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No. I.

JANUARY, 1843.


A STRONG desire exists in various The periodical now proposed, will quarters, for some periodical, other not be theological in the technical than a newspaper, which speaking sense : we have our scientific jourconsiderately, yet freely and boldly nals, in theology as in other departon the topics of the day, may give ments, learned and ponderous. Nor utterance to the New England way will it be exclusively religious : we of thinking, and may thus help to have already religious magazines, concentrate and direct the public devotional and practical, of various sentiment of New England." The kinds and names—for the family, earnestness with which this desire for the mother, for the child, for the has been frequently expressed, has Sabbath School. Nor again, will it led to some consultations respecting be occupied with any one class of the practicability of commencing subjects: there are already period. and sustaining such a periodical. icals enough, and good enough, of Under the advice of judicious friends, that description—some for temperand in the confidence that the reli- ance, and some against slaverygious and thinking public, whether some for foreign missions, and some east or west of the Hudson, who for home missions—some for the love that evangelical truth and that improvement of seamen, and some simple primitive order which give for the great cause of an educated beauty and glory to this heritage of Christian ministry. The periodical our fathers, will favor the enter- now proposed will enter into no prise, the subscriber has resolved competition with any of these works. on making the attempt. The pledg. It will be simply a magazine expresses which he has received from gen- ing the views of free Christian men, tlemen variously distinguished in the on whatever happens to come up for churches, in the republic of letters, discussion. Nothing that concerns and in the walks of civil life, who our interests and affections as citiare expected to aid him with their zens, our duties as men, or our faith experienced judgments, and with and hope as Christians, will be withtheir practiced pens, are such as au- out the range of topics contemplated thorize him to entertain the strongest by the conductors of the New Enghopes that the intellectual and litera- lander. Not every thing, but any ry character of the work will be not thing—and especially any thing in unworthy of its name or of its aim. ethics, politics, literature or religion, Vol. I.


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