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Rev. Dr Heath, Canon of Windsor.
Rev. Richard Heighway, B.D. Rector of Fillingham, Lincolnshire.
Mr Mellor Hetherington, Nicolas-lane.
Mr Thomas Hetherington, Nicolas-lane.
Rev. Mr Hodgson, Rector of St George's, Hanover-square.
Rev. Humphrey Aram Hole, Chaplain to the Prince of Wales.
Rev. Dr Holmes, Dean of Winchester.
Rev. Mr Holmes, Sub-Dean of the Chapel Royal.
Rev. Mr Horsley, Rector of Gressford, Denbighshire.
Rev. Mr Hughes, Prebendary of Westminster.
Rev. Mr Hunfrey, Lincoln-College, Oxford.
Rowland Hunt, Esq. Boreatton, Salop, late of Pembroke-College, Oxford.
- 2 copies.

Rev. Dr Jackson, Dean of Christ-Church, Oxford.
Rev. Dr Jackson, Canon of Christ Church.
Rev. S. L. Jacob, M. A. Dover.
Rev. Dr Jones, Archdeacon of Hereford.
John Jones, Esq. Chastleton, Oxfordshire.
Arthur Jones, Esq. Chastleton.
Rev. E. Jones, Vicar of Corse, Gloucestershire,

Right Rev. Dr Stock, Bishop of Killalla. - 5 copies.
Rev. Sir Richard Kaye, Bart. Dean of Lincoln.

Kensington, Esq. Lombard-street.
Rev. Mr Kidd, Rector of St James's, Garlic-Hythe, London.


Right Rev. the Bishop of London.
Right Rev. the Bishop of Landaff.
Right Rey. the Bishop of Lincoln.


Hon. and Right Rev. the Bishop of Litchfield and Coventry.
Messrs Langston and Co. Clement's Lane.
Rev. Dr Law, Archdeacon of Rochester,
Miss Lawrence, Grosvenor-square.
Rev. William Layton, M.A. Rector of St Matthew's, Ipswich.
Rev. T. Leigh, Rector of Addlestrop, Gloucestershire.
Rev. Dr Lloyd, Regius Professor of Hebrew, Cambridge.
Lady Lyttelton, the Abbey, Great Malvern.

M. Rev. William Mackenzie, Rector of Smarden, Kent. Rev. Mr Madan, M. A. Canon Residentiary of Litchfield. Mr Maskew, Nicolas-lane, London. Rev. William Matthews, Vicar of Chaddesley, Worcestershire. Rev. Mr Meen, Prebendary of St Paul's. Rev. Mr Le Merchant, Sidmouth, Devon. William Merle, Esq. Bartholomew-close, London. Rev. Richard Mitchell, M.A. Fellow of Wadham-College, Oxford. Rev. Dr Middleton, Rector of Rotherhithe. Rev. Mr Mills, Prebendary.of Lincoln. William Moore, Esq. St John's College, Cambridge. Rev. Dr Morice, Rector of Allhallows, Bread-street, and Chaplain in ordi

nary to his Majesty. Mr Morris, Lombard-street, London. Rev. Dr Moss, Residentiary of St Paul's.

Right Rev. the Bishop of Norwich.
Norwich-Cathedral Library.
Rev. Benjamin Newton, Vicar of Little Bedwin, Wiltshire.

0. Right Rev. the Bishop of Oxford. Rev. Dr Ogilvie, Woodside-house, Old Windsor.

P. Right Rev. the Bishop of Peterborough. James Allan Park, Esq. Lincoln's-inn Fields. Pembroke-College Library, Oxford. Pembroke-Hall Library, Cambridge.

Petman, Esq. Ham, Kent. Rev. Mr Philpot, Ripple, Kent. John Kynaston Powel, Esq. M.P. Salop, late of Peinbroke-College, Oxford. Rev. Dr Price, Prebendary of Durham. Mr John Puckle, Nicolas-lane, London. Rev. Matthew Pugh, senior Conductor of Trinity College, Cambridge. Rev. John Pyefinch, M.A. Rector of Pulverbatch, Shropshire. Francis Pyner, Esq. Jesus-College, Oxford.


