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VOL. III.-No. 105.

FEBRUARY 1, 1857.

Price 9d. [Published the first of erery month.




, WHEREFORD RAILWAY.-loans on Debentures.


(Limited). -The business of this Company is carried on The Directors are open to RECEIVE LOANS on the Com- The Prospectus of this Company is now ready, and may at 43 and 41, Lime-street, City, when the scrip is ready to be pany's Debentures to a limited extent, in sums of not less be obtained at the Offices of the Company; or by application exchanged for the banker's receipt. than 1001. for three, five, or seven years. The interest to be to the Secretary. By order,

By order of the Board of Directors, paid hal-yearly. in January and July. Offers of loan to be


W. W. SHAND, Secretary. addressed to

THOMAS PRITCHARD, Secretary. Hungerford-hall, Strand. 26. Spring-gardens, Charing-cross, London, Jan. 2, 1857.







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Debentures. - The Directors are prepared to receive

(LIMITED). -Capital 2,000,0002.

infirmed that CERTIFICATES of SHARES are ready to be TENDERS for LOANS on the remaining Debentures of the Approved Mercantile Bulls Discounted for parties properly EXCHANGED for BANKER'S RECEIPTS every lawful day,

between the hours of ten and four o'c ock. Companr, bearing interest at 5 per cent per annum, for introduced. Money received at Interest on Deposit, repayable at call

By order, three, five, or seven years, at the option of the parties ten

A. C. HOWDEN, Manager. dering. or at fixed periods. By order,

A few unappropriated shares will be allotted to respectablo RICHARD PRICE, Secretary.

Coupons for the half-yearly interest will be attached,
payable at the Union Bank of London. By order,

Offices, 25, Birchin-lane, Lombard-street,
G. GROVE. Secretarv.
London, Jan. 1857.

COMPANY (LIMITEN), for the Protection of Life and TATERFORD and KILKENNY

'HE BRITISH LAND COMPANY Property (under Royal Letters Patent). RAILWAY.—The Directors of this Company are

Capital 100,0001., in 50,000 shares of 21 each. Deposit prepared to receive LOANS upon the Company's Debentures

108. per stare. ESTATES at Watford, Oxford, and the resorved portion at 52 per cent per annum. for three, five, or seven years, to fronting the Wandsworth-road, or the Clapham Station

Omces, 25, Poultry. meet the debentures falling due. Interest payable half

A company is now in the conrse of formation under the Estate, may now be taken, on payment of a deposit of 10 yearly at the Company's Bankers, Messrs. HEYWOOD, KEN

Limited Liability Act, for wurking valuable parents which per cent, and the balance with interest, in nine annual hare been obtined, having the above objects. Pending the NARDS, and Co., 4, Lomb-d-street. By order,

instalments, WILLIAM SLADE PARKER, Secretary. Plans, with conditions of sale, may be had on application to inspect the working mo'iels, as also the invention itself,

completion of the final arrangen.ents, the public are invited 17, Gracechurch, London, Dec. 23, 1856. at the Offices, 14, Moorgate-street, City.

which is also lately applied to doors, windows, &c., in the

W. E. WHITTINGHAM, Secretary. TONEY.- The REAL and PER

offices of the company, 25, Poultry, daily, between the hours

of 11 and 5. SONAL ADVANCE COMPANY (LIMITED).- Incor- URGLARY and porated by Act of Parliament.--This Company ADVANCES

THE GENERAL COOPERAGE LOANS reparable by instalments, from 101. upwards, upon Free hold or Leasehold Property, Deposit of Deeds, Leases, Liability Act, having for the above objects the working of 50.0001.--A Company is being formed under the Limited

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the FIRST ORDI&c; Bills of Sale, or approved personal security.

NARY GENERAL MEETING O! the Shareholders will be Apply at 4, Beaufort-buildings, Strand. Office hours, 11

certain patents which have received the highest commendatill 5 daily, aud on Thursday evenings from 6 till 8. tions and approval Scientific men, and all others who take

held on WEDNESDAY, the 7th day of JANUARY 1857, at ROBERT SANDERS, Secretary.

an interest in the subject, may see working models of the TWELVE o'clock at noon, at the Ofices of the Company, rglary and Fire Preventor, applied to rooms, windows,

Globe-wharf, Mile-end-road.

And Notice is Hereby Further Given, that the said Meeting OANS on DEBENTURES. -The avors, &c., at the Company's Offices, 25, Poultry, daily, be.

is intended to be Adjourned to some day to be then fixed, tween the hours of 11 and 8. Directors of the London and Blackwall Railway Com

such day to be wi' hin thirty days from the day of adji urnpany are prepared to BORROW MONEY on debenture, to a

ment, according to the 7th Rule of the Articles of Association limited extent, at 4) per cent. interest, for three or five ATIONAL GUARANTEED of the Company. years, to replace debentures falling due the 15th January.

