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the commandments, and the church catechism, and in going with and attending such children to the PARISH CHURCH on the Lord's day, and as often on other days when divine service shall be performed as may be convenient.

Appointment And for the better advancement of Visitors. of the proposed object, it is ordered, that the said Trustees, or the major part of them do appoint two fit and discreet persons, members of the Established Church; to be approved by the Bishop

of the diocese, or such two or more Clergymnen as di aforesaid, at a salary not exceeding thirty pounds

per annum for each; but removeable at the pleasure of the Trustees, to be Visitors of the said schools who shall in person visit and

Their duty. inspect each of such schools within the district to be allotted to them by the Trustees respectively once in every six months, or oftner if the said Trustees, or the major part of them shall so direct, and report to such Trustees in writing, the behaviour of the schoolmasters, and the manner in which the schools are conducted, a copy of which report shall from time to time be sent to the Bishop of the diocese, or such two or more Clergymen as aforesaid. And it is ordered that such Visitors be allowed such reasonable sums for their travelling and other expences, as to such Trustees or the major part of them, shall seem reasonable. And it is ordered that such Visitors with the approbation of the said Trustees, or the major part of them, as and when occasion shall require, hire proper houses or rooms for holding each school, and provide fuel,


when 'necessary to be consumed therein, the expence nevertheless of each school house or room, and fuel, in no case to exceed twelve

Retrards for pounds per annum. And it is the Children.

ordered that the said Visitors with the approbation of the said Trustees, or the major. part of them, do reward with money, books, or small articles of necessary apparel, such of the children of each school, as shall most distinguish themselves by their diligence, proficiency, and good behaviour, providing nevertheless that the amount of such reward shall in no case exceed forty shillings per annum at each school. And it and for the school is ordered that the Trustees or

the major part of them do annually bestow a sum not exceeding three guineas, on one of the schoolmasters in each of the said Visitor's districts as shall appear to have best taught the greatest number of children in each of such districts. And it is ordered that the officiating Clergyman, or Clergymen of the respective parishes wherein such schools shall be Appointment of

established, or any Clergyman, or Inspectors of the Clergymen, having the authority Schools.

of the Bishop of the diocese for that purpose, be at liberty at all times to inspect the management of the schools, and to report the state and condition of the same to the Trustees,

Causes for remoral And it is ordered thatno schoolof schoolmasters.

master do continue to keep a school in any parish or place, unless the officiating Minister for the time being in such parish or place, shall annually transmit to the Trustees, a eertificate in writing of the good character and

conduct of 'sucli schoolmaster; nor after such Minister shall have transmitted to the Trustees a notice that he will not so certify; or shall certify that such schoolmaster hath taken upon himself any where to perform divine worship, or to preach, or hath attended or permitted the chil. dren under his care to attend ANY OTHER PLACE OF WORSHIP than the Established Church; or after the Bishop of the diocese shall upon the Clergyman or Clergymen inspecting under his authority, certify that such schoolmaster ought not to be continued. And it is

Registers of

. ordered that books be provided by the schools. the said Visitors, who shall duly enter therein the several proceedings and orders of the said Trus. tees, the names of the school-masters, the places where such schools shall be opened, the number of children taught in each school, with such other circumstances, as may tend to shew the state and progress of the said charity; and lastly a true and particular account of the expenditure of the said trust monies. And it is ordered

Distribution of that the Trustees, or the major Bibles, Testaments, part of them do appropriate such fc. proportion of the trust monies as they in their discretion shall think necessary, in purchasing bibles, testaments, psalters, books of common prayer, expositions of the Church catechism, and spelling books to be distributed gratis, or disposed of at reduced prices, as the said Trustees, or the major part of them, shall direct or appoint.

Annual Meeting And it is ordered that the said of the Trustees.

Trustees, or the major part of them, do annually meet at the town of Cardigan,

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on the last day of the autumn great sessions, to be there held in and for the county of Cardigan, to take into consideration the general state and concerns of the said charity, and the conduct and management thereof, and make out and state a just and true account of their receipts and disbursements for the last preceding year, for and in respect of the said charity. And it is ordered that such account in Michaelmas term, yearly be transmitted to and passed before the Master for the time being, to whom this Cause is referred, or may be transferred; and at such meeting, the Trustee there present, who shall have been for the longest time a Trustee, shall be the president; and in case the Trustees there present shạll be equally divided in opinion upon the business of the charity then under consideration, such president shall have a casting voice for the purpose of coming to a dccision upon such disputed point.

Appointment of And in case of any Trustee or new Trustees.

Trustees dying, or declining, or refusing to act, it is ordered that the surviving Trustees or Trustee for the time being, do nomivate and appoint with the approbation of the Master to whom this Cause is referred, or may be transferred, some other fit and proper person or persons, to be Trustee or Trustees in the place, or stead of the Trustee or Trustees dying or declining or refusing to act; and any of the parties are to be at liberty to apply to the court, as there shall be occasion.



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