Right Rev. the Bishop of Rochester.
Rev. Dr Radcliff, Archdeacon of Canterbury.
Rev. Dr Raine, Master of the Charter-House School.
John Reeves, Esq. Cecil-street, Strand.

Rhodes, Esq. Worcester-College, Oxford.
Richard Richards, Esq. Solicitor-General to the Queen. - 2 copies.
Rev. Thomas Rudge, Rector of St Michael's, Gloucester.
Rev. Thomas Russell, M.A. Canon-Residentiary of Hereford.

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The Right Rev. the Bishop of Salisbury.
James Sadler, Esq. Gloucester.
Rev. S. Sudler, Vicar of Sandhurst.
Rev. P. Sandiford, Rector of Fulmostone, Norfolk, Chaplain to the Arch-

bishop of Canterbury. Rev. C. Sandiford, Vicar of Awre, Gloucestershire, and Chaplain to the Bishop of Bath and Wells. b



Mr Scholey, Nicolas-lane, London.
Charles Sharde, Esq. Lovell-House, Kent.
Granville Sharp, Esq. Temple.
Mr Shone, Mincing-lane, London.
Rev. James Simpkinson, M.A. Rector of St Peter le Poor, London.
Sion-College Library.
Rev. Dr Small, Prebendary of Gloucester.
Dr Smalbroke, Chancellor of the Diocese of Lichfield.
Rev. Mr Smedley, Rector of Meophar, Kent.
Rev. Mr Smith, Vicar of Woodnesborough, Kent.
Rév. Martin Stafford Smith, Rector of Fladbury, Warcestershire.
Rey. A. T. Smith, Dover.
Rev. R. D. Squire, M.A. Prebendary of Hereford.
William Stephens, Esq. Old Broad-street, London.
Lawrence Sullivan, Esq. St John's College, Cambridge.
Rev. Mr Swabey, Lambeth.

T. His Grace the Archbishop of Tuam, Rev. Henry Taylor, Barnstead, Surry. Rev. Edward Tew, M.A. Fellow of Eton-College. Rev. George Thomas, L.L.D. Rector of Wickham, Hants, and Prebendary

of Lichfield. Rev. Mr Matthew Thomas, Sutton-Lodge. Rev. Mr Thomas, Fellow of Corpus-Christi-College, Oxford. Rev. Mr Thompson, Canterbury. Rev. Henry Todd; Rector of Allhallows, Lombard-street. Rev. Mr Tournay, Dover. Rev. Mr Townley, Rector of St Stephen's, Walbrook. Rev. Ferdinando T. Travell, Rector of Upper Slaughter, Gloucestershire. Rev. Thomas Trevor Trevor, L.L.B. Prebendary of Chester. John Tritton, Esq. Lombard-street.


Rev. Dr Turner, Dean of Norwich and Master of Pembroke - Hall,

Rev. Mr Tutté, Prebendary of Peterborough.


University Library, Cambridge.
Rev. Mr Urquhart, Prebendary of Lincoln and Rector of Gainsborough.


Rev. Mr Van-mildert, Rector of Bow, Cheapside, London.
Rev. Dr Vincent, Dean of Westminster.
Rev. Dr Vyse, Rector of Lambeth and Archdeacon of Coventry.

Hon. and Right Rev. the Bishop of Winchester. — 2 copies.
Theophilus Walford, Esq. Waldershaw, Kent.
Rev. William Warburton, Vicar of Lydd, Kent.
Rev. Peploe Ward, D.D. Prebendary of Ely.
Rev. Thomas Ward, M. A. Prebendary of Chester.
Rev. John Washbourn, D.D. Rector of Sydington, Gloucestershire.
Rev. C. Western, Rector of Kingham, Oxfordshire.
Rev. Dr Weston, Residentiary of St Paul's.
Edward Wilbraham, Esq. Horsley, Gloucestershire.

Wilcox, jun. Esq. St John's College, Oxford.
Robert Williams, Esq. Birchin-Lane, London.
Rev. Thomas Willis, LL.D. Rector of Bloomsbury and Prebendary of

Windsor-College Library.
Rev. Mr Wintle, Rector of Brightwell, Oxfordshire.
Mr Witherby, Birchin-Lane, London.
James Wood, Esq. at Messrs Child and Co.
b 2


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