By Order, JOS. HODGE, Se. By order, JNO. F. KENNELL, Secretary.

Dated the 19th Dec. 1856. this Company beg to inforın the subscribers and the public, Omices, London Terminus, Fenchurch-street,

that they have REMOVED from 77, King William-street. to December 26, 1856.

their permanent offices, 2. Moorgate-street, City. The THE BRITISH and COLONIAL OANS on DEBENTURES. The

Directors have also the pleasure of informing iheir sub-
scribers that favourable contracts have been made for the description of legitimate business at home and abroad

Loans Company are prenared to receive TENDERS for LOANS on the supply of mannres daily. Persons of influence and un- transacted promptly on real and every description of availDEBENTURE BONDS, in sums of not less than 5001. ; in-doubted respectability, desirous of acting as agents for the able securities. Capitalists, solicitors, and land agents seekterest pavable half-yearly. -pplications to be sent to the Company's Offices, Ulver. / Company, are requested to communicate with the Secretarying investments will find this Company & realy means for

order of the Board, stone; to Mr. W. G. TAUNTON, 26, Birchin-lane, London; or

selecting the best securities. Abore 1,000,0001. sterling

GEO. G. LAMB, Sec. pro tem. to Mr. HERUY Rawson, Exchange-arcade, Manchester.

ready for investment, The Company are prepared to nomiOffices, 2, Moorgate-street, City.

nate corresponding agents in the leading towns throughout JAMES RAMSDEN, Secretary.

England on terms of a hihly remunerative character, so as OANS

to make it worthy the attention of gentlemen of persevering on DEBENTURES. — The GENERAL APOTHECARIES' COM

business habits. UT

Prospectuses and every information on

By order, A. C. HOWDEN, Manager. COMPANY (Incorporated 1846). –The Directors of the London, is established to supply the medical profession and 3, Lothbury, London, Jan. 20, 1857. Electric and International Telegraph Company are prepared the public with unadulterated drugs, chemicals, and all 'to RECEIVE LOANS upon the Company's DEBENTURES, medical preparations. Everything purchased is subjected to

MENERAL PAWNBROKERAGE to a limited extent, at 57 per cent. per annum, for three or careful testing and analysis, and everything is sold under five years, to meet Debentures falling due. Interest paid its proper designation.

Professional men are respectfully COMPANY (Limited): incorporated by Act of Parliahalf-yearly, 31st March and 30th September, at the Com- reminded that the certainty thus secured in the quality of ment.--Shares 52 each ; 58. to be paid upon application; 15s. pany's bankers'. Messrs. Glyn and Co., Lombard-street. remedial agents will greatly facilitate the successful treat- upon allotinent; the first call (10s per share), on the 13th

By or ler, J.S. FOURDRINIER, Secretary. ment of diseases, improve the science of medicine, and Oct. 1856, and the remaining calls at intervals of three Lothbury, 4111 December 1856.

enhance their own reputation. Prescriptions of all kinds months.

are prepared with sciencific accuracy.-49, Berners-street, No liability beyond the shares held. O PUBLIC COMPANIES.London.

This company offers peculiar facilities for investment

calculated to return from 15 to 20 per cent., with real secuWANTED, TWO or THREE GENTLEMEN, of posi

rity. tion and influence, to join the direction of a bona fide under


Bankers-Sir C. Price and Co. taking of a profitable character, now in full work under ilmited liability.

Prospectuses, and all other information, to be had of the given, that the HALF-YEARLY GENERAL MEETING of solicitors, Messrs. ROBERSON and MADDOX, Serjeants'-inn Apply, by letter, to “R. G.," care of Messrs. Wilkinson the Shareholders of this Company will be held at the Offices Fleet-street; and of the Managing Director, at the offices of and Co., 26, Gresham-street, City.

of the Company, situate in Mount-street, Lambeth, on Thurs. the Company, 481, Oxford-street.

day, the 15th day of January 1856, at Twelve o'clock at noon BILITY.-A gentioman of experience in their forma- Directors in the room of Henry Maud-lay, Esq., and John

THAMES STEAM-TUG and tion and obtaining capital, can render efficient aid in any Sewell, Esq., who retire by rotation, but who will he proposed

LIGHTERAGE COMPANY (LIMITED). such establishment. Bona fide applicativns from principals for re-election, also to elect two Auditors, and on the general Thomas Brassey, Esq., Lowndes-square, Westminster. only attended to. Address • ALPHA," City News.rooms, Chonpside.

business of the Company.
By order of the Directors.

