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One word we would wish to say to our readers-If they approve of our labours, and consider the pages of the PENNY OPERATIVE calculated to convey useful information and sound religious principles to the public mind, we trust they will not be content with simply reading it themselves, but lend it and recommend it to their neighbours and companions and friends. By this method the leaven of pure Protestant feeling may be spread from breast to breast, the wholesome zeal for the Truth which now animates multitudes of the Operative classes will extend itself to thousands and thousands more, and that happy day be hastened onward when the glorious luminary of Protestantism shall once more climb the firmament, fill the heavens with its meridian splendour, and shed its warm and fructifying rays on every locality in the British territories.

Operatives of England ! Children of the Martyrs ! prove yourselves worthy of that noble name. The present is no time for sloth or inaction --the enemies of civil and religious liberty, the enemies of England, the enemies of the Bible are all banded together in hostile array against the ark of our Faith, and their embattled squadrons press to the conflict against England England-the cradle, the bulwark, the citadel of vital Christianity. If England is unchristianized, Protestant Europe has lost her champion and leader. The uproar and the threats and tumult of the adversary's camp swell louder and louder upon our ears—the united interests of our Country, our Queen, and our Religion, call upon us with one voice to resist the aggressive attacks of Popery. The question is, shall we obey the summons ? We know you will answer cheerfully and unhesitatingly “ Yes.” Yes, we feel confident, that whoever else may betray the interests of their Country and the cause of God, our Operative brethren never will—but that they will determine in the strength of the great Captain of their salvation, with the celestial armour of righteousness and with the bold, and meek, and dauntless spirit of martyrs, thať they will they will contend, as they ought to contend, for the ark of God's Truth, the throne of their dear young Queen, and the glorious, the unrivalledbecause PROTESTANT-Constitution of their beloved Country—“WATCH YE, STAND FAST IN THE FAITH, QUIT YOU LIKE MEN, BE STRONG.”

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* If they speak not according to this word it is because there is no light in them."-Isaiah viii. 20.

No. 1.

APRIL 1, 1840.

Vol. I.

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We think we need not make any apology on that the corrupt seed sown among them by introducing to the public the first number of the enemy should spring up, and bring forth the Penny Protestant OPERATIVE. It bad fruit. The operatives have been too must be clear to every one, that a cheap much left to the tender mercies of the Libeperiodical conveying sound practical infor- ral, the Papist, and the Infidel; and, if more mation to the minds of our mechanics and care is not taken to instil into their minds artisans, must be calculated to be extensively right principles, and the saving truths of the useful. The times in which we live are pe- gospel

, they will rise up in the judgment, culiar for two things—a vast and increasing and condemn their rich and better instructed thirst for knowledge among all classes, and neighbours, who have shown so little care -a wide and deadly spread of all sorts of for their morals, and so little regard for their error, by means of cheap infidel publications. eternal welfare. In a day of trouble, and The antichristian doctrines of Popery,—the rebuke, and blasphemy," like the present, abominable tenets of Socinianism, – the we surely cannot be too anxious to maintain, wicked principles of Chartism, and the filthy or too active in disseminating, sound Protesnotions of Socialism, are being scattered tant principles. over the length and breadth of the land by The conductors of the PennY PROTESTANT the circulation of thousands and tens of thou- OPERATIVE will attempt, in humble reliance sands of tracts, handbills, pamphlets, and upon the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, and magazines. Christian people have seen this in a spirit of love and charity, to advance deluge of immorality and blasphemy conti. the interests of "pure and undefiled relinually pouring forth among the lower and gion,” in opposition to these "aboundings middle classes of society, and have deeply of iniquity.” They will endeavour, with deplored it—but they have not made that use God's help, in a plain unvarnished style, in of the press which they might have done, to the warm and simple language of the heart, stem the torrent of iniquity. We believe to write of matters that may be easily underthat for every christian cheap periodical, stood by all, and be uninstructive to none. there are at least ten ungodly ones. This They will examine all things by the light of ought not to be. The efforts of christians Scripture, upholding the authority of the must be increased, and cheap godly publica- Bible in all its purity, and striving from its tions multiplied, and spread far and wide. sacred pages to enforce upon their operative If the higher classes do not furnish their less brethren the high and sacred duty of being privileged brethren with sound and nutriti- “ valiant for THE TRUTH.' Their motto will ous fooil for the mind, how can they wonder be" For God, our Queen, AND OUR Cour.


