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-This Cause coming on this present day [11th July, 1807] to be heard before his Lordship, for further directionsIt is ordered that the schedule or plan for carrying the charity in the pleadings mentioned into execution, contained in the Master's report of the twenty-fourth of December, one thousand eight hundred and six, be varied, and be as follows: videlicet, IT IS ORDERED, that the interest or dividends now due, or that shall hereafter accrue on the thirty thousand five hundred and twenty four pounds seven shillings and four pence bạnk three pounds per cent. annuities standing in the name of the Accountant General of this court in trust in this Cause, after payment of the costs before directed, be from time to time paid to the Trustees of the said charity for the time being; and it is ordered that the said Trustees, or the

Appointment of

Schoolmasters, their major part of them do appoint qualifications. schoolmasters of competent abi

. lities and good character, who are protestants and


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members of the Established Church, who being approved of by the Bishop of the diocese, or soine two or more Clergymen named by the Bishop in that behalf, shall receive salaries not exceeding seven pounds ten shillings a quarter, and from time to time continue to appoint them, to be so from time to time approved, as vacancies shall and conformity.

occur or occasion require : but it

is ordered that no person be appointed a schoolmaster, without having duly conformed himself, pursuant to the statute of the thirteenth and fourteenth years of the reign of his late Majesty king Charles the second, chapter the fourth, commonly called the Act of UNIFORMITY, so far as the same remains unrepealed.

And it is ordered that the said Places for the schools, and their Trustees, or the major part of time and continue them do appoint such schools at ance.

such towns, villages, and places within the principality of Wales, as they in their discretion, with the concurrence of such Bishop, or such two or more Clergymen, shall deem proper and convenient, each of such schools to be continued in the same place for such time as shall be expressed by the Bishop of the diocese, or such two or more Clergymen as aforesaid, in his or their approbation of the schoolmaster, or shall be otherwise expressed by him or them.

Duty of the lud it is ordered that the duty of se conster

such schoolmaster do consist in teaching the children both male and female of poor indigent persons to read, in making them learn by heart, the creed, the Lord's prayer, and

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