Horatio C. Day, Esq., Isleworth, Middlesex.
J. B. DOWNING, Secretary.

George Knight. Esq., 4, Talbot-square, Hyde-park. MORTGAGE and INVESTMENT

Sir Morton Peto, Bart, Great George-street, Westminster. COMPANY, now in formation, under the Limited

William Swann, Esq., 1, Queen-sqnare, Westminster. Liability Act, is open to the Co-OPERATION of TWO

BRITISH STEAM FISHERIES William A. Tyler, Esq., 14, Leinster-terrace, Hyde-park. GENTLEMEN to be upon the Board of Direction. The in


Particulars as to rates, &c., can be obtained of the vestments are calculated to be very profitable. Qualification JOHN ARTHUR ROEBUCK, Esq., M.P. Chairman.

Managers, Messrs. KEEN and BLAKE, Corn Exchange, and 2501.

Notice of Call. --Notice is hereby given, that the Directors

Northumberland-wharf, Brentford, W.; and at 78, MarkAddress “ Manager," care of Messrs. Cockshaw and

lane. of the British Steam Fisheries Company (Limited) have this

By order, CHARLES ELEY, Jun., Secretary. Yates, printers, 32, Ludgate-hill.

day made a CALL of 31 per share, net, and the shareholders 28, Parliament-street, Westminster.

are hereby requested to pay the amount thereof to the City IMITED LIABILITY DIRECTORS. Bank, Threadneedle-street, London; or to the Directors, at

At a SPECIAL GENERAL MEETING of the sharealready insured is desirous of meeting with two other gen- day of January 1857. tlemen to comriete the direction. Qualitication about 2501

Shareholders who feel disposed to pay their remaining New Broad-street, London, on the 16th of December inst., it

holders of this Company, held, pursuant to notice, at II, For full particulars address, with real name, to "M. P.," calls at the same time will receive interest upon such ad

was resolved: Ir. Anderson's, Law Stationer, 31, Southampton-buildings, vance at the rate of 6 per cent per annum. Chancery-lane.

By order of the Board,

1. That the resolution passed at the General Meeting of DUN M'LAUCHLAN, Secretary.

the Company on the 2d of December, dissolving the present Cunty-chambers, 14, Cornhill, London, Dec. 6, 1956.

company and reforming it under the "Joint-Stock Compa

nies Act 1856," with limited liability, be confirmed. to convert an existing manufacturing business, situate The Directors take this opportunity of informing the share- 2. That the assets, liabilities and effects of the late TreIn the Midland Counties, into a Company with Limited Lia- holders that they have made arrangements for commencing valga Slate Company be transferred in trust to Mr. William ability. Capital required, twelve thousand pounds.

operations at the port of Harwich by the beginning of Febru- Col ier, of 11, New Broad-street, London, for sale and transfer Full particnlars may be obtained by letter addressed ary, and hope to be able to declare a dividend in June next by him to the proposed new company, called the Tievalga *P. BC." (No. 79.), at thc (Mice of the LIMITED LIAN!LITY Prospectuses and forms of applications for the remaining Slate Company (Limited.) By Order, J. W. SMITH, CREONICLE, 29, Esses street, Stronu.

unallotted shares to be had at the Ofices of the Company. 4, Lothbury, December 19, 1856.


COMPANIES under LIMITED LIA- Pribelsels to receive the rement of tradition est to select on THE






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BANKRUPTCY of the ROYAL THOMPASY. For the Erection of a Model Lodging-house






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ORTHOPEDIC ASSOCIATION (LIMITED): Incor- BRITISH BANK. -- To the Depositors. - Notice is

porated under 19th and 20th Vict. cap. 47. Under the hereby given, that the CREDITORS can now PROVE their Eagle-court, Strand. - Capital 50001. in shares of 10k-Lia-

management of a Board of Directors.

CLAIMS at the offices of the Committee of Depositors, 17. bility limited to the amount of subscription.

Major-General GEORGE R. PEMBERTON, Chairman. Sise-lane, Bucklersbury, London, daily, between the hours

The Viscount INGESTRE Chairman

Consulting Surgeon and Medical Director-Joseph Ames- of 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. Creditors are particularly requested Subscriptions are solicited to carry out the object of the

bury, Esq.

to prove heir debts without delay.

Company. Perhaps no other district in the metropolis needs

Office of the Association, 310, Regent-street, London,

By ord r of the Committee,

more than this some step of social amelioration.

opposite the Royal Polytechnic Institution.

