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Page 3 - If any druggist or other person sells or gives away any arsenic, strychnine, corrosive sublimate or prussic acid without the written prescription of a physician...
Page 269 - SEASONABLE considerations on the indecent and dangerous custom of burying in churches and church-yards. With remarkable observations historical and philosophical. Proving, that the custom is not only contrary to the practice of the antients, but fatal, in case of infection.
Page 186 - Correction, under such rules and regulations as may from time to time be adopted by the board of poor commissioners.
Page 10 - Eighth. If the intestate leaves a widow and no kindred, his estate shall descend to his widow ; and if the intestate is a married woman and leaves no kindred, her estate shall descend to her husband. Ninth. If the intestate leaves no kindred, and no widow or husband, his or her estate shall escheat to the Commonwealth.
Page 194 - ... court, shall be final and conclusive, and judgment shall be rendered and execution issued thereon ; and costs shall be recovered by the...
Page 7 - An Act for the Preservation of the Health and Morals of Apprentices and others employed in Cotton and other Mills and Cotton and other Factories...
Page 465 - To commence the manufacture of such articles as the society may determine upon, for the employment of such members as may be without employment, or who may be suffering in consequence of repeated reductions in their wages.
Page 84 - That no railroad, express company, car company, common carrier other than by water, or the receiver, trustee, or lessee of any of them, whose road forms any part of a line of road over which cattle, sheep, swine, or other animals...
Page 441 - Bureau affirms (Report for 1875, p. 445) that " it seems natural and just that a man's labor should be worth, and that his wages should be, as much as, with economy and prudence, will comfortably maintain himself and family, enable him to educate his children, and also to lay by enough for his decent support when his laboring powers have failed.
Page 197 - ... wherein said lands lie, a description thereof, as certain as is required in a common conveyance of lands, together with a statement of the purpose for which the lands are taken...

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