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1. BECAUSE the Protestant Religion is a new Religion, which had no being in the world, till one thousand five hundred

years after Christ; and therefore it comes fifteen hundred


too late to be the true Church of Christ. Martin Luther laid the first foundation of the Protestant Religion in the year 1517.

2. Because the Protestant Religion cannot be true, except the whole Scripture, both of

* These Reasons are given in the words of the Roman Catholic Bishop Challoner, from whose Tract they are taken.





1. THË Religion of Protestants in this united Kingdom is not a new Religion, but is

as the days of St. Paul, who preached it and established it in Britain.

as old

old as

The Church of Britain was fully established before the Church of Rome.

Martin Luther did not lay the first foundation of the Protestant Religion. The Church of Britain protested against the superstition and idolatry of the Church of Rome, and would hold no communion with it, as early as the beginning of the seventh century

2. The Protestant Religion does not pretend to be a reformation of the Church of Christ, but of the Church of Rome. The Scripture no where says, that the Church of


the old and new Testament, from the beginning to the end, be false, which in so many places assures us, that the Church of Christ shall never go astray. For every one knows that the Protestant Religion pretends to be a Reformation of the Church of Christ.

3. Because the first foundations of the Protestant Religion were laid by an insupportable pride in one man, viz. Luther.

4. Because Luther and the first Protestants, when they began to set up their new Religion, and disclaimed the authority and doctrine of all Churches then upon earth, could not say the Creed without telling a lie, when they came to that article, I believe in the holy Catholick Church, the communion of saints.

5. Because the Protestant Church has not those marks by which the Nicene Creed directs us to the true Church of Christ: is not one, holy, Catholic, and Apostolical. 1. ANSWERS. Rome shall not go astray. The Church of Rome has undoubtedly greatly gone astray by idolatry in the invocation of Saints, and by the suppression of half of the Eucharist in refusing the cup to the Laity, &c. &c.

3. The religion of Protestants in this united Kingdom, as was observed before, is coeval with St. Paul. But the first Protest against the Church of Rome was made by the British Bishops of the seventh century

4. Protestants believe in the Holy Catholic Church, by believing that the Universal Church of Christ is one holy Catholic Church. They believe in this holy Catholic Church, though they do not believe the Church of Rome to be the whole Church of Christ. They believe in tlie communion of Saints, though they do not ascribe to them the attribute of omnipresence by praying to them.

5. There is no Church called the Protestant Church. There are different branches of the Church of Christ protesting against the errors of the Church of Rome, such as

REASONS. It is not one, because the different branches of the pretended Reformation are divided from one another in faith and communion, &c. ' 2. Their Church is not holy; neither in her doctrine, nor in the lives either of her first teachers, or of their followers. 3. Their Church is not Catholic ; they are sensible this name belongs not to them, and therefore they have taken to themselves another name, viz. that of Protestants. And indeed how should their Church be Catholic or Universal, which implies being in all ages, and in all nations; since it had no being for fifteen ages, and is unknown in most nations. 4. Their Church is not Apostolical; since it neither was founded by any of the Apostles,


succession of doctrine, communion, or lawful mission.

nor has

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6. Because Luther, the first preacher of the Protestant religion, &c.

7. Because the first steps towards intro

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