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The whole being interfperfed with Divine Inferences and many useful Curiofities never before taken notice of by any other Author.

The Preface containing, befides other things, the Author's Opinion of the Millennium; as not being a Temporal Reign of Chrift, &c.

With a Postscript of the Nature of Water-Spouts,

By BENJAMIN PARKER, AUTHOR of the laft Philofophical Meditations, and Longitude at Sea.


Printed for the Author at Mary-Bridge, Derby; and may be had at Mr. J. Wilford's at the Three Flower-de-luces behind the Chapter-Houfe, near St. Paul's; at the Cross-Keys Inn in Woodfreet, London; at Mr. Dicey's Printer in Northampton; at Mr. Simon Martin's Bookfeller in Leicester, and at his Shops in Loughborough and Hinckley; where may now be had also his First Volume of Philofophical Meditations, and his Longitude as Sea. Mpcc Xxxv, [Price One Shilling.]


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Sacred and Excellent MAJESTY


May it pleafe Your Majesty,

AVING found that my former Volume of Philofophical Meditations has met with a more general Acceptance amongst Your Sacred Majesty's Subjects by the Honour I received from the Patronage of His Grace the Duke of Devonshire; I A 2 humbly

humbly offer my Second Volume to Your Moft Excellent Majefty's Approbation; affuring myself, that Your Majefty's gracious Acceptance of it will give it that Force and Influence which thro' the Meannefs of my Circumftances it muft neceffarily havę been deprived of; because in the general Efteem of the World, the Author's outward Condition commonly adds to, or diminishes from, the Value of his Works; which Inconvenience of an Author's Meanness can only be remov'd by the Patronage of fuch upon whom depends the Expectation of the Nation's Tranquillity, and who have a Goodness equal to their Greatness, and look upon Truth and Reason impartially from whomfoever they come: Which being most confpicuous in Your Majefty's Royal Perfon, by whom, under God, in Concert with His Moft Excellent Ma

jefty King George the Second, we of thefe Kingdoms enjoy the greatest Bleffings of any Nation upon Earth, (I fpeak

(I fpeak it feelingly) therefore cannot doubt but a Work defign'd for the Encouragement of Religion and Virtue will meet with Your Gracious Majesty's kind Reception and Approbation; by which it will receive that reflecting Luftre from Your Majesty's illuminating Rays, that my Performances will fhine, with a borrowed Light, thro' Your Moft Sacred Majesty's Dominions: So fhall they much better answer my End and Defign, who defire to be as ufeful a Member of this Community as my Attainments will admit me; who am,

Moft Gracious Sovereign,

Your Majefy's

Moft Obedient,

Moft Dutiful, and

Loyal Subject,

Benjamin Parker,

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