The exhibition record, a descriptive account of the principal exhibits, compiled from special suppl. issued with the 'Sanitary record'.

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Page 229 - Gives, lends, sells, transmits, or exposes, without previous disinfection, any bedding, clothing, rags, or other things which have been exposed to infection from any such disorder, shall be liable to a penalty not exceeding five pounds...
Page 38 - Any liquid which, after acidification with sulphuric acid, contains, in 100,000 parts by weight, more than one part by weight of free chlorine.
Page 38 - Any liquid which contains, in 100,000 parts by weight, more than one part by weight of sulphur in the condition either of sulphuretted hydrogen or of a soluble sulphuret.
Page 38 - Any liquid which shall exhibit by daylight a distinct colour when a stratum of it one inch deep is placed in a white porcelain or earthenware vessel.
Page 142 - Commissioners of the Treasury, be necessary, in order to enable the loan to be made without loss to the Exchequer : Provided : — "(1).
Page 38 - ... in suspension more than three parts by weight of dry mineral matter, or one part by weight of dry organic matter in 100,000 parts by weight of the liquid.
Page 197 - No person shall, with the intent that the same may be sold in its altered state without notice, abstract from an article of food any part of it so as to affect injuriously its quality, substance, or nature...
Page 147 - ... according to the last published census for the time being, a population of...
Page 349 - Sight affords evidence that the distinct action of the two sides of the brain is not incompatible with the completeness of the power possessed by either. Wollaston held that the right side of the base of the brain is the centre for sight in the two right halves of the eye — that is, the half of the right eye towards the temple, and the half of the left eye towards the nose; while the left side of the base of the brain is the centre for sight in the two other halves — the outer half of the left...
Page 24 - Further examination showed that the drain of the closet into which the excreta of this patient were passed emptied itself through channels used for the irrigation of a neighboring field. The water-main of the town passed through this field, and although special precautions had been taken to prevent any infiltration of sewage into the main, it was found that the concrete had sprung a leak and allowed the contents of the drain to be sucked freely into the waterpipe.

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