J. and J. H. LINKLATER, and HACKWOOD. Solicitors Prospectuses and further information may be obtained ot

This Association has been instituted to provide establish-

to the Bankruptcy, 17, Sise-lane London.

the secretaries.

Nanies of subscribers already received.

ments at private residences, in different localities, for resi-



dent or non-r sident patients in the upper and middle classes

GAS AND B. H. Adams

€200 0

Hon. Robert Bourke

10 0 0

of society, for the treatment and cure of lateral and other

Lord Alfred Churchill

20 0

curvatures of the spine, and other deviations from the natural become liable for more than the amount of his Shares.-

Miss Burdett Contts

3000 0

figure in the spine, chest or limbs, and of contraction of the Provisionally Registered ; capital £200,000, in 80,000 shares


joints, and local and general muscular weakness. The several

Rev. A. G. Edouart, M. A.


of £2 108. each ; deposit, 2s, per share.

Vi-count Ingestre

100 0

establishments will be conducted with the highest regard to



Rice Ives, Esq.

20 0

privacy, rank and propriety, and will be under the care of

orthopædic surgeons of the first talent, who will devote their Captain Fendall, St Edmund's-terrace, Regent's-park, Director

Charles Barber, Esq., Lloyd's and Chamberlain's-wharf. C. E. Lewis. Esq.

20 0 o

whole professional services to the patients under treatment.

Henry Powdall, Esq.

50 0 0

of the London and Eastern Banking Corporation.

The modes of treatment practised by the medical staff will Charles Joyce, Esq., Moorgate-street, Director of the Bank

Messrs. Morgan and Phipson

30 0 O

Viscount Ranelagh

20 0

be the most efficient hitherto adopted, and embrace all im-

of London.

provements in orthopaedic surgery that from time to time W. D. Starling, Esq., Laurence Pountney-lane, and Bromley,

Robert Steven, Esq.

50 0

Very Rev. Dean of Westminster


may be introduced.



N. W. Winstanley

20 0

All communications respecting the establishments and the

(With power to add to their number.)

Rev. J. W. Worthington, D.D.

10 0 0

reception of patients should be addressed to the consulting

Surgeon, J seph Amesbury, Esq., at 26, Fitzroy-square,

Bankers.—Messr's Masterman, Peters, and Co., Nicholas-



Hon. Secs.

London, with whom an interview may be had daily, from 10

lane, London; the Bank of London.

3, Danes-inn, Strand.

to 12 o'clock. Prospectuses, and every information relative Solicitors.--Messrs. Baker and Knight, 34, Lime-street.

to the Association, may be had on application to the Secre- Broker.- Edward F. Satterthwaite, Esq., 38, Throgmorton-



W. ALBERT JAMES, Secretary.


Engineer.--James Gascoigne Lynde, Esq., M. Inst. C.E.,

Capital 10,0001. in 1000 shares of 101. each.


F G.S., 7, Great Queen-street, Westminster.

Deposit 1l. per share.

TION (Limited). Provisionally Registered. Capital to the city of Marysville, California, under two concessions

This Company is formed for the supply of gas and water


Montagu Chambers, Esq., M.P., Child's-place, Temple-bar,

10,0001. in shares of 101. each ; deposit 21. 108. per share.

by the municipal authorities, under an Act of the Legisla-



ture, whereby these privileges are granted for terms ex-

Thomas Abraham, Esq., New Broad-street, London.

John Lewis Ricardo, Esq., M.P., 31, Lowndes-square. piring in 1872.

Solicitors-Messrs. A. and W. Bristow, London-street, Green-

Peter Le Neve Foster, Esq., M.A., Society of Arts.

Marysville is the third city of California in population and



importance. In the two others, San Francisco and Sacra-

Bankers--The London and Westminster Bank

harles Vignolles, Esq., F.R.S., Chairman, 21, Duke-street, mento, gas-works have been already established. The price

Secretary (pro tem.)- Mr. James Matthews,


of gas at San Francisco is 15 dollars or 608. per 1000 cubic

Temporary Offices--, Love-lane, Eastcheap.

Philip Delamotte, Esq., F.S.A., King's College, London. feet, and the Gas Company there realised last year 70 per veloping the peculiar nature of this branch of trade, and

This Company has been established with the view of de-

Roger Fenton, Esq., B.A., 2, Albert-terrace, Regent's-park. cent profit. The Sacramento Gas Works give nearly a

Professor Goodeve, M A., F.R.A.S., Woolwich.

similar result.

with the further intention of remedying the present existing

Frederick Hardwich, Esq., 1, Clifton-villas, Upper Hollo- Marysville is most advantageously situate, being the na-

irregular supply, so much felt and complained of by the


tural terminus of the water conveyance. In 1852 the resident

trade and public generally.

