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THE antiquity of the Church of Rome, the divine origin of the Pope's supremacy, the universality of the Pope's authority over the Christian Church before the Reformation, and the slight difference between the Churches of England and of Rome, are among the most powerful of the deceptions, by which the Roman Catholics and their friends have gained many proselytes to the cause of Popery. To counteract these delusions, by shewing, that the Church (not of Rome, but) of Jerusalem, was the mother church of Christendom; that the British Church, founded by St. Paul, was in its origin, and for many centuries, wholly independent of the Church of Rome, that the Pope's supremacy originated, not with St. Peter, but with an unprincipled usurper, -the murderer of his master and sovereignthat the Church of Rome has been confined to a small portion of Christendom, compared with the Greek and other Oriental Churches, that the differences between the Church of England and

of Rome are much greater than they are often stated to be, and that the claims of the Roman Catholics are wholly inconsistent with the King's prerogative, and with the safety of the Established Church, was the object of these Tracts in their first publication.

Every argument for maintaining inviolate our Protestant constitution, and for the exclusion of all foreign jurisdiction, has acquired such additional force from many recent occurrences in Spain, Italy, and Ireland, as cannot fail to confirm the opinions of those, who are adverse to the Roman Catholic claims, and to have their just influence on minds before disposed to favour them, on the supposition that Popery had changed its character, and was no longer the corrupt, antichristian, and antibritish system, from which our Church separated in the sixteenth century.

May 20, 1815

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12, An Address to the Roman Catholics of Great Brie

lain and Ireland on their Subjection to a foreign Jurisdiction.

... 241 13, A Protestant's and Papist's Manual

271 14. Appendia on the confined Limits of Popery, com

pured with the rest of Christendom, at the End of the fillenth Century



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