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Opinion of Dr. Owen concerning Augustine, 136, 137.
Opposition to the Spirit and his work, 10.

none between God's commands and his grace, 70.
Order of the Gospel inverted by prejudice, 110.
human mind in its first creation, 95.
Original Sin, ignorance of it the cause of many mistakes, 115.
Nature of, defined, 179.

its workings wonderfully traced by Augustine, 133, &c.
·consequences of, 269.

Papists, their errors exposed, 48, 146, 156, 183, 225, 231.
Paraclete, or the Comforter, the Holy Spirit why thus called, 290.
Patience. See Affliction.

Paul, his writings depreciated by Friars, Socinians, &c. 76, n. 104.
Pelagians, their errors and ambiguity, 82, 94.

Perfection, sinless, not attainable in this life, 271.
Perseverance in holiness, 202, &c. 271.

ment to holiness, 271, &c.

Assurance of our, an encourage-

Personality of the holy Spirit, 9, 16, 19—27.

Philosophers of old, the greatest despisers of the Gospel, 102, 103.
preferred by some to Jesus Christ, 263.

Politanus, faithful preaching of, 142.
Political gifs from the Spirit, 45.

Pollution of sin, wherein it consists, 182, 183.

Positive Work of the Spirit in sanctification, 197, &c.

Pouring out the Spirit explained, 32, 291. Reserved for Gospel-
times, 47.

Power ascribed to the Spirit, 22. Powers of the Spirit, what, 51, &c.
of the mind as to spiritual things, considered, 101, 105, &c.
a spiritual, in believers, 203, 204.


Prayer, the work of the Spirit in, 165, &c. 281.
a mean of mortifying sin, 226.
derstanding the Scripture, 332.
Praying for the Spirit a duty, 193.

Preaching, a gift of the Spirit, 47, 48. Internal effects of preaching
the word, 87.

A mean of assisting us in un-

Precepts of Christ superior to all other, 263, 264.

Prejudices of men against the Gospel, 107.

Preparatory Work of the Spirit as to the new creation, 62, &c.

regeneration, 83-85.

Presence of Christ enjoyed through the Spirit, 72.

Preservation of the principle of holiness in the heart truly wonderful,


Presumption, caution against, 170.

Priestly office of Christ, acts of the, 261.

Pride of apparel exposed, 192.

Principle, a new, implanted by the Spirit, 197, 198.

antecedent to moral reformation, 198.

of holiness, eternal, 154.

Principles, general, concerning the Work of the Holy Spirit, 1-12.
Procession of the Spirit, 33.

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Profession of religion, what it includes, 274. Vain, without holiness,


Professors, carnal, the deceits they are under, 265; and the dishonour
they reflect on the gospel, 269.
Progressive nature of sanctification, 158.

Promise of the Spirit in the Old Testament, 47.

by Jesus Christ, 5, 48, 49.

of Christ's continual presence with the church, how accom-
plished, 72. With respect to prayer, 279.
Promises, the two principal, of the whole Scripture, 4, 5:
with respect to holiness, 157, 259.

and commands consistent with each other, 157, 158.
Properties ascribed to the Holy Spirit, 22, 23.
Prophecy, the first eminent gift of the Spirit under the Old Testament,~
7, 36.

the nature, use, and end of it, 36-47.
Prophetical office of Christ, 262. Its acts and objects, 261.
Prophets, if established, were holy men, 37, 38.

false, were of two sorts, 8. How to be detected, 9.
Providences made subservient to conversion, 139.
Purgatory, a great engine to ruin souls, 184.

Purification, the first proper notion of sanctification, 184. How ef

fected, 185, &c.

Purposes (good) not sufficient to Gospel-holiness, 206%
Putting the Spirit in or on men explained, 32.
to death, of Sin, explained, 220, &c.

Quakers, their dangerous mistakes exposed, 9, 17.
Qualifications of Ministers, 320-325,
Quickening the soul, an act of almighty power, 129.

Readiness in believers to holy obedience, 333.

Reason (unregenerate) alone incapable of discerning spiritual thing,


Reformation of life not regeneration, 89, 90.

