subse-

Assurances may be effected on an asceudng scale, at &
Book VI.--Suggestions.

quent day (Friday excepted), between the hours of eleven very reduced rate, for the first seven years.
and three o'clock.

80 per cent. of the profits are divided amongst the end
A General Alphabetical Index to every Parish in every

By order of the Directors,

The usual commisions allowed.
County in England and Wales, shewing the District in which

it lies, its distance from the Court Town, and the Officers of
each Court.

This volume, which will contain upwards of 700 pages,

Residence in many of the Colonies allowed, vil sis
will be give at the following prices :- Boards, 158.; half. Capital, 5,000,0001.

Offices, 5 and 6, Chancery-lane, London.-Subscribed tional churge, and the premium required for the E"
bound, 178. ; bound in law calf or in circuit-binding, 185.;

West Indics, and other extra risks, is more than usual.

bound and interleared, 20%.
The Second Volume will contain Book VII.-The PRAC.
The Rt. Hon. the Lord High The Right Hon. Sir Herbert

On Policies taken out for the whole term of life. Get
TICE OF THE Courts, with all the Forms used therein. The Right Hon. the Earl of


Jenner Fust, Dean of the of the Annual Premiums may remain unpaid till death. is
Book VIII.- Replevin. Book IX.-Recovery of Tene.

Arches, &c.

parties are enabled to effect an assurance, say for 1,256
Book X.-Fees and Costs.

Book XI.-The Sta.

William Wingtield, esq.

the payment of Premium on 8001. only.
tutes, Rules, Oriers, Instructions, Schedules, and Miscella-
The Right Hon. the Vice- Master in Chancery

The half-credit system for Five years is also adopted
neous Matter required for reference.

Chancellor of England Richard Richards, esq. M.P.

Fuur-fiths, or 80 per cent. of the entire profiss art 47
N.B. As the Publisher is desirous of regulating the im-
The Right Hon. the Lord Master in Chancery

priated to assurers entitled to share therein.

Chief Baron
pression, he will be obliged by the early transinission of

The Bonus at the last division averaged 23 per certa
orders for the First Volume, and stating is in bourds, half. I wiihin fifteen day's thereafter, at the offices of the Society,

Insurances expiring at Midsummer should be renewed

the amount of premiums paid.
bound, luw culf, circuit binding, or interleav: d.

Advances continue to be made to Assurers on assisse
CROCKFORD, LAW Times Office, 29, Esser.street,
or with any of its agents throughout the country.

property or income, and also on the guarantee oi nosi ut

doubted personal sureties.

E. BLAKE BEAL, Secretary.

WILLIAM RATRAY, Actuary and Secretary.


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315 315






.. 321


i Bro. C. C. 293, Belt's edit.; Jones v. Colbeck, 8 increase, and dividends. I give and bequeath to and CONTENTS,

Ves. 38; Pope v. Whitcomb, 3 Mer. 689; see S. C. among my heirs-at-law, share and share alike." Page

2 Sugd. (powers), 605 ; Miller v. Eaton, Sir G. Coop. Having in view a provision for certain persons not to EquityLord Chancellor's Court

305 Rep. 272; Newlon v. Arpcough, 19 Ves. 534; Briden be permanent, except in particular events, he no Rolls Court .....

v. Hewleit, 2 Myl. & K. 90; Butler v. Bushnell, 3 longer declares any trust of the fund as a property, Vice-Chancellor of England's Court

306 Myl. & K. 232 ; Clapton v. Bulmer, 5 Myl. & Cr. but, in truth, lets it fall into the residue of the estate, Vice-Chancellor Knight Bruce's Court..