William Lake Price, 5, St. James's-terrace, Harrow-road. population was only 4500, it is now estimated at 18,000; be-

To accomplish the above object, the Company has suc-

Lewis Pocock, Esq., F.S.A., 20, Upper Gower-street. sides this, the transit population is very large.

ceeded, at a nominal rent, in securing the exclusive right of

Water is

Bankers - The London and Westminster Bank.

supplied to the inhabitants at present by water carts; the

collecting ice from a large extent of water, the property of

Solicitor-D. Cullington, Esq., 2, Craven-street, charge for a bucket of four gallons is 12 cents., or 6d., and

the Grand Surrey Canal and Dock Company. In addition to


two hogsheads delivered daily are charged at 8 dollars (32s.) terms, of a spacious plot of ground, with frontage and

which, a lease has been obtained, upon equally favourable

Secretary-Professer Brewer, M.A., F.R.G.S., King's College per week.

wharfage on the banks of the canal, for the purpose of erect-

This Association has been formed for the advancement of

The reports of the British Consul at San Francisco, and ot ing ice wells and other buildings necessary for carrying on

practical scientific photography. It proposes to apply

Mr. Lynde, the Company's Engineer, may be seen at the an extensive business.

photography-1, to medical, scientific literary, artistic pur- temporary offices of the Company, 34, Lime-street.

The Directors anticipate with confidence an enlarged sale

poses, and to portraiture especially : 2, to take fac-similes of Applicants for shares will be required to pay 28. per share in foreign block ice, and by having secured the wharfage

deeds, papyri, autographs, inscriptions, early-printed books into the Company's bankers', which will be returned on all before-mentioned (eligible from its situation and proximity

and manuscripts: 3, to open rooms for instruction in photo shares not allotted.

to the Docks), are assured of being enabled to offer the public

graphy: 4, to collect patterns of apparatus and specimens sf Applications may be made to the broker, E. F. SATTER-

a regular and continual supply, and up in far more reasonable

chemicals for photographic purposes, tested under the super. Tuwaite, Esq., 38, Throgmorton-street; or to the Secretary, terms, than hitherto has been accomplished by those already

intendence of first-rate chemists; 5, tə aid the topographist 34, Lime-street, of whom

prospectuses and forms of applica: engaged in the sale of this article. Indeed, the idea of form-

and illustrator ; 6, print negatives for amateurs and share- tion may be obtained.

ing this Company first entered the minds of the promoters

holders ; 7, to form a library connected with the art for pur-


by the knowledge and constant report of the insufficient

poses of consultation ; 8, to establish a general central place

supply of ice to the public. With these facts before them,

of meeting for foreign, provincial and metropolitan photo-

they are enabled confidently to affirm that a trade, to the

graphers connected with the Association.

It has been satisfactorily ascertained that, after payment ORIENTAL INLAND STEAM COM- extent of at least ten times the present amount, might be

secured by this Company alone; and upon such terms as

PANY (Limited), for establishing Steam Navigation on

of all expenses and setting aside a reserve fund, a dividend the Rivers of India. Capital 250,0001. in 25,000 shares of

would not only prove beneficial to the consumer, but render

of at least ten per cent., with other advantages detailed in 101. each, with power to increase it to 1,000,0001. Deposit 108. profit which the Directors estimate (at the minimam) at 20

a large amount of profit to the proprietary-an amount of

the prospectus, may be expected by the shareholders.

per share.

per cent, on the capital.

For prospectuses and shares apply at No. 4, Trafalgar-


square, London, the offices (pro tem.); or to J, S. BREWER,

James Allan, Esq., Managing Director of the Peninsular and

No person can incur any liability beyond the amount of

the shares allotted.

King's College; or D. CULLINGTON, Esq., Solicitor, 2, Craven-

Oriental Sieam Navigation Company

street, Charing-cross.

The Hon. W. Wilberforce Bird, Esq., late Deputy-Governor of

In conclusion, the Directors believe that to carry out the


above intentions not more than 5l. per share will be required

to enable them at once to commence operations.


A deposit of N per share mnst accompany each applica-



calls for any further capital that may be required will be

Capital, One Million, in 100,000 shares of 101. each.

Captain Bold, K.T.S., Belvidere-villa, Millbrook, near South-

made without three months' notice.


Deposit 21. per share on allotment.

Harry Borradalle, Esq., late Civil Service, Bombay

Copies of prospectus and every information may be ob-


John Bourne, Esq., late of Messrs. John Bourne and Co.'s

tained on application to the secretary.

His Grace the Duke of Wellington.

Lieut.-General John Briggs, Madras Army, late Political


The Right Hon, the Earl of Albemarle.