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TRY”; their watchword, “ No PEACE WIth hindrance through the length and breadth of

BECAUSE Englishmen have determined
It is hoped that the Penny PROTESTANT that, as for them and their children, they
Operative will thus prove a valuable bond will serve the Lord their God, and will not
of union among Operative Protestants, and serve the man whom the Papists blas-
a medium of conveying much useful infor- phemously call, “ Our Lord God the Pope.”
mation to every corner of the empire. It BECAUSE Englishmen have declared that
will briefly record the proceedings of Opera- they will not bow down to images—that
tive Associations,-furnish intelligence con- they will not worship the Virgin Mary-
nected with the Protestant Cause,-expose that they will not disobey the precepts of
the errors of Popery and Infidelity by ap- Christ by obeying the commands of the
peals to Scripture,—and give occasional bis. Pope.
torical and other narratives. Its pages will Because Englishmen have declared that
be studiously devoted to the glory of God, they will take the Bible, the whole Bible,
and the eternal interests of man, to upholds and nothing but the Bible, as their standard
ing the glorious principles of the Reforma- of faith and practice, and that they will
tion, and putting the working classes in pos- not believe the anti-christian doctrines of
session of facts and arguments with which Popery.
to refute the false statements of the enemies BECAUSE Englishmen have declared that
of truth.

they will believe the Bible, which they
In obedience to the precept, " let every know to be the word of Christ, rather than
one of us please his neighbour for his good uninspired books, which they know to be
to edification,” the magazine will be made written by men like themselves.
attractive by neatly executed wood cuts, and BECAUSE they have declared that they will
rendered as generally interesting as is con- believe God rather than man-Christ rather
sistent with the sacred and important cause than Popes—Apostles and Prophets rather
it seeks to advance. May God, in His infinite than Monks and Priests—the oracles of God
mercy, condescend to bless it! May He rather than lying Popish fables.
raise up among the Operatives of England a Because Englishmen believe that there is
band of faithful witnesses for His truth, full no such place as purgatory, but that “the
of that Holy Spirit which, in the days of blood of Jesus Christ cleanses from all sin ”
Queen Mary led many humble-minded Bible--and that Popery wickedly makes the doc-
loving Operatives, to stand stedfast in the trine of Purgatory a means of getting money
midst of hot persecution—Operatives, who under false pretences.
rather than deny their Saviour and blas- Because they believe that Jesus Christ is.
pheme his most Holy Name, suffered cruel able to save to the utmost all who come unto
reproacb and torture, and passed through the God by Him — that by “ His one offer-
flames of martyrdom to their glorious and ing, He hath perfected for ever them that,
eternal rest.

are sanctified that there " is but one
Mediator between God and man, the Man

Christ Jesus ; " and that therefore the

Popish doctrines of the Mass—the Media..

tion of Angels, and the Intercession of de-
Because England has cast off the chains of parted Saints, are contrary to Christ and
Popish superstition, and dared to grasp the ruinous to the soul.
freedom which Christ has given us in his Because Englishmen know, from what
glorious Gospel.

Popery has already done, tliat she would, Because England has declared that the if she had the power, persecute, torment, Bible is the gift of God to every man; and and slay them; and having the Bible in that no man, whether Pope, Priest, or King, their hands, which denounces Popery as. has any right to take it from him, or prevent " the Mother of Abominations,'

and is the him reading it as much as he likes. Mystery of Iniquity :” they likewise hold

Because England has declared that the it to be their duty to God and their fellowPope has no power whatever over English- men to denounce Popery, to protest against

but that they are the subjects of their her errors, and to hate her abominable own King.

practices. · BECAUSE England has solemnly determined Because the Church of England has, for that the fountain of truth shall not be kept many years, been a faithful witness against from the people by the Pope ; but that the Popery, holding up the light of God's truth pure river of life shall flow without let or to the world, and thus making manifest the



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darkness, the ignorance, and the wickedness amongst ourselves to publish 8000 copies of the of the Romish system.

speech of Mr. Bywater at that meeting; and when Because England was the country that send you a few.

they are printed, you will, perhaps, allow me to

I do assure you, we did not mainly broke the power of Popery, and set think there had been a working man in this town a noble example to other nations to throw able to handle the subject in the manner he has off ber yoke and dare to be free.

done, and that must plead my excuse for being so

selfish as to praise it. The Papists rushed in nomBecause Englishmen recollect the dark bers to the meeting, and once or twice attempted doings of Popery — tell their children the to hiss the speakers down, but the spirit of true cruel deeds of Popery, and warn them not Protestantism was too strong for them. They got

hold of many tickets more than they wanted, and to trust a system which has committed such when asked to return them, they say they have awful crimes, and so far from repenting, burnt them; and yet they say they are more cha. boasts that she is unchanged and un.

ritable than we are. But the next meeting we will changeable.

prevent them from doing the same thing over

again. Because England has solemnly declared that wbat she won, by God's blessing, at the

Your's respectfully, Reformation, she is determined, with God's

GEO. DOUTHWAITE. help, to hold fast — that so long as she exists as a nation, she will hate Poperyshe ought to bave-she will bave-she can THE GOOD OLD WAY—THE SAFE have-No Peace with Rome.

