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[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

sales by liquidator, as to, 479

order for, 479

summons on, 483

practice as to applications by, 484
summons, order giving liberty to apply, 486


clauses in articles as to, 117
rights in regard to, 117
injunction against refusal, 311

objects of, 82


agreement for sale of business, 21

objects of, 89


advertising the order, 355

amending petition, order, 341

actions and proceedings, as to staying and restraining, 424

orders, 426, et seq.

actions, liberty to creditors to bring, 430

orders giving, 431, et seq.

affidavit in support of petition, 339
affidavit of service of petition, 340
affidavits with a view to compromise, 447
orders confirming compromises, 449
affidavit in support of petition, 340
books, orders enforcing delivery of, 376
borrowing for purposes of,

order as to, 379

calls, orders as to, 395 et seq.
practice as to, 395
carrying on business,

orders as to, 376 et seq.
practice as to, 378

cases where orders commonly made, 299
clauses in articles as to, 141
compromise, affidavit with a view to, 447
form of agreement as to, 448
orders confirming, 449
concurrent petitions, 348
contributories, liberty to attend, 417
contributories, practice as to, 390

list of contributories, orders as to, 391 et seq.

county court, reference to, 349

costs of petition, order, 346, 411

costs of off. liq. taxation and payment, 456 et seq.
costs, security for, summons, 341

cross-examination on affidavits, notice, 438

practice as to, 439

order extending time, 439

crown debts, order for payment, 412
creditors, practice as to, 399 et seq.

affidavits by, proving debts, 401 et seq.
certificate of, 406

dividends to, 408

inquiry what securities given, 415
landlord, liberty to distrain, 434

liberty to attend, 417

liberty to prove after time expired, 407
order varying certificate, 407

[blocks in formation]

simple contract creditor, 295
company itself, 296

to Palatine Court, 297

proceedings under s. 165 for misfeasance, &c.,
practice, 452

orders against directors, 443 et seq.
provisional liquidators, orders as to, 351 et seq.

practice as to, 350

provisional liquidators, orders as to, 350 et seq. and see PROVISIONAL

removal of goods, order restraining, 429

rent, order to pay, 411

rates, ib.

revivor of petition, order for, 343

sales of property

orders as to, 380, et seq.

conditional contracts, orders confirming, 383

off. liq. to concur in sale by trustees for debenture holders, 384
sales by execution creditors, restraining, as to, 425

secured creditors, as to, 414

security for costs, summons, 341

service of petition, 340

service of petition, orders as to, 340

standing over of petition, order as to, 342

practice as to, ibid.

special examiners, orders as to, 440
summons to proceed, 355

withdrawal of petition, practice as to, 313
withdrawal of petition, order for, 343


accounts of liq., as to, 491

actions restraining, as to, 490

actions, &c., liberty to bring and take, ibid.

[blocks in formation]
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