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HE following Tranflations were felected from many others done by the Author in his Youth; for the most part indeed but a fort of Exercifes, while he was improving himfelf in the Languages, and carried by his early Bent to Poetry to perform them rather in Verse than Profe. Mr. Dryden's Fables came out about that time, which occafion'd the Tranflations from Chaucer. They were first feparately printed in Mifcellanies by J. Tonfon and B. Lintot, and afterwards collected in the Quarto Edition of 1717. The Imitations of English Authors which are added at the end, were



done as early, fome of them at fourteen or fifteen Years old; but having alfo got into Mifcellanies, we have put them here together to complete this Juvenile Volume.



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