Agent in Candeish, and officiating Resident at Nagpore

H. S. Thornton, Esq, banker, Birchin-lane.

Colonel A. Cotton, late Chief Engineer of Marlras

To the Directors of the London and Foreign Rough and Block

T. M. Weguelin, Esq., Governor of the Bank of England.

Captain Cotton, R. N., Alport house, Whitchurch, Salop

Ice Company (Limited).

Major-General Dickinson, late Chief Engineer of Bombay

Gentlemen, -Having paid into the London and West-


minster Bank the sum of £ to yonr credit, I request you

Lieut-General the Right Hon. Lord James Hay, Chairman.

Montague Gore, Esq., South Audley-street, Grosvenor-square will allot me shares of 101, each in the above named

The Right Hon. Lord Viscount Bury.

Lieut.-Colonel Grimes, Hon. E.I.C.S., lately stationed at Company; and I hereby undertake to accept the same, fic

Lieutenant-Colonel the Right Hon. Lord Arthur Hay.


Baron Gudin. Chateau Beanjon, Paris.

Captain Hutchinson, Hon. E.I.C.S., Assistant Civil Engineer, thereon at the time and place mentioned in the letter of

any less number that you may allot me, to pay the calls

William Gladstone, Esq. (Messrs. Thomson, Bonar, and Co.), Colonel Atwell Lake, C.B., Aide-de-Camp to the Queen, late


allotment, and to sign all necessary deeds who called upon

Old Broad-street.

to do so.

J. Fortescue Harrison, Esq.. Cambridge-square, Hyde-park.

Engineer of the Kistnah Irrigation Works

Dated this

Robert William Kennard, Esq., Upper Thames-street.

G. May, Esq. (Messrs. May, Mathewson and Co.), London and

xame in full ....


Alexander Miller, Esq., Ashford-house, Middlesex.

Business or Profession

Colonel the Hon. R. T. Rowley, 47, Berkeley-square

Auditors to be appointed the first General Meeting.


(With power to add to their number)



In London-Messrs. Williams, Deacon, Labouchere. Thorn-

Managing Director-John Bourne, Esq., late of Messrs. John

ton, and Co, Birchin-lane; Messrs. Hankeys, 7, Fen-

Bourne and Co.'s, Glasgow and Greenock



Engineer-James Kennedy, Esq., late of Messrs. Bury,

In Mons - Messrs. Guillochin, Sons, and Co.

Curtis and Kennedy's, Liverpool



In Paris-Messrs. Charles Laffitte and Co.

To Readers


Solicitor-Henry R. Hill, Esq., 23, Throgmorton-street

Solicitors-Yessrs. Amory. Travers, and Smith, London ;

Joint-Stock Sayings and Doings.


Mons. Dolez, Avocat, Mons.

Bankers--Messrs. Williams, Deacon and Co.

New Companies Incorporated


Brokers - Messrs. Joshua Hutchinson and Son; Messrs.

Secretary-John Mathewson, Esq.

Meetings Appointed


Laurence, Son, and Pearce.

Offices, 9, Billiter-street, London.

New Companies Projected


Secretary-T. R. Preston, Esq.

Proceedings of Companies


This Company is established for two reasons-first, because

Temporary Offices, No. 46, Moorgate-street.


it is wanied, and second, because it will pay. India wants

Prospectuses and forms of application for shares may be cheap means of conveyance for her produce: water convey-

Instructions for Forming and Conducting Liinited

obtained at the Temporary Offices of the Company, or at the

Liability Companies


ance is cheaper than any possible mode of conveyance by


land, and 10,000 miles of this cheap water conveyance will

Recent Decisions on the Law of Joint-Stock Companies 128

Reports of Cases


Each applicant for shares will be required to pay into one

be afforded by the great rivers when properly navigated by BUSINESS OF COMPANIES:-

of the bankers of the Company one pound (17.) per share on


The last dividend of the Ganges Steam Company

Railway Companies


the number of the shares applied for, in part payment of the

was 48 per cent. per annum, and the latest returns of a navi-

Banking Companies


deposit of 21., in exchange for which a voncher will be given. gation company on the Godavery was 55 per cent. The field,

Mining Companies


In the event of the Directors allotting less than the whole however, is far too large to be adequately filled by local

Assurance Companies...


number applied for, the amount paid in will be appropriated

effort, and an English company is necessary, which, with

Telegraph Companies


towards the deposit of 21. per share, payable on those adequate capital, will render available the resources of Miscellaneous Companies


allotted. Should no allotment be made to the applicant, European science.

