Life And Adventures Of Lewis Wetzel

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Page 63 - An old squaw, whose appearance every way answered the ideas people entertain of the devil, got a board, took a parcel of coals and ashes, and laid them on his back and head, after he had been scalped. He then raised himself upon his feet and began to walk around the post.
Page 61 - When we went to the fire the Colonel was stripped naked, ordered to sit down by the fire, and then they beat him with sticks and their fists. Presently after I was treated in the same manner. They then tied a rope to the foot of a post about fifteen feet high, bound the Colonel's hands behind his back and fastened the rop* to the ligature between his wrists. The rope was long enough for him to sit down or walk round the post once or twice, and return the same way.
Page 258 - The governor of an independent state, greatly my superior in years, in experience, and in military character, he placed himself under my command, and was not more remarkable for his zeal and activity, than for the promptitude and cheerfulness with which he obeyed my orders.
Page 210 - At once there rose so wild a yell Within that dark and narrow dell, As all the fiends, from heaven that fell, Had peal'd the banner-cry of hell!
Page 46 - How exactly this will answer for the business,' he began with Abraham, and continued knocking down one after the other, until he had counted fourteen that he had killed with his own hands. He now handed the instrument to one of his fellow murderers, saying, « My arm fails me ! go on in the same way ! I think I have done pretty well...
Page 59 - Girty, who lived among the Indians, and was on this account permitted to go to town the same night, with two warriors to guard him, having orders at the same time to pass by the place where the Colonel had turned out his horse, that they might if possible find him.
Page 64 - Thus ended this disastrous campaign. It was the last one which took place in this section of the country during the revolutionary contest of the Americans with the mother country. It was undertaken with the very worst of views, those of...
Page 61 - I think not less than seventy loads were discharged upon his naked body. They then crowded about him, and to the best of my observation, cut off his ears : when the throng had dispersed a little, I saw the blood running from both sides of his head in consequence thereof. The fire was about six or seven yards from the post to which the Colonel was tied : it was made of small hickory poles, burnt quite thro' in the middle, each end of the poles remaining about six feet in length.
Page 62 - ... on him, so that in a short time he had nothing but coals of fire and hot ashes to walk upon.
Page 199 - They had just returned from Virginia or Kentucky, with some very fine horses. One grey horse in particular attracted his notice. He won every race until near evening, when, as if envious of his speed, two riders were placed on him, and thus he was beaten.

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