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Entomological Society of Canada, 1876

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Page 212 - ... members go far to compensate for their paucity in number. Your Council entertain the hope that at no distant day our membership will be augmented by the addition of at least a few more students of our useful and interesting branch of natural history. Twelve meetings were held during the year, at which the following papers were read and presented to the Society : GJ Bowles — " List of Eggs and Larvae Described in the Seven Volumes of the CANADIAN ENTOMOLOGIST.
Page 84 - To what extent have birds, domestic fowls, and other animals, domestic or wild, been useful in destroying these insects ? As the successful prosecution of this work is as deeply important to the western portions of our Dominion (where immense damage is often inflicted by this destructive foe...
Page 63 - ... is almost black, the hinder margin being fringed with white. In the markings on the bodies they also resemble each other very much. There is a line of. white on each side, extending from the head to the base of the thorax, and other less prominent longitudinal lines of white on the thorax. The abdomen is of a greenish olive, having a reddish hue on the sides and spotted with white and black. There are differences, however, which would enable the most casual observer to separate them without difficulty....
Page 67 - Under surface much paler, color dull pale pinkish green, the pink color predominating from 5th to terminal segments inclusive, and with a number of very minute raised yellowish dots placed chiefly along the sides. Feet black ; pro-legs pink, with a patch of black on the outside of each.
Page 46 - ... Museum (in Dr Leach's time), and fossils in the Scarborough and other public collections, have received MS. names which will be of no authority until they are published.* Nor can any unpublished descriptions, however exact (such as those of Forster, which are still shut up in a MS. at Berlin), claim any right of priority till published, and then only from the date of their publication. The same rule applies to cases where groups or species are published, but not defined, as in some museum catalogues,...
Page 184 - A generic name when once established should never be cancelled in any subsequent subdivision of the group, but retained in a restricted sense for one of the constituent portions.
Page 225 - ... quantity of ova within its body in process of development. The abdomen will then measure an inch or more in length, and appears to be dragged along with difficulty. They are fond of basking in the hot sunshine, and are said to be most active during the early and middle parts of the day. When confined in boxes for the purpose of observing their habits, it is necessary to expose them much to the sun, and supply them with an abundance of food ; they are then quite at home, and their proceedings...
Page 8 - ... taken in the squares of that city, sometimes twenty or thirty on one tree. The Champ de Mars, Montreal, is a favorite breeding place of ursaria. The Lombardy Poplars growing in this locality are infested with them year after year. In some seasons the trees are partially defoliated by the larvae, and during the last week of April and the first of May the moths are to be found in great numbers. This year they were a little later than usual. On the 5th May I first observed them, many havmg just...
Page 46 - Unless a species or group is intelligibly defined when the name is given, it cannot be recognised by others, and the signification of the name is consequently lost. Two things are necessary before a zoological term can acquire any authority, viz., definition and publication. Definition properly implies a distinct exposition of essential characters, and in all cases we conceive this to be indispensable...
Page 184 - The election of officers for the ensuing year then took place, resulting as follows : President, Dr.

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