Winding-up of Companies

the money lodged at the bankers will be forthwith returned Prospectuses and forms of application for shares may be CORRESPONDENCE..

free of charge.

obtained at the Offices, 9, Billiter-street, London.


THE MONS UNITED COLLIERIES Theehen. W. Wilberforce Bira, Esq., late Deputy-Governor of the most fa futbe kerthefaupers that may be required with the


tection whatever,


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8 12

4 39

2 50 36

To Correspondents.

number will, we hope, exhibit a great advance- The Royal British Bank affair has passed ment.

through some more phases. The new shareJ.-We should not like to place our money in such an invest

We trust that those who are interested in holders who subscribed for the new issue of Regulus must remember that the liability of a director is Limited Liability Companies will make this shares have applied to the Court of Bankruptcy liable only for 2., so that his wealth affords you no pro- Journal the medium of their correspondence on for leave to prove against the estate in respect of

subjects affecting them. All communications their advances on such shares, upon the ground G. T.-The office named is very respectable. You need not will receive immediate attention.

that they were induced to take them by the be afraid to appear as its agent. To Rushort.-You cannot form an insurance company under The subscription of 10s. for the year, or 5s. fraudulent misrepresentations of the directors,

the existing law. The Act that protected them is ro- for the half-year, may be transmitted in postage whose balance sheet showed a flourishing state pealed. R. A.-An opinion has been taken, and the difficulty remains stamps, and, in return, the Journal will be of affairs when the bank was really insolvent. A READER (York).—You have stated your caso so imper- forwarded, postage paid, on the day of publi- The court has not yet pronounced its decision,

but from the remarks of the Commissioner it fectly that it is impossible to advise you upon it without cation. more preci-e details. Our impression is that you have no We venture to prefer another request, that is obvious that he has a strong opinion against A PROMOTER --Deeds of settlement are abolished. You sab- the Companies will advertise their prospectuses, the claim. It is of great importance to all

stitute for thein articles of association, which should be notices of meetings, &c., &c., in these columns, parties, for if entitled to prove they would be drawn by counsel.

for here, those to whom they are addressed, exempt from calls. The same point has been N. N. N.-We calculate that a company cannot be conducted

in the cheapest way under 1001. a year. This is inde- will be sure to turn for all information relating raised incidentally in the Queen's Ben«b, on pendently of the cost of conducting the business.

to Limited Liability Companies, and others not an application by a creditor to take out execu

having already representatives in the press. tion against one of the new shareholders, who NOTICE.

We ask the Secretaries and Officers of Com- objected on the same ground. The court has The subscription to this Journal is 108. for the year, panies to send us their reports, balance-sheets, taken time to consider, but the judges there or 53. for the half year, paid in advance, for it will &c., and any other information as to their also expressed themselves strongly against the be sent post-paid to the subscriber on the day of doings which they may desire to communicate, argument, which indeed involves this practical publication. The subscription may be sent in postage stamps, or by post office order.

and which we will gladly publish without result:--Thatin


any partnership, if one partner ADVERTISEMENTS for the LIMITED LIABILITY charge.

deceives another, the deceived partner may set CHRONICLE should be sent to the Office not later We shall be obliged by suggestions of any up that defence to a claim by a third person than the 24th of each month.

additions or improvements which may be whose goods or money he has rereived, and thought to increase the utility and interests of whose demand he wants to repudiate because

the Limited Liability Chronicle, they shall be his speculation has been unsuccessful. In the LIMITED LIABILITY CHRONICLE adopted if practicable.

meanwhile, executions are going against sbareholders by wholesale. Many of them have

sold off and left the country, and others are JOINT STOCK TIMES. JOINT-STOCK SAYINGS AND DOINGS. preparing to follow the example. One direc

Sixteen new Limited Liability Companies tor only has been brought belore the court as

were registered during the fortnight preceding yet. Mr. Humphrey Brown, M.P., has been MONDAY, FEBRUARY 1, 1857.

our last publication. The total number whose declared bankrupt, and has made an arrange

details we have reported now amounts to 232, ment with the official assignee which Mr. LinkTO READERS.

with a total nominal capital of 11,483,2901. later stated in the court to be very creclitable The Limited Liubility Chronicle appears to-day They are thus classified:

to him. He has rendered every possible assistas a distinct and independent Journal.


ance in the settlement of his very complicated That there is ample room for it, a wide field Banking and Money Lending

accounts with the bank, and so has saved a of utility before it, and a large constituency to

Exhibitions and Amusements

vast amount of litigation. The bankruptcy which it may confidently look for support, there

Gas and Waterworks

vacates Mr. Brown's seat in Parliament, but can be no doubt.