108 ; Minter v. Wraith, 13 Sim. 52 ; Booth v. Vicars, giving the fund subject to such prior gift to his heir, Vice-Chancellor Wigram's Court

i Col. C. C. 6; Wordsworth v. Wood, 1 H. L. Ca. wbo, being his daughter, was bis general and reCommon Law Court of Queen's Bench

308 128; 11 Jur. 593; Say v. Creed, 5 Hare, 580; 11 siduary legatee. In all the particulars in wbich the Crown Cases Reserved

310 Jur. 593. They commented on Harrington v. Harte, bequests differ, the differences in the case of HolloCourt of Common Pleas

310 1 Cox, 131; Holloway v. Holloway, 5 Ves. 399; Doe way v. Holloway are in favour of the claim of the Exchequer Chamber

v. Lawson, 3 East, 278 ; Slert v. Platel, 5 Biog. N.C. future heirs; but Lord Alvanley, acting on the au. Ecclesiastical

434; Smith v. Smilh, 12 Sim. 317; Urquhari v. Ur. thority of the earlier cases, helil that the Arches Court

quhart, 13 Sim. 613; Boydell v. Golightly, 14 Sim. at the testator's death were the parties described. Nisi PriusCourt of Queen's Bench

315 327; Nicholson v. Wilson, Id. 643; De Beauvoir v. Such, he says, was the intendment of the law, and LEGISLATOR-Summary

De Beauroir, 15 Sim. 153 ; Seifferth v. Badham, 9 such must be understood to be the meaning of the tes. Business of Parliament........

Beav. 370; Jarman on Wills, vol. 2, p. 54. They tator, upless by the context or express word sit plainly Debates in Parliament

315 also contended, that by the words "heirs-at-law," appears that he intended otherwise, of which he did MAGISTRATB-Summary

that case. COUNTY COURT8-Summary .... were meant next of kin, and cited Vaux v. Henderson, not find any sufficient proof

But if 317 LAWYER-Summary .....

I J & W. 388; Gwynne v. Maddock, 14 Ves. 488; Lord Alvanley could not find such proof in that case, QUERIES ON Points OF PRACTICE

314 Mounsey v. Blamire, 4 Russ. 384 ; Githings v. I certainly cannot find it in this, thinking as I do PROMOTIONS, APPOINTMENTS, &c.......... ......... 317 M'Dermott, 2 Myl. & K. 69; Evans v. Salt, 6 Beav. there was much evidence on the face of the will tendCOURT PAPERS................ 317 266.

iog to that proof in Holloway v. Holloway, which is

Rolt and Bazalgette, for the heir-at-law of the tes wanting in the present case. There is, indeed, noStamps on Transfers of Mortgages..


tator at the death of the daughter, contended, that, thing of such tendency in this will, except the deNOTICES TO CORRESPONDENTS


at the death of the daughter, the heir-at-law of the scription of heirs" in the plural. I bave already The Law Institution...

319 testator, not the next of kin, was entitled. They observed, there are in Holloway v. Holloway similar The Attorney (Eighth Article)

319 cited the following cases in support of the claim of inadaptations of the expressions used to the state of the Effect of a Final Order for Protection under 7 & 8 the heir-at-law at the death of the daughter: Moun- family, and there is, I think, in the present case a Vict. c. 96.

sey v. Blamire, Evans v. Salt, and De Beauvoir v. very obvious solution of the apparent inconsistency. Sham Lawyers. The Verulam Reports

De Beauvoir (sup.); Danvers v. The Earl of Claren- Suppose the testator, after making all such provisions NECROLOGY-W. S. Badger, esq...

321 don, 1 Vern. 35; Pleydell v. Pleydell, i P. W. 748 ; as he was anxious ab ut, found that, in certain BIRTHS, MARRIAGES, AND DEATAS

The Attorney-General v. Malkin, 2 Phil. 64 ; Viner's events, all those provisions might fail, baving no NOTICES OF New LAW Books

Abr. vol. 14, p. 258, G.5; Co. Litt. 10, a; Shep. further object in view he might naturally wish Kime's Practical Hints.. 321 Touch. 446.

that the law with respect to the disposition of pro. GAZETTES

Bethell, J. Parker, and Hetherington, for the ad- perty should, in that event, take its course. If he had

ministration of the estate of the daughter as heiress- so expressed his wishes, his heirs and next of kin THE REPORTS.

at-law of the testator at the time of his death, sup- would take in the event of the provisions failing; but

ported the decision of the Vice-Chancellor, and con- as that might not take place till some distant period, Equity Courts.

mented on Harrington v. Harte, Holloway v. Hollo. it would be uncertain who would till that time stand

way, Jones v. Colbeck, Stert v. Platel, Clapton v. in the place of such heirs, and the testatur might, LORD CHANCELLOR'S COURT.