Regard of believers to the commands of God not legality, 254.
Regeneration, 73, &c.; wrought under the Old Testament, 74; more
clearly revealed in the new, 75, 76; the same in all believers, 76, 77;
more than reformation of life, 77; does not consist in baptism, 78;
not effected by moral suasion, 120; our great deliverance from a
state of nature, 119; wherein it consists, positively, 121; wrought
by the Spirit of God alone, 126, 129; carried on by sanctification,

Religion, the nature and being of God the foundation of, 16, 17.
Remembrance of our natural state useful, 95. See Abasament.

Renovation of our minds, 127, 271.

Repentance the work of God in man, 123.

Resistance of the Spirit, what, 18, 72, 73. How removed, 124.

Resting of the Spirit on believers, 34.

Restraint laid upon some sinners, 141.

Resurrection of Christ, 60; and of believers ascribed to the Spirit, 61.
Revelation from God the only rule of religion, 17.


Revenue of Christ, what, 273.

Rules of Duty, except in the gospel, imperfect, 263.

Sacerdotal acts of Christ, 57.


Sacrifice of Christ, the continual efficacy of it, 186-188.
Sampson, bodily strength of, a gift of the Spirit, 46.
Sanctification of the human nature of Christ by the Spirit, 54.
believers largely explained, 150, &c.; how it differs
from regeneration, 82; is progressive, 159; mysterious in its nature,
167; through faith instrumentally, 172; how. Christ is made sanc-
tification to us, 209; the design of Christ's mediation, as well as jus-
tification, 260; the only cure of our disordered nature, 271.
Scripture written by inspiration of the Spirit, 42; insufficient without
his power, 12; to be constantly studied, 331.

~, constant regard to and study of enforced, 288.
Sealing of the Spirit explained, 296–300.
Seers, prophets, why so called, 40.
Self-abasement necessary in believers, 195.
Self-examination recommended, 288.
Selfish men unlike God, 241.

Sending the Spirit explained, 32.
Shame on account of sin, 144, 181.

Sin, its early appearance and power in little children, 131; grows
with their growth, 132; a steady consideration of it fixed on the
mind, 133; its dreadful power in natural men, 140; dethroned, 141,
181; how it is mortified, 217-230; the cause of all human mise-
ries, 269.

Sin and Grace, their contest in believers, 140, &c.


against the Holy Ghost, why remediless, 6; what, 25, 26.
Sloth, not countenanced by the work of the Spirit, 69; reproved,


Socinians, their errors exposed, 9, 10, 17, 104, 236, 327.
Sorrow on account of sin, 144.

Soul, the leading faculties of, 97, 98.

Sovereignty of the Spirit, in all his works, 74, &c.

SPIRIT of God, his name explained, 13, 14; not a mere quality of
the divine nature, 13, 26. His Deity, 9. His personality, 18.
The great legacy of Christ, 5, 74. Why called the Spirit of Christ,
and of the Son, 15. Ministry of the, 5. Why called Holy, 15.
A Teacher, 23. The Author of every thing good in man, 6, 36.
Works of, in the first creation, 27-30. General dispensation of,
with respect to the new creation, 47-51. Regeneration ascribed to,
73. Dispels the natural darkness of the mind, 95, 96. The imme
diate Author of regeneration, 116. Sanctifier of all believers, 151,
158. The efficient cause of our purification, 184, 187. Works faith
in us, 175, 188. Implants a principle or habit of grace, 197, 215,
The Author of mortification of sin, 216, 218, &c. His assistance in
prayer, 284. His various operations as a Comforter, 290, &c.; as a
Spirit of Adoption, 284, 285; an Earnest, 301; a Seal, 296–300.
Spirits, the, how they are to be tried, 8, 9.

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Spiritual Discernment necessary, 26. Light in the mind, 204. Life
described, 113.