Land Companies

not for twelve months. Another incident in this If the Mining Companies can maintain a


terrible affair has been the perplexity of the

Mining journal of their own, and the Railway Com


shareholders who have had calls made upon panies two journals, and the Gas Companies Public Buildings


them both by the official manager and the offianother journal, among all the miscellaneous Protessional

cial assignee, and they protest that they cannot companies not comprised within either of these Railways and Telegraphs


meet both. We understand that a plan has classes—the great and rapidly increasing array Trading (wholesale and retail)

25 been suggested forthe settlement of the business, of Limited Liability Companies, which will Shipping

15 without more ado, by the following arrangevery soon outnumber all the rest combined, Full particulars of these, stating their names, ment:-The wealthy shareholders will subsıribe can and will in like manner maintain a journal objects, nominal capitals, number of shares the sum necessary to pay off the creditors, and devoted to their service, as are the Mining and actually subscribed, &c. will be found in pre- then enforce contribution from the rest of the Railway journals to the service of those two vious numbers of this Journal.

shareholders. This will be to them the cheapest sections of joint-stock enterprise.

The continued high rate of interest operates course in the end, for it will save the enormous Already more than 600 companies are incor- still to the depression of joint-stock enterprise. cost of years of litigation, all of which must porated under the new act. Io each of these Where persons who have money can obtain 5 come out of their pockets sooner or later. We it is both useful and interesting to be informed per cent. for it by depositing it with absolute are glad to hear that there is great hope that of all that concerns the law and the business of safety in a first-class bank, it cannot be ex- the proposition will be acceded to. The decompanies, and to preserve permanently in pected that they should hazard it in a joint posits have been offered for sale and fetch from their offices a record of their own doings as stock enterprise, however promising. But 58. to 108. per share after the dividend paid of well as of those of others.

when the rate of interest falls, as fall it must 58. 6d. in the pound. That

the object of the Limited Liability in a few months, unless we plunge into another The trial of Redpath has thrown no new light Chronicle. Published on the 1st of each war, we shall have a very different feeling upon the actual amount of money embezzled month, it will collect every kind of information afloat. Let 24 be the utmost that can be ob- from the Great Northern Railway Company. useful to directors, officers, and shareholders. tained with safety, and we shall find those who It has had the good effect of calling forth a Here wiil be found full particulars of all the possess money ready enough to invest it in any strong resolution of the Committee of the new companies that are formed, of the doings scheme that bears a promise of bringing them Stock Exchange against the practice of brokers of companies, of the law affecting them, as dividends. Then will come the harvest of buying and selling shares for clerks and serdecided by the courts or enacted by the Legis- projectors, secretaries, directors, stags, and vants—the true source of most of the robberies lature ; instructions for forming and condict- all the tribe that lie in wait to profit by mo- by officials which have lately startled the world. ing companies; answers by competent persons ments of public folly. We shall not then count Among the new companies lately formed are to the queries of correspondents seeking infor- the number of new projects by tens, but by the following : mation; the letters of correspondents on sub- hundreds or thousands. A monthly issue The Hide and Skin Company. It is described jects of interest to companies; reports of their will not enable us to report a tenth of them. as being " for the purchase ot' hides and skins, meetings of business done, of their progress, We shall be compelled to make a weekly, and their collection on commission for rerepor of their winding-up:

perhaps a daily, appearance, while the mania tion and sale on consignment and for making If each company will become a subscriber, is growing. But the end will be as certain as advances on them.” This is a business which at the cost of only ten shillings for a year, there that of all former joint-stock fevers. There ought to be very sufficiently conducted by an will be an ample support to enable this Journal will be a crash ; thousands of families will be individual

, unless, indeed, there is some nianito carry out efficiently all its plans for their ruined; the mischief will be greater and more fest advantage from trading in it with :: assistance. It is hoped that its very trifling wide spread than ever before, under the foster- capital larger than an individual would be cost will introduce it to the hands of the ing of a law which provides facilities for willing to invest. In this case the capital proOfficers and Solicitors of Companies, and to roguery; and then the country, in sober sada posed is a large one, no less than 50,0001. in not a few Shareholders. As the change to an ness, will demand a modification of the law that shares of 21. °But, unfortunately, at the time independent existence, and its consequent has wrought such evil. How long it may be of registration, of the 25,000 shares required increase in size and importance, was not re- before the crisis comes, the wisest could not only 350 were subscribed The profiis of such solved upon until late in the month, time has venture to prognosticate, for it must depend a business are not easily estimated, but the not permitted the adoption of many improve- upon the money market; and nobody can reader will, of course, take care to s e that ments which are contemplated. The March / foretell the prospects of that.

they are clearly shown. Todced it would be



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