Bulmer, The Attorney-General v. Malkin, Seifferth therefore, naturally express such wish in the terms v. Badham, Say v. Creed (sup.). They also referred be has used in this will. It is not at all inconsistent

to Spink v. Lewis, 3 Bro. C. C. 355, Belt's edit. ; with such an expression as to failure or contingent Nov. 13, 1847, and Jan, 29, 1848. WARE v. ROWLAND.

O'Keefe v. Jones, 13 Ves. 412, 415 ; Pearce v. Vina interest, that he should give the residue of his pro

cent, 2 Myl. & K. 800 ; Withy v. Mangles, 10 CI. & perty by a direct gift to his daughter by name; he Bequest to heirs-at-law-Vesling. Fin. 215.

might, for instance, have contemplated the possiTestator having directed the purchase of stock to secure

Glasse appeared for the plaintiffs, the trustees. bility of his daughter's death in his own lifetime. an annuity to his daughter for her life, and on her death without issue, after directing the payment

C. P. Cooper and Younge, for other parties. Since Holloway v. Holloway several cases have oc-
J. Humphrey, in reply.

curred, particularly Jones v. Colbeck, 8 Ves. 38, and thereout of certain legacies, gave all the rest and

Saturday, Jan. 29. - The LORD CHANCELLOR.- Miller v. Eaton, G. Coop. Rep. 272, which might residue of the said principal trust moneys, with the supposing the case of Hollooay v. Holloway, 5 Ves. have been supposed, on the authority of Holloway v. heirs-at-law, share and share alike : the daughter 399, to lay down the rule correctly, I have no doubt Holloway, to have received a decision diferent from

In that case, as in this, that pronounced in them by Sir W, Grant; but in having died without issue, it was held that the stock the testator had a daughter, to whom he gave the in- pone do I find any disapprobation expressed of the passed to the heir-at-law of the testator at the time terest for life of a sum of money, which he directed decision of Lord Alvanley, or any intention enterof his dealh.

to be taken out of his general estate and invested. tained of overruling it ; but in all distioctions are Phil. Slater, the testator in the cause, made his In that case, as in this, after the daughter's death, taken, which, whether tenable or not, leave the will, dated the 18th of July, 1808, and thereby, her children, if any should be living at the time of her authority of that case untouched. In none, how. amongst other bequests, and after baving appointed death, were to have the fund ; if she left no children, ever, of these cases, are there circumstances so strong bis wife and Thomas Burhitt and Sparrow Toms part of the fund in Holloway v. Holloway was to be in favour of the heir as are to be found in the present. joint executors of bis will, directed that his executors held in trust for the personal representatives of the There is, I think, po ground for the claim of the next should lay out so much money in the Three per Cent. daughter, and the remainder of the fund in trust for of kin, exclusive of the daughter; and, she filling the Reduced Annuities as would purchase 600l. a year, such person or persons as should be the testator's character both of heir and next of kin, no question and permit his wife to receive such annuity during beir or heirs at law, In the present case, in the arises as to whether she took the fuod in one charac. her life ; and after the decease of his wife, in trust to event of the daughter not having children, the ter or the other. I therefore think the decree is pay the said annuity to his daughter, Anna Maria, trusts are “then," that is, in that event, to right, and that the appeal must be dismissed with during her life, to her separate use, and after the de- sell the trust-moneys, and pay thereout to two costs. cease of his said daughter, to apply and distribute other persons a certain part, if they should be the said principal trust-moneys amongst the children of severally living at that time; and then follow these

ROLLS COURT. his daughter, if more than one, equally, at their re- words :-“All the rest and residue of the said prin. spective ages of twenty-four years; but if there should cipal trust-moneys, with the interest, increase, and

May 5, 12, and 29. be no children of bis said daughter, or all should die dividends, I give and bequeath to and among my