Mindedness, 204.

things foolishness to natural men, 93.
Spirituality of the law declared by Christ, 263, 264.
Sprinkling of the blood of Christ, what, 178, 179.
Suasion, Moral, not the only means of conversion, 120, &c.
Submission of Christ in his sufferings, 58.

to the will of God promoted by thoughts of eternal love,

Sufficiency of believers not in themselves, 116, 117; but in God, 80.
Suitableness between the mind and duty, from grace alone, 200, 201.
Sun, how it stood still in Joshua's time, 43, 44, n.

Supererogation, a monstrous fiction of the Church of Rome, exceeding
all the pharisaism of the Jews, 156.

Supernatural life of Adam in paradise, 172.

principle of grace in all believers, 197, 198.

Supplication: the Holy Spirit, why termed the Spirit of Supplications,


Supplies of the Spirit, what, 216.

Symbolical actions, a mode of communication to the ancient pro-
phets, 41.

Teacher, Christ the most perfect, 264.
Teaching of the Spirit, 23, 24.
Temptation of Christ, 56.

to be expected by ministers, 57. How it hinders or helps
the growth of grace, 168.
Tempting of the Spirit, 25.
Terrors of conscience, their effect, 142, 144.
Testimonies to Christ by the Spirit, 54, &c. 65.
Thankfulness becomes believers, 205.
Things of Christ shewn by the Spirit, 66.
the Spirit, what they are, 95, &c.
Titles and Names of the Holy Ghost, 13-16.
Throne of Grace approached in prayer, 285.
Tradesmen, a useful hint to, 242.

Trinity, the doctrine of the, the great foundation of all religion, 17.
Truth communicated by the Spirit, 66.

in our words, an eminent part of holiness, 242.

Vanity of the human mind, 98, 99; of childhood, 131, 132.
all attainments compared with holiness, 232, 237, &c.
Vexing the Spirit, what, 25, 304.

Victorinus, a Platonic philosopher, the manner of his admission into

the Church, 148, n.

Vineyard, God's care of it, 160, 16.

Violence, none offered to the will by grace, 122.

Virtue and Morality essentially distinct from grace, 211, 212, &c.

Visions, means of revelation to the prophets, 40.
Vivification, what it is, 74, 129.

Voices employed by the Spirit in prophecy, 40.

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Uncleanness of sin, 181. How removed, 182.
Unction of the Spirit, 293.
Understanding ascribed to the Spirit, 22.

of man darkened, 94, 97, 98. A spiritual, given, 127.
Unholy or unclean persons can never enjoy God, 173. Must be un-
happy, 270. Their folly in pretending an interest in Christ, 265.
How they dishonour Christ, 266.

Union with Christ in holiness, 199.

Universality the best evidence of real sanctification, 201.
Unregenerate persons ought to pray, and why, 113, 173, &c.
persons have no principle of spiritual life, 113.
Use of spiritual gifts, 1; of promises, exhortations, threatenings, 68,
&c.; of means necessary to holiness, 235.

Usefulness in the world depends on holiness, 232.
Utterance, gift of, essential to the ministerial character, 321.

Waldo, the manner of his conversion, 135.
Wants, our knowledge of our, from the Spirit, 281.
Walking humbly with God, 196. See Abasement.
Water and Fire the means of typical cleansing, 183.
Watchfulness against sin necessary,


Will ascribed to the Spirit, 22, 91; of man depraved, 93, &c.; re-
newed, 128; its liberty, ib.; its resistance removed by grace, 72,
73; of God, the only rule of obedience, 113, 114, n.

Wisdom of God esteemed folly by natural men, 103. In all his com-

mands, 255.

Witness-bearing to Christ, the office of the Spirit, 65.

Works of the Spirit in the first creation, 27. Are either general or
particular, 279. General works of the Spirit in the new creation,
62, &c. In regeneration described, 83. Work of, preparatory to
regeneration, 85. Positive work of the Spirit in sanctification, 197,
&c. Particular Works of the Spirit, 279. As a Comforter, 290,
291, &c.

Worship of God, how to be conducted, 322.

Writers of the Scripture all holy men, 43.
Writing the Scriptures an effect of the Spirit, 42.

Youth, the early workings of sin in, 131, 132.

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