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and exorcisms, the priest reaches forth the extremity of his stole to the catechumen, or if it be an infant, lays it upon him, and so introduces him into the Church, saying, Come into the temple of God, that thou mayest have part with Christ, unto everlasting life. Amen."

Being come into the church, the priest, jointly with the party that is to be baptized, or, if it be an infant, with the godfather and godmother, recites aloud the Apostles' creed and the Lord's prayer.

Then he reads another exorcism over the catechumen, commanding the devil to depart, in the name, and by the power, of the most blessed Trinity. After which, in imitation of Christ, who cured with his spittle the man that was deaf and dumb, he wets his finger with his spittle, and touches first the ears of the catechumen, saying, Ephphata, that is, Be thou opened; then his nostrils, adding these words, Unto the odour of sweetness. But be thou put to fliglit, O devil, for the judgements of God will be at band. By which ceremony the Church instructs her catechumens to have their ears open to God's truh, and to smell its streetness, and begs this grace for them.”

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Other cerimonies follow of unction on the breast, and between the shoulders, and on the top of the head of the catechumen,-of putting the chrysom upon the head, and of putting a lighted candle into the hand of the catechumen, with which, accompanied with the priest's exhortation and benediction, the sacrament is concluded.


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