Lewis v. BALDWIN. under the age of twenty.four years, then the testator heirs-at-law, share and share alike;" and in a sub- PracticeGeneral Orders of May, 1845-Service of directed his said trustees to sell out the said trust. sequent part of the will the testator gives all the re

subpæna out of the jurisdiction-Discretion of the moneys, and to pay thereout two legacies of 500l. sidue of his property to his daughter, by name. In Court-Shifling jurisdiction. each, and then proceeded as follows :-“ All the rest both cases the word “then” is to be found, and An Act haring been obtained to carry out the objects of and residue of the said principal trust-moneys, with in both it refers to the event, not to the time. In a projected Irish railway company, and a large capital the interest, increase, and dividends, I give and be. Holloway v. Holloway, part of the fund to be sepa

having been subscribed, the directors of the company queath to and among my heirs-at-law, share and rated from the rest was, in the event of the daughter entered into an arrangement with another Irishrailway share alike. The will then contained a provision for not having children, to be hers absolutely, and the company, whose works were in progress, for an the appoiotment of new trustees, and a general re, gift to the heir was of the remainder of the fund;

amalgamation, and the payment over to the amal. siduary devise and bequest of all the testator's real whereas, in the present case, is the persons to whom gamated company of the subscribed capital, one of and personal estate to bis said daughter Anna Maria, a part of the fund was given did not survive the the shareholders of the new company, resident in and her heirs for ever. The daughter survived the daughter, the gift to them was not to take place; in England, thereupon filed a bill against the directors, testator and bis wife, and died without issue. In which case, therefore, such part continued and con- all of whom, except one, resided in Ireland, and February 1845 the trustees filed the present bill for stituted part of the general fund, and would pass with

against the other company, who necessarily resided administration of the testator's estate. The sum of it and to the heir. In Holloway v. Holloway, the in Ireland, to restrain them from carrying the ar20,000l. Three per Ceot, Reduced Annuities, which trust for the heir is to “such person or persons as rangement into effect, and obiained an der, under had been invested to produce the annuity of 6001. was shall be my beir or heirs-at-law.” There being at the

the 33rd of the General Orders of May, 1845, auclaimed by the administrator of Anna Maria, the testator's death three daughters, who were his thorising the service of the subpæna of this Court daughter, who was the testator's heiress-at-law at co-heiresses. at-law and next of kin. The word upon the defendants in Ireland, requiring them to the time of his death ; by the next of kin of the tes.

" shall” tator at the time of his death ; by the heirs-at-law of heirs at a future time. In the present case, there

seem to describe persons who should become appear to and answer the bill, and all other proceed.

ings therein. A motion being made to discharge this the testator at the death of the daughter ; and by the being but one heir and next of kin, the testator gives

order, on the ground that it was in the discretion of next of kin of the testator at his death, exclusive of to and among "his heirs-at-law, share and share the Court to grant such an order, and it would be his wife and daughter. The Vice-Chancellor of Eog- alike.” He uses the plural, though there was but inexpedient in such a case to do so : land having held that the administrator of the

In Holloway v. Holloway, the testator used the Held, that, looking at the simple fact of a contract daughter, as heiress-at-law at the time of his death, singular number, though there were three heirs ; he existing between the plaintiff and the defendants, one to be entitled, the next of kin of the testator at the also describes the duty of the trustees to arise upon of whom, at all events, was within the jurisdiction, death of his daughter appealed from that decision,

the death of the daughter without issue. In the the order ought not lo be discharged; but the defend. Humphrey and Bales, for the next of kin of the present case, after describing these duties as to ants (the company included), ought to appear, or testator at the death of his daughter, A. M. Slater, a portion of the ds to be set apart and paid bear the consequences; though, when the case came to contended, that the parties who filled the character

to other persons, he makes a new and distinct the hearing, there would be nothing to prevent the of heirs-at-law at the death of the daughter was gift to the heirs ; “ all the rest and residue of

reconsideration of the question of convenience or in. entitled. They cited and referred to Marsh v. Marsh, the said principal trust-mopeys, with the interest,

convenience. A conditional appearance was necesVOL. XI, No. 275.


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