The good old way is Christ. The means by

which we travel in this way is faith—faith A GOOD EXAMPLE.

only, in opposition to the many inventions

of the Cburch of Rome. We refuse to We give the following extract of a letter trust in any but Christ—we believe him to from Sheffield, to show our operative friends be the Rock of our Salvation, and that conwhat one man can do who has his heart in sequently, as the Scripture says, There is the work; and we call upon all who may salvation in no other.We refuse to trust read it to “go and do likewise," and to in the sacrifice of the Mass offered by a remember the commandment, “ Whatsoever Priest, because we believe the one sacrifice thine band findeth ye do, do it heartily as of Christ on the Cross is sufficient. We to the Lord and not unto men.

refuse to call upon the blessed Virgin or deTo Mr. Dalton, Secretary to the Protestant Asso. parted Saints for their intercession, for we

know that Christ's intercession needs no ciation, 2, Exeter Hall, London. Sheffield, March 16th, 1840.

help ; and we believe his own declaration,

that if we ask anything in his name, we shall As Secretary of the Sheffield Protestant have it. As, therefore, we are sure of getting Operative and Tradesman's Association, 1 take the all we want by asking in his name, we feel liberty of informing you that we have obtained 8500 signatures to the Petition against any further that, even if it were not sinful, it would be grant of money to Maynooth College, and at useless and foolish to ask in any other name. our Quarterly Meeting, held on the sth. of this We abhor the thought of inflicting sufferings Robert Inglis and Mr. Colquhoun should present upon ourselves with a view to make satisfacthe same to Parliament; in addition to which I tion for our sins, for we know that Cbrist's have the honour to inform you that I have been sufferings are infinitely meritorious. If the down to Rotherham, which is six miles from here, sufferings of the Eternal Son of God are not and it has already received 800 signatures. We enough to take away sin, we are quite sure have likewise put into circulation the printed that no sufferings of ours can atone for heads of our Petition, calling upon the inhabitants them : but we believe that Christ is an allof four villages in that neighbourhood to send up sufficient sin-offering, and that there remains and we have formed an association at Rotherham, neither necessity nor room for any more the Vicar to be the chairman. I am to day going sacrifice for sin. Through Him we obtain to Chesterfield with letters of introduction to the full, free, and eternal remission of all our Vicar and the Wesleyan Minister; I shall take two men with me, and start a Petition there, and, sins, through the tender mercy of God. In if possible, pave the way for forming an asso- a word, we declare, with one of our glorious cialion ; so that I hope, by the end of this week, martyrs when burning at the stake, to have six Petitions to present against Maynooth. But Christ-NONE BUT Christ.” This is

We had a glorious meeting of the Operative Association on the 5th of this month; it was our the ground of our quarrel with the Church first Quarterly Meeting, held in the National of Rome. She blames us for trusting in School; upwards of 800 tickets were taken; we Christ only: she endeavours to frighten speeches, allow me to say, that we ourseives did us from this trust by persecution, when not calculate upon; we are now raising funds she has the power; and by threats of


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damnation, when she has not. Christ will brethren, and lead them into the “Good be the judge between us, for we must all, Old Way;" and we feel sure that He will Protestants and Roman Catholics, stand be- never condemn us for thinking too honourfore His judgment seat. We pray Him, ably of His power and grace, and for placing before that solemn day arrives, to open the too much trust in his ability and willingness eyes of our unfortunate Roman Catholic to save us.

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The above wood-cut represents that dis- Pope, by which he was summoned to appear tinguished Reformer, Thomas CRANMER, in person before the Pope of Rome, within Archbishop of Canterbury, being hurried to eighty days from that time. execution by the Papists. We need not re- Cranmer was a prisoner, but said he was mind our Operative brethren that he was a willing to go, if they would permit him, chosen servant of God in our land; being the and trusted “ that God would put it in his main instrument in opposing Popery and mouth to defend his truth there as well as promoting the Reformation, both under Henry here.” They, however, kept him in close the Eighth and Edward the Sixth. We are confinement; and when the eighty days deeply indebted to him (under God) for the were ended, condemned him at Rome, as spiritual light and liberty we now enjoy, and contumacious and obstinate, because he did the facts of his most cruel death must there- not appear. Such is the honesty and fair fore be interesting to the mind of every dealing of Popery! British Protestant.

Well, after they had burned Cranmer in The bigoted Queen Mary, the great per- effigy at Rome, the Pope sent a decree to secutor of the Protestant Church, could not England to have him burnt in reality. The bear Cranmer; she could not allow such a commission which he sent was full of the pillar of the truth to live, although he had most bare-faced falsehoods ;-it stated that actually, at a former period, saved her life. the articles laid to his charge had been careAccordingly, Cranmer was tried, condemned, fully examined at Rome, the witnesses and and burned, as a heretic. Such is the grati- counsel heard on both sides, and that the tude taught by Popery ; such are the tender accused wanted nothing needful for his demercies of the Church of Rome !

fence! When Cranmer heard this, he exThe Commissioners who examined Cran- claimed, “What lies be these, to say that mer, who were the same that had condemned I, who was kept here a close prisoner, Ridley and Latimer to death, required the allowed neither witness nor counsel, should venerable old man to obey a citation from the produce witnesses and appoint counsel at

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