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Page Sect. 24. The time at which a will speaks

71 Sect. 25.- Lapsed and void devises

70 Sect. 26.-Operation of a general devise of lands

upon customary, copyhold, and lease-
hold estates

71 Sect. 27.-Operation of a general devise of lands

upon estates over which the testator has

a general power of appointment .. 72 Sect. 28.-A devise without words of limitation shall pass the fee simple

74 Sect. 29.—The construction of words importing failure of issue

75 Sects, 30 & 31.-Continuance of estate in trustees and executors

77 Sect. 32.- Estates tail shall not lapse, by the death of the devisee living the devisor

80 Sect. 33.-Gifts to issue who die leaving issue shall not lapse

81 Sect. 34.